“Go Prime Content” Provides Insight into Danny Gokey’s “Rise”

.@dannygokey talking about new song #WhatLoveCanDo from #RISE album

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The Nashville Country Club was at Danny Gokey’s recent “Rise” Listening Party and has a review of the new album.

We share a few of their comments, but the full review can be read by clicking:  Go Prime Content

“American Idol” alum and vocal powerhouse Danny Gokey is set to release his fourth studio album, “Rise”…. The album features its first single, the title track, which is already poised to be one of Gokey’s biggest to date. But “Rise” not only boasts Gokey’s incredible vocal prowess and range, it features his emerging talent as a songwriter on all but two of its songs.

Drawing from his own experiences with depression and searching for meaning, he assures listeners that hope beckons even in the darkest moments (“Stronger Than We Think”). He acknowledges the social unrest that clouds our world but points toward the light that lies beyond its reach (“Better Than I Found It”). He promises that no problem is too great to overcome (“The Comeback”) and that even those wounded by loneliness can find love (“Symptoms”). All of these messages stem from Gokey’s most personal struggles and triumphs. And their power stems from his unique eloquence as a writer and passion as a vocalist.

Danny Gokey’s new album, RISE is now available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon!!

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