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Danny Gokey Band at Uprise Festival 

Photos by Side Stage Photography — Incog Photogal


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116 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 10/24 – 11/06/16

  1. The week end chart has been updated. #Rise was moved up to #16:

    11 10 CHRIS TOMLIN Jesus 1354 1329 25 8.534
    12 11 NATALIE GRANT King Of The World 1298 1225 73 7.478
    13 12 ONE SONIC SOCIETY Great Are You Lord 1035 1000 35 5.966
    14 13 UNSPOKEN Higher 892 913 -21 4.881
    15 14 CROWDER My Victory 780 786 -6 5.81
    16 15 AFTERS Battles 760 713 47 4.013
    18 16 DANNY GOKEY Rise 722 658 64 4.928

    37 of the 51 monitored stations are playing #RISE. I expect at least two stations adding it this week. Madison, WMWC and ???

    Here are the top leaders:

    Station Market Format TW lw Move ovn am mid pm eve Aud
    WPLL-FM Gainesville Christian AC 35 34 1 8 5 8 6 8 0.028
    X032-FM >SiriusXM Christian AC 35 32 3 9 5 8 6 7 0
    WCVO-FM Columbus, OH Christian AC 34 31 3 8 4 9 7 6 0.096
    KLV-FM >K-Love Network Christian AC 33 26 7 8 6 7 5 7 2.186
    KLTY-FM Dallas Christian AC 33 31 2 8 5 7 6 7 0.53
    WBSN-FM New Orleans Christian AC 31 28 3 10 4 4 7 6 0.039
    WNWC-FM Madison, WI Christian AC 29 4 25 8 4 7 4 6 0.028
    WRBS-FM Baltimore Christian AC 29 20 9 9 5 5 5 5 0.183
    KLJY-FM St. Louis Christian AC 29 27 2 8 5 6 5 5 0.212
    KSBJ-FM Houston Christian AC 29 27 2 8 7 6 8 0.556

  2. I am so proud to be a.supporter of Danny and all the good he is doing. His family is warm and friendly and they truly appreciate all the loyal fans and sponsors who support all Danny’s efforts.

  3. At the Gala Danny told me he had to get back to Nashville to cut a song for a Store commercial. So, here is the news:

    Dennis Disney ‏@ddisney 41m41 minutes ago
    Fun Sun night in the studio w/ @dannygokey, producer @thomboykt for vocals on new Bonton Store Christmas campaign commercial.


    The Bon-Ton is a department store chain headquartered in York, Pennsylvania. There are 275 locations, including 11 furniture galleries, in 26 states.[4] Other brands operated by The Bon-Ton include Bergner’s, Boston Store, Carson’s, Elder-Beerman, Herberger’s, and Younkers.

  4. In an Instagram story, Danny is singing a bit of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”. I wonder how he got this gig? I know Boston Store is a supporter of SHF, but…. this is bigger than Boston store.

  5. Hmmm… this implies that Milwaukee is the homebase. It might explain how Danny was selected 🙂

    The Bon-Ton Stores chain doubled in size in November 2005 with the $1.1 billion purchase of the 142 stores of Saks’ Northern Department Store Group, headquartered in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Corporate headquarters remained in York, PA, but merchandising headquarters were relocated to Milwaukee. As with the Elder-Beerman acquisition, no store names were changed in the transaction. The newly acquired store group included Carson Pirie Scott, Bergner’s, Boston Store, Herberger’s, and Younker

  6. I read some tweets last week between a couple of fans who were envious of Danny seeming to have more success than their idol favorite. Made me smile. Am I bad? 😉

    ( I don’t wish bad luck on anyone. Still, if Danny and another singer are up for the same award, Danny is the one I want to win.)

    I feel happy for him that he keeps getting more opportunities. 🙂

  7. “Cindy, BTIFI was a duet with Hollyn when Danny was on tour with her (the Positive Hits Tour), but it isn’t a duet on the demo song given out when fans preorder the new album.

    However!! It has been re-recorded and it will be a duet. But not with Hollyn — according to my sources😉”

    Guessing game: Who will be the person who duets with Danny?

  8. I brought over Ann’s last comment from the previous discussion.

    “love being part of this discussion and seeing the posts and video’s, gives a more personal look into His life. I don’t go by words, I go by actions and His actions are spot on. he lives what he says and sings. I pray for Him, Leyicet, Danny and Victoria everyday. God has truly blessed Him. Thank all of you for sharing. you are a blessing in my life”

  9. The video (link to video shown) I posted above is from Praise the Hill concert 2016 Harlingen Soccer Park.

  10. Reba would be a good choice, Jan. 🙂 I’m a fan. I really don’t know. Who would all of you choose??

  11. I can’t guess because I know the answer. But I do love guessing games. 🙂

    Not Reba. Younger.

  12. Well, there are two duets. One on Better Than I Found It and one on a song that Danny wrote.

    I like the guess of Kelly. But it’s not correct. But in some ways you are getting closer on one of the duet partners. 🙂

  13. Can you believe that neither of the duet partners are from the Christian Music genre? 🙂

  14. Cindy, I like how you are thinking. But no.

    Rise was added by

    Tulsa KXOJ
    Madison …. WNDN (? I forgot the call letters).

  15. OKay she is a Christian musician.So it cant be right.

    Kellie Pickler? I also wanna say Carrie Underwood.But she seems too big a name for him at this moment.

  16. You have some REALLY good guesses, Mr Bing. I think Hillary, Jamelle, Mandisa and Kellie would all be great.

    And you are on the right track.

    One of the artist I did not know (I had to look them up) the other I did know their work 🙂

    But I can’t tell you or a certain manager would have my hide…. 😉

    I’ve posted a good video of Danny & Natalie’s duet from the Be One Tour. And a bonus video https://dannygokeynews.com/2016/10/24/video-nothing-but-the-blood-danny-gokey-natalie-grant/

  17. I’m not going to guess again, Jan. I might get it right. Then what would you do? 😉

    You would have to hide to save your hide if you told.

  18. I agree, Cindy! I love featuring the awesome work of these photograghers! I will have to look around for someone to feature next 🙂

  19. I think it fine to guess who is/are Danny’s duet partner(s), and lots of fun. But Jan, you need to stop giving hints or telling us when we’re getting warmer. I want it to be a surprise (and apparently, so does a certain manager). All will be revealed in time. I’m gonna go with Tori Kelly. But no more hints. Please?

  20. I wonder when Danny will have the second video out for Rise. Wasn’t there a tweet long, long ago in a far-away time that it would be coming sooon? Was that just my imagination?

  21. I’ve been wondering about the timing, too, Lurker.

    I thought the would get the video out quickly to help promote the song…. but we must be missing something about videos?!?

    Do they wait until it is Top 15? Do they wait when they have a lyric video out?

    The producer has tweeted about it twice. I keep thinking it will be out any day. I even have a post ready where I only have to paste in the yuTube URL….

  22. There is a tweet with an article, video and Instagram about Danny. But the picture they included is NOT Danny… is it the interviewer? Or did they mix up the photos?

    Note: I think it is Pedro Moreno. They did an article about him, too.

    UnivisionVerified account ‏@Univision 4h4 hours ago View translation
    .@dannygokey presenta el video musical de ‘Que tu corazón vuelva a latir (Tropical remix)’. http://uni.vi/tpbm305wLj0


    The account has 2.45 MILLION followers.

    Ranked No. 1 for your news, entertainment, sports and novels. Hispanic Heartbeat of America. Follow us on Instagram and Vine @Univision.

  23. Here is the English translation of the article:

    This is the music video of Danny Gokey, ‘May your heart beat again (Tropical Remix)’. Milkwaukee singer-songwriter, known for his role in the eighth season of American Idol (he finished third) and for his career in Christian music, recently launched its first album in Spanish, La Esperanza in front of me.

    The album is composed of songs from his previous album translated Hope in Front of Me. ‘This reverse crossover’ of Gokey is not merely an attempt to conquer a Latino audience, but comes from the heart, because his wife is Leyicet Cuabana-Peruvian whose family speaks only Spanish. “Singing in Spanish was a big leap,” admits Gokey.

    The tropical ballad “May your heart beat again (Tropical remix) ‘is a new version arranged by Melvin” Mestro “Lightford the original theme produced by Bernie Herms. We spoke with Gokey about learning Spanish with their bicultural children, his taste for tropical music and how are family gatherings at home.

    Uforia Music: What are your favorite tropical songs?

    Danny Gokey: I love “I do not know tomorrow” by Luis Enrique, ‘A Puro Dolor’ Son By Four and Marc Anthony ‘Was it worth it’ and ‘Live my life.’

    Your wife is Latin, how you are teaching Spanish to your children?

    Danny Gokey: My kids are bilingual. My wife’s parents speak only Spanish and live with us, which helps at home speak mostly in Spanish.

    And you, learn with them watching children’s programs?

    Danny Gokey: Yes! My children are almost all programs in Spanish and I learned a lot … and still learning.

    How did you react your family to hear Cuban salsa version of this topic ‘May your heart beat again’?

    Danny Gokey: They loved it! [Laughs]. They like a lot and always telling me what producers are working and what should be my next step in the music industry! They love to do this kind of music.

    How are family parties with both families, Latino and American?

    Danny Gokey: Bailamos salsa …. not very good, but we danced. [Laughs]. Both families are quite similar in the sense that every time we get together, we make a lot of noise, we had so much fun and there is always plenty of delicious food. The only difference is that we speak Spanish with my wife’s family and English with my side of the family. It is a clash of two worlds and is a wonderful thing.

  24. Jan,
    This is the article I commented about on the last discussion.

    “I like this tropical remix. Even like the commercial in Spanish.🙂

    ‘Uforia MusicVerified account ‏@UforiaMusica 2h2 hours ago
    Mira el nuevo video ‘Que tu corazón vuelva a latir (Tropical remix)’ de @dannygokey (¡sí, en español!) #UforiaDebut http://uni.vi/WokE305nVhX

    At that time, the tweet did not have a picture with it. The videos (Danny’s tropical remix and wife’s Cuban family) are the same.
    Thanks for the translation. I didn’t know what it said.

  25. Thanks Lurker, I remember seeing the tweet you linked, and the dog food commercial??. But I was too busy to translate the article at the time 🙂

  26. “Max Cspaniard ‏@MaxCspaniard 5h5 hours ago
    And now @dannygokey is sounding in Honduras!!! Argentina!!! That’s good!!”

  27. Danny has added the video of his Tropical Spanish Mix of TYHTBA to his channel…. usually I do a post with all videos, but I’m still waiting for the official music video for RISE and I really wonder how popular the Spanish mix is?

    Advice requested. 🙂

    While RISE is still young, I’m ready for it to shoot up the chart. It’s doing really well, but I’m getting impatient. I don’t think we’ll have a Christmas single from Danny this year to track 🙁

    But after Christmas we will get our belated gift. A new album 🙂

    Here’s the chart news on the Christian National Airplay Chart:

    tw/lw/weeks/artist/song/label/spins/increase/AI/AI rank
    14 14 11 DANNY GOKEY Rise BMG 1645 +139 4.949 14

  28. “I really wonder how popular the Spanish mix is?”

    It seems very popular to me. I saw it not long after he put it up, and it already had lots of likes and comments.
    I just checked. It has 227 likes and 29 comments. That is a strong start compared to some of the others I’ve seen. Perhaps it will slow down? I have no idea. But a good beginning, anyway.

    Many of the comments are in Spanish. I like that he has an international audience.

  29. Danny & Leyicet sharing about their B&B. Surprisingly, not sharing a link to the website…

    I really don’t know how managing this fits into their schedule, but it is a lovely property. Even if they painted the brick house 😉
    @dannygokey: Morning view from our Bed and Breakfast. I love this place and the view it has. I love that we decided to do this t… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/791641343009382402

  30. Is the Bed and Breakfast a working operation or a staged set? Do they live there and rent rooms, prepare breakfast, clean, etc. or go there for filming? The tweet today is the first thing I’ve read about it other than what I’ve seen here.

    If it is a working operation, it’s not getting much publicity. Not much for a TV show either. Perhaps it’s still in a planning stage?

  31. A lot of good questions.

    I know that they have hosted some Sophia’s Heart related guests there. But when I last looked, the reservation page wasn’t “working ” yet. It showed it was fully booked.

    I doubt they will be living there, but you never know with Danny. If it has separate quarters for the owners/operators, he could rent out his own house. It does seem like Leyicet has been hosting some type of functions there.

    I think it could be a great corporate or wedding rental?

  32. According to the updates on Danny’s FBook page, the BnB opens for guests on November 1 and the links now work. Room availability and rates now showing.

    Also, I put up a post with the Jayar interview.

    RISE is still at #16 on Mediabase, but up to 41 of the 51 monitored stations.

  33. itunes:

    TYHTBA: #15

    RISE: #25

    HIFOM: #42

    Christmas is Here: #116

  34. Nice to see RISE moving up 🙂

    Maybe after Halloween we’ll see that video for RISE and a bit of CIH promo?

  35. I’m ready for movement! Waiting is not as much fun as running away with everything. 🙂
    I want a #1 song, a #1 album, a #1 this and a #1 that, etc., <3

  36. It’s funny, we endured such a LONG time with no music news, and now that things are going really great and Danny has his 6th song on Christian radio (2 were Christmas songs) I’m still impatient, LOL! It seems the last month or so has lagged….

    I want all those #1’s, too….. Now. 😉

  37. Good that Rise is doing well. Is it likely there may be a Christmas song sent to radio this year?

  38. I really thought they would send “O Holy Night” since it was not officially a single (but did really well anyways) but the last communication I had on the subject was that it would not be beneficial to their plan.

    No reason was provided, but I would surmise they want RISE to get the most spins and another single would detract (like it did to MTYTIA?).

    With a new album to be released shortly after Christmas, momentum is important.

    However, I do expect that Danny’s Christmas songs will get some recurrent play in December 🙂

  39. I did see another communication that implied a deluxe Christmas album could be possible in 2017.

  40. “…it would not be beneficial to their plan.”

    “Ain’t it good to know that they’ve got a plan” 😉

  41. Maybe they don’t want to send a single from the album to radio this year because this Christmas they want to release a single single (just one single) in Spanish? And next year more from the album.
    Or maybe an EP in Spanish? Is EP the right term? The correct letters? The thing shorter than an album but more than one song? Is there time for that? A surprise Spanish Christmas EP or single?
    Or even the entire Christmas album in Spanish. Probably not enough time for that unless they have already done it and kept it quiet.

    When I don’t know, I just make up my own stuff. 🙂

  42. Well, Lurker, they could release a Spanish Christmas song….. I like that idea. But I highly doubt it.

    I just put up a promo for the Christmas tour and album on Facebook tonight. I know some think it’s too soon. But I discovered Christmas is 8 weeks from today.

    Danny told me the new album would be coming out `~~ 1/11/17. I suspect 1/13/17 since that is a Friday. That only gives them a little less than 11 weeks to (and three big holidays) to do promo for “Rise”.

    The single #Rise is one spin away from being #15 at mediabase CAC. Plus 10 more stations need to add it. Before 12/18 – 12/27 of nearly exclusive Christmas music, it should be nearing #1. and then on 1/1/17 they will pour on the spins again, right? 🙂

    I’m hoping the Christmas song, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, for Bon-Ton Stores will be made available and that Bon-Ton sells Danny’s albums as a part of the deal 🙂

  43. I’m not sure I understand the conflict between Rise and a new Christmas song. Don’t the regular songs pretty much get pushed off the chart anyway for a month or more as the Christmas music rolls in? Keeping Danny present on radio overall strikes me as the main thing, not which song precisely. If Rise drops, and nothing new replaces it, he won’t be that visible at all before his album release.

    If there was a new Christmas song on radio (either new new, or an album track from CIH not previously pushed to radio), they could use that to cross-promote the new album presale you’d think. I’m not sure how much recurrent play from CIH to expect. Lift Up Your Eyes strikes me as unlikely. Maybe MDYK. I was kind of thinking when he did little bits of it that Feliz Navidad might make a good new song release. I’d have to look at the track list for CIH to see what might be a good one for Christmas, not too secular etc.

    I can have lots of opinions on things I know nothing about 😉

  44. Well, Admin. I was SURE that they would release another song from CIH to Christian radio, and I thought O Holy Night would be perfect.

    I can’t remember the exact language used but it was something about a Christmas single not working with the plan they have….

    I thought, “Huh. Wouldn’t it increase Danny’s airtime right before the release of his new album?” But too many questions make me unlikely to get any response 😉

    I would guess they shelved the CIH Deluxe idea when they were still working on the new album in September and it was suppose to be DONE, they had the Chris Tomlin request, Danny began touring again AND doing promo on the Spanish album….. I will wager that Feliz Navidad will be part of the Deluxe project if it occurs next year. 🙂

    Some songs do get played all during the Christmas promo time (on the monitored stations) with just a few days dropped off during the days surrounding Christmas.

  45. And guess who’s picture is featured on the Mediabase numbers thread at Mjsbigblog today 🙂

    “Also joining the top 15 crowd today is Season 8 third place finisher, Danny Gokey. His “Rise” (debut single from a TBA album) has risen into the top 15 on CAC. He’s been there before. So, let’s see how far this one can go. His last single was blocked from becoming number one in the format by a rather persistent single by Lauren Daigle.

    Speaking of whom, Lauren Daigle racks up another milestone. Her “Road Less Traveled” is chasing Danny’s “Rise” as it moves into the top 20 on CAC.”

  46. “I can have lots of opinions on things I know nothing about😉”

    I love this. It’s my philosophy of how to get through life. 😉

  47. Danny’s head-shot cover of Rise is the featured photo at MJ’s numbers thread today.

    I like it when he makes a photo front-page appearance. 🙂

  48. For all who celebrate… Happy Halloween! For all who don’t… Have a Happy Day! 🙂

  49. I just watched this again. It’s still good. I would like it better, though, if someone could cut out all the words, people, and scenes other than Danny’s. Condense it so that the video is only of Danny and his singing. I really like his part of it: the mirror scene, walking down the hall, on stage in the empty auditorium, pushing back his jacket with that sort of “jumping-out-of-his-skin-feeling, etc.”

    Someone with skill could probably edit it, but there are a few scenes where he is heard briefly while another person is shown. His voice could possibly be made continuous, but I’m not sure how the seconds he is not shown could be blended.

    Anyway, I wish that was the way it had been done.

  50. You know, Lurker, I like your edit, too…… I’m not great at movie maker, but what you suggest doesn’t sound impossible. I think the distractions of others is the reason the unofficial lyric video did so good.

    And Danny’s “acting” in this video were really good, IMO.

    Maybe if I ever get bored on a COLD Wisconsin day I’ll try a little editing 😉

  51. Danny Gokey News ‏@dannygokeynewz 6m6 minutes ago
    A good day at @Allaccess Mediabase CAC for @Dannygokey’s #RISE: Moves up to #15 & 4 new stations added his fastest moving single! #Congrats

    KTSY Boise
    WAY FM Network
    WFHM Cleveland
    WlFG Greenville, SC

  52. Kris Allen is putting out another Christmas album so I went to his website to learn about it. Nothing up there (yet) but I learned he had a show at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya in August:


    The performers are all former American Idol contestants. Now we don’t know who will still be added, but I’d have to guess that Danny won’t be at this. Although I’m sure he’d have a blast. 🙂

  53. Jan,
    When a discussion page is ending, do you put up a last comment such as “Join us in our new discussion post” with a link to the new post?
    I think you usually do, but I was wondering. I was thinking about it because sometimes when I come to the end of a page, I don’t at first notice “Older Comments” or “Newer Comments” at the bottom. I start thinking that the page looks different and wondering if I’m at the old page.
    Then I think that no I’m not on the old page because you have a link to move to the new page.
    I don’t think this comment is clear. I wonder what I can find as an excuse for my rambling. Can’t think of anything.
    Maybe you can figure out what I’m asking.

  54. I try to post the new discussion post link when a new post starts on the old discussion post. But I don’t think I’ve ALWAYS done it. I think I forgot on 10/23….

    I’m glad to have helpers do it for me (Like you!!) 🙂

    I’ve been posting the discussion post on Sunday nights. Mostly because it’s a popular night on Facebook for Danny fans. And since I am now posting the discussion post on Facebook (with the bait of a fabulous photo….) I don’t want to lose out on the hits. Or come up with another post to create!!

    Not that it matters greatly how many “hits” we get, but I am a bit competitive. So is Danny. We have that in common 😉

    I’ve noticed that our new followers on Facebook have slowed down.

    I think it’s because I don’t have a ton of “news” to report. And I haven’t had time to go over to Danny’s Facebook page and entice them to check us out by commenting on fans comments or posts.

    And as you can see, it was MY turn to ramble….

  55. “I’ve been posting the discussion post on Sunday nights.”

    Is the link posted every Sunday night or just when the discussion is new? I like every Sunday night.

    Do you put the link on twitter too each time or just on Facebook?

    It’s good when you ramble. I stop by to read, so I want some words here when I drop in. 🙂

  56. Hmmm… since I use multiple pictures on each discussion post, I could put a different one on Facebook the second Sunday night.

    Usually I let the post create a tweet and I let it go through. Sometimes I THINK I’m going to write a better one and disable the auto tweet function. And then I don’t get around to posting it…. But I usually do….

    I don’t think I ever want to know how much time I spend on checking social media for Danny tidbits, creating new posts in my head and then actually creating the social media content.

    But I don’t watch much TV as a result!

  57. I also appreciate new ideas and suggestions. Solo thinking is never as creative as considering others’ suggestions and ideas.

    Bring them on!

    Lurker you are helpful in bringing over tidbits you find. Everyone is welcome to do so!

  58. Well, if Danny would get the Rise video out, we would have something new to talk about.

    Tweets about Danny have slowed down too. There were more when he was touring more often.

    There have been some really good photos I’ve seen on twitter.

    I don’t watch TV. I used to write that I didn’t watch Idol. Then I think I have written that I don’t watch TV often. Now I don’t watch at all. I no longer have TV. (I think I have written this before.) My attention span for TV is not good. I know some people say they leave a TV on all the time because they like the noise. I don’t like the noise.

    I’m glad that Danny’s music is a nice, beautiful sound. It’s not noise.

  59. I did ask him (from my personal account) when the video is rolling out….. I didn’t catch him in a sharing moment and he didn’t reply 🙁

    So, we don’t know. I have to think that the idea of a video pushing a song is not as useful if that keep making us wait. Rise is top 15 on Billboard and Mediabase.

    I have seen some nice photos on twitter, too. Hopefully they will be shared with us 🙂

  60. Oh my goodness, Jan and Lurker. I have NO idea of all the work you do. I don’t do Facebook or Twitter. I don’t understand it all. :/

    Ha-ha, Lurker. I’m one of the people who leave the TV on for the noise. I’ve given up on many shows on TV. I love Netflix. CNN is on lots of days. It can be too quiet where we live.

    Sure do miss all the ghost and goblins knocking at our door. I think I mentioned that many years ago our town opens up for all the kids, and they give out treats. Very safe, so that’s where all the children flock to.
    Now, Thanksgiving. Can’t believe the holidays are here, again.

    Thank you, thank you, for all the work done in maintaining this site, and others. 🙂

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