Video: Acoustic “This is What It Means” by Danny Gokey

 Danny is sharing an acoustic version of “This Is What it Means”

with his music director and producer of this video, Maestro Lightford.

We are thrilled to see Danny Gokey using “This is What it Means” in the opening of his set for his recent tour.  This beautiful song combined with the photo montage is emotionally powerful! We also have footage from Danny opening his set in the following video.

Should this have been a single?  Let us know what you think!

Our thanks to Gary Ehrhardt for his video from the Positive Hits Tour.

11 thoughts on “Video: Acoustic “This is What It Means” by Danny Gokey

  1. I truly think this should have been a single. It is a beautiful song with so much feeling. I wonder if there is still a chance? But I also love the songs, I have heard so far for his new album. I love having my own Danny concert at home, I love his voice and the songs he sings, so I put on everything I have that he has recorded and love me some Danny! I wore out my first ‘Hope in Front of Me’ CD! LOL I will be on my second ‘Christmas is Here’, this year, also.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Kathleen. It is beautiful. I’m going to guess they didn’t release it as a single because it doesn’t have the obvious Christian references and Danny was so new to Christian radio. I think the president of his label RAVED about this song, so it was clear they really loved the song/his performance.

    Everything in its own time, right? Hopefully it will resurface down the road.

  3. it was a great song, He makes every song He does his own and with the so much passion. You can just feel the lyric’s, He is a very special man with a very special heart, He is truly a blessing. I can never get enough of His music.

  4. I think I would have to disagree with this beautiful song not being “Christian” enough. Maybe those who judged should have looked deeper into the song. ♥

  5. It is very expensive to promote a song to radio. I’m (still) just guessing that the team must have decided it might not do as well as the songs they did decide to release? Danny did VERY well off this first Christian album. Two of the songs went to #1 (and MTYTIA topped out at ~#6) and TYHTBA is still a Top Ten recurrent song on Christian Radio. Very impressive and hard to beat that!

    I think back to his beautiful song, “I Will Not Say Goodbye”. People are still sharing it, using it and listening to it. But when it was sent to Country radio, it was agreed that Danny sang it exceptionally well, but some program directors said it made their listeners sad, so it didn’t climb and do as well as Danny’s team expected. It only made it to #32 and only stayed on the Billboard chart 13 weeks 🙁

  6. “I Will Not Say Goodbye” is one of my favorite songs. But I agree, I could not listen to the song without crying every time. It’s a very “relevant” song in so many ways. Maybe one day it will be used in a movie. 🙂

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