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Wonderful photos of Danny Gokey from the Celebrate Christmas Tour

Our thanks to TroyWL for sharing his amazing photos!

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90 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 12/19/16 – 01/01/17

  1. While the Christmas songs being played has kind of froze (just like the weather by me….) the progress of Danny Gokey’s latest song, RISE, on its climb up Billboard and Mediabase charts, I thought this listing of the great progress Danny’s music has made over the last 2 and half years would be a great way to start this discussion post:

    Summary: Danny’s had two albums that have ranked #1 and that he has FIVE Top 10 hits on Christian charts. Two that have been #1

    Billboard Christian Albums: Hope in Front of Me #1
    Billboard Holiday Albums: Christmas is Here #1

    Billboard Latin Pop Albums: La Esperanza Frente A Mi #6

    Billboard Chrisitian Airplay: Hope In Front of Me (song) #1
    Billboard Chrisitian Airplay: Tell Your Heart to Beat Again #1

    Billboard Chrisitian Airplay: RISE #3
    Billboard Chrisitian Airplay: More Than You Think I Am #6
    Billboard Chrisitian Airplay: Mary, Did You Know #8
    Billboard Chrisitian Airplay: Lift Up Your Eyes #13

    Here is the progress on a different chart. It factors in sales and maybe streaming as well as radio play?

    Billboard Hot Christian Songs: Tell Your Heart to Beat Again #2
    Billboard Hot Christian Songs: Hope In Front of Me (song) #4
    Billboard Hot Christian Songs: RISE #9
    Billboard Hot Christian Songs: Mary, Did You Know #14
    Billboard Hot Christian Songs: Lift Up Your Eyes #17
    Billboard Hot Christian Songs: More Than You Think I Am #17

    And Danny’s music are on a lot of other Billboard charts, too!!

  2. Beautiful photos! Danny has achieved a lot! I hope RISE will be a success, too!! He’s worked very hard. I know there will be much more ahead for this talented, kind young man. 🙂

    Thank you, Jan. I don’t know where you find the time..

  3. So then my last post from yesterday’s discussion page is correct? Idol Chatter got it wrong?

    “His first Christian album, “Hope in Front of Me,” hit number one on Billboard’s Christian charts and yielded three Top 20 singles.”

    Isn’t that information incorrect, Jan? I thought the singles HIFOM and TYHTBA made the top 5, at #1 and #2 respectively, and that MTYTIA made the top 10, at least (maybe #7?) I think, to be accurate, that article should have stated that Danny’s first Christian CD yielded three top 10 hits.

  4. Idol Chatter isn’t wrong, but it is understating Danny’s success. And the #2 for TYHTBA? That was on mediabase, not Billboard. It went #1 on Billboard 🙂

    Most articles quote Billboard since Mediabase charts aren’t as readily available or ??

  5. Technically though I think TYHBTA only went #1 on one of the radio indicator charts, not a main chart? Which the industry as a whole may not count as a #1.

    We can blame Lauren of course… 😉

  6. It would be correct to say that Danny had two top 5 singles and one top 10 single, or three top 10 singles, but to say that Danny had three top 20 singles is just plain WRONG in my book. None of the three singles ended up in the top 20; all entered the top 10. That is more than understating — understating would be saying three top 10 hits, without mentioning than one of them was at #1 for multiple weeks. By that reasoning, it would be okay to say that a song was top 40 as long as it cracked the charts, regardless of its peak position. There is a reason that the charts are divided into segments such as #1, top 10, top 20, etc. To say that a song landed in one segment when it in fact went much further up the chart is inaccurate and misleading, to say the least.

    Sorry, not buying it. It’s more than an understatement. 😡

  7. Actually, TYHTBA did go #1 on Billboard Christian Airplay and CAC and maybe indicator, too? I didn’t make #1 on Mediabase.

    I got the stuff below from Billboardbiz.com

  8. I agree with you, Ellen. They are minimizing Danny’s success…. but at least they are writing about him. Remember how invisible he was to many Idol blogs after he left RCA?

    PS. I sliced my index finger pretty bad on a seraded wax paper dispenser. I”m typing one handed while i wait for it to clot.

    Going to go look for some super glue… I have too much baking/kitchen clean up to finish to be one handed…. 🙂

  9. I checked the time on the rotating itunes banners (because it seemed to me the first one to
    show is up longer than the others).

    My conclusion: The first banner seems to hold about 10 seconds. Danny’s (4th) held about 5 seconds.

    I believe it likely that the first one may be the only one seen by many people. When they click on the page, that is probably the first thing they see. After a few seconds they may be already scrolling down to look for whatever they are looking for.

    My January itunes predictions:

    1) Danny will get a first-show banner.
    2) Rise album will go to #1.
    3) Rise video will go to # 1.
    4) Rise single will go to #1 (maybe).

  10. Jan,
    Can your wrap the cut finger in tape (I like the safe-sticking tape) and put a food handler’s glove over it?

    I don’t have experience using super glue for wounds. I think I would make a sticky mess.

    Good luck with a quick recovery.

  11. itunes:

    RISE: #5
    M,DYK: #16
    TYHTBA: #28
    GMJ: #93
    LUYE: #72
    HIFOM: #139
    MTYTIA: #196

    Christmas is Here: #6
    HIFOM: #43

  12. It was a fail on the super glue. I thought I’d be able to get some out of an already opened tube. No luck. Time to stock back up.

    It’s tape and plastic glove time 😉

    Kind of surprised that CIH is down to #6.

  13. Thank you for all the information.

    I think they should have taped Natalie and Danny’s Christmas show and sold it. I would have loved to have been able to listen to it.

    Hope your cut heals quickly, Jan. I finished my baking last night. I freeze everything until family and friends arrive. I had a couple of fingers with super glue on them. That is my go to bandage. My hands are in the water too much to keep anything on. 🙂

    Happy Holidays..

  14. Cindy, They did record the Celebrate Christmas Tour on it’s 3rd night. I had a question asking how they were going to use the video, but Ed didn’t ask Danny that question. Husbands. You can take them to a Danny Gokey interview, but you can’t make them read the questions 😉

    Good luck with your cuts, too. Its warmeed up to 10 degrees here, but the windchill has it coming in at -7 degrees. I think I won’t be going into town today to buy Super Glue…..

  15. itunes:

    RISE: #5
    M,DYK: #16
    TYHTBA: #26
    GMJ: #82
    LUYE: #74
    HIFOM: #119

    Christmas is Here: #5
    HIFOM: #29

  16. Hey Lurker, what I do is copy the tweet text and then look for the photo link and add that, too.

    I added the photo/link to your comment.

    Trial and error has resulted in my learning what works 🙂

  17. From what I’ve been able to hear from the Christmas Concert, Danny gave beautiful performances. His voice in the above post was breath-taking. Of course, Natalie sings like an angel. I’ll be waiting for their Christmas Album to come out next year. 🙂

  18. itunes:

    RISE: #6
    M,DYK: #35
    TYHTBA: #24
    GMJ: #165
    LUYE: #80
    HIFOM: #116

    Christmas is Here: #9
    HIFOM: #41

  19. I need to share what I think is a sweet story….

    My Jazzercise class is a wonderful assembly of women that work to get fit, but have a lot of fun together. Our instructor is working Christmas music into the hour long set. For the last song of the night, she announced she had a beautiful song by an artist with great voice– and that it had a connection with someone in the class tonight. And then I hear the first few bars of “Lift Up Your Eyes”. Our entire class did a lyrical style routine to Danny Gokey’s song. At the end she said it was dedicated to me.

    I’m still smiling about it. I gave her “Christmas is Here” last year; and since we are friends on Facebook…. she may have seen some Danny references. 😉

  20. itunes:

    RISE: #5
    M,DYK: #36
    TYHTBA: #26
    GMJ: #149
    LUYE: #77
    HIFOM: #132

    Christmas is Here: #17
    HIFOM: #44

  21. I thought a Pledge Music campaign was suppose to add some excitement? I’m wondering if Danny’s management has their heart in this? Last I looked they hadn’t added the download for #BetterThanIFoundIt. But I haven’t checked in a day or so… maybe it is added now?

    Hopefully they will gear up after Christmas?

    Note:download still missing at 5pm

  22. I did not get excited about Pledge Music. I don’t know what it is and have not been interested enough to search. The name is one I don’t particularly like. It may not have a thing to do with the word “pledge” in the sense I’m thinking about, but it makes me think of people asking someone to pledge money for each mile they walk or run. That kind of thing might be okay for someone who is not asked often, but as a teacher I was asked so many, many, many times that the word became one I did not like.

    I saw this tweet today.

    “PledgeMusicVerified account ‏@PledgeMusic 1h1 hour ago
    We ask @AmericanIdol alum @dannygokey about his new album & how he’ll remember 2016. Check out our interview inside.”


  23. I also saw this tweet. It may be old news.

    “IdolsNow ‏@idolsnow 1h1 hour ago
    DANNY GOKEY’s “Rise” leaps 24-14 on #Billboard’s Christian Digital Songs sales chart. @dannygokey #Idol”

  24. PS. I see you have carried over a tweet and it’s link. Very nice, Lurker. Thanks for finding those tweets. I did know about the Billboard chart position, but there was only one upward movement, so I didn’t get too excited. Its good to see the crazy effects Christmas music has on charts, has still left RISE in decent Billboard position. It dropped from #3 to #6 but it is still being played. Hopefully it will get a fast increase in spins after 12/26.

  25. Articles say that Kaylee, in the video above, was not very verbal (extremely shy, almost no talking) when she came to the special needs school a couple of years ago. Singing has helped her a lot.

  26. Some videos of The Prayer (from different artists) have been posted in concert threads at MJ’s. Danny’s is better than the ones I’ve seen there. (IMO 🙂 )

  27. Thanks to Carriefan1 at MJs, here is the Billboard End of the Year Charts that Danny made it on:

    1. Independent Albums
    2. Independent Artists
    3. Christian Artists
    4. Christian Artists – Male
    5. Christian Albums
    6. Hot Christian Songs
    7. Hot Christian Songs Artists
    8. Christian Airplay Songs (2 in this category)
    9. Christian Airplay Artists
    10. Christian Digital Songs
    11. Christian Streaming Songs
    12. Christian AC Songs
    13. Christian AC Songs Artists
    14. Christian Hot AC / CHR Songs
    15. Christian AC Indicator Songs
    16. Christian AC Indicator Artists
    17. Christian Soft AC Artists Songs
    18. Christian / Gospel Albums
    19. Christian / Gospel Albums Artists
    20. Christian / Gospel Digital Songs

    I am assembling a post to put up next week with more specifics 🙂

  28. itunes:

    RISE: #6
    M,DYK: #27
    TYHTBA: #25
    LUYE: #79
    HIFOM: #122
    MTYTIA: #176

    Christmas is Here: #9
    HIFOM: #37

  29. Merry Christmas, all! It’s raining here in Wisconsin…. weird. But we had a nice day. Yesterday we celebrated at our daughter’s house (and the Packers won!). Today was church and then lunch with my mom at her assisted living facility and then Ed and I exchanging gifts 🙂

  30. itunes:

    RISE: #4
    M,DYK: #71
    TYHTBA: #21
    LUYE: #196
    HIFOM: #98
    MTYTIA: #141

    Christmas is Here: #12
    HIFOM: #40

  31. RISE has sunk to #30 (185 spins) on the Allaccess chart (with all the Christmas spins). It may have another day of losses, and then we should see it rising back up. 🙂

  32. itunes:

    RISE: #3
    M,DYK: #117
    TYHTBA: #20
    HIFOM: #94
    MTYTIA: #130

    Christmas is Here: #26
    HIFOM: #33

    I expect the Rise video soon. Before the album date, I think.

  33. I’d have to listen back to Ed’s interview with Danny. I think Danny said it would be out in early January to help push the song on radio. I’ll take it later this week 😉

  34. Rise is up to #12 on Medibase. A ways to go….

    Interesting that Lifeway is already playing Danny’s new album. I wonder if that tweet that Danny replied to is in their ware house or a regular store.

    I wish we got an advance copy. But just 15 more days….

  35. “Interesting that Lifeway is already playing Danny’s new album.”

    Are they already playing it? Or because they may have received a shipment for when sales begin, could a worker get a copy early?

  36. @Abi_Jo18: @dannygokey @LifeWayStores you are welcome, I wanted to dance across the store!! Lol Such catchy songs!! Keep it up!

    Since she wanted to dance across the store… i think it was probably on the store speakers? Just a guess 🙂

  37. Nice to see Danny listed in this Year in American Idol article by Randy Ho of the AJC.com.

    Right after Carrie Underwood having a banner year and before the alum updates 🙂


    Christian pop star: Season 8’s Danny Gokey dabbled in country but has found real success in the Christian world. He had two big hits in 2015 and three more in 2016. He came to Atlanta earlier this year for AtlantaFest. And he has a new album set to come out in 2017 as well.

    More alum updates: Katharine McPhee continues to ride high with CBS’s “Scorpion,” in its third season. Kellie Pickler‘s “I Love Kelly Pickler” reality show on CMT aired its second season. Season 9’s Katie Stevens landed a lead role in a new Freeform pilot “Issues” in 2017. Justin Guarini is on Broadway in “In Transit.” Tamyra Gray came to the Fox Theatre in the play “If/Then” earlier this year. Adam Lambert split time between his solo tour and Queen, coming to the Tabernacle in March. Plus, he judged “The X Factor” in Australia. Jennifer Hudson played a super cool Motormouth Maybelle in the live version of “Hairspray” on NBC. Fantasia toured all year and generated more R&B hits, with an Emmy nomination to boot. Lauren Alaina landed a top 20 country hit with “A Road Less Traveled.” And Clay Aiken is back to singing again!

  38. “SiriusXM The Message ‏@SXMTheMessage 2h2 hours ago
    Hear an encore presentation of the Natalie Grant / Danny Gokey live concert New Year’s Eve night at 10pm Eastern… http://fb.me/1HQMSMtix

  39. Very cool that Sirius is broadcasting the tour. I know they videotaped it. I expet videos to pop up, too…

    I won’t be able to listen to it. We will be at a NYE party 🙂

  40. The innocence of children. I’ve seen videos of how sweet young Danny is. So caring towards his sister. Victoria is a sweetie pie, too.

    We had a white Christmas for our grandson’s 1st Christmas. So happy to have all the children home. It’s hard to believe the holidays are over. It seemed like they were just here..

    Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year filled with Love, Laughter, and Health. ♥

  41. I wanted to share a story..

    It was very sad to hear about Carrie Fisher. Then, to have her mother pass a day later. No words..

    Many years ago when I was young my family and friends went to Las Vegas. We stayed at the Rivera Hotel. Debbie Reynolds was performing there. Some how my friends and I found the room where Debbie Reynolds was staying. We bought our post cards and knocked on the door. A man answered. One of my friends saw Debbie Reynolds sitting on the sofa. We asked if we could have an autograph and handed the post cards to the gentleman. Boy, were we brave, and a little intrusive. The next day Debbie Reynolds had signed our cards sweetly and left them in our mail box at the hotel. I always thought that was so kind.

    Jumped many, many, years later and while at the Kansas City Airport we saw Debbie Reynolds walking back and forth for exercise. Just calmly walking back and forth. This time I left her alone…

  42. I meant to say “jump.” I think Miss Reynolds had been waiting for her plane, and just chose to do some walking. She looked very pretty, and was alone. Everyone was kind enough to let her be, but were all aware who she was. 🙂

  43. Christmas isn’t over yet for me — not until January 6th, the Feast of the Epiphany (also known as the Three Kings Day, when the three Magi or wise men came to adore the Christ child). That would be the 12th day after Christmas. Anyone ever heard of the Twelve Days of Christmas?

    When I was growing up, we’d get a tree on Christmas Eve Day and spend the afternoon decorating it, then enjoy the fruits of our labor in the evening. On Christmas Day, we’d go to Mass, come home, open presents, eat dinner/lunch around noon or 1:00 p.m., head off to visit my maternal grandparents from about 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., then visit my paternal grandmother (and various aunts/uncles/cousins who’d be gathered there) from about 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., then head home.

    But it didn’t stop there! During the Twelve Days of Christmas (beginning December 26th), we’d visit other family (more distant relatives, like my father’s uncle’s family), friends, and neighbors. And the gift-giving continued throughout the Christmas season.

    Now, the secular world has dictated that Christmas is over on December 26th, when that isn’t even close to being the case. It also has made it much more difficult to observe older traditions. For example, even though I live in a state known for its Christmas trees, trees are sold very early — around Thanksgiving and in early December. There never are any trees available — or wreaths, for that matter — closer to Christmas, when I would want them. This year, I put up a tree for the first time — a noble fir. Thanks to an article in the local newspaper, I found a Christmas tree farm (one of only a few) that was open on Christmas Eve Day. So I decorated my first Christmas tree (as an adult) this year. And yes, it’s still up. I may have trouble recycling it, though — those programs happen early because so many people now put up their trees early and take them down early. #outlier

  44. Cindy3, I once saw Bob Hope and his wife Delores. Bob Hope was in St. Louis for a production at the Fox Theater. I saw him, along with his wife, at a National Supermarket in Clayton, a first-tier suburb of St. Louis. My guess is that they were staying at a nearby hotel. Everyone in the store recognized Bob Hope, but I am happy to report that we all kept our distance. No one asked for an autograph, not even the cashier. I think that shopping at a grocery store is such a mundane task, that it occurred to us that even celebrities need down time. And, of course, this was before the time of ubiquitous cell phones, so no one took pictures, either. It is a nice memory . . .

  45. What a nice memory, Ellen. I think I was only 14 at the time we asked Miss Reynolds for her autograph. Like I said, I’m not sure how we found where she was staying, but her kindness I always remembered. She was one of a kind. ♥

    Bob Hope… 🙂

  46. Cool celebrity stories, Cindy & Ellen. Not sure I have ever encountered a celebrity in normal life. I live in Wisconsin…….:/

    But I still remember when Ed & I saw Danny come striding into a Madison radio station while we were waiting on the lobby couch. He walked in with such a sense of purpose, in a blue wool coat, on a bitterly cold January day.

    We had won tickets to his in studio performance on his radio tour for “My Best Days”. (You had to be the 7th caller when a secret song was played. We both got in through to the station that blizzardy last day of the contest. I was the 7th caller).

    It was the 1st time Danny met Ed. Ed brought Danny a gift of cheese curds and he told him “I am married to one of the ihearties”. Ed made a lasting impression on Danny 😉

  47. I was wrong about the concert that will be broadcast. It is the Be One Tour. I did listen to it on sirius radio this late fall when the initially broadcast it.

    Our friends at SiriusXM The Message are doing an encore presentation of the Be One tour live concert on New Year’s Eve at 10pm ET and a couple of times on New Year’s Day! Check it out on Channel 63 on Sirius! Happy New Year!

    I wonder how they D & N will be using the Celebrate Christmas Video. I wish Ed had asked that question on my list…. 😉

  48. I still didn’t get it right. It was an album cover with Categoria 13 on it. I tried to bring the picture but kept getting the twitter page instead.

  49. I liked your story about Debbie Reynolds, Cindy3. Somehow I failed to mention that . . .

  50. Hi Lurker. I looked into the Christian Latin Music Award tweeted. They say the announce on December30th each year. Danny’s category of win was Composition of the Year. So I am thinking it is more to the writers, but without a great performance it wouldn’t be nominated.

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