Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 11/21 – 12/04/16

Danny Gokey Christmas is Here Dove

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Christmas is Here CD by Danny Gokey

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102 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 11/21 – 12/04/16

  1. Cool FM NigeriaVerified account ‏@CoolFMNigeria 4h4 hours ago Nigeria

  2. itunes:

    RISE: #5
    TYHTBA: #21
    M,DYK: #20
    LUYE: #51
    HIFOM: #139
    GMJ: #91
    MTYTIA: #179

    Christmas is Here: #2
    HIFOM: #29

  3. Jan,
    The video I posted at 11:02 pm above has a closer view of The Prayer. (There are pictures in the link, but the video part is the song. It is very clear.)

  4. Is Danny singing in Spanish in part of The Prayer?

    Danny’s voice is so strong and has so much range. He could sing opera if he had gone that direction. I don’t want him to. Just think he has the strength and range required.

  5. I thought perhaps it was Italian which I recalled from other versions. I had to look up the history of the song, it was Andrea Bocelli originally who had it as a solo song in Italian? Then a duet with Celine Dion singing in English. It makes an interesting change to see Danny singing in that semi-operatic style, and in Italian, with Natalie singing opposite and providing the translation. Nice that he is stretching his performance skills, I hope he had some vocal coach help for this tour with the “Big Voices” running free on display night after night 🙂

    It’s a beautiful performance, it would be nice if there is some suitable television event they could do it together. The song isn’t uniquely a Christmas season song, so any time of year…


  6. I love Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli’s version.

    BUT.. oh my gosh!! Natalie and Danny’s version was so Beautiful!! It couldn’t have been more perfect. It gave me chills. I think Danny was singing in Spanish in the beginning. I agree, this should be on TV for all to see. Danny’s voice was about the best I’ve ever heard it. Beautiful!!!

  7. I was able to find this site which gives a version of the Italian lyrics. The English section is close but not exactly what Danny and Natalie sing in their take.

    The portion Danny is doing at 1:11 of the YT video appears to track to the Italian lyrics in this section.

    La luce che tu dai
    I pray we’ll find your light
    Nel cuore restera
    And hold it in our hearts
    A ricordarci che
    When stars go out each night
    L’eterna stella sei
    Nella mia preghiera
    Let this be our prayer
    Quanta fede c’e
    When shadows fill our day
    Lead us to a place
    Guide us with your grace


  8. Good news on the vocal coaching. One of the back ground singers is also a vocal couch. She has been leading Danny & Natalie through warm up exceriences. She also has a Voice Tea company 🙂

    I saw that Natalie has a bulging disc in her neck which is affecting her singing. And causing a lot of pain. She is using traction therapt and I would imagine the vocal protection is extremely important to her since she did suffer a vocal rupture in the past. She was on 30 days of silence, too.

  9. I’d forgotten to mention earlier, I enjoyed seeing Danny in front of live background singers for this tour vs. the recorded tracks we’ve been seeing so often.

    Has anyone seen if the tour band is a mix of Natalie and Danny’s band, or all Natalie’s or something else?

  10. Okay, silly me. :/ I didn’t read the posts as clearly as I should have. Thank you, ADMIN2. I love the song.

    How painful. I hope Natalie feels better.

    Everyone decorated for the holidays? I’m slow moving this year. :/

  11. Danny pictured with one of the members of Phillips Craig & Dean

    Randy Phillips ‏@RandyPCD 36m36 minutes ago
    Thank you @dannygokey for a great time @lifeaustintx today! You rocked it. And thank you for recording “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again”


    I’m not sure exactly what occurred with the ‘industry’ situation for the idea of releasing TYHTBA for lead single in that carefully worded written q&a recently, but glad that today the PCD membership seem to be happy with Danny’s success with their song. And HIFOM certainly worked well as the debut CCM single.

    Randy is one of the co-writers for TYHTBA, I think? Which means he has even more to be happy about that it’s done so well 😉


  12. Cindy3, if that is about the Italian vs. Spanish question it took me a little while to decide before I started looking it up. The pronunciation of the “ch” and “r” didn’t seem right to me for Spanish but I’m not good at reading Italian at all to know what it should sound like. I would never have guessed reading that snippet of Italian lyrics that was what Danny was singing without being able to line it up and follow word for word 😳

  13. The band only has Maestro (and Penny) with Danny. Other than the vocal coach I think the other backup singer is Natalie’s usual. Also the lead guitar? Maybe all of them?

  14. Yes, it was ADMIN2. Congratulations for knowing the difference. I wasn’t sure. Danny did a great job. The performance was beautiful. Thank you for explaining it. 🙂

  15. this one


    You just had your second-biggest hit on Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs chart with “Tell Your Heart To Beat Again,” from an album that has been out since 2014. How did the decision come about to release this as a single, and did you expect it to perform as well as it did (especially earning “Breakout Single Of The Year” at the K-LOVE Fan Awards)?

    “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” has been so special to me and has really touched a lot of people’s lives! I get stories, letters, social media posts, and people in the signing lines constantly talking about the impact of the message of that song. I love that it’s based on a true story because it makes the message all the more impactful! Aside from the musical impact, on the business side, we heard the song when we were picking songs for my album, Hope In Front of Me. We all felt like the song was a great fit for the project, so we knew we wanted to record it. When it came down to picking singles, we actually had planned to release it as my first single off the album, but through a series of industry-related circumstances, we ended up going with the title track, “Hope In Front of Me,” instead.

  16. I definitely thought that q&a had a touch of editing help before it was submitted from Danny’s team.

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