Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 12/05 – 12/18/16

Danny Gokey at Celebrate Christmas photo by Tiffany Qualls

Celebrate Christmas with Danny, Natalie & us! 

Thanks for sharing your photos, Tiffany QuallsVenue 510, Burleson TX

Danny Gokey singing on Celebrate Christmas Tour - Photo by Tiffany Qualls

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Danny Gokey and Natalie Grant singing O Come All Ye Faithful. Photo by Tiffany Qualls

122 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 12/05 – 12/18/16

  1. I just took a look at the Mediabase charts and Danny’s “Mary, Did You Know” and “Lift Your Eyes” are getting quite a bit of return play. Might be contributing to the CIH album success?

    What a busy few days for Danny. He had three new shows and then this morning he sang at Life Church in Austin and now show at LifeAustin (they had to move it indoors for inclement weather….)

    Next week is 5 shows in a row! Plus he’s caroling with a radio station in Flint.

  2. Danny’s very busy. I cannot get his and Natalie’s “Prayer” song out of my head. My husband was very impressed, too. ♪♫♫♫♪♪

  3. Hi guys, I had to correct the headings on the last two discussion posts since I had messed up the timeframes they were supposed to run. I started it out wrong last time by running it for 3 weeks! And I knew it was time for a new discussion post, but didn’t realize I had PREVIOUSLY made a mistake.

    Geez. Being semi-retired makes it hard to know what week I’m in…. 😉

  4. Jan,
    Can you bring your “The Prayer” video post from the last discussion to this discussion? I am still listening to it sometimes.
    I know I can go back to that discussion, but it is nice to just scroll up and click on it (instead of moving to a different page).

  5. Mr. Bing,
    Did you notice that you can change the direction the snow is blowing? At first, I didn’t understand why it changed. Now, I see it blows toward my screen arrow when I move my mouse.

  6. LURKER I did notice that and play with it for quite some time.LOL.I live in southern part of China and barely see snow in mather nature.Last year I got to see some flurries of snow.It was the only snowy day in over 60 years.

  7. Mr. Bing,

    I grew up in the northeast part of the U.S., and we’d get snow every winter. It’s so much fun for children. I remember snowball fights, sledding, making snow angels, building snowmen and snow forts, etc. I’d come indoors frozen like a popsicle! It’s not so much fun for adults, though — they have to shovel sidewalks (or make the kids do it!), and drive to work in the stuff. That’s another skill set — slower driving, longer stopping distances, pumping brakes, learning how react to a skid, etc.

    I don’t see a lot of snow where I live now (in a valley). We do get plenty of snow, but it is in the higher elevations, closer to the mountains. So I haven’t really driven in snow for a while. (So no, Jan, I don’t think I’ll be visiting Milwaukee in February . . . )

  8. Mr. Bing,
    I make up stories in my mind. It just happens.
    When you said you didn’t see snow often, I thought of Jan and her (Danny’s) Wisconsin snow. Then I saw you as her guest going to Danny’s Christmas show. You were enjoying the snow experience and the live Danny concert.
    You’re welcome, Jan. Ed too. (For the pleasant guest I sent you in my imagination.) 🙂

  9. We got 5 inches of snow yesterday. It snowed lightly all day. I blame Danny for it because he recently said he wanted snow for his shows in Wisconsin….. but it was really pretty while Leah and I started our holiday baking.

    Snowy Wisconsin

  10. “Green Bay Community ‏@gbcommunity 41m41 minutes ago
    We are still getting many requests for the Danny Gokey-Natalie Grant concert to be held on Friday night at… http://fb.me/1xH4LrHsm Green Bay Community Church
    39 mins ·

    Part of post (rest in link):
    “We are still getting many requests for the Danny Gokey-Natalie Grant concert to be held on Friday night at Community Church, but the event sold out several weeks ago. If you have tickets and cannot attend for any reason, we can work with you to get tickets to some of the many people on our waiting list that would like to go. You can contact…”

  11. I love hearing from our international friends like Mr. Bing. It’s a great reminder that it really is a small world, we all share this planet, and we have more in common than our differences. Although we wouldn’t be able to communicate if Mr. Bing didn’t know English (shame on me!), because I sure can’t read or write or speak in Chinese. Which dialect do you speak, Mr. Bing? Mandarin? Cantonese? A different one?

  12. Thank you Lurker for suggesting Jan bring “The Prayer” video over. Thank you, Jan. I really do think it is one of my favorite performances from Danny.

    Hi Mr. Bing, Ellen.. I happen to be from sunny southern California. Living in the mountains a few hours away I have enjoyed snow most all of my life. Now, I’m not sure I will do this for my grandson, but my mother use to make ice cream from the freshly fallen snow for us many, many years ago. Back in the day, my grandparents and parents would see up to 11 feet of snow. Amazing since the desert is only an hour down the mountain. We have a dusting of snow on the ground right now. Beautiful photo, Jan.

    Have a wonderful day..

  13. ELLEN snowball fights, sledding, building snowmen all sound fun.Maybe I will pay a visit to some friends’ house in north this winter. I speak Cantonese and Mandarin.

  14. Sounds good, Mr. Bing! My knowledge of China (unfortunately like many Americans) is abysmal. I do have a friend who hung around with the Chinese students at her college in the U.S. Midwest, and starting picking up the language from them. (Ironic, since her major was German.) She became fluent in Chinese and has visited China multiple times.

  15. I meant to mention that I heard Danny singing “Mary Did You Know” on the radio yesterday. It was at a time when that particular station doesn’t come in well, but it was still beautiful.

    I think Danny’s two best Christmas songs are “O Holy Night (Sony version)” and “Mary Did You Know.”

  16. ELLEN.Your friend must be good with language.Chinese is not easy for foreigners according to many.

  17. I can’t say that Wisconsin is the state you HAVE to visit, Mr Bing if you ever make it to the USA, but I think Erica enjoyed our hospitality 🙂

    I did take her to Chicago and we toured Wisconsin’s capital city, Madison, because we wanted her to see a few things 🙂 She also was able to attend two Danny shows. One was at Milwaukee’s outstanding Summerfest!

    Lurker, we like your stories. Wisconsin is considered a vacation state because of our many lakes, forests and farmlands. And we sure do get beautiful change in seasons. Too cold for some 🙂

    Regarding that Green Bay concert. They wanted to add another show, but the tour schedule was too tight. They also considered moving to a larger venue (they could have sold many more tickets) but the promoter didn’t want to disappoint the church — they’ve been great.

    The promoter, High Gear Promotions, has been great to work with on our side, too.

  18. The video is impressive. I wish more people could see it.
    I keep watching the one with the small screen. I like the sound on it.

    The screen snow here looks pretty falling across your snow picture. It’s like looking out a window and thinking “It’s still snowing.”

  19. from twitter:
    ” 2m2 minutes ago
    @dannygokey @NatalieGrant can you guys please record The PRAYER!!! It was breathtaking!!!”

  20. Thinking of lyrics to a country song (I just think of them. I don’t do anything with them. Do the rest of you do this? Think of titles, lyrics, story plots, etc.?)

    I ate lunch at 9:15 this morning
    Thought it might help fill the time.
    I didn’t eat an awful lot
    But at least it’s 9:25.

    When I think of titles or plots, they are not limited to country. When I think of song lyrics though, they seem country because of a sad/funny mood combination.

  21. Lurker, I hope you don’t mind that I did a little edit to show the Instagram photo 🙂
    Nice photo!

  22. Last night I was working on adding the Casting Crown tour “the Very Next Thing” to our calendar. I already had 10, added 17 more. Just ~13 to go….

    Danny’s tour calendar is quite impressive. He won’t be home many weekends this late winter/early spring….

    But as musician, that must make him happy, but also it must play chaos with family or a regular social life of any kind. I suppose that is one of the many reasons he he is so active in his church community. It meets on a Tuesday night. Monday and Tuesday seem to be the weekend of a touring musician. It allows for a sense of normalcy?

  23. So the Casting Crowns/Danny Gokey/Unspoken tour dates are all listed on the calendar now? Or not?

  24. itunes:

    RISE: #12
    M,DYK: #21
    TYHTBA: #22
    GMJ: #28
    LUYE: #70
    HIFOM: #117

    Christmas is Here: #2 (back up–has been at 5)
    HIFOM: #36

    Rise album cover picture: showing first again–has been fourth one

  25. Well, boo. There aren’t many tour stops with Casting Crowns, and none in my neighborhood. Really wanted to see this two-fer.

  26. Does Rise single have a chance to get a Billboard #1 before Christmas? Will there be another charting before the holidays?

  27. Billboard Chart of d12 17 2016

    As you can see, Rise has more plays than Chris’ #2, but he needs more AI and #1 needs to lose more spins…

    It’s possible.

  28. itunes:

    RISE: #7
    GMJ: #18
    BTIFI: 24
    TYHTBA: #27
    M,DYK: #28
    LUYE: #55
    HIFOM: #170
    O,HN: #179

    Christmas is Here: #2
    HIFOM: #42

  29. itunes:

    RISE: #7
    GMJ: #17
    BTIFI: 20
    TYHTBA: #24
    M,DYK: #29
    LUYE: #57
    HIFOM: #139
    O,HN: #147
    MTYTIA: #193

    Christmas is Here: #2
    HIFOM: #39

  30. “Michelle Harvey ‏@GroomedbyMH 8m8 minutes ago
    Danny Gokey..Groomed by Michelle Harvey for his latest music video…RISE “

  31. itunes:

    RISE: #7
    BTIFI: 15 (front page!)
    GMJ: #21
    M,DYK: #22
    TYHTBA: #27
    LUYE: #58
    HIFOM: #127
    O,HN: #167
    MTYTIA: #189
    IYAIT: #192

    Christmas is Here: #2
    HIFOM: #39

  32. Liked Danny’s kind of jazzy version of “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.” But then, I like jazz. Very peppy.

  33. Ed says, “I liked it.”


    I think Danny could release more jazzy songs. It uses his voice in a way I like on that #SantaClausIsComingToTown

  34. My niece just sent me a message.. Danny singing “Santa Clause Is Coming to Town.” I think this might be a very popular video. I love the colors, and of course how Danny is singing the song. Very peppy.

    My last post asked if Danny was singing. I knew he was, but I think he might have been lip singing. A lot of videos are made this way. Doesn’t take away from my enjoyment of it. 🙂

  35. Sorry, Ellen. I said “very peppy” and had forgot you just posted it. Well, I agree with you. 🙂

  36. itunes:

    RISE: #5
    BTIFI: 12
    M,DYK: #25
    GMJ: #28
    TYHTBA: #29
    LUYE: #57
    HIFOM: #106
    MTYTIA: #174
    If You Ain’t In It: #200

    Christmas is Here: #2
    HIFOM: #26

  37. Cindy3, I don’t have a copyright on the word “peppy,” lol! You can use it too! Anytime you like! 😉 🙂 😀

  38. Gracious did we have a good time on the road at the Celebrate Christmas Tour! Even with the awful driving conditions this late morning… Danny did say he hoped there would be lots of snow when he was in Wisconsin. He put the white curse on WI residents 😉

    The tour is wonderful. Ed said his favorite song was Danny’s MaryDYK. He even hugged Natalie and liked her Christmas songs 🙂

  39. Cindy, it was beautiful.

    I went with Ed and three of my friends from my Jazzercise class (and two of them brought their daughters.) It was about 3 hours from home, but well worth it.

    We had a chance to talk with Leyicet, Maestro, Tony (road manager), Steve (lighting specialist), Troy (photogragher – can throw my photos away!), meet Natalie, chat with Danny’s dad AND get an exclusive interview for DGNews with Danny.

    It’s really a fun interview (well, Ed and I had fun…. Danny seems to be having a great time, too!)

    I had also gone to Green Bay with a friend the previous night.

  40. It sounds like you and Ed had a wonderful time. Such a nice way to celebrate the holidays. Looking forward to reading your “fun interview.” 🙂

  41. It makes perfect sense that Danny would wish for snow, now that he lives in the south and doesn’t get any (or much). It’s wonderful stuff if you don’t have to drive in it! I also miss 0 degree weather, when you can go outside, fill your lungs with cold fresh air, and feel alive. (But just one or two days will satisfy me, lol. 😉

  42. It makes perfect sense that Danny would love to show his family the beauty of a snowy Wisconsin….. but he got his wish too well 😉

    And “poor” Natalie jinxed her Seattle Seahawks by predicting that they were going to smash the Packers— in front of a Green Bay Wisconsin crowd, LOL. Talk about bad karma… (and IMO bad choice to share that ….)

    Packers won 38 to 10 against the Seahawks.

  43. “Leesh! 🎄 ☃️ ‏@awethington25 7m7 minutes ago
    @dannygokey song was on the great Christmas light fight tonight!!!!! ❤🙌🏻”

    ” Rae ‏@auntierae43 9m9 minutes ago
    Oh my goodness, this family on #ChristmasLightFight is playing a @dannygokey Christmas song!”

    What is Christmas light fight?

  44. I wish I had not started my last comment with “I wonder.” Because…too close to my next wondering thought.

    I wonder what song Danny was singing when the light display with his voice was on TV.

  45. Lurker, the song I don’t like is “Better Than I Found It,” the duet with Kiki Sheard. I usually don’t like to listen to new songs before an album comes out because it spoils the fun for me. But MJ had Danny’s song in her “New Music” post, and I decided to listen to the snippet. Wow, I really, really don’t like it.

    I wasn’t crazy about “Rise” when I first heard it, either, but I like it now (although I don’t love it). I am not sure that I am going to like Danny’s new album. (And I love “Hope In Front of Me.”) 🙁 😥

  46. Ellen, I can’t believe you broke your tendency to not listen to album snippets before release! Well, even if you don’t like BTIFI, I really think you will like Symptoms and maybe If You Ain’t In It 🙂

    And the full song may help with BTIFI. It is available on youTube.

  47. We have a special feature for you, the Danny Gokey News followers! Danny granted a special interview for just us and we have the duo of Ed & Danny back for your enjoyment!

    There is some news in this video, but for me the best part was watching the camraderie of these two Milwaukee guys. <3

    I will be putting it up on social media in a couple of days. (Once the Christmas Song hits slow down.) But here is a special debut of it for you all!


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