#1 Christian Album for Danny Gokey’s “RISE”

upclose-rise-danny-gokey-sDanny Gokey’s newest studio album, “RISE”,debuted on the February 4th charts:

#1 on Billboard’s Top Christian/Gospel Albums Chart,

#3 on the Billboard Independent Album Chart

#9 on the Top Current Albums Chart

#20 Billboard Digital Albums Chart

#32 on the Billboard Top 200 Chart

#42 on the Billboard Top 100 Artist Chart

“Rise” the Single:

#3 Christian National Airplay (3)

#5 Hot Christian Song (was #11)

#9 Digital Christian Song Sales (19)

In addition, BMG reports that “Hope In Front of Me”, Danny’s previous album,

“crossed 50 million cumulative U.S. streams today”.

We are very excited for this news and are looking forward to seeing all the published Billboard charts!

To read the press release from BMG, click  HERE .

We appreciate TheChristianBeat.org being the first to break some of the Billboard chart news!

11 thoughts on “#1 Christian Album for Danny Gokey’s “RISE”

  1. I think the news is awesome! And nice to see Danny’s album placement is moving up from “Hope In Front of Me”. It placed #40 on Billboard Top 200 albums back in July of 2014.

    Go Danny Go!!!

  2. Great news! And that #32 placement is higher than for HIFOM, correct? I don’t know how that translates to actual units, but I’m taking it as a good sign.

  3. It is good placement, Ellen. HIFOM was #40 and faded pretty fast because Danny didn’t have a tour lined up.

    I did update the list of Billboard charts that I could access with a few more goodies. Like #3 for Independent Album!

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