Pre-Release “RISE” Party on Facebook by Danny Gokey

While there were some technical difficulties 40+ minutes into Danny Gokey’s pre-release CD concert party for “RISE”, we do have the last 20 plus minutes of the concert.

Please take note for anyone thinking that they could supply friends and family with RISE CDs, Danny wants a BIG 1st week sales number and they are selling 8, autographed CDs for $50 — with free shipping!  Or you can buy an autographed one for $8 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Pre-Release “RISE” Party on Facebook by Danny Gokey

  1. Beyond Danny’s broadcast dropping off for a couple of minutes, my internet always has issues on broadcasts like this. Thankfully, my cellphone does a great job of staying connected.

    For me, the song “Comeback” joins my dance tunes of “Symptoms” and “If You Ain’t in It”.

    21) COMEBACK BMI Work # 22,436,925 70
    GOKEY DANIEL JAY BMI 600623793

    Danny did share that his voice was a bit raw because he sang his heart out yesterday— for Disney! And then he said, oh, I shouldn’t have said that….

    What did you guys think? I also think Masterpiece could be really nice. I don’t think he sang all of the songs on the new album. He definitely skipped “Symptoms”.

  2. I enjoyed what I saw of the concert. I completely lost the broadcast after he showed his new music video. After a while I went back to my Facebook page and the GMA Dove awards put a post about Danny’s concert and when I clicked on their site I got it back and was able to see the rest of the concert. I really like Masterpiece and the song he did with Jordan Sparks. From what I have heard this is going to be a really good cd!

  3. Truth is.. I’ve only really heard RISE. After listening above, I’m even more excited to get Danny’s new CD. Really enjoyed “If You An’t In It.” Looks like it’s going to be another busy, and successful year for Danny and Team. 🙂

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