Danny Gokey Helps “Open Door Mission” with #TurkeyNFixins

danny-gokey-open-door-mission-candace-475x368To help those in need Open Door Mission kicked off their “Turkey N Fixin” campaign Friday. The Open Door Mission is planning on delivering 5,000 turkey-n-fixin boxes to families in need. The best part is that the boxes will be delivered to the families’ houses, so they can enjoy their Thanksgiving meal at home.

American Idol contestant Danny Gokey was on hand Friday at the Shadow Lake Hy-Vee to help kick off the event. He says that helping those in need is very important to him. “I’ve been that guy who’s, you know, had to deal with homelessness myself. Whether you see it or not, it’s there.”

To read the full article, click HERE. Thanks to Wolf 93.3 Country Radio and 107.3 The Fish Christian Radio for supporting the campaign.

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12 thoughts on “Danny Gokey Helps “Open Door Mission” with #TurkeyNFixins

  1. I am really glad Danny takes the time to help other charities, like Open Door Mission. I think he is in his element (when he isn’t singing….) at these type of functions ❀

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  2. He is such an amazing Man, with an amazing Heart for people in need! that is why admire Him so much. Everything he has gone through he still has a tender heart and thinks of other! Love and Respect Him so much!!!!!

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  3. Thinking back over the WI concerts, I don’t think Danny wore the jacket at WI concerts… but perhaps I am missing one?

    Hint: bigger occasion πŸ™‚


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