Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 1/1- 1/14/17


Thanks to Philip David Harvey Photography for this photo!

Happy New Year!!


We hope that 2017 is your best year, ever!

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128 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 1/1- 1/14/17

  1. Happy new year! I feel like this is going to be ANOTHER banner year for Danny, and I hope its a great year for all that come here to celebrate.

    Wow, 2016!

    *Another #1 on Billboard’s Christian Airplay Chart — for “Tell You Heart to Beat Again
    *Male Vocalist of the Year and Break Out Single awards from the K-LOVE listeners.
    *A new Spanish Album — that placed #6 on a Latin Pop Album Chart
    *Four nominations and a Dove Award for “Christmas is Here”
    *115 Entries on the 2016 DGNews Calendar for Danny!! (An average of one event every 3 days!)
    *Rise hits #3 on Billboard before the Christmas slowdown.

    I’m sure I’m missing plenty, but what a year!

  2. Welcome 2017!!

    Thank you for this wonderful site and all the information it provides.

    Congratulations to Danny and Team for a GREAT 2016!

  3. Hi Cindy3, I’m glad you had a good holiday break with your family!

    Here is today’s Mediabase chart:

    lw TW Artist Title TW lw Move Aud
    11 1 ZACH WILLIAMS Chain Breaker 1821 265 1556 10.596
    22 2 CASTING CROWNS One Step Away 1637 208 1429 7.758
    14 3 CHRIS TOMLIN Jesus 1619 250 1369 9.612
    18 4 BIG DADDY WEAVE The Lion And The Lamb 1612 225 1387 9.568
    31 5 HILLARY SCOTT/THE SCOTT FAMILY Thy Will 1543 185 1358 7.625
    29 6 RYAN STEVENSON Eye Of The Storm f/GabeReal 1448 186 1262 7.41
    25 7 FOR KING & COUNTRY Priceless 1410 191 1219 6.621
    16 8 NATALIE GRANT King Of The World 1267 229 1038 8.04
    21 9 ONE SONIC SOCIETY Great Are You Lord 1234 223 1011 7.806
    41 10 LOVE & THE OUTCOME The God I Know 1215 123 1092 5.729
    30 11 DANNY GOKEY Rise 1039 185 854 7.415

  4. That’s quite a drop. I hope it can “rise” again and peak higher — preferably at #1 — before it leaves the chart.

  5. Jan, you might want to get the popcorn out! I dared to compare Danny & AL (for the hate they received) at MJs (Billy Gilman thread). I better get out of there before I can banned for speaking truth. ;-D

  6. Thanks for the heads up, Ellen. I couldn’t leave you all alone at MJs. (The nastiness comes out so fast against Danny at MJs…) And the fact he isn’t even granted a first name.) So I threw a little in, too.

    I didn’t like some of Billy’s note holding or the ending on his NA, but it has NOTHING to do with his sexuality, LOL.

  7. Very nice review. Danny (his mgmt?) shared it on his Facebook page.

    Danny got 4 stars (out of 5). The review is very positive, not sure what he would have to do to get the 5th star….. 😉

    A definite highlight and personal favorite, “Masterpiece” plays on the deeply honest yet beautifully hopeful lyricism that Danny captures so well in his music: “Heart trusts You for certain, head says “it’s not working” / I’m stuck here still hurting / but You tell me You’re making a masterpiece, You’re shaping a song in me,” the triumphant chorus proclaims. Upbeat “The Comeback” and “Never Be The Same” display Danny’s raspy, emotive and versatile vocals in sonically creative ways. Fittingly downtempo “Slow Down” follows this vocal theme as well, with an innovative sound that makes for an attention-grabbing listen.

  8. A brand new year.A band new DG album is around the corner.This year is gonna be a good one for all us DG fans,isnt it?

  9. MrBing, I really think it’s going to be a great year for Danny. At least I hope it is. And new Danny music is always a big treat for me!

    They are keeping his January/February plans quiet until he heads out on the big tour with Casting Crowns.

    Good news on Billboard Charts (while things are slow on Mediabase.)

    Danny’s Rise is
    #4 (8) National Christian Airplay,
    #7 (12) Hot Christian Songs,
    #9 (18) Christian Digital Song Sales
    #11 (25) Christian AC Songs

  10. Here is the details on the biggest Billboard Christian Airplay chart:

    tw/lw/wks/artist/song/label/spinstw/change/AI/AI rank

    1 5 31 ZACH WILLIAMS Chain BreakerESSENTIAL/PLG 3282 +2254 10.208 1

    9.095 2

    3 ¯ 39 BIG DADDY WEAVE The Lion And The Lamb FERVENT/WORD-CURB 598 +1766 8.464 3

    4 8 21 DANNY GOKEY Rise BMG 2600 +1599 7.469 4

    Danny is 682 spins behind Zach and quite a bit of AI.

  11. So, last week the top Christian album sold around 7800 (the latest Wow Hits issue).

    So, is that the number that Danny has to hit to get to be #1 on the week ending 1/20/17?

    I think 8,000 to 8,500 should take it. I don’t see any other Christian artist release listed…

    I want him to sell 10,000.

    2,500 show pre-orders
    400 from the pledge drive (which has been a disappointment for me since no news has come out of signing up. Many artist share things from behind the scenes. I should have know Danny’s team would skip that..)
    1000 from Amazon
    1500 street sales at retailers
    4600 on iTunes

    All pure guesses, of course 😉

  12. a little publicity (but not much other than here)

    “Wortman Works ‏@WortmanWorks 1h1 hour ago
    Tune in tonight to watch, ‘Next,’ hosted by Danny Gokey on the JUCE TV Network! http://fb.me/6FCaUvROF

  13. Well, I didn’t get home in time to catch Danny on NEXT. And I don’t see that it is available on demand (I could be wrong on that) or that Danny received much reaction to hosting. But it is all good experience 🙂

  14. Well, it is the 7th of January and it has been pretty much a no-promotion week for #RISE. Just like the last two weeks.

    I am sure the release day of 1/13/17 was very deliberately chosen, but the “run up” to the release, at this time, is rather anti-climatic.

    We do see that Danny has been doing interviews…. but I always have in my head that there would be MORE being released to generate excitement. The RISE video is still not out. The single, RISE, is #597 on the overall iTunes single chart, today.

    But how did I miss this promo?


    My guess, at this time, is that 1/13/17 is REALLY when they will try to generate excitement, press and promotion.

  15. Hi everyone 🙂
    I watched yesterday on JuceTV on my laptop, but I lost to many times internet connection . I saw maybe 5 minutes of the show . I was sad !
    Can’t wait for the album RISE 🙂 next week !!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  16. That’s a bummer about your internet not cooperating, Zuzana. That is so frustrating. It happens to me all the time…. I saw a tweet that a new artist is excited to be on this coming week with Danny. I hope to catch it, it just is a bad time of the week for me personally.

  17. “88.5/88.9 Shine FM ‏@shinefmohio 25m25 minutes ago
    Big Daddy Weave​, Danny Gokey​, and Zealand Worship​ will be joining us for ROCK THE LAKE 2017 on August 5 & 6!… http://fb.me/8J5E6oMxg

  18. I saw that announcement and thought we already had the Rock the Lake, but we didn’t. Once more info is available, I will add that one 🙂

  19. Mediabase update. I see some good things.

    I thnk Danny has gained 5 stations since the Christmas song freeze and RISE has the 3rd highest spincrease. And that is before the Tuesday video/promo starts 🙂

    Artist Title Move Stations 7-Day Reports

    NATALIE GRANT King Of The World 191 47 Leaders Starters
    ZACH WILLIAMS Chain Breaker 186 51 Leaders Starters
    DANNY GOKEY Rise 178 48 Leaders Starters
    CHRIS TOMLIN Jesus 175 51 Leaders Starters
    WE ARE MESSENGERS Magnify 165 44 Leaders Starters

    Here are the stations spinning RISE 40 or more times in a week:

    Station Market Format TW lw Move ovn am mid pm eve Aud

    KJNW-FM Kansas City Christian AC 55 67 -12 14 8 13 9 11 0.138
    KLV-FM >K-Love Network Christian AC 48 48 12 8 10 8 10 3.03
    WBSN-FM New Orleans Christian AC 48 29 19 14 7 7 8 12 0.043
    WDJC-FM Birmingham Christian AC 46 37 9 11 9 9 8 9 0.191
    WONU-FM Chicago Christian AC 45 38 7 9 7 10 8 11 0.065
    KLJY-FM St. Louis Christian AC 42 43 -1 12 6 9 7 8 0.341
    WLAB-FM Ft. Wayne, IN Christian AC 40 31 9 11 3 10 8 8 0.053

  20. Thank you, Lurker. Wouldn’t it have been a wonderful surprise if it had been included on the RISE album. Maybe Danny’s next Christmas CD. 🙂

  21. What could work to replace the question marks?

    * More-of-this Monday

    * ? Tuesday

    * ? Wednesday

    * Throwback Thursday

    * Flashback Friday

    Do people use Throwback Thursday to look again at something that happened on a Thursday? Or does it mean that it is Thursday and time to look back at something (no matter when it happened)?

  22. A Future Friday could be fun. We could listen to songs that haven’t been recorded yet.

  23. Or a Sneak Peak Saturday? Sunday?

    I think Throwback Thursday is anything that is happened in the past 🙂 Or a Flashback Friday.

    I have used it to feature something I loved. If you want to see some Danny feature pulled from archives, I’m happy to throw it back out for us to reminisce over.

  24. I want to rewatch the award show song with the Spanish and all those drums. I don’t think you have that one available. 🙁

  25. 730 PM cst, Mr Bing. So, it will start just about 14 hours from right now…..I am guessing he will start late 😉

  26. I was befuddled by the delay in releasing the official video, too, Wllen. That’s why I included the “what happened to the RISE video” in my questions for Ed & Danny.

    Until Christmas, RISE was Danny’s fastest rising song at CAC. I hope it keeps chugging along. It is doing really well on Billboard charts. Very busy chart at Mediabase.

  27. This quote from the News article at DG.com doesn’t look right to me….

    This morning he premiered the official video for first single “Rise” which already hit #1 on Mediabase National Audience and Hot AC charts in December.

    Rise has hit #3, not #1 on Billboard and Mediabase from my memory/checking.

  28. I like the DG.com picture. When Danny has longer hair (even a little longer compared to the almost shaved sides), I think it gives a softer, thinner, and more attractive shape to his face.

  29. I have to agree with you, Lurker, and I’m not loving the kind of center part of his hair. But in looking back at the RCA years, and what a bristle brush of hair Danny use to have as his image, I’m appreciative of the more groomed (and suited) look 🙂

  30. Smooth… I don’t know the words young people say these days. I love the “original” Rat Pack. Danny’s photo on his CD reminds me of the “coolness” the Rat Pack were. Now, I know they have nothing in common besides their music, but still, I think Danny looks really “smart” in the photo. 🙂

  31. “Randy Zachary ‏@randyzac 40m40 minutes ago
    Danny Gokey’s new album comes out this Friday. We talked to him today…well, Monica did. In Spanish. #DannyGokey… ”

    Danny Gokey & Monica en Espanol
    Monica & Danny sound like old friends in Espanol…

  32. A nice article by Randy Ho. I’ll likely include it in a CD Promo post, but you can enjoy it until then:

    Danny Gokey is now a bonafide star in the Christian pop world.

    I talked with him last month ahead of his latest album release “Rise” on Friday. He said the past eight years have been a revelation for him as a maturing artist who, after “Idol,” pursued country but then found success in a new realm.

    “I feel so much more seasoned as a songwriter and singer,” said Gokey, who was a season 8 third place finisher.

    His single “Rise” from that album is rising on the Christian pop chart and is now at No. 11, according to Mediabase 24/7, providing him more momentum after three top 10 hits from his 2014 “Hope in Front of Me” album. He also did well with a Christmas album in 2015, which won him a Dove Award last fall and providing him opportunities to do popular Christmas tours as he did last year with Natalie Grant.

    As a sign of his growing stature, Gokey has graduated from a touring van to a bonafide tour bus.

    He said he sees his career from a different vantage point vs. 2009. “I came off ‘American Idol’ and started doing shows. My music didn’t get picked up on radio and the audiences dwindled really quickly. You got to the point where it was almost embarrassing to get on stage. Is anyone going to be there?’ ” Jan’s note: I remember a few shows like that…. it was awkward for Danny and sad for the promoter…
    Full DG Interview

  33. I can only imagine how difficult that must have been for Danny. Even if the venue was small, I’m sure Danny gave his best. Because of his talent and his perseverance look at where he is now. 🙂 Very proud and happy for him. ♫♪♫ 🙂

  34. It was really hard for his big fans, too, Cindy. I was afraid that I wouldn’t get to hear that beautiful voice in the future…… remember the “mega church tour” that Danny embarked on between labels? :0

  35. There was audio with the tweet I posted earlier about the Spanish interview. I couldn’t understand it, but it sounded as if Monica might have been asking if Danny would be in Mexico. Danny may have said the word “Europe” in his reply.
    His Spanish sounded good.

  36. Danny is doing a Facebook Live chat on Friday, 1PM CST.

    And this on Sunday?

    @eileen_swift: @dannygokey I love your music! So glad you will be at Saddleback this weekend. I’m very excited to see you there! #Rise

    I’d imagine a huge church like that is a good way to sell more albums…. mulike services.

  37. Saddleback in CA? My son lives in Lake Forest where this beautiful church is. We’re suppose to have a beautiful weekend after all of our rain. 🙂

  38. Oh my goodness! What a wonderful surprise! Congratulations to Danny and Leyicet. I bet Daniel and Victoria are very happy too. 🙂

  39. BUT to us, Danny will always belong to Wisconsin ♡

    I posted a baby congratulations on DGNEWS’ Facebook page and Danny replied right away 🙂

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