Danny Gokey “Rise” Promo Interviews, Videos

Sirius XM The Message Concert

Danny sings some of his new album songs, a worship medley and talks about the making of the album.

Listen to Justin Paul of WAY-FM interview

Danny Gokey joins me in Episode 32 of the More Than The Music Podcast to share the stories behind his new album, “Rise.”   He also explains what his son said while praying over their meal that was both hilarious and adorable.


Listen to the Interview at this LINK

Finding His Voice — One Country with Danny Gokey

“The singer (and now songwriter) who first appeared on “American Idol” signed a country record deal after the show, but had no idea what he wanted to say or who he wanted to be. He let the professionals tell him what to do. He’s not bitter about that, it just led to an album that wasn’t authentic to who he was.”

Watch the video HERE.

HIS Radio video

Rob Dempsey of His Radio is such a fun interv iewer and they put together great segments.  This one is”Danny Gokey Talks Salsa, the Dab and His New Album, RISE.”  Very fun!

Watch it HERE.

From Tampa’s “Morning Blend”

From ConnTV, Interviewed by Conn Jackson

Scoop: Danny mentions he was invited to come to Atlanta on Febuary 4th to join the artists at Winter Jam.

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