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glassless-danny-gokey-b-sHave you seen the new, totally revamped Dannygokey.com? It’s looking sharp!

Somethings to check out:

About Danny Gokey’s career:

“I’ve found my voice,” he insists. “It took years, but I feel that I’ve found my voice and my sound. I’m living proof that it’s never too late to become what you’re supposed to be.”

But this helped bring me out of it. When I went on the show people connected with my story.  I think that they found hope in it. That changed everything.”

From that point, Gokey gradually found empowerment through music, through his faith and through knowing that he was making a positive impact on people’s lives. In the wake of My Best Days he built his following on tours with Sugarland and Taylor Swift, through his memoir Hope in Front of Me and in 2014 with release of his next album, also titled Hope in Front of Me.

That project positioned Gokey to put all his energy and talent into this new release. Work began in January 2016, when he sat down with co-writers and the rest of his crew. “Rise started with a question: What do I want to say? Then, how do I want to say it? First, you want to meet people where they’re at. You can’t come out of the gate with something that’s way too positive. You need to meet them in a real place and show them there can be more in their lives. I think that’s what we did.”

With that clarity, the songs of Rise came quickly and with surprising ease; so did his selection of songs by other writers that complemented his own. With guest vocalists Kierra Sheard and Jordin Sparks or on his own, in settings intimate (“Chasing”) and majestic (“Masterpiece”), whether elated by romantic love (“Symptoms”) or something even greater (“What Love Can Do”), Gokey smashes past genre barriers and reaches the goal he had set for this milestone achievement.

Read his full biography HERE.

Even a new concert photo for the calendar of events 🙂

The Danny Gokey Store

It features some very “famous” models 🙂

Danny Gokey modeling Rise cap

leyicet-gokey-rise-hat-sIt’s got a nice, fresh look.  So glad they’ve launched a revision!

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