Sneak Peak: Danny Gokey’s #RISE Album Cover

Danny Gokey album cover for new CD,

01 13 2017: RISE Release Date!!

Today Danny Gokey hosted music industry insiders to a sneak peak of his new music from his upcoming album, “RISE” at the beautiful Ocean Way Studios in Nashville.  It looks like it was received VERY well by these responses!

Songs we expect on it:

  • Rise
  • Better Than I Found It

Nice video clip from Leyicet:


  • Symptoms
  • If You Ain’t In it
  • Chasing
  • Slowdown
  • Stronger Than You Think
  • ??

Our thanks to @thedotted_lineNashville for the picture of Danny’s CD cover (we think) and those amazing cookies! You can check out their business HERE.

13 thoughts on “Sneak Peak: Danny Gokey’s #RISE Album Cover

  1. I’ll be the first. I really like the album cover. Quite attractive. Not sure why Danny is looking down, but I like the dark suit look on Danny 🙂

  2. He’s looking down (I think) because of the title ‘Rise.” He is above everything–buildings, etc. They are below him, so he looks down to see them.

    Or maybe not. I don’t know.

  3. Hi Jennifer! I really like it, too. Glad you stopped by to share! ♡

    From now on your comments will show immediately 🙂

  4. He does very well, now.

    But I do remember some early wardrobe looks that were “Oh, nos”….. 😉

  5. He knows how. He does not always dress for the occasion, but it is something he is good at when he is motivated–usually for a photo shoot. (Maybe he has help from a stylist.)

    Other times, I think he likes his shirts too small. 😉

  6. no matter what he is wearing, he always looks good. because he has a light that shines from him. he has the gift of encouragement and shines the grace of God to hurting and lost people. I am one of them and with the power of God he has the power to lift us up. can’t wait for the CD

  7. Only ~ two months to go, Ann! I hope we get to see/hear some of the acoustic versions (just recorded) leading up to the CD release.

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