RISE Release Week: Billboard, People on Danny Gokey

Billboard Danny Gokey performingWhile Danny and his team are blanketing the radio/media to get the word out about his new CD and single, RISE, we have to lead off with the big hitters!  Billboard, People and “American Idol”, of course!

Billboard: Danny Gokey Talks About the Move From Country to Christian Music…

Sometimes taking advice from your heroes doesn’t always turn out like you hope…….Danny Gokey followed mentor Randy Travis’ counsel and began pursuing a career as a country artist. Though Travis told Gokey he’d find success bringing “soul” to the country format, it turns Christian music was the better fit.

Though his country career stalled, Gokey has found his niche in Christian music. The genre is a natural fit for the Milwaukee, Wisconsin native who grew up singing in church.

Gokey will be taking the new songs on the road as he joins Casting Crowns‘ upcoming tour. “With my Hope In Front of Me record I had no tour,” he says. ….When we released the Hope In Front of Me record, there just weren’t a lot of believers and rightly so. I came from a failed project and odds just looked impossible. It wasn’t a personal thing, but I think it made the victory look so much more sweet …… Now I have a 40-city tour as a support act with Casting Crowns. I’m going to do some fairs and festivals over the summer, but then it looks this fall I’m going to do my first headlining tour.”

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People:  American Idol Alum Danny Gokey Shares How the Show Was ‘Healing’…

American Idol alum Danny Gokey is back with new music!

The 36-year-old chart-topping singer has released his fifth studio album, Rise, which he hopes will “bring people together.”

Even though I’m a Christian singer, I wanted to have messages that people could relate to universally. I felt like American Idol broke those walls down…..  (“American Idol”) I’m glad I did because it expanded my view of the world. The show actually helped bring me healing.”American Idol influenced another aspect of his new album — the track “Chasing,” which reunited Gokey with fellow Idol vet, Jordin Sparks. He calls the recording experience “absolutely wonderful,” and counts the result among his favorite songs on Rise.

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BMG US Lifts Danny Gokey RISE

Danny will be doing a LIVE Sirius XM The Message

“Fishbowl” in New York on Tuesday, January 17th at 5:30 PM EST!

From Carlos and Joy at WAY-FM

From Randy Ho of AJC.com

Life After American Idol:

Danny Gokey is now a bonafide star in the Christian pop world.

I talked with him last month ahead of his latest album release “Rise” on Friday. He said the past eight years have been a revelation for him as a maturing artist who, after “Idol,” pursued country but then found success in a new realm.

“I feel so much more seasoned as a songwriter and singer,” said Gokey, who was a season 8 third place finisher.

Now that Christian radio has embraced his music, he can get on stage and people know his music and sing along even to the album cuts. “What an honor and privilege,” he said.

Gokey said he is running 150 percent right now. “Break is like a cuss word in our camp,” he said before Christmas. “I wouldn’t change it for anything no matter how tired I am.” He said he sometimes feels negative when he’s fatigued, then checks himself and opts for gratitude instead and think about where he was just a few years ago.

From WBGL.  I suspect there will be a full, English interview, too…

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