Jan’s Recap: Celebrating Christmas with Danny Gokey & Natalie Grant


I’ve already posted the video of my darling hubbie interviewing Danny Gokey after the “Celebrate Christmas” show  at the Zorn Arena in Eau Claire, so I doubt I could top THAT; but I will give you a little recap of my weekend!

Ed Interviews Danny Gokey on the Celebrate Christmas Tour

I was at two consecutive Danny Gokey and Natalie Grant “Celebrate Christmas” shows!  Yup, I live a charmed life. But we did end up driving nearly 600 miles to attend two shows, back to back!

The first was in Green Bay with a good friend, C. She assured me that she didn’t mind getting home at 2AM ( I couldn’t stay overnight since we were heading to Eau Claire the next morning!)  In the trip to Eau Claire I took three of my Jazzercise buddies.  L has never seen Danny before (but she did see him on Idol), the second, B, had gone to see Danny on the “American Idol” Live Tour –way back in 2009!  The third, was my longtime friend P; she’s been a loyal friend that for three years she even helped me rank the Sophia L. Gokey Scholarships! She’s been to the SHF Gala with me and two other Danny concerts! 🙂

danny-gokey-gb-3-sWe had a wonderful experience and my friends gave high praise for the concert. Of course, Ed didn’t mind going out after the show to TGIFridays with six woman!

While I had center, front row seats in Green Bay, I was initially horrified to find our front row seats in Eau Claire were as far stage right as you can get. Right in front of the massive speakers.  🙁  But things really do work out for the best.  It turns out that we were seated near the back stage entrance that we would be using for our post show interview. Plus it was a great hanging out place for the promoter, Patrick Gear of High Gear Promotions, the tour manager, Tony, and even Danny’s family! 🙂

danny-gokey-natalie-grant-jf-cc-a-sAs far as the concert, I think this concert write up from the UW Eau Claire’s,  The Spectator by Deanna Kolell does a beautiful job:

“Smoke slowly filled the room and the lights faded into total darkness.

A single voice filled Zorn Arena with the beginning measures of “O Come All Ye Faithful” and soon another joined. The lights went up, the band thrummed with energy and a single star shined in the background as the Celebrate Christmas concert began….

Almost instantly, Grant and Gokey fell into place with the diverse Eau Claire audience with quips about football, having just performed in Green Bay. “Are we going to run into the same trouble here as we did over there (in Green Bay)?” Grant, a self-proclaimed Seattle Seahawks fan, asked. “If by trouble you mean the Green Bay Packers?,” Gokey returned, broken off by thunderous applause and cheering…….

…Grant and Gokey brought the concert full circle by repeating the phrase “O come let us adore him” until the music faded.

The audience immediately called for an encore and the duo returned to the stage to perform “The Prayer.” Afterward, Gokey and Grant left the stage and wished Eau Claire a merry Christmas.

…Grant and Gokey’s Celebrate Christmas concert became a spiritual outpouring of goodwill and love”.

Read the full review HERE

You can catch many of the videos from the tour from clicking on this LINK or listen to audios below.

I’ll admit it was hard to hear Natalie tell us how her Seattle Seahawks were going to beat my Packers at each show.  And she did get appropriately booed by the crowd.  But Ed and I really did enjoy her big voice on those classic songs.  And she has really great chemistry with Danny on this tour.  I liked how Danny and Natalie seamlessly wove together solo numbers and duets. It was a beautiful show for the ears, eyes and to inspire us with the true meaning of Christmas.

I did learn that it was originally to be Natalie Grant‘s Christmas tour; but Danny was added to see how it would work out.  I think the reaction to the tour has been VERY favorable.  Green Bay was sold out weeks before the event.  Eau Claire was a new location and it looked like a full house.  I think it is is quite possible these two artists will return together for future Christmas tours.  I’d highly recommend attending this wonderful show!

And as far as Natalie’s prediction for the Packers playing the Seahawks on that upcoming Sunday?  I think she will demonstrate new respect for the Packers when she next returns to Wisconsin.  Danny’s team beat hers 38 to 10!  It was a very good day for Packer (and Danny Gokey) fans!

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  1. I enjoyed reading this! Thank you. <3

    You took a crowd along. 🙂 That's good. Danny likes a big audience. 😉

  2. Thanks, Lurker. I like to give my recaps a couple of days to simmer before I post them…. and by going back now, I caught three editing errors. I’ll leave the rest (that I haven’t yet discovered….)


  3. Thanks for another great recap, Jan. Lots of driving.. glad you had a great time. It sounds like a beautiful show. Would have loved to have seen it. Wouldn’t it be a great “Christmas Special” for TV. 🙂

  4. Jan Thanks for sharing.Its fun to read.Somehow it remind me of those days when Danny were on AI tours.I dont think Danny sing songs like my wish,marie marie(I dont know if I get the name right)he did on AI tours anymore.Then again he doesnt even get to sing songs from MBD or second-heart ep much now.Good news is he now sure have enough songs to sing for a solo concert.

  5. Hi Mr. Bing.

    I would love for Danny to add “My Wish” or “Marie, Marie” back into his solo concerts. Unlikely, though? But depending on the audience, he is adding “My Best Days Are Ahead of Me” into the set or encore on a few of his recent, solo shows.

    Unfortunately for the “Love Again” EP, it is like it didn’t exist. I think there may be some industry reasons why he doesn’t sing those songs….

    I love that Danny is so open to sing for any type of crowd and to be booked for events that aren’t strickly Christian. He now has the advantage of being accepted in the Christian genre, but he has the experience of working other type of events and venues.

    It’s a good thing for keeping his music (and his message?) broad.

  6. I just noticed I accidentally dropped the audio for Danny & Natalie’s opening of the tour of “O Come Let Us Adore Him” from my post :/

    It’s now included.

  7. Thank you , Jan for the recap , pictures and the songs ” O Come All Ye Faithful ” and ” Mary Did You Know ” So beautiful <3

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