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The Gospel Music Association Dove Awards

 Are you excited about Danny Gokey’s FOUR GMA Dove Award nominations?  The 47th Annual GMA Dove Awards will be Tuesday, Oct 11 6:30 PM at at Lipscomb University Allen Arena.  Follow us on Twitter or here to get the updates as they are announced!

Danny Gokey’s 2016 Nominations:

Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year- TYHTBA

Contemporary Christian Artist of the Year

Short Form Video of the Year

Christmas Album of the Year

Danny Gokey at the 2015 Dove Awards from “The Christian Beat”

It will be taped and broadcast on the Trinity Broadcast Network.  Its scheduled for three showings:  Sunday-10/16/16 at 7 PM, Saturday- 10/22/16 at 8 PM, Sunday- 11/20/2016 at 1 AM. Check your local listings for station and time.  It is will also be available to watch ONLINE.

Danny will be a presenter this year. Did you know that Danny first presented at the Dove Awards in 2012 with Ricky Skaggs?

Enjoy Danny’s 2015 peformance!

112 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 10/10 – 10/24/16

  1. Great news on Mediabase! Danny’s “Rise” is now a Top 20 song:
    17 15 CROWDER My Victory 764 681 83 3.881
    18 16 JASON GRAY Sparrows 651 658 -7 4.057
    21 17 AFTERS Battles 633 569 64 2.165
    19 18 MATTHEW WEST Mended 632 594 38 4.115
    22 19 DANNY GOKEY Rise 583 553 30 4
    20 20 SWITCHFOOT Live It Well 581 583 -2 2.92

  2. To me Danny is already “artist of the year” Tell Your Heart to Beat Again and Rise have become my anthems. His Intregaty and humanity makes Him a winner. Thoughts & prayers with Him & Leyicet at the Doves

  3. I found another new word. It is French, so I don’t feel dumb that I didn’t already know it. (Maybe Jan knows it?) I was reading Hugh Laurie tweets and could not understand this one since I didn’t know the word.
    I often need to look up words Hugh uses. They are not usually foreign words or even big words. Some have only three to five letters, but they are a combination of letters that I didn’t know made words. Anyway, I looked up this term.

    “esprit d’escalier: a French term used in English for the predicament of thinking of the perfect reply too late.”

    I like these French words I’ve come across. It seems a good language for words to express common feelings I’ve known.

  4. I read a couple of tweets about Danny falling during rehearsal at the Dove Awards. I wonder if they were true.
    He must be okay. If not, it seems there would probably have been more tweets about it.

    I am glad I am not a celebrity. There have been times I have fallen or had some mishap that I have been grateful was not seen. In today’s world, though, there is sometimes no privacy even if one is not a celebrity on stage in front of hundreds. A person can end up splashed on the Internet because a stranger with a camera took a picture and posted it for others to ridicule. It might be possible too to fall in your own back yard and have the moment captured by a drone flying over.

  5. “The Dove Awards ‏@GMADoveAwards 2m2 minutes ago
    Congratulations @DannyGokey for winning Christmas Album of the Year for the album “Christmas Is Here”! #DoveAwards”

  6. “Danny GokeyVerified account ‏@dannygokey 1h1 hour ago
    Danny Gokey Retweeted Zack Saq
    Haha!! I hope someone recorded it! I wanna see my angels that caught me!! #ISurvived 😂😂 ”

    “Zack Saq @ZackHeaton246
    @dannygokey falling in a hole on stage at the @GMADoveAwards… Jesus saves…”

  7. Thank you, Lurker. So happy Danny won Christmas Album of the Year!! Danny fell on stage. Poor guy. I’m glad he’s alright. 🙂

  8. I can’t wait till the 16th it will be on TBN, I already set it to record if something happens and I can’t watch it at that time! so proud of Danny. He is so humble and has so much integrity. after reading His book. I was so blown away. He has the most amazing heart, His priorities are spot on! He knows what and who are important ( people are the Heart of God) God Bless Danny Gokey

  9. Hopefully I am in the minority here, but I wasn’t very taken with Danny’s Christmas album. Still, I am very happy that Danny has received his first Dove Award. May it be the first of many yet to come!

  10. I really enjoy Danny’s Christmas album. A very nice collection. Looking forward to listening to it this holiday season. 🙂

    I agree with you, Ellen. “May it be the first of many yet to come!”

  11. Hey guys, heading back home, soon.

    I do know how Danny fell off the stage. It was constructed so it cut back in with notches where it jutted from the main stage. This left two “holes”. In rehearsal, Danny stepped backwards where there wasn’t a stage anymore. He wasn’t the only one that fell off when making room for others! It happened in the real show, too, to another man! They then stationed people next to the holes to block the risky area. :0

  12. Was the stage very high? Happy Danny wasn’t hurt. So, Danny didn’t fall of the stage during the real taping?? Looking forward to watching the show.

  13. “BRYAN TODD ‏@BTMUSIC 2h2 hours ago
    I have had the honor of creating something pretty special with this guy for his new album! Can’t wait for the world to hear. 🎶@dannygokey ”

    “Leyicet Gokey ‏@leyicet 17h17 hours ago
    When you go to an award show BUT YOU’RE BASICALLY AT CHURCH! lol LOVE my church @thebelongingco #doveawards #doveawards2016”

    There were pictures with both of these tweets. (I don’t know how to bring them here.)
    Leyicet looked beautiful.

  14. Christmas is Here was released October 16 last year (the date that shows on itunes). I think the early date helped it get the Billboard #1. I have been hoping he would release a deluxe version of it this year and again release it early.

  15. I actually love Danny’s Christmas album. I know a few others that didn’t… but I am surprised that we don’t agree this time, Ellen. We usually do agree :0

  16. I think Danny’s team must have decided against a deluxe at this time. I know they had mixed reactions to his desire for a Deluxe version. I think they won 😉

    Plus, they are still promoting the Spanish album and ramping up for the new one! I just wish it was being releases in November. For my selfish reasons….

    I did get to hear a leak of Danny’s song with Chris 🙂

  17. i haven’t heard the Christmas album, but he hasn’t done any song I have not loved! looking forward to hearing it. wish his B1 tour was coming to California!!!!!

  18. Ann,
    Some of my favorites from the Christmas album are Christmas is Here, Lift Up Your Eyes, and Give Me Jesus. It also has covers of standards that I think he does really well.

  19. Hello, Ann. Another fan from California. 🙂 Sometimes I feel all alone. Ellen is on the west coast, too. I’m not sure of any others. Welcome. 🙂

  20. I like Danny’s cover of Oh Holy Night on his album, but this one I’m posting is still my favorite.

  21. Lurker, the Sony era of Danny singing “O Holy Night” is my favorite Christmas song by him. Hard to top that one!

  22. I love his version of “Give me Jesus” I have to hear that , ” Rise” and ” tell your heart to beat every morning to get me on the right track. we on the west coast absolutely love Danny Gokey!!!! we have to get him to come back to Sacramento!!!!!!! I missed him when he was here and it broke my heart!!! there are a lot of good Christian singers, but Danny has touched my heart. because of who he is!

  23. The Christmas is Here album is #161 on Christian itunes. (I didn’t think about checking it earlier after the Dove awards.)

  24. okay l listened to “O Holy Night” he nailed it! I will be getting the CD! I love the way he makes the songs his own. he continues to blow me away with his talent. He is without a doubt my Favorite Christian Singer! 🙂

  25. I think Christmas albums are starting to get some promotion AND Danny did get promo from his Dove win. 🙂

    Chris Tomlin is releasing another song, Impossible Things- featuring Danny, on Friday. It appears he is rolling out a few songs prior to the full album’s release on October 21st.

    I heard a part of it when they accidentally didn’t have the touTube version of it set to private 😉 By the time I went back to hear it in full they had changed the settings.

    I think Danny is given a fair amount of time on this song. My guess is that it may be available for download from iTunes tonight. The sale time usually appears to be a couple hours before the day turns in CST. I’ll tweet if it does go on sale (And I’m awake) :0

  26. listened to “impossible things” it is a great song, downloaded it! he did a live chat on facebook last night, by the time I figured how to chat it was over, ugh! LOL! next time. not only my favorite Christian singer, my favorite singer period! praying for a safe “be one tour”. I know he will touch many hearts.

  27. listened to the interview! so impressed with him, praying for Sophia’s Heart, love his heart for helping people. he has so much humanity and compassion for people. especially after reading his book with everything he has been thru. He truly has a pure relationship with Jesus!

  28. So, I like the new CT/DG song, but I don’t think Chris really took full advantage of Danny’s vocals. And they have his ad libs pretty subtle in the background. I guess that’s Chris perogrative. 🙂

    I love seeing Danny get this opportunity with one of the BIGGEST names and sellers in the Christian music genre. It’s broken into the top 60.

  29. I am so very happy Danny is getting so popular! He deserves all the blessings He is receiving. the lyric’s of His songs are so personal to so many, myself very much included. I am so happy with this forum to express how much we love and respect Danny. He is very special!

  30. I clicked on a random article about this song. Kris wrote it, and he sings it here. I have read that he didn’t think he had a good voice. (Often, other people recorded his songs before he did.) I like his voice, though. There is something melancholy about it that seems to fit the songs he wrote.

  31. Kris is a good singer and a fantastic song writer.

    I really like this head shot of Danny that is being used at his concerts (they must have retired the HIFOM pic?)

    I like that he looks really natural. Like it had been a long day, (his hair isn’t overly styled, the beard is longer than usual and he has eyes a little tired, but warm.)

    2016 Head Shot Danny Gokey
    It also reminds me of his post Idol pics. I will have to find the one it reminds me of…

  32. great picture! see he has to come to Sacramento so I can get one at the show and have him sign it!!!!! get the feeling I want him to come back????? lol, I really love this picture of him!

  33. I just know he will return to Sacramento, Ann. It is the home base for Air-1 and K-Love!!!

    And Fish Sacramento!

  34. itunes:

    TYHTBA: #14

    RISE: #46

    Impossible Things: #61

    HIFOM: 37

    Christmas is Here: — (not found in top 200)

  35. Lurker, thank you for keeping us up to date on the ratings of the songs and albums. I can’t believe Rise went from 45 to 46. that is an amazing song. I am going to get the his Christmas album. love the songs he has chosen. expecially “give me Jesus”!. as far as I am concerned He is the artist of the decade!!!!

  36. ” from 45 to 46″

    The little changes happen often.
    Something to watch for: When Danny has appearances, his numbers often surge. The taped Dove Awards show will be televised tonight (I think). His numbers may go up again in a few days.
    When the new Rise video comes out (I think one is expected (?)) and goes to itunes, there is another chance for a surge. Also, when he is touring his numbers usually improve. If the concerts are one or two a week, I don’t notice much change on itunes. I do notice change when there are lots of concerts.

  37. Thanks, Jan. I’m watching some of it now. Danny did a great job introducing some artists. I’m taping it so I can finish watching it tomorrow. 😉

  38. “The Dove Awards ‏@GMADoveAwards 46m46 minutes ago
    .@christomlin presented w/ the @SoundExchange Digital Radio Award for 1 billion streams. He is the 1st artist in our genre to receive this!”

    “The Dove Awards ‏@GMADoveAwards 43m43 minutes ago
    Only three other artists have ever received this honor: @pitbull, @jtimberlake & @garthbrooks! Congrats @christomlin! #DoveAwards”

  39. Did I miss something? I decided to watch the awards. Where was Danny receiving his Dove Award. :/

  40. Instead of waiting until tomorrow.. I finished watching the Dove Awards a few minutes ago. I even went through it again looking for Danny receiving his award. I must be missing it..

  41. I know Cindy3, RIGHT I was disappointed with that too! saw him introduce new artists, but that was all 🙁 I was hoping he was going to perform. it was a good show but I was hoping to see more of Danny. at least see him receiving his award, don’t worry 6 months to year in therapy, get on heavy anti-depressants I’ll be fine, I will get over it. (my-bad) sorry couldn’t resist getting a little dramatic! LOL

  42. Tell me about it, Ann & Cindy! 😉

    I was AT the Dove Awards and he didn’t perform, accept his award on the show OR walk the Red Carpet :/

    Pass those anti-depressants, Ann, LOL!!

    We will have to form a support group 😉

  43. Danny received his award at the pre-show. Which cost $125 per person to attend. You had to be a VIP or artist to attend. Therefore, i don’t have video footage of the acceptance….

  44. I knew Danny got his reward early–during daytime, I think. The day of the awards, I saw a tweet when it happened and put a link up for watching live. Of course, by the time I put up the link he was gone. I just saw a picture. He was wearing jeans. (He was dressed differently later.)

    I started to post a comment last night wondering if the TV show would have any coverage of the awards given out earlier that day. I’m sorry I didn’t. Those of you waiting might have been aware that he probably would not be shown. (I also realized that his itunes #’s might not go up as I had expected because he was likely not to be shown getting his award.)

    There was a live stream of the pre-show. (I was following tweets on the Dove Awards twitter.) I didn’t watch it.

    Anyway, he looked nice in the picture of him presenting.

  45. “ASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Country singer Randy Travis found his distinctive voice three years after a life-threatening stroke and sang “Amazing Grace” during his induction Sunday into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

    The Grammy-winning baritone singer battled back from the stroke in 2013 to sing again during the medallion ceremony in Nashville, Tennessee. He was inducted along with fiddler Charlie Daniels and record producer Fred Foster.

    Fellow artists including Kris Kristofferson, Dolly Parton, Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley, Garth Brooks and more honored the three inductees with musical tributes.

    But it was Travis’ singing that brought a stunned silence and tears to the crowd after years of rehabilitation and therapy to regain his voice.”

    There is a picture with the article. Randy is in a wheelchair. (The article is longer than the paragraphs I’ve shown. Vince Gill was also a presenter.)

    I remember Randy talking about Danny on AI and saying something about “he has the kind of voice we all wish we had.”


  46. The article above was somewhat misleading, I think. It made it sound as though Randy had regained his singing ability. I read more in other articles and saw that he did only one verse and that “he still has a way to go.” He also is still unable to speak.

  47. I’m ready for the support group, LOL. thanks Lurker for the article, it was very interesting. didn’t know that about Randy. sorry to hear that. that was so nice of him to say that about Danny. Danny does have the voice but I think it is all about the heart that makes the voice. I really enjoy being in the discussion with all of you.

  48. I didn’t know you attended the Dove Awards, Jan. Danny did a good job introducing some groups, I thought. Lucky you. 🙂 🙂

    I’ve always enjoyed Randy Travis, Lurker. He’s had some great songs. I hope he continues with his recovery. ♥ Very sad.

    Glad to have you aboard, Ann. 🙂

  49. I see you’ve gotten the hang of things, Ann. Folks here are pretty friendly. This site is a safe place to talk about Danny and his career, or just share other topics with other posters, as we all often do.

  50. If I had to rank things, I’d rather Danny won an award than perform at the Doves…. I am happy for him and the recognition to his career this provides.

    But I’m looking forward to the day he wins, performs AND walks the Red Carpet for press! 🙂

    I don’t want much do, I?

    Hi Ellen, Ann, Lurker, and Cindy. I love having new folks joining into the conversation here at DGNews. I hope others will jump on, too!!

    Also, Ann, do you reach us by cell phone, tablet or computer? I want to point out some of the fabulous features elsewhere on this site. The social media feeds provide all the goodies we RT or tweet, the calendar is better than Danny’s and the search function is fabulous for finding things from our site’s older posts.

  51. Jan, I want to see Danny win, perform and walk the red carpet also. when I make comments I usually do it on my computer. but I do check it on my phone.I do download songs from iTunes and I got Danny’s book from amazon. thanks for the info.

  52. Ann,
    I’m posting two songs I like in case you might have missed them. The first is Renegade, a Danny and Kris Allen duet from Idol. The second is “Here I Am to Worship” done by Danny, Kris, and others from one of Danny’s cruises for Sophia’s Heart.
    I like to use the “select month” under Previous Posts. Recently I was looking at videos from November, 2015 (lots of Christmas stuff).

  53. Awwww…. the SHF Cruises. It doesn’t surprise anyone here that I went on all 3 of them, does it? I had so much fun being the host for the “American Idol” viewing party with Danny. Kris Allen, and Brandon & Jamie of Two Story Road.

    Of course, that doesn’t top my steering Danny around the VIP event at his first SHF Gala. Getting to introduce Danny to the attendees and tell him where to go? Priceless. 😉

  54. #RISE had four stations adding it today:

    WRBS Baltimore
    WCIE Tampa
    KWND Springfield MO
    WVFJ Atlanta

    I guess my station, WNWC, will add it next week. 🙂

  55. Has this song been redone and renamed?

    I hope so. I like the sound of “I Just Wanna Be a Light” much more than the “better place world” thing. It’s easier to remember, happier, more fun and sounds less preachy (to me).

    JiLL ‏@Choose_To_Smile Oct 16
    “I Just Wanna Be A Light” 🌅🕯💡🔦☀️ @dannygokey 10/13/16 @ Stamford Center for the Arts – The… https://www.instagram.com/p/BLpQpOvBoMC/

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