Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 11/21 – 12/04/16

Danny Gokey Christmas is Here Dove

Check out “Christmas is Here” out on AMAZON or iTunes!

It is a Dove Award winning Christmas album! 🙂

Christmas is Here CD by Danny Gokey

 Danny Gokey’s new album, RISE is available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon!!

Cover art for Danny Gokey's new album, "Rise"

With a pre-order, you instantly get the lead single, “RISE” and “If You Ain’t In It”:)

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102 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 11/21 – 12/04/16

  1. The Christmas season is coming and it will shake up the Mediabase & Billboard CAC charts as Christmas songs come flooding in! Will Danny’s “Mary Did You Know”, “Lift Up Your Eyes” or “O Holy Night” make reappearances?

    Will “RISE” keep moving up? This chart shows a lot of songs losing spins…

    4 5 HILLARY SCOTT/THE SCOTT FAMILY Thy Will 1575 1630 -55 7.893
    7 6 CHRIS TOMLIN Jesus 1567 1578 -11 9.318
    5 7 FOR KING & COUNTRY Priceless 1474 1604 -130 7.151
    8 8 NATALIE GRANT King Of The World 1436 1464 -28 8.861
    9 9 LOVE & THE OUTCOME The God I Know 1376 1448 -72 7.611
    10 10 MERCYME Dear Younger Me 1279 1331 -52 5.835
    11 11 ONE SONIC SOCIETY Great Are You Lord 1201 1208 -7 8.224
    13 12 DANNY GOKEY Rise 900 864 36 7.03
    12 13 MATTHEW WEST Mended 849 883 -34 4.529 –

  2. Jan, the video says it “contains contents from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.” I don’t know who SME is, but I would take it down. It’s easier and safer to do that, I think, then to try to figure out or deal with the copyright thing.

  3. SME might be sony music entertainment. Thanks for trying Jan. SME should have done it our way to begin with. Danny would have probably won that first award nomination he had (in country music).

  4. Well, now we know. You don’t mess with the big boys! 😉

    It’s removed. And so will these comments on it in a few days…. I went straight to our channel and it played fine for me (because I put it up.) But when I went to my channel manager, it said it was blocked worldwide.

    I remember those early days when The Grand Ol’ Opry would block our videos. This is the first for me.

  5. BTW, for those that don’t follow Danny’s Instagram stories, he and Leyicet hosted a wedding at their B&B on Saturday. Danny was a groomsman (the groom was the producer for Danny’s Christmas videos last year.) One of the guests was David Archuleta from Season 7 of American Idol. Danny and David were singing along to a Spanish song at the reception.

  6. ” Danny and David were singing along to a Spanish song at the reception.”

    I want a video of Danny and David singing Spanish together!

  7. loved the video! he always makes me cry, he has so much passion when he sings. I am so happy about the B & B , they deserve all the good things in life. that is a special family. pray for them every day.

  8. I am smarter than some celebrities. 😉 I have reached this conclusion because I can look at most garments and tell (before I even try them on!) that they will not cover my body appropriately. If I can’t tell just by looking, I can tell by trying the garment on and looking in a mirror. I am so very intelligent because I really can make this observation that way!!! I don’t have to wait until I wear something in public to find out that 95% of my body was on display. 🙂

    This special ability that I have saves me from the embarrassment and apologies that some celebrities endure because of wardrobe malfunctions that came as a total surprise to them.

  9. Hmmm…. makes me wonder what celebrity wardrobe malfunction have I just missed 😉

    I’m working on a new post with good Billboard news for Danny/RISE. A sneak peak:

    Billboard chart dated 120316

  10. Happy Thanksgiving, Ellen and everyone else!

    After I crawled off my living room floor and posted our family Thanksgiving pics on FBook, I had to come here and wish you ALL a good day.

    I am TIRED. But I had a wonderful time with our kids, granddaughter and Ed’s parents at our house.

    And I have delicious leftovers.

  11. Predictions:

    A #1 album on itunes the last month of 2016: CIH

    A #1 album on itunes the first month of 2017: Rise

  12. It’s nice to see Danny has CIH on sale and he Fbooked about it. But he didn’t tweet it, so I did 🙂

    I like your predictions, Lurker.

    Did you have a good Thanksgiving? I’m warming up leftovers and I will definitely have some pie for dessert.

  13. Good predictions Lurker.

    Pie sounds good but I don’t have any 😥 I do have ice cream though 🙂

    The video of This Christmas is fun.

    That’s all I’ve got tonight.

  14. I have no pie. I have coffee and a cookie. <3

    I might get a piece of pecan pie tomorrow. Or nachos.

  15. itunes:

    TYHTBA: #16

    RISE: #12

    HIFOM: #117

    MTYTIA: #142

    M,DYK: #139

    LUYE: #176

    GMJ: #194

    HIFOM: #54

    Christmas is Here: #5

  16. TYHTBA: #16 same

    RISE: #12 now 13

    HIFOM: #117 now 119

    MTYTIA: #142 now 152

    M,DYK: #139 now 122

    LUYE: #176 now 162 only $.99

    GMJ: #194 now 191.

    Great to see the Christmas album/songs going back up.

    I have pie. No ice cream. But I do have whipped cream in a can 🙂

  17. TYHTBA: up to #15

    CIH (album): up to #4

    No pie. No ice cream. No whipped cream in a can. I have some cans though. 😉

  18. While family is playing LIFE I thought I would come visit. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Expecting snow tomorrow. Christmas is just around the corner.

  19. itunes:

    TYHTBA: #15

    RISE: #11

    HIFOM: #108

    MTYTIA: #176

    M,DYK: #86

    LUYE: #127

    GMJ: #138

    HIFOM: #53

    Christmas is Here: #2

  20. Ice cream is always my favorite dessert! But pie — especially apple — is my second favorite. So if I were picking a place to crash, I’d choose Admin2 over Admin1 (Jan). But Jan would do in a pinch! 😉

  21. Well you better head over to Admin 2! The pies are officially “no more” 😉

    NIce to see CIH in the #2 C itunes spot 🙂

    Who is holding down #1?

  22. #1 is Casting Crowns, The Very Next Thing ($5.99).

    TYHTBA: #18

    RISE: #12

    HIFOM: #107

    MTYTIA: #184

    M,DYK: #43

    LUYE: #94

    GMJ: #103

  23. Sadly, the ice cream is all gone now at my house.

    But I may go shopping again today, should I look for pie?

  24. from MJ’s:

    Top 1500 Albums:
    2 Pentatonix A Pentatonix Christmas
    6 Jordan Smith ‘Tis the Season
    14 Pentatonix That’s Christmas To Me
    24 Pentatonix That’s Christmas to Me (Deluxe Edition)
    46 Pentatonix PTXmas (Deluxe Edition)
    47 Kelly Clarkson Wrapped In Red
    94 Glee Cast Glee: The Music – The Christmas Album
    107 Melanie Martinez Cry Baby (Deluxe Edition)
    113 Home Free Full of (Even More) Cheer
    121 Keith Urban Ripcord
    125 Danny Gokey Christmas Is Here

  25. Whether Danny endorsed the Christmas card idea or not, I don’t think he would be unhappy. The charity is raising money for the homeless, which is one of Danny’s charitable causes. It’s just going to help people in a different location — North Carolina rather than Tennessee or Wisconsin.

    (P.S.) I like the front of the cards, but I’m curious what they say inside (if anything).

  26. I still don’t know if the order of the album cover pictures on the pre-orders are based on sales. If they are, then Danny is back in first place again. If they aren’t based on sales, his cover is still the first one. 😉

    Singles and current album lists have covers and numbers both. The pre-orders have just the covers–no numbers next to them. When Danny’s album first went to pre-sale, the cover did not show at all. Later, it did show near the end. Then it moved to the fifth position and appeared on the home page. Then up to third, second, and first. It stayed at first for several days. There have been trips back to third and second. I’m happy to see it back first. 🙂

  27. Nice clip of rehearsal duet of Natalie and Danny:


    And Natalie’s comments about Danny hitting the high notes are kinda of funny.

    Here’s a rough little clip from rehearsal today. @dannygokey and I decided to try out this classic on our Christmas tour. Literally just learning it & both reading lyrics off our phones haha!!! But when DG hits that high note all I could do was wave my finger at him. I would’ve smacked him if he was any closer…in love of course 😂👋🏼🙌🏼 Get your tickets and come see us live! Ticket info nataliegrant.com or celebratechristmastour.com #ngdgchristmas #theprayer

    Nice regram from Mandisa.


  28. The picture of David A. and Danielito is the picture featured in today’s headlines at MJ’s.

    (MJ said that the Gokey family attended David’s concert last night. When I saw the picture I thought it might have been from the bread-and-breakfast event.)

  29. I’m 99% sure that picture is from the wedding at their B&B. I see bits of the clothes that Victoria and Leyicet wore at the wedding. I wonder why MJ assumes they went to Archie’s concert in Indiana?

  30. I checked the spelling of Danielito earlier today and came across this urban dictionary definition: “A very attractive, quick-witted guy with an incredible personality, and ideas that would blow your mind off your shoulders. Not to mention his impeccable taste in music and his ability to warm a girl’s heart with just a few words. ”

    I did not copy the full definition. It was too risque to write here.

  31. I’m sure you are correct, Jan. I hardly think Danny & Leyicet would have dressed little Danny in a suit to attend an Archie concert. (Or almost any concert, except maybe classical?)

  32. Aww, the snow is back. I’d turned that on last year and never changed it. It remembered us 🙂

    The commercial is good

  33. My post from November 25th:


    A #1 album on itunes the last month of 2016: CIH

    A #1 album on itunes the first month of 2017: Rise”

    My first prediction: done

    CIH is #1 on Christian itunes.

  34. Itunes is having a glitch maybe. CIH is now #2 on the front page but #3 on the page showing 200 albums. The numbers should be the same on both pages.

    I just looked again. They are now the same.

    Maybe the Bon Ton promotion sent CIH to #1 today? After the touring starts, I believe it will go back to #1 and stick longer. (The top three or four albums have changed frequently today.)

  35. itunes:

    RISE: #9

    TYHTBA: #22

    M,DYK: #32

    LUYE: #63

    HIFOM: #109

    GMJ: #142

    OHN: 194

    MTYTIA: #197

    Christmas is Here: #3

    HIFOM: #31

    RISE pre-order album cover is back showing first. 🙂

  36. Danny’s comments about what’s coming up:

    What’s next on the horizon for you following the tour and the release of the new album?
    Well a lot of building has gone into this year and getting ready for the release of the new album, so the first part of 2017 is going to be focused on that. I’ll be doing a 40-city tour with Casting Crowns and Unspoken in the spring, and we’re already looking at touring plans and tour mates for the fall of 2017 as well. In between, we are exploring some things internationally with my record label. I released a Spanish version of Hope In Front of Me in July and really want to do some touring in Latin America and Europe, so we’ll see what 2017 brings in that arena. I’m someone who likes to have a lot of irons in the fire at one time, so there’s more to come, but we haven’t quite gotten to point that I can talk about all of it yet! Stay tuned!

  37. I liked TYHTBA better on Danny’s previous shows than what I’ve heard so far on the Christmas tour. It sounds changed. 🙁

  38. Maybe no strain to Danny’s voice? Just a different arrangement of the song? Unexpected. Kind of like hearing a singer’s personal version of the NA instead of the traditional version.

  39. itunes:

    RISE: #7

    TYHTBA: #17

    M,DYK: #16

    LUYE: #39

    HIFOM: #109

    GMJ: #90

    MTYTIA: #166

    Christmas is Here: #2

    HIFOM: #32

  40. RISE: #6
    M,DYK: #16
    TYHTBA: #18
    LUYE: #38
    GMJ: #92
    HIFOM: #118
    MTYTIA: #167

    Christmas is Here: #2
    HIFOM: #31

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