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  1. I’m warming up to the idea of “Chasing” as a single, but I don’t know when — single #2 or single #3? I like that Jordin gets a fair amount of airtime in the duet. In some duets, they really under-emphasize the other singer, sometimes through the production or in other ways. Two songs that come to mind are the Chris Young/Cassadee Pope duet “Think of You” and the Dierks Bentley/Elle KIng duet “It’s Different for Girls.” I felt like both female singers got drowned out, to the detriment of the song. No so with “Chasing.”

  2. I don’t recall the trend but could RISE single sales take a temporary mild slide while the album is selling? I’ve never been too clear if the album track of a single counts as a single sale as well as part of the album sale.

  3. I think Team Danny’s big push to get 1st week sales has exhausted current demand… both the album and the single have slid on iTunes and on Billboard charts.

    Current radio spins level and lack of touring has not helped inctease the demand.

    I think it will climb again once Danny is on the CC tour 🙂

    Also, getting Rise to #1 will definitely help!

  4. I’m a bad fan. I just bought the album. I don’t see the point of buying a single when I know I’m going to buy the album. What can I say? 🤷

  5. On itunes, I cannot buy both a single and the album (last time I tried). If I buy the single first, it becomes a part of the completed album later. If I buy the album first and then try to buy a single, I get a message that I have already bought it but I can download it again.

    When I first learned to use itunes (for MBD), I could buy singles and album both as many times as I tried. The message I got then was I had already bought it. Did I want to buy it again? Now, I am given no option to buy again.

    I’m not sure, but I think I read something that buying more than once was changed because of using sales as votes on one of the singing shows?

    As far as I know now, the only way to buy (on itunes) more than one time is for a gift.

    One time I started to say, “Everything I don’t know could fill a book.” I caught myself before I said it out loud. I realized it was not what I was trying to express. That wording would mean I know so much that it would only take one book to list what I didn’t know. What I meant was the amount I don’t know is infinite.

    That last part is related to itunes because I don’t know much about how it works.

  6. “ACCESS 360 ‏@a360radio 34m34 minutes ago
    Happy to add @dannygokey to Access 360 power rotation! This marks our first christian cross-over hit, #nowairing http://www.kusadb.com

  7. It seems that RISE could make #1 on mediabase, it was #2 I think today if I was looking at the right chart?

  8. Hi Admin2. It is #2 for the 2nd week in a row on Christian National Airplay, but it is the biggest gainer. I thought it had a chance to be #1 this week. But Zach’s song must have held on. We’ll see how close it got when we see the detailed chart tomorrow afternoon. 🙂

    I’m going to guess it hung on to #1 on the CAC Indicator Chart. But I won’t know that until tomorrow, either.

  9. It went UP to #6 (8) on Hot Christian Songs
    It dropped to #25 (9) on the Independent Album chart
    to 18 (3) on the Christian Album chart
    to 23 (14) on Christian Digital Song Sales

  10. I can’t see the cover without getting a flash player or something. I’ve already forgotten the message that popped up.

    The Sam Cooke song I linked–I don’t know much about geography, etc.–must be very old because of the part about slide rules–“I don’t know what a slide rule is for.” I don’t know that either. I know they were used for math, but I think they are obsolete now.

    Maybe I’ll do a search. I like that finding information is easy. If I want to find out about something, I can usually find it.

    Which disappeared first? Slide rules or encyclopedias? Maybe some people still use them?

    I still use a dictionary sometimes because I have one I like a lot.

  11. Jan, I responded to your post at MJs. Didn’t want to say too much. Don’t want to wake the sleeping tiger.

  12. Lurker, I have a very, very vague recollection of slide rulers. I don’t think I ever used. I just knew they existed.

  13. Lurker, you know more about iTunes than I do! I hate iTunes; it totally frustrates me. I do remember buying multiple copies of certain of Danny’s songs or videos on iTunes and/or Amazon, and then sending them to some of Danny’s international fans who could not buy the stuff where they lived. I used sendspace or megaupload to get it to them. Basically, you upload the file and the recipient gets a link that then allows them to download the file. I learned a lot of techie stuff because of Danny and his fans. Thanks to LuLu in China, I learned how to use Windows Movie Maker to edit my videos. (I don’t think the software exists anymore. I think Windows did away with it.)

  14. Ok, I will now confess that I must be ancient…

    I did own a slide ruler. In fact i think i may still have it in my desk…I used it in my trigonometry class. And I own a set of encyclopedias that still reside in the cabinet next to our kitchen table. We did not have the internet when our kids were growing up (until they were in high school) and we used the encyclopedias all the time (instead of Google…) when they had a question that needed answering. In fact, I used one this week to show Ed a map since he refuses to look at Google maps on my phone.

    I believe slide rulers went out when math calculators became cheap. It’s been a long time since I had to use a math calculator. And even longer since I used a slide rule. I was really good at math back “in the day”. I wanted to be an engineer, but instead I became an accountant. It was an easier path for me. I took advance math and science classes in high school. But also two years of high school bookkeeping. It came so easy to me that I was able to skip my entry accounting classes in college.

    I took bookkeeping because I refused to take shorthand with so many of the girls in my school. Anyone know it, still use it?

    By the way, Movie Maker is on my computer. I use it for my videos.

  15. “I took advance math and science classes in high school.”
    You are not ancient. You were precocious ( unusually advanced or mature in development, especially mental development).

    I remember students talking about slide rules when I was in high school. I wasn’t one of them. I did not do well in math then. I was afraid of it. English was easy for me. Math wasn’t.

    I did not start studying math until long after graduating college and teaching several years (language arts, elementary school).

    My not doing well in math always bothered me. I felt dumb. I decided to take a college algebra class at a junior college near me. I thought if I could pass it, that I might get over the feeling of being stupid.

    I had to work really hard. I didn’t know simple things including fractions, percents, decimals, addition with negative signs, etc. I felt all through the class that I was failing. I ended up making an A. The teacher curved the grades. I didn’t know they did that.

    I still felt dumb. The A did not mean I knew very much. So studying math became a hobby. I took another class and another and another…

    After my husband died, I did not want to return to the building where I had been teaching. I checked into changing to math to see what I needed for certification. It turned out I needed only to pay a fee ($10, I think). I had taken so many math classes that I did not need more for certification (although I took more anyway).

    So my studying math was later than yours.

  16. What an accomplishment, Lurker. I have felt the same way about math all my life. I’m very sorry to hear about your loss. ♥

    My father taught bookkeeping, typing, and shorthand at our high school. I remember a little of the shorthand. Typing came easy for me, and was fun. Bookkeeping.. I never took. Numbers scare me. I wished I had the courage to learn more. I have just built the wall too high. Happy my kids all did well in math. Didn’t learn it from me. 🙁

  17. I remember using a compass and protractor for geometry class, but not a slide ruler.

    And I’m probably giving away something here, but Texas Instruments came out with a calculator while I was in high school. I remember because our chemistry teacher told us (before the winter break) that she would allow students to use calculators when they took their tests. And they would get the same amount of time to complete the tests as those of us who had to do all the math calculations (I remember lots of multiplication) by hand.

    I was so ticked! We didn’t have a lot of money and my parents couldn’t afford one. They were in the $60 – $100 price range, which was a lot of money back then. So I saved up all my Christmas and birthday money and bought a TI calculator for $65 — money that otherwise would have gone toward my college fund. Then, when classes started again, our chemistry teacher told us that she had changed her mind and would not let us use calculators after all because it wouldn’t be fair to students who didn’t have them! Well, duh! *fume*

  18. I had a TI calculator, too, Ellen. But I started out with the slide rule. I think it was a hand-me-down from my brother. (Who is an architect).

    Being comfortable with numbers, and that accounting degree, it really helped my career in our state’s Department of Natural Resources. I was the only accountant among all kinds of biologists, engineers and research scientists. No one wanted my job, (who wants to be the budget manager and do all that reporting?) but I got exposure to fascinating things occuring in our natural world.

    Here’s something I have rarely shared. In high school we were graded on a curve in the advance math classes. I and a male student would commonly set the top of the curve by our scores on the tests. (We really only competed with each other for top score.) Some of the other guys (there weren’t other girls in my class) nicknamed me “the computer”. I didn’t know if I should be flattered or insulted. Back then, computers filled a room….. 😉

  19. Cindy3, you are not alone. I did fine with basic arithmetic — addition, subtraction, multiplication, long division, decimals, fractions, percents, square roots. But I didn’t see the point of algebra (although my algebra I teacher was remarkable — very patient and kind). I loved geometry; it made me think of law, with all the proofs and such.

    Anyway, we had more flexibility in choosing subjects my last year in high school. I decided not to take physics because I’d heard there was a lot of math involved. Instead, I took math (!) I took trigonometry and probability and statistics. The teacher was horrible (I probably would have been better off with physics). I think I managed trigonometry okay, but I was terrible at probability and statistics. That was because all of the problems involved card games and gambling. What is the probability of a flush? Well, you first need to know what a flush is and how many cards there are in a deck. I can never remember if it is 52 or 54!

    Ironically, in college, I took extra science classes to avoid math (the classes were designed for non-science majors). One class I took was Genetics of Man, which (again ironically) involved probability and statistics. I had NO problem whatsoever with the math, because it made a lot more sense to me to ask, “What is the probability of having a child with blue eyes?” or “What is the probability that a child will have Tay-Sachs disease?” than “What is the probability of a flush?”

  20. Okay, that was supposed to be “more flexibility” . . .

    ——-and now it is! 🙂 Jan

  21. Yes, we are Cindy. That’s one thing that stood out to me when I first came to Iheartdannygokey.com, how smart we all are! 😉

    Glad to see we are sticking together. Cindy, that’s interesting that your dad taught bookkeeping, but you never took it. I can understand that. One of my best friend’s father’s taught Political Science. It was a required class. She did not want to take her dad’s class….

    Lurker, I am so sorry about you losing your husband. It sounds like a really rough period for you. Interesting that math was one of the ways through it.

  22. Yes, it was wonderful and weird to discover that so many ardent Danny fans from his beginnings on Idol were professional women of a certain age. I remember “meeting” so many Danny fans at iheartDG. And then took the plunge and started meeting them at concerts, and then, later, at Summerfest II and the cruises. It kinda all runs together at this point. But I think Toni may have been the first Dannyfan I met? And then maybe Darla?

    I’m very cautious and risk-adverse, so it was quite a thing for me to be meeting people in real life that I only knew from the Internet . . . On the other hand, if someone posts regularly and is pretending to be someone who they are not, it is very difficult for that person to stay “in character” consistently. Remember the teen who tried to pose as a victim of domestic violence? On the other hand, I remember someone else who seemed to have a very controlling husband. I worried about her.

  23. Lurker, you have my condolences on the loss of your husband. It sounds like that might have been a while ago, but those losses always leave a permanent gap in our hearts.

  24. AND . . . meant to say thank you, Jan, for fixing my typo. I hate when that happens! (Umm, I mean I hate when I make a typo, not when you fix it! Arghh!)

  25. I remember some of those posts, Ellen.

    I did love having my father for a teacher. I think I mentioned it before.. the hardest time about having my father was to remember to roll my skirt down when I went to his class. After class, the skirt rolled back up. Mini skirts.. 😉

  26. I definitely remember rolling my waist band to make my skirt shorter. I still have nice legs, but I don’t need any extra fabric around my middle, LOL.

    My daughter thought I was so nuts to go to a gathering of Danny fans at Pam’s house (it was November of 2009 and he was going to be the honoree and parade marshal) that she insisted on going along to protect me! I met Darla, Lori, Pam, Toni, Michelle and many more. One or 2 of the (unnamed) fans turned out to be a bit nuts… but heh, not bad %, right?

    I still cherish the picture of my daughter hugging Danny. (Not sure why she did it, she still isn’t a fan. I still get the eye rolls…) We all did. He lined us all up and hugged everyone in line at the Meet and Greet ♡.

  27. “Yes, we are Cindy. That’s one thing that stood out to me … how smart we all are! 😉”

    And kind too. <3

  28. Whoa! If Danny came out of the gate saying those kind of things would he had made any impact on Christian radio? How about her statement about her friends’ views of her in Christian music? Seeing herself on the Grammy stage? (Altho, didn’t he once have that he wanted to win a Grammy in his twitter bio?!?…)

    But i also see similarities in their views of who they want to reach?

    Thanks for bringin it over, Ellen. I had read the Kelly Clarkson album.

  29. If you’re talking about Lauren, Lurker, she’s 25. Does anyone from her generation, like, not use the work “like” one or more times, like, in every sentence? 😕 😮 😛

  30. I was curious how Danny’s album sales (ranking) stacked up against Laura Alaina from Season 10. It’s only her second album (actually an EP) and it it placed #31 on the Billboard 200 (Danny’s was #32 for his release week). But it was down to #18 on the Top Album Sales (Danny’s was #9). She is doing a bit better on streaming, but for such a large genre, it’s tough on Idol alumni. I read that it’s been 6 years since her 1st (last) album. Ouch! And we thought WE had a long wait. They must have really pushed her first album out fast! 2011? Danny’s 1st came out in March of 2010.

    I’ve been meaning to listen to her on iTunes or Spotify. Just haven’t gotten there, yet.

  31. Jan, Lauren Alaina had put out an EP in 2015, but what is out now, in 2016, is a full CD. (Four of the five songs from the EP are on the CD.) It has been a long time between albums for Lauren (6 years, as you said). They did throw out one or two songs some years ago, after her first album, but the songs never went anywhere. It is nothing short of amazing that Lauren did not lose her record deal (as Scotty McCreery did). I wonder if someone at the label actually had a heart? Lauren was battling an eating disorder (bulimia) in the intervening time. Also, she was so young, the label may have thought it was worth giving her time to grow up.

    Personally, I bought the album and like it. I have no problem with the 6 year wait, because she used the time to get healthy. It made a lot of sense for her to concentrate on her health, then come back when she was strong enough to weather the rigors of a music career.

  32. I’m still interested in hearing which songs from Danny’s new CD people like and WHY. And also, which songs they think could work as singles (and in what order), and WHY. I should start the ball rolling, but I’m too tired tonight . . . (Worked late last night to make a deadline, then had to get up extra early this morning for a seminar.)

  33. Thanks for the better info on Lauren, Ellen. I obviously didn’t do my homework. I do know that Lauren was one of Iheartradio’s “On the Verge” artists for her lead single, The Road Less Traveled. I hear it all the time on Bobby Bones Morning Show. Yes, I still listen to country music. I really like his show.

  34. Hmmmmm….. I don’t like seeing Danny’s new spins under a 100. He needs the push to make it up to Zach Williams:


    lw TW Artist Title TW lw Move Aud
    1 1 ZACH WILLIAMS Chain Breaker 2043 2056 -13 11.099
    4 2 DANNY GOKEY Rise 1763 1674 89 9.759
    3 3 CASTING CROWNS One Step Away 1670 1706 -36 7.303
    2 4 CHRIS TOMLIN Jesus 1654 1710 -56 7.687
    5 5 Up this week NATALIE GRANT King Of The World 1572 1534 38 9.421
    9 6 Up this week WE ARE MESSENGERS Magnify 1440 1381 59 8.588

    Also, the 3rd week of sales was a bit of a drop on RISE. But it looks like lots of artists are struggling. Except Lauren. These are for 1 album, each, but the picture doesn’t copy.

    LAUREN DAIGLE 5,558 550,650
    ELLIE HOLCOMB 5,325 5,325
    ZACH WILLIAMS 3,220 7,555
    VARIOUS ARTIST 2,998 133,047
    DANNY GOKEY 1,553 16,038
    CASTING CROWN1,294 123,227
    OBB 1,268 12,212
    CROWDER 1,127 57,686
    JEREMY CAMP 1,039 208,541
    CHRIS TOMLIN 900 556,129

    on the rock chart:
    TOBYMAC 2,958 278,921
    SKILLET 1,793 161,277
    NEEDTOBREATHE 1,021 107,130
    COLTON DIXON 575 92,361

    Is Zach’s album out only two weeks? First week sales for Ellie Holcomb? Also, Colton’s album was released in August of 2014, two months after HIFOM.

  35. ATLANTA—The Winter Jam 2017 Tour Spectacular made history Saturday as the final concert in Atlanta’s Georgia Dome. The venue, which will close later this year, played host to more than 27,000 people for Winter Jam, marking one of the tour’s biggest nights ever. Saturday’s concert featured Winter Jam’s all-star lineup along with special appearances from “American Idol” alum Danny Gokey; hip/hop recording artist Tedashii; “Duck Dynasty” stars Korie, John Luke and Mary Kate Robertson; Atlanta Braves great Otis Nixon; and Chris Conley, Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver and former University of Georgia standout.

  36. Danny’s digital album is on sale. #16 on Christian iTunes.

    I see that Hollyn has released as a CCM artist with a new album as a “pop-dance crossover”. It’s not on the Christian album chart. Currently #12 overall on iTunes.

  37. I wish Danny’s album promotion had had just a little bit more push such as a video that went to itunes, not just to youtube. Or tour dates starting earlier.

  38. He really did give the big push the week of the album release…. i’m really impressed with that.

    And he even picked up two Winter Jam dates before the Casting Crown shows… but it has been a little quieter than i’d prefer these last weeks before the CC Tour.

    I wonder if he will be signing after the shows? I saw they added an intermission Meet and Greet option on praisemusic.com. Which gives me the impression he won’t sign after the shows.

    I think signing increases merchandise sales. But some tours do not accommodate signing. Danny did go out to his merchandise booth after the Roadshow concerts (most times) and almost all his own shows.

    I am going to guess he won’t come out after the show at the Milwaukee Theater of the CC Tour. Purely a guess.

    I guess we will see in a week when the tour gets underway. 🙂

    (They may allow him sign but not allow pictures.)

  39. Rise (album) #16
    HIFOM (album) #57

    Rise (single) #14
    TYHTBA #20
    HIFOM (single) #112
    MTYTIA #176

    Hmmm… do you think people look at the album on sale and then decide to buy TYHTBA (too?)

  40. So.. Danny is in Times Square Saturday evening? I see from his Instagram Story he toured the Giants Stadium/ Quest Center today…. and talked about the Packers 😉

    I wonder why he is in NY. At first I thought he might be having a Valentine’s weekend with Leyicet before the tour begins…but no way would she tour a football stadium. Unless he was killing time while she was laying down (pregnancy wears a woman out.)

    The guy he ran into at the hotel mentioned the Michael W Smith show tonight at Carnegie Hall. But these pieces don’t add up yet.. My guess is that there is a conference at the Quest Center….


  41. “But these pieces don’t add up yet.”

    You are such a good little detective, Jan. May have missed your calling! 😛

  42. Thanks, Ellen. But of course it will bother me until I figure it out 😉

    We’ve been low on news, but I see our FBook page needs freshening. I will be posting the new discussion page so I have something to link. I find that late Sunday afternoons, people like to catch up on Facebook…. (although it’s early afternoon on the West Coast.

  43. Well, Danny & Leyicet just instagram’d from the balcony of Carnegie Hall. Watching Michael W Smith.

    So I had that part right. I wonder of he has a work reason for being in NYC on Monday? Or just enjoying a special Valentine’s weekend. 🙂

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