Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 10/10 – 10/24/16


The Gospel Music Association Dove Awards

 Are you excited about Danny Gokey’s FOUR GMA Dove Award nominations?  The 47th Annual GMA Dove Awards will be Tuesday, Oct 11 6:30 PM at at Lipscomb University Allen Arena.  Follow us on Twitter or here to get the updates as they are announced!

Danny Gokey’s 2016 Nominations:

Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year- TYHTBA

Contemporary Christian Artist of the Year

Short Form Video of the Year

Christmas Album of the Year

Danny Gokey at the 2015 Dove Awards from “The Christian Beat”

It will be taped and broadcast on the Trinity Broadcast Network.  Its scheduled for three showings:  Sunday-10/16/16 at 7 PM, Saturday- 10/22/16 at 8 PM, Sunday- 11/20/2016 at 1 AM. Check your local listings for station and time.  It is will also be available to watch ONLINE.

Danny will be a presenter this year. Did you know that Danny first presented at the Dove Awards in 2012 with Ricky Skaggs?

Enjoy Danny’s 2015 peformance!

112 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 10/10 – 10/24/16

  1. Instead of waiting until tomorrow.. I finished watching the Dove Awards a few minutes ago. I even went through it again looking for Danny receiving his award. I must be missing it..

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  2. I know Cindy3, RIGHT I was disappointed with that too! saw him introduce new artists, but that was all 😦 I was hoping he was going to perform. it was a good show but I was hoping to see more of Danny. at least see him receiving his award, don’t worry 6 months to year in therapy, get on heavy anti-depressants I’ll be fine, I will get over it. (my-bad) sorry couldn’t resist getting a little dramatic! LOL

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  3. Tell me about it, Ann & Cindy! 😉

    I was AT the Dove Awards and he didn’t perform, accept his award on the show OR walk the Red Carpet :/

    Pass those anti-depressants, Ann, LOL!!

    We will have to form a support group 😉


  4. Danny received his award at the pre-show. Which cost $125 per person to attend. You had to be a VIP or artist to attend. Therefore, i don’t have video footage of the acceptance….


  5. I knew Danny got his reward early–during daytime, I think. The day of the awards, I saw a tweet when it happened and put a link up for watching live. Of course, by the time I put up the link he was gone. I just saw a picture. He was wearing jeans. (He was dressed differently later.)

    I started to post a comment last night wondering if the TV show would have any coverage of the awards given out earlier that day. I’m sorry I didn’t. Those of you waiting might have been aware that he probably would not be shown. (I also realized that his itunes #’s might not go up as I had expected because he was likely not to be shown getting his award.)

    There was a live stream of the pre-show. (I was following tweets on the Dove Awards twitter.) I didn’t watch it.

    Anyway, he looked nice in the picture of him presenting.


  6. “ASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Country singer Randy Travis found his distinctive voice three years after a life-threatening stroke and sang “Amazing Grace” during his induction Sunday into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

    The Grammy-winning baritone singer battled back from the stroke in 2013 to sing again during the medallion ceremony in Nashville, Tennessee. He was inducted along with fiddler Charlie Daniels and record producer Fred Foster.

    Fellow artists including Kris Kristofferson, Dolly Parton, Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley, Garth Brooks and more honored the three inductees with musical tributes.

    But it was Travis’ singing that brought a stunned silence and tears to the crowd after years of rehabilitation and therapy to regain his voice.”

    There is a picture with the article. Randy is in a wheelchair. (The article is longer than the paragraphs I’ve shown. Vince Gill was also a presenter.)

    I remember Randy talking about Danny on AI and saying something about “he has the kind of voice we all wish we had.”



  7. The article above was somewhat misleading, I think. It made it sound as though Randy had regained his singing ability. I read more in other articles and saw that he did only one verse and that “he still has a way to go.” He also is still unable to speak.


  8. I’m ready for the support group, LOL. thanks Lurker for the article, it was very interesting. didn’t know that about Randy. sorry to hear that. that was so nice of him to say that about Danny. Danny does have the voice but I think it is all about the heart that makes the voice. I really enjoy being in the discussion with all of you.

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  9. I didn’t know you attended the Dove Awards, Jan. Danny did a good job introducing some groups, I thought. Lucky you. 🙂 🙂

    I’ve always enjoyed Randy Travis, Lurker. He’s had some great songs. I hope he continues with his recovery. ♥ Very sad.

    Glad to have you aboard, Ann. 🙂

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  10. I see you’ve gotten the hang of things, Ann. Folks here are pretty friendly. This site is a safe place to talk about Danny and his career, or just share other topics with other posters, as we all often do.

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  11. If I had to rank things, I’d rather Danny won an award than perform at the Doves…. I am happy for him and the recognition to his career this provides.

    But I’m looking forward to the day he wins, performs AND walks the Red Carpet for press! 🙂

    I don’t want much do, I?

    Hi Ellen, Ann, Lurker, and Cindy. I love having new folks joining into the conversation here at DGNews. I hope others will jump on, too!!

    Also, Ann, do you reach us by cell phone, tablet or computer? I want to point out some of the fabulous features elsewhere on this site. The social media feeds provide all the goodies we RT or tweet, the calendar is better than Danny’s and the search function is fabulous for finding things from our site’s older posts.

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  12. Jan, I want to see Danny win, perform and walk the red carpet also. when I make comments I usually do it on my computer. but I do check it on my phone.I do download songs from iTunes and I got Danny’s book from amazon. thanks for the info.


  13. Ann,
    I’m posting two songs I like in case you might have missed them. The first is Renegade, a Danny and Kris Allen duet from Idol. The second is “Here I Am to Worship” done by Danny, Kris, and others from one of Danny’s cruises for Sophia’s Heart.
    I like to use the “select month” under Previous Posts. Recently I was looking at videos from November, 2015 (lots of Christmas stuff).


  14. Awwww…. the SHF Cruises. It doesn’t surprise anyone here that I went on all 3 of them, does it? I had so much fun being the host for the “American Idol” viewing party with Danny. Kris Allen, and Brandon & Jamie of Two Story Road.

    Of course, that doesn’t top my steering Danny around the VIP event at his first SHF Gala. Getting to introduce Danny to the attendees and tell him where to go? Priceless. 😉


  15. #RISE had four stations adding it today:

    WRBS Baltimore
    WCIE Tampa
    KWND Springfield MO
    WVFJ Atlanta

    I guess my station, WNWC, will add it next week. 🙂


  16. Has this song been redone and renamed?

    I hope so. I like the sound of “I Just Wanna Be a Light” much more than the “better place world” thing. It’s easier to remember, happier, more fun and sounds less preachy (to me).

    JiLL ‏@Choose_To_Smile Oct 16
    “I Just Wanna Be A Light” 🌅🕯💡🔦☀️ @dannygokey 10/13/16 @ Stamford Center for the Arts – The… https://www.instagram.com/p/BLpQpOvBoMC/


  17. I’ve been looking at another Kris Kristofferson video. I heard a song in my head and looked for it. I didn’t realize it was one of his songs until I found it. His lyrics are soothing.

    “I have seen the mornin’ burnin’ golden on the mountain in the skies
    Achin’ with the feelin’ of the freedom of an eagle when she flies
    Turnin’ on the world the way she smiled upon my soul as I lay dyin’
    Healin’ as the colors in the sunshine and the shadows of her eyes”


  18. Jan,
    You put up three new posts recently. Do you sometimes feel you have a full-time job? 🙂

    I expect Danny is appreciative of all your work.

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  19. Hi Lurker!

    I know Danny is appreciative of this site and all of our support.

    Do I think Danny knows how much effort it takes? Ummmmm…. Leyicet told me she found out on Tuesday morning that they were leaving that night to go to Wisconsin for the SHF Gala! I think they are super busy and really don’t know how much time is spent here 😉

    But we are growing and so is Danny’s career.

    The Gala was really special tonight and Danny was practically glowing he was so happy.

    And Ed and I even got a bit of face time with him and he was bubbling over with new music news 🙂

    Some I can’t share…. yet…. but things are shaping up for the next album to be great!

    I hope to put up a SHF Gala post soon, but the next couple of days are super busy for me and Saturday we have a Lyle Lovett concert 🙂

    “You’re not from Texas, but Texas loves you anyway” 😉

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  20. so happy things are moving fast for Danny, loved the videos Chris Allen, wondered what happened to him. Danny is still my favorite though!!! I did love Adam Lambert also. not big on Lyle Lovett. love to watch all the video’s! praying Rise goes to # 1, it is an amazing song. but love all his songs. His version of Give me Jesus, tears me up!!!!


  21. Danny did two concerts in Wisconsin Wednesday. A corporate event at Acuity Insurance (10 AM) that also benefited SHF and the Gala event.

    I liked all of Season 8 of American Idol.


  22. I like this tropical remix. Even like the commercial in Spanish. 🙂

    Uforia MusicVerified account ‏@UforiaMusica 2h2 hours ago
    Mira el nuevo video ‘Que tu corazón vuelva a latir (Tropical remix)’ de @dannygokey (¡sí, en español!) #UforiaDebut http://uni.vi/WokE305nVhX


  23. Chris Tomlin’s new album, Never Lose Sight, is #9 on itunes and #1 on Christian itunes . (He has a rotating banner on Christian itunes.)

    The song with Danny, Impossible Things, is #38 on Christian itunes.


  24. Thanks for the Lyle flashback, Lurker! That hair is classic, isn’t it? The theater is a small. elegant one and we have great seats 🙂

    Good news on the Chris & Danny duet 🙂


  25. Always look forward to tidbits from your meetings with Danny, Jan. 🙂

    I know Lyle Lovett from some of his acting and of course his marriage to Julia Roberts. :/


  26. thank you Jan for sharing the recap of the Sophia Heart Gala. that was awesome to watch him perform, and the interview and Leyicet. love to see the personal and just listening to him speak. He has come so far. God is Blessing Him and His Family. love them so much. He deserves all the wonderful things coming His way. thank you for all your hard work to keep us informed.


  27. I am glad you enjoyed this post, Ann. Helping youth through Sophia’s Heart is dear to Danny’s heart, and ours, too.

    Ed and I remarked to each other how happy Danny looked and how comfortable he is in his role as the founder of SHF. His words were heartfelt and his joy performing with them is so moving.

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  28. his heart is one of his greatest assets, that is why I am so drawn to him. a lot of people are great singers that sing very good songs, He feels what he sings, and that comes across so clear. its not just words, but actions make a person great.


  29. Ann, I agree with you that Danny’s heart and how he connects to his songs are what places him apart from other good singers.

    It’s the main reasons I loved his version of “What Hurts the Most”, IWNSG, TYHTBA, Its Only, and now “BetterThan I Found It”. You know they aren’t just verses to be sung.

    And I love his voice. 🙂


  30. I agree, Jan. I love all the songs you mentioned, but I haven’t heard the new song, “Better Than I found It.”


  31. Cindy, BTIFI was a duet with Hollyn when Danny was on tour with her (the Positive Hits Tour), but it isn’t a duet on the demo song given out when fans preorder the new album.

    However!! It has been re-recorded and it will be a duet. But not with Hollyn — according to my sources 😉

    New Discussion post is up. Danny’s Rise was moved up to #16 on the end of the week chart.


  32. love being part of this discussion and seeing the posts and video’s, gives a more personal look into His life. I don’t go by words, I go by actions and His actions are spot on. he lives what he says and sings. I pray for Him, Leyicet, Danny and Victoria everyday. God has truly blessed Him. Thank all of you for sharing. you are a blessing in my life


  33. Ann,
    I hope this is okay with you. I have copied your post above and pasted it to the new discussion page. A new discussion started today for 10/24 through 11/6. The old one from 10/10 through 10/24 is still active, but some people may move to the new discussion and might miss your comment. 🙂


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