Danny Gokey’s #RISE is Billboard TOP 15 Song!

Kaileeh Harvey Danny Gokey 1 (450x321)

Danny’s New Single Shoots UP Multiple Billboard Charts

Christian National Airplay

RISE moves up to #15 from #20 in its 8th week with an impressive +393 spin increase!


Hot Christian Songs

RISE enters the Top 20 at #19 with the biggest airplay gain!

Christian AC Airplay and Hot AC/CHR National Airplay Charts

RISE moves up to #21 from #24 in its 3rd week on both charts!

Christian AC Indicator Chart

Moves up to #18 in it’s 5th week on this chart!

20 5
514 +53 0.321 18

October 15, 2016 Billboard Chart

Thanks to Kaileeh Harvey for her photo!

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8 thoughts on “Danny Gokey’s #RISE is Billboard TOP 15 Song!

  1. Hi Sherry. We’re thrilled with the way #RISE is climbing so quickly. Its still not playing on my local station. But I called in and asked if I missed RISE playing today….. they checked the playlist and said they would let the PD know about my request. 🙂


  2. I’ve heard “Rise” played here in OR on a number of different Christian radio stations. Boo to WI. It needs to get with the program!


  3. I have downloaded a lot of Danny’s songs on my IPhone, and that plays thru my radio in the car. I love “Rise” it is so positive and inspires you to move forward and really let the love of God shine for all to see. love that song. I have to hear it every morning before I start the day!!!


  4. They play it on the fish, out of Sacramento! they play a lot of his songs. haven’t heard his version of ” Give me Jesus” so that I have on my phone. best version I have heard. touches my soul. drops me to my knees!! I should be getting his book today, SO EXCITED!


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