Reviewers on Danny Gokey’s New Album, “RISE”


We aren’t the only ones REALLY excited about Danny Gokey‘s upcoming album, RISE.

Album cover for RISE by Danny Gokey

Here’s a few of the reviews/interviews we’ve seen on Danny’s new album.  We’re happy to post more as they roll in!

Danny Gokey has high hopes for new album and impact –

Rise is the name of the new album. What makes that the right description for this batch of songs?

I felt Rise was the right title because I wanted to spark people’s curiosity when they saw the album…..

I think with this record people will notice a lot of growth lyrically and melodically from my Hope In Front of Me record.

The freshness of the new lyrics, and the melodies are definitely the highlights, but I think the thing I love most is how my team of songwriters, management team, agents, family and other musicians have reacted and connected with the new songs. I feel it’s a good sign that the listeners and fans who get the record will connect just like the others, because they are the reason why I do it.

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Still Spreading Hope  —

CaitlinLassiter, Staff Reviewer

Rise finds Danny Gokey at his best yet as he continues to mature as an artist and settle into his pop/soul/gospel blended sound…… Danny put a great deal of heart in these songs, as each one is a passion-filled communication of hope, love and the faithfulness of God even in our weak places. With …………. emotion, honesty and vocal power as his previous records, Rise will ……….. impact fans with all the redemptive and hopeful elements that we’ve come to expect from Danny Gokey’s music.

A definite highlight and personal favorite, “Masterpiece” plays on the deeply honest yet beautifully hopeful lyricism that Danny captures so well in his music: “Heart trusts You for certain, head says “it’s not working” / I’m stuck here still hurting / but You tell me You’re making a masterpiece…..

A duet with fellow American Idol alumni Jordan Sparks, “Chasing” proves to be the most intimate moment on Rise as the two voices mesh remarkably well…

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Most Anticipated albums of 2017 by

While 2016 had a lot of great albums released that we could celebrate, I have catalogued 15 album/EP releases that release between now and next year, that I have been excited about, and I’m sure you will be too. While this year has been quite possibly one of my favourite years when it comes to album releases, if these 15 album releases are as great as I reckon they could be, then next year will be one of the best years yet in Christian music!

1. KJ-52– Jonah-

2. Danny Gokey– Rise-

Coming into his own with the release of his successful album Hope in Front of Me, Danny’s next album release Rise slated to drop on January 13th is something to be excited about, for anyone who loves CCM, like myself. In fact, dare I say that even if we haven’t really heard much of the new album prior to release date, the kudos that Danny has received from songs like “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” and “Hope in Front of Me” should speak for itself? This is project that has been a while in the making (his previous project released in June 2014), but sometimes albums release a little later and it is just the fact that quality is favoured over quantity. If Rise is as half as good as Hope in Front of Me, then Danny’s new album is well worth the wait!

3. Grayson Reed– Walk-

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