“RISE” by Danny Gokey Available NOW for Pre-Order with New Music!

Danny Gokey’s new album, RISE is now available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon!!

With a pre-order, you instantly get the lead single, “RISE” and “If You Ain’t In It”:



Click on your music provider of choice to check out Danny’s new music! With iTunes you can also gift Danny’s album to friends and family when you have their email address.

Full album release is set for January 13, 2017!!

Let’s get Danny to ANOTHER #1!

8 thoughts on ““RISE” by Danny Gokey Available NOW for Pre-Order with New Music!

  1. Pre-ordered the album!! Am I the 1st? 😉

    I’m enjoying having “If You Ain’t In It”. 🙂

  2. The intro music of the new song scared me a little, must admit. But it softens out in the full song.

  3. Hmmmmm… I am quite surprised to not see any promo for the pre-order of the album except Danny’s retweeting of our notice :/

    And he was suppose to have a special Facebook Live at 2 PM CST and I get off work and there is no sign of it.

    Hopefully it will still happen….

  4. I don’t know if the pre-order album covers appear on itunes based on order of sales or if they are random.

    Last night, when I saw Rise was at itunes, I looked at the pre-order covers (Christian/Gospel) to see if his was there. It wasn’t. Earlier today, it was there near the end.

    Now it is close to the front–about the fifth cover showing–which makes his cover show on the home page. (The pre-orders are low-middle of page with some showing and with a horizontal scroll bar to see others.)

  5. ” I am quite surprised to not see any promo”

    I am not surprised. 🙁 What will surprise me, if it ever happens, is promo. If it weren’t for you promoting Danny’s new releases, who would know? He gets recognition from his company (usually after he wins something or after whatever). Danny promotes concerts, etc.

    What I have always complained about is that he doesn’t do (or get) promotion when something goes on sale. It’s the timing I complain about. He might tweet a lot about something coming soon, but when it is here, I don’t think he says often enough, “It’s here! Buy it!”

    I’m still hoping when the album is released, that he will get a big, rotating itunes banner.

  6. Geez. That’s some slump on iTunes….. you’d have to wonder why Danny’s team would do such a soft launch? And why on a Tuesday when the sales are accumulated Friday through Thursday? Rise and CIH had been doing pretty good on iTunes and now the new edition of Rise is #89 on Christian. And CIH is #101.

    Well, they are in the business, I am not. Maybe the harder promo will come when they rachet up the spins on radio, release the video and ???

    I was happy that Danny retweeted our link. But….. as I said before I was surprised.

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