Video: Que Tu Corazon Vuelva a Latir – Danny Gokey’s Tropical remix of “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again”

Danny Gokey presenta el video musical de 'Que tu corazón vuelva a latir...

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Estamos de estreno en Uforia Music. Se trata de el video musical de Danny Gokey, ‘Que tu corazón vuelva a latir (Tropical remix)’. El cantautor de Milkwaukee, conocido por su participación en la octava temporada deAmerican Idol (quedó en tercer lugar) y por su trayectoria en la música cristiana , lanzó hace poco su primer disco en español, La Esperanza frente a mí.

El disco está compuesto por canciones traducidas de su anterior disco Hope in Front of Me. ‘Este reverse crossover’ de Gokey no es un mero intento de conquistar a un público latino, sino que viene del corazón, pues su esposa Leyicet es cuabana-peruana y cuya familia sólo habla español. “Cantar en español fue un gran salto” admite Gokey.  LEE MAS

English translation;  This is the music video of Danny Gokey, ‘May your heart beat again (Tropical Remix)’. Milkwaukee singer-songwriter, known for his role in the eighth season of American Idol (he finished third) and for his career in Christian music, recently launched its first album in Spanish, La Esperanza in front of me.
The album is composed of songs from his previous album translated Hope in Front of Me. ‘This reverse crossover’ of Gokey is not merely an attempt to conquer a Latino audience, but comes from the heart, because his wife is Leyicet Cuabana-Peruvian whose family speaks only Spanish. “Singing in Spanish was a big leap,” admits Gokey.
The tropical ballad “May your heart beat again (Tropical remix) ‘is a new version arranged by Melvin” Mestro “Lightford the original theme produced by Bernie Herms. We spoke with Gokey about learning Spanish with their bicultural children, his taste for tropical music and how are family gatherings at home.
Uforia Music: What are your favorite tropical songs?
Danny Gokey: I love “I do not know tomorrow” by Luis Enrique, ‘A Puro Dolor’ Son By Four and Marc Anthony ‘Was it worth it’ and ‘Live my life.’
Your wife is Latin, how you are teaching Spanish to your children?
Danny Gokey: My kids are bilingual. My wife’s parents speak only Spanish and live with us, which helps at home speak mostly in Spanish.
And you, learn with them watching children’s programs?
Danny Gokey: Yes! My children are almost all programs in Spanish and I learned a lot … and still learning.
How did you react your family to hear Cuban salsa version of this topic ‘May your heart beat again’?
Danny Gokey: They loved it! [Laughs]. They like a lot and always telling me what producers are working and what should be my next step in the music industry! They love to do this kind of music.
How are family parties with both families, Latino and American?
Danny Gokey: Bailamos salsa …. not very good, but we danced. [Laughs]. Both families are quite similar in the sense that every time we get together, we make a lot of noise, we had so much fun and there is always plenty of delicious food. The only difference is that we speak Spanish with my wife’s family and English with my side of the family. It is a clash of two worlds and is a wonderful thing.

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  1. Tropical Remix Version of Danny Gokey’s #1 hit song “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again”

    Good job. I like the Spanish and the arrangement. 🙂

  2. I prefer the slower ballad Spanish version which is really beautiful. But this is fun to see as a change of pace.

  3. The first time I heard this mix from the Spanish album, I thought it was a little too cheerful, considering how Danny usually sings it. But I’ve grown to enjoy how different it is 🙂

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