Videos, Recap: Lori’s Night at “Celebrate Christmas”

lori-c-cc-natalie-grant-danny-gokey-sLongtime DG fan and supporter, Lori Castilleja, has shared her night at the Celebrate Christmas Tour of Danny Gokey and Natalie Grant

First up, a little bit from the Question & Answer before the concert:

What is your favorite song?

After Natalie said a hymn, Danny said “Give Me Jesus” to which Natalie joked “way to self promote, Danny” and burst out laughing. I love their camaraderie. She said they are like brother and sister and he agreed cause she picks on him but since he grew up with 4 sisters who picked on him, he’s used to it.

What is on your bucket list?

Natalie answered that one of hers has already happened and that was headlining Carnegie Hall but another item she hopes to come true is to live in NYC for 6 months. Danny jokingly said he hopes his album sells a million copies but then in excitement said one item is going to happen in the summer because he has a booking in Hawaii. Wow. Did we know this? (Editor’s note:  Yes, we did, but a date and specific location has NOT been announced….)

Setlist for her night:

Mashup of O Come All He Faithful, Angels We Have Heard on High, O Come Let Us Adore Him (Danny and Natalie)
Let it Snow (Natalie)
It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Danny)
Christmas is Here (Danny and Natalie)
Silver Bells (Natalie)
The Christmas Song (Danny)
Mary, Did You Know? (Danny)
Tell Your Heart to Beat Again (Danny)
Joy to the World (Natalie)
What Christmas Means to Me (Natalie)
I Believe (Natalie)
King of the World (Natalie)
Rise (Danny)
Give Me Jesus
Your Love Awakens Me (Danny and Natalie)
They end with chorus of O Come Let Us Adore Him
The Prayer


And now, Lori’s videos!

Christmas is Here


Give Me Jesus

Mary Did You Know

The Prayer

8 thoughts on “Videos, Recap: Lori’s Night at “Celebrate Christmas”

  1. Beautiful recap and videos !!! I Love Danny Gokey and Natalie Grant , they are great singers !!! Thank you , Lori !!!

  2. I agree. Thank you, Lori. Beautiful. I love listening to “The Prayer.” My new favorite. 🙂

  3. Great job as usual, Lori! Hope you are well, and thanks!

    Still loving “Mary Did You Know?”

  4. Thanks Lori – I can’t wait for Sunday! Was hoping for Lift Up Your Eyes too but oh well – I will have to blast it on my drive to the concert! LOL. Pray for me its over an hour away and were supposed to get 9in of snow on Sunday —EEEKK

  5. Good luck on the snow, Stacey!!

    that sounds crazy! Maybe we will have to keep Danny & his family in Wisconsin 😉

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