Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 10/24 – 11/06/16


Danny Gokey Band at Uprise Festival 

Photos by Side Stage Photography — Incog Photogal


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116 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 10/24 – 11/06/16

  1. Maybe they don’t want to send a single from the album to radio this year because this Christmas they want to release a single single (just one single) in Spanish? And next year more from the album.
    Or maybe an EP in Spanish? Is EP the right term? The correct letters? The thing shorter than an album but more than one song? Is there time for that? A surprise Spanish Christmas EP or single?
    Or even the entire Christmas album in Spanish. Probably not enough time for that unless they have already done it and kept it quiet.

    When I don’t know, I just make up my own stuff. 🙂


  2. Well, Lurker, they could release a Spanish Christmas song….. I like that idea. But I highly doubt it.

    I just put up a promo for the Christmas tour and album on Facebook tonight. I know some think it’s too soon. But I discovered Christmas is 8 weeks from today.

    Danny told me the new album would be coming out `~~ 1/11/17. I suspect 1/13/17 since that is a Friday. That only gives them a little less than 11 weeks to (and three big holidays) to do promo for “Rise”.

    The single #Rise is one spin away from being #15 at mediabase CAC. Plus 10 more stations need to add it. Before 12/18 – 12/27 of nearly exclusive Christmas music, it should be nearing #1. and then on 1/1/17 they will pour on the spins again, right? 🙂

    I’m hoping the Christmas song, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, for Bon-Ton Stores will be made available and that Bon-Ton sells Danny’s albums as a part of the deal 🙂


  3. I’m not sure I understand the conflict between Rise and a new Christmas song. Don’t the regular songs pretty much get pushed off the chart anyway for a month or more as the Christmas music rolls in? Keeping Danny present on radio overall strikes me as the main thing, not which song precisely. If Rise drops, and nothing new replaces it, he won’t be that visible at all before his album release.

    If there was a new Christmas song on radio (either new new, or an album track from CIH not previously pushed to radio), they could use that to cross-promote the new album presale you’d think. I’m not sure how much recurrent play from CIH to expect. Lift Up Your Eyes strikes me as unlikely. Maybe MDYK. I was kind of thinking when he did little bits of it that Feliz Navidad might make a good new song release. I’d have to look at the track list for CIH to see what might be a good one for Christmas, not too secular etc.

    I can have lots of opinions on things I know nothing about 😉


  4. Well, Admin. I was SURE that they would release another song from CIH to Christian radio, and I thought O Holy Night would be perfect.

    I can’t remember the exact language used but it was something about a Christmas single not working with the plan they have….

    I thought, “Huh. Wouldn’t it increase Danny’s airtime right before the release of his new album?” But too many questions make me unlikely to get any response 😉

    I would guess they shelved the CIH Deluxe idea when they were still working on the new album in September and it was suppose to be DONE, they had the Chris Tomlin request, Danny began touring again AND doing promo on the Spanish album….. I will wager that Feliz Navidad will be part of the Deluxe project if it occurs next year. 🙂

    Some songs do get played all during the Christmas promo time (on the monitored stations) with just a few days dropped off during the days surrounding Christmas.


  5. And guess who’s picture is featured on the Mediabase numbers thread at Mjsbigblog today 🙂

    “Also joining the top 15 crowd today is Season 8 third place finisher, Danny Gokey. His “Rise” (debut single from a TBA album) has risen into the top 15 on CAC. He’s been there before. So, let’s see how far this one can go. His last single was blocked from becoming number one in the format by a rather persistent single by Lauren Daigle.

    Speaking of whom, Lauren Daigle racks up another milestone. Her “Road Less Traveled” is chasing Danny’s “Rise” as it moves into the top 20 on CAC.”


  6. “I can have lots of opinions on things I know nothing about😉”

    I love this. It’s my philosophy of how to get through life. 😉


  7. Danny’s head-shot cover of Rise is the featured photo at MJ’s numbers thread today.

    I like it when he makes a photo front-page appearance. 🙂


  8. I just watched this again. It’s still good. I would like it better, though, if someone could cut out all the words, people, and scenes other than Danny’s. Condense it so that the video is only of Danny and his singing. I really like his part of it: the mirror scene, walking down the hall, on stage in the empty auditorium, pushing back his jacket with that sort of “jumping-out-of-his-skin-feeling, etc.”

    Someone with skill could probably edit it, but there are a few scenes where he is heard briefly while another person is shown. His voice could possibly be made continuous, but I’m not sure how the seconds he is not shown could be blended.

    Anyway, I wish that was the way it had been done.

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  9. You know, Lurker, I like your edit, too…… I’m not great at movie maker, but what you suggest doesn’t sound impossible. I think the distractions of others is the reason the unofficial lyric video did so good.

    And Danny’s “acting” in this video were really good, IMO.

    Maybe if I ever get bored on a COLD Wisconsin day I’ll try a little editing 😉


  10. Danny Gokey News ‏@dannygokeynewz 6m6 minutes ago
    A good day at @Allaccess Mediabase CAC for @Dannygokey’s #RISE: Moves up to #15 & 4 new stations added his fastest moving single! #Congrats

    KTSY Boise
    WAY FM Network
    WFHM Cleveland
    WlFG Greenville, SC


  11. Kris Allen is putting out another Christmas album so I went to his website to learn about it. Nothing up there (yet) but I learned he had a show at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya in August:


    The performers are all former American Idol contestants. Now we don’t know who will still be added, but I’d have to guess that Danny won’t be at this. Although I’m sure he’d have a blast. 🙂


  12. Jan,
    When a discussion page is ending, do you put up a last comment such as “Join us in our new discussion post” with a link to the new post?
    I think you usually do, but I was wondering. I was thinking about it because sometimes when I come to the end of a page, I don’t at first notice “Older Comments” or “Newer Comments” at the bottom. I start thinking that the page looks different and wondering if I’m at the old page.
    Then I think that no I’m not on the old page because you have a link to move to the new page.
    I don’t think this comment is clear. I wonder what I can find as an excuse for my rambling. Can’t think of anything.
    Maybe you can figure out what I’m asking.


  13. I try to post the new discussion post link when a new post starts on the old discussion post. But I don’t think I’ve ALWAYS done it. I think I forgot on 10/23….

    I’m glad to have helpers do it for me (Like you!!) 🙂

    I’ve been posting the discussion post on Sunday nights. Mostly because it’s a popular night on Facebook for Danny fans. And since I am now posting the discussion post on Facebook (with the bait of a fabulous photo….) I don’t want to lose out on the hits. Or come up with another post to create!!

    Not that it matters greatly how many “hits” we get, but I am a bit competitive. So is Danny. We have that in common 😉

    I’ve noticed that our new followers on Facebook have slowed down.

    I think it’s because I don’t have a ton of “news” to report. And I haven’t had time to go over to Danny’s Facebook page and entice them to check us out by commenting on fans comments or posts.

    And as you can see, it was MY turn to ramble….


  14. “I’ve been posting the discussion post on Sunday nights.”

    Is the link posted every Sunday night or just when the discussion is new? I like every Sunday night.

    Do you put the link on twitter too each time or just on Facebook?

    It’s good when you ramble. I stop by to read, so I want some words here when I drop in. 🙂


  15. Hmmm… since I use multiple pictures on each discussion post, I could put a different one on Facebook the second Sunday night.

    Usually I let the post create a tweet and I let it go through. Sometimes I THINK I’m going to write a better one and disable the auto tweet function. And then I don’t get around to posting it…. But I usually do….

    I don’t think I ever want to know how much time I spend on checking social media for Danny tidbits, creating new posts in my head and then actually creating the social media content.

    But I don’t watch much TV as a result!


  16. I also appreciate new ideas and suggestions. Solo thinking is never as creative as considering others’ suggestions and ideas.

    Bring them on!

    Lurker you are helpful in bringing over tidbits you find. Everyone is welcome to do so!


  17. Well, if Danny would get the Rise video out, we would have something new to talk about.

    Tweets about Danny have slowed down too. There were more when he was touring more often.

    There have been some really good photos I’ve seen on twitter.

    I don’t watch TV. I used to write that I didn’t watch Idol. Then I think I have written that I don’t watch TV often. Now I don’t watch at all. I no longer have TV. (I think I have written this before.) My attention span for TV is not good. I know some people say they leave a TV on all the time because they like the noise. I don’t like the noise.

    I’m glad that Danny’s music is a nice, beautiful sound. It’s not noise.


  18. I did ask him (from my personal account) when the video is rolling out….. I didn’t catch him in a sharing moment and he didn’t reply 😦

    So, we don’t know. I have to think that the idea of a video pushing a song is not as useful if that keep making us wait. Rise is top 15 on Billboard and Mediabase.

    I have seen some nice photos on twitter, too. Hopefully they will be shared with us 🙂


  19. Oh my goodness, Jan and Lurker. I have NO idea of all the work you do. I don’t do Facebook or Twitter. I don’t understand it all. :/

    Ha-ha, Lurker. I’m one of the people who leave the TV on for the noise. I’ve given up on many shows on TV. I love Netflix. CNN is on lots of days. It can be too quiet where we live.

    Sure do miss all the ghost and goblins knocking at our door. I think I mentioned that many years ago our town opens up for all the kids, and they give out treats. Very safe, so that’s where all the children flock to.
    Now, Thanksgiving. Can’t believe the holidays are here, again.

    Thank you, thank you, for all the work done in maintaining this site, and others. 🙂


  20. ” I don’t do Facebook or Twitter. I don’t understand it all. :/”

    I don’t do Facebook or Twitter either. I don’t want much of an internet presence. This is the only site where I make comments.
    I read tweets, but I am not signed up with twitter. I read only. I do not tweet. It is sort of like this: I look at youtube videos, but I never put a video on youtube or comment on a video. Unless a video is set to private, anyone can look at them. The same is true of twitter. Unless a twitter page is set to private, it can be viewed by anyone.
    To get to youtube, I can click on any youtube video. Once I am there, I can type the name of anything I want to search in the youtube search blank. The youtube search is right above the video I have up. It is not the same as the internet search blank that is all the way up to the top and outside of the youtube frame.
    Twitter is the same way. I could search any famous name and probably get a link to their twitter if they have one. Once I am on twitter, I can type anything I want to read about and can then read any tweet that has that name or word(s) in it.
    I found Danny on twitter that way. (I have this link in my favorites now.)


    I click on it to read tweets about Danny. For tweets about him (in which his name is used), my search was for Danny Gokey. That is what my link shows. I have it set to latest. For Danny’s twitter page (instead of just mentions of him), I can click on his twitter name. That is the name after @. People use it in tweets to him. It shows in a different color. It is a link to tweets he writes. @dannygokey.
    Again, once I am inside twitter, I can type anything in the twitter search (which is not the same blank as the internet search–the internet search is higher and outside the frame of twitter). I can look for anything I want. I can type in the name of a movie and see what people are tweeting about it–whether they like it or not. I can type the name of a golfer and see how he is doing in a tournament or check the score on a Packers game.
    It is a little like listening to people talk all over the world. It is fun, and I can do that without having to join twitter.

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  21. Jan,
    I like the photo of Danny you have up under INSTAGRAM below. It is showing (currently) at the top of the photos (next to one of Danny standing with a spotlight shining from behind him).
    The photo I like is a head-shot and a shoulder. One hand is near Danny’s face. The colors are beige and back.

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  22. Lurker, i really like it. I have already used it on Facebook, too. That is Danny’s new promo pic used for autographs at his ahows. I am surprised he hasn’t put it online. I like it a lot better than the one they used for HIFOM promo period at shows 🙂


  23. I have read that the problems Amy had with Christian music started with her song Baby, Baby which became a big pop hit. There was also some criticism about her divorce from Gary Chapman and her marriage not long after to Vince Gill. Vince had divorced also. His divorce was before Amy’s.


  24. Some Internet articles are very incomplete and poorly written. I might click on something with an interesting headline and read the article and get incoherent and incomplete information. Sometimes, too, there is one page and “more” at the end. Usually if I click on “more,” I find little more. A few days ago, I clicked on “more” to get to a second page. The only difference between the first page article and the second page article was an ellipsis (…) at the end (first page) while there was a period at the end on the second page. No additional words. (I guess the point was to get people to click on a second page of ads.)


  25. Lots of likes on this tweet: 🙂

    Danny Gokey News ‏@dannygokeynewz Oct 31
    Did we mention that we ❤ stations like @wayfmradio? Now spinning @dannygokey's new song #RISE & still playing #TellYourHearttoBeatAgain!
    0 replies 1 retweet 8 likes
    Reply Retweet 1
    Like 8

    Melinda Kitzmiller
    @dannygokeynewz @wayfmradio @dannygokey … Ditto @917KBNJ !!


  26. Welcome back, Ann. Sorry you didn’t get to enjoy Danny & Leyicet’s BnB. Next time!!

    Lurker, I stared at that second abbreviation for a long time. Are you referring to Better Than I Found It? No? Give me a clue. My brain is fried….. We had a wonderful time with our son DIL anf granddaughter over for dinner and play. But 2 year olds keep me running! Up and down off the dloor, around and around. She is the best. Loves her grandma ♡ AND our son installed a new dishwasher for us 🙂 Got to love a handy man…..


  27. ” Are you referring to Better Than I Found It?

    Yes! I’m sorry… 😦 I guess I renamed it as “Leave the World a Better Place.”

    Someone else renamed it in a tweet (last week?) “I just Wanna Be a Light.”

    I wonder if it has other potential names.


  28. New album release date 🙂

    Danny GokeyVerified account ‏@dannygokey 1h1 hour ago
    Danny Gokey Retweeted Brian McKay
    Yup!! Brand new album scheduled to release January 13th!!

    Danny had told me 1/11/17, but I had guessed he meant the following Friday 🙂


  29. I read that, Lurker. Very sad. I HATE this disease. It does not discriminate. I hope one day Cancer will be eradicated. I wish Noah and his family all the best. ♥ This will be a hard time for all, but always hold on to HOPE….

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  30. I have no idea what this means but it sounds like a good thing. 🙂

    “Chad Harris ‏@chadricklharris 48m48 minutes ago
    @dannygokey always hitting that Bb above middle C like it’s nothing. Sheesh”


  31. This is from the idol-ranges site that used to track vocal ranges for AI finalists, as borrowed off a discussion of it on idolforums.

    Overall lowest : C3
    Overall highest : D#5/Eb5
    Overall range : 13 ½ steps
    *Head Voice/Falsetto
    …..Audition – I Heard It Through the Grapevine…. D5
    …..Hollywood Round 1 – Kiss From a Rose…. C#5/Db5
    …..Hollywood Round 3 – I Hope You Dance…. D5
    …..Semifinals – Hero…. D#5/Eb5
    …..Top 13 – Pretty Young Thing…. D5
    …..Top 4 – Dream On…. G5

    On the idolranges.com site, C4 is “middle C”, and C3 is one octave below, C5 would be an octave higher.

    What is a step?
    A step is an interval of two semitones; for example, C4-D4 is one step. A half-step is halfway between two tones; for example, G4-G#4 is one half-step. F4-G#4 is one and a half steps. E-F and B-C are both half-steps, making 12 semitones to an octave (or 6 steps).

    Danny was considered by the idolranges blogger to have reached 13-1/2 steps without falsetto, and 15 ½ steps with.

    If I look at the stats from the idolranges person and compare to the wiki chart for tenors, she has Danny covering all of the green notes and all on the high side in the orange except E5 which is the last white key in the orange area (or well, it would be white on a piano and not orange 😉 . Danny topped out (back in those days anyway) at the last black key in the orange coded area for tenor, and did not show the ability to go into the far low side orange.

    Adding falsetto, Danny covered the entire high range for tenors, and went a couple of notes beyond it to reach G5 which is the second white key beyond the orange colored area. Which is really white since it’s not over-shaded orange or green :p


  32. Wow! That was a lot of work. My understanding is limited, but I enjoyed reading it. 🙂

    Danny’s voice reminds me of Steve Winwood and also Restless Heart. I wonder if that is because of the notes they can reach.


  33. Lurker, thanks for the flashbacks <3. I may have to add some of Restless Hearts music to my itunes account. I fondly remember them:

    Restless Heart has released seven studio albums, two greatest hits albums, and a live album which is only available on their website. Their second through fifth albums are all certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). 26 of their singles have entered the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, including six that reached No. 1. Four of their country releases also crossed over to the Adult Contemporary chart, with two of those ("I'll Still Be Loving You" in 1986 and "When She Cries" in 1992) also reaching Top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100. The band also had a No. 1 on Adult Contemporary in 1993 with "Tell Me What You Dream", a collaboration with smooth jazz saxophonist Warren Hill.

    Great news on #RISE moving up (and the Christmas album) although it's always bittersweet when a previous single fades.


  34. The increased radio play (and concerts?) must be helping RISE. This is the closest we’ve seen them on the iTunes overall chart:

    761 Danny Gokey Tell Your Heart to Beat Again
    762 Drake Too Good (feat. Rihanna)
    763 A$AP Mob Telephone Calls (feat. A$AP Rocky, Tyler, the Creator, Playboi Carti & Yung Gleesh)
    764 Danny Gokey Rise


  35. Remember everyone, we have to change our clocks BACK one hour to revert to standard time tonight. Here is an amusing video that pokes fun at daylight saving time:

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  36. Although I still think Danny sounds like no one other them himself, I do hear the similarities in the voices of Steve Winwood and Restless Heart, at least in the songs that Lurker has linked. Steve Winwood sounds like Danny Gokey lite. Winwood doesn’t have the same depth or gravitas to his voice, but something about the tone of his voice resembles Danny’s tone. I actually think the lead Restless Heart singer sounds more like Danny (or vice versa). But again, it’s more in the tone of the voice than anything else.


  37. “The increased radio play (and concerts?) must be helping RISE. This is the closest we’ve seen them on the iTunes overall chart:”

    You wrote this just after I posted itunes #’s. Rise was at #23 and the Christmas album was at #68.
    This is my theory: Not long before this, someone tweeted about listening to the Christmas album. Danny retweeted that tweet:

    “Danny Gokey ‏@dannygokey Nov 1 Nashville, TN
    Danny Gokey Retweeted Coco Trevino
    Thank you! 🤓 So glad you like it!”

    Coco Trevino
    Too soon?? Never! 😝🎄🎁🎅🏻🙏🏻 @dannygokey #ChristmasIsHere #NovemberFirst I just opened it and it’s by FAR my favorite Christmas album ever!!!!”

    Then the Christmas album surged as did Rise. Now the Christmas album has dropped off the chart again. Rise is holding about where it was.

    I think when someone goes to itunes to check Danny’s music, perhaps they check more than one item. With Rise, there was also a tweet about this time from Danny Gokey News (about the place of Rise on a chart) that Danny retweeted.

    It seems to me that all of it helps–including radio and touring. Touring seems to help more when it is several times a week instead of a couple.

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  38. Well, Lurker, both of Danny’s songs have definitely moved down…. I will take your word that so has the albums…

    Danny also needs a new push at radio, again.

    I wonder what they have planned for Danny for the rest of November? I think he only has 2 more announced shows. I’m sure the the time after Thanksgiving will be getting ready for the Christmas Tour, but what will the other 14 days bring? Danny’s manager keeps expressing how stressed she is and that she just has to get though to Thanksgiving…. hmmmmm…

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  39. Lurker, I agree with you. That’s what I think about Danny “dueting” with Natalie in that picture. And in some of the videos I have seen…..


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