Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 11/7 – 11/20/16

Danny Gokey performing on the 2016 Be One Tour

Danny Gokey performing on the Be One Tour

While Natalie Grant, Danny Gokey & Tauren Wells have finished the last show of this tour, there is so much coming up!  The Christmas concerts, new videos, and a new album!!

What is the most exciting to you?  Let’s talk about it!

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Danny Gokey performing on the Be One Tour 2016

Courtesy of  Annette Holloway Photography

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Danny Gokey - Be One Tour 2016 Annette Holloway Photography

Our thanks to Annette Holloway for the use of her awesome photos!
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104 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 11/7 – 11/20/16

  1. Does anyone know what this means? Does Danny have a nomination for something?

    Premios AMCL ‏@PremiosAMCL 8h8 hours ago

    @MarcosWitt @EvanCraft @CamposAlex @AlexZurdoMusic @dannygokey



  2. Male Artist of the Year in the Latin Christian Music Awards is what I think it means. I see that Paul Wilbur is also nominated in that category. I don’t recognize any of the other artists.

    Established in 1980, this is their 37th awards program?

    I can make out a little when I read Spanish. I am lost when it is spoken. I took French. :/ But some of the words are similar…..


  3. That’s what I read in it. There is a website I found, Danny was nominated in several categories in addition to male vocalist.

    I couldn’t get much sense of the standing of the awards program or what it’s connected to. At least one act has these awards mentioned in their promo, wiki pages ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tercer_Cielo )


  4. “Danny GokeyVerified account
    New music is on the way! Stay tuned! #RISE”

    This tweet had a short video clip with it and the date Nov. 15. I wonder if that means the album will go to presale tomorrow or if there will be some new music tomorrow.


  5. Lurker, the song that plays with it is “If you Ain’t In It”.

    I think it’s a bit odd they are unveiling new music on a Tuesday, but I will take it 😉

    I remember his manager saying she just had to get through to Thanksgiving, and Leyicet is coming back to Nashville today, but Danny isn’t. He does have shows Thursday & Friday


  6. Well. I just saw that Danny is in LA for meetings & video shoots. Hmmmm. You think they are redoing a bit of the RISE video? Or new videos?


  7. RISE was added by WGTS, Washington DC today.

    It’s been in a holding pattern for a few days. Hopefully a new push is coming before the Christmas resting period.


  8. Well. I just saw that Danny is in LA for meetings & video shoots. Hmmmm. You think they are redoing a bit of the RISE video? Or new videos?

    Press package / promo clips for the new album? Not necessarily music videos


  9. The Rise album is at itunes for pre-order. I don’t see it on the Christian/Gospel page–no ad yet. I did see it, though, on Danny’s page when I searched just his name. It was listed as Gospel with a price of $9.99 and a pre-order price of $8.70.

    Rise and If You Ain’t in It were listed for sale now at $1.29.


  10. Soooo…. Danny put out a couple of Instagram Stories that shows him in the YouTube Studios in LA. He’s videotaping the special Christmas song (I assume for Bon-Ton Stores?) that will be on the special edition of his Christmas album.

    Cool! I get another Christmas song ….and I have to buy the album again. I probably have bought 15 copies as gifts since last year…

    Danny Gokey at the YouTube Studios


  11. Wel, this is NOT the direction I thought new music would take things….

    #19 TYHTBA
    #43 RISE
    #103 HIFOM
    #178 MTYTIA
    — IYAII

    #36 HIFOM the Album
    #103 CIH

    Not sure why Danny’s team would release it on a Tuesday (instead of a new music week: Friday) and not do promo of it?

    Perplexing IMO.


  12. Jan,
    Itunes works in ways that sometimes I don’t get. I have at times seen pre-order albums ranked with regular albums–other times not. Also, maybe the single Rise lost some placement on itunes singles if it was taken from that list for anyone completing an album.
    The Christmas album will probably come back up as Christmas gets closer and as fans settle from the excitement of the Rise pre-order and return focus to Christmas.
    Maybe Danny’s team put out Rise now hoping to boost the single a little on radio and Billboard? I’m not sure it’s working. Do you think Lauren D. might catch up or pass Danny?
    On the positive side from itunes from the horizontal scroll sections (middle and lower middle of home page): Danny’s Rise album cover is now showing in two places. It is the fifth picture shown under the heading Hot Tracks. It is the first picture shown for pre-orders.
    I believe when it is released, all the pre-order sales will count with the sales at that time and possibly Rise will zoom to the top (or near the top) of the album chart. (Especially if they will give it a rotating banner!!)


  13. itunes:

    TYHTBA: #19

    RISE: #37

    HIFOM: #108

    MTYTIA: #175

    If You Ain’t in It: #184

    HIFOM: #27

    Christmas is Here: #60


  14. Well, may the new sales are finally catching up with the averaging that iTunes uses for ranking sales? And since the album single is now selling for Rise, it lost some placement in the sales rank?


  15. “And since the album single is now selling for Rise, it lost some placement in the sales rank?”

    I was guessing–don’t know.

    And Danny tweeted about the CIH album about 50 minutes ago.


  16. Off-topic:
    I wonder how this will work. Will anyone feel hurt? (Since they get paid so well, will they not even think of that part?)
    I follow some golf events online, checking scoreboards, etc. One tournament, the Zurich Classic of New Orleans, has changed their format for 2017 (to try to make golf more interesting). They will have a team event with two players on each team. Each player chooses their own partner. The part I’m wondering about is the choosing.
    It reminds me of elementary school. Often a teacher would pick two captains. Then the captains would take turns choosing players. I always felt sorry for the last player taken (especially when I was last 😦 .)
    This is different, of course: no lines, no public choosing. Still, it is similar. Each player has to find a partner.


  17. “This is the first time Rise has beat TYHTBA, right?”

    I think so, but I don’t remember. It might have hit higher initially.

    Sometimes I have checked. When I know the date something went to itunes, I have found the old discussion post and looked at my comments to find the numbers I put up then.


  18. I still love that song. And others are still discovering it.

    Danny was robbed.

    I am holding a little grudge against country music radio for not letting it be a #1. And to Danny for mucking up the official video with people talking 😉 Just Danny walking down the hall/into the theater and singing would have been best, IMO.

    1.5 Million views of an unofficial lyric video.



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