Danny Gokey’s RISE Reviewed — Do You Agree?


Review Danny Gokey’s new album, RISE

Now that Danny’s #1 CAC album has been out for a couple of weeks, with multiple listens by avid fans like YOU, we want to hear your thoughts on your favorite song(s).  We’re sharing reviews from 5 sources to get your reaction!

Song Reviews:

#1:  “Stronger Than We Think” throws back musically to 1980s dance club music, as Danny uses vocal echoes and electronic keyboards to present a different and powerful way to begin Rise. Using unique moments of rhyme, Danny encourages us that we are indeed stronger than we believe we are at a certain moment- that when the devil tries to discourage us, all we need to do is to look within, knowing that if we are made in His image, and with His spirit within us, we can and will do much more than He ever did when He was on earth all those years ago!  — 365 Days of Inspiring Media 


#2: “If You Ain’t In It” is a prevalently catchy pop song that advances boldly and unashamedly. Electronic synths form the foundation while brass horns, drums, and some guitar build the melody from there. Background voices, masked as if from a radio, accompany Danny’s signature vocals as he leads the lyrics. The song conveys a simple yet important message – that even a perfect life with everything going right is not worthwhile if God “ain’t in it.” Considering Danny’s story, the song packs a lot of power behind the pop sounds and definitely stands out in the album.  – The Christian Beat

#3: “Rise” utilizes the electronic-pop feel to create an inspiring atmosphere. Alongside the foundational synths, drums, echoing chimes, and a mild strings presence build the melody that, quite literally, rises as the song goes along. Danny’s vocals are showcased here, ranging from low to high and everywhere in between. His lyrics express God’s desire to restore and heal His creation, that we are His and we are meant to shine. Though basic in the message, “Rise” demonstrates how we were meant to live for our Savior. – The Christian Beat


#4: Farther along is the slower and deeper “Masterpiece,” a beautiful track both in melody and story. The emphasis changes from upbeat, popping electronics to calm and echoing chimes, with gentle drums, keyboard, and large bell sounds. Verses are quiet and calm until the massive crescendo that kicks into the chorus, a satisfying and energizing build-up that lifts the listener as it does the tempo. Danny sings of the pain of life, the heartbreak and brokenness that plagues us all, across the verses before changing focus in the chorus. “You’re shaping the soul in me … and all I am is in Your hands” Danny sings, speaking of God’s plans and that He works all things together for good. “You’re taking me all apart like it was Your plan from the start, to finish Your work of art for all to see, You’re making a masterpiece.” The beautiful melody and incredibly sincere lyrics make “Masterpiece,” in this reviewer’s opinion, the best song in the album.— The Christian Beat


#5 Upbeat “The Comeback” and “Never Be The Same” display Danny’s raspy, emotive and versatile vocals in sonically creative ways.   — New Release Today


#6: Fittingly downtempo “Slow Down” follows this vocal theme as well, with an innovative sound that makes for an attention-grabbing listen.  — New Release Today


#7: “Never Be The Same” is a mish-mash of genres, from African Congo music to keyboard synth and dance, and for the most part, the genre works, as Danny points out to us all that he will never be the same since the Lord impacted his life all the years ago  —365 Days


#8 “What Love Can Do” is the remaining gospel inspired track (other than “Better Than I Found It”) and is sort of like a ‘Love Will Take You Places’ Part 2, an inspirational track about love in all its facets, about love for the Father, love for our earthly father and mother, and love for our neighbour, that shows people around us the love of God within us and working through us. Well done Danny for “What Love Can Do”, a song that could also be a crossover success alongside the title track!  —365 Days


#9 Danny doesn’t tackle the whole album by himself.  One of the best songs is a duet with another former American Idol alum, Jordin Sparks.  The song “Chasing” is such a beautiful and heartfelt song.  Both Jordin and Danny sound amazing and the two together sound like they were meant to sing together.  The song pulled at my heart strings. — 2Loud2OldMusic


#10 “Symptons” …. infectious and way better than any other pop song on the radio today. — 2Loud2OldMusic


#11 The other duet he does is with gospel singer, Kierra Sheard, and the song is “Better Than I Found It”.  The message is simple that he would love to leave the world better than when he found it.  He would radiate the positive to make that happen.  Kierra Sheard has such a beautiful voice that compliments Danny’s and makes for another spectacular song.  —365 Days

Album Reviews:

“Gokey angles his rich voice even more towards the soulful side as he delivers several rhythmic romps and booming ballads meant to meet listeners wherever they’re at, but destined to uplift absolutely everyone along the way.” – Andy Argyrakis, CCM Magazine

 “No question about it, Rise finds Danny Gokey at his best yet as he continues to mature as an artist and settle into his pop/soul/gospel blended sound…With every bit as much (and then some) emotion, honesty and vocal power as his previous records, Rise will no doubt continue to impact fans with all the redemptive and hopeful elements that we’ve come to expect from Danny Gokey’s music.” – Caitlin, Lassiter, New Release Today


“There are passionate moments fueled by raw vocals mixed with upbeat, joyful celebrations, rounding out the album and reflecting bits and pieces of Gokey’s story. With amazing vocal ability, impactful lyrics and catchy electronic-pop sounds, Gokey continues his upward climb in the CCM industry and is fast on his way to becoming a mainstay in the community.” – Chris Major, The Christian Beat

Danny’s new album has something for everyone, literally. This is by far one of CCM’s most musically diverse album I’ve heard since…well since a long time. Fans of CCM and Hope in Front of Me will enjoy Rise, but beyond that…I don’t know. Only time will tell. Danny is certainly passionate and enthusiastic, and while at times I felt some songs were over-produced, overall this album is different compared to his 2014 project…which is a good thing. Sometimes artists can be bogged down in the same style.—365 Days Of Inspiring Media

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10 thoughts on “Danny Gokey’s RISE Reviewed — Do You Agree?

  1. I love your inspiring and uplifting music. Even in the not so bright days I can feel comfort and Gods mercy through your music. May the Lord bless you.

  2. Hi Evelyn.

    “Fans of CCM and Hope in Front of Me will enjoy Rise, but beyond that…I don’t know.”

    I’m not sure I understand what they were implying. I’m enjoying the diversity of RISE. I support Danny “changing it up” a little. All his albums have been different. I like, and support his creativity. 🙂

  3. Chasing has to be one of the best songs I have ever heard. Danny never disappoints with his music because it comes from his heart and his love of Jesus. I will forever be a fan of Danny’s.

  4. Hi Jennifer! So good to see you here. Will you be at the Casting Crowns concert in your area? — Jan

    PS. From now on your comments will appear immediately on posting. I had to approve only the 1st one. 🙂

  5. It is a great song “rise” very touching and inspirational!! You do such a great job!! Love all of your music and you really show it from the heart!!!

  6. That’s wonderful. I love Danny’s new album. I love the diversity. This is by far his best album, yet. 😊

  7. Hi Tracy! Thanks for coming by to comment. We love Danny’s music, too!

    Since I’ve approved your first comment, there will be no wait on future ones appearing.

  8. Yes Jan, I will be going to the concert in South Barrington. I cannot wait to hear the new music live!

  9. I’m looking forward to it, too, Jennifer! I have heard “If You Ain’t In It”, “Rise” and “Better Than I Found It” in fall of 2016. But excited about the rest of the album.

    Have a great time and come back and tell us your favorites, ok? 🙂

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