Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 1/30/17 – 2/12/17


New Danny Gokey music!!!


Have you changed your favorites?  You can vote again if its been a week since your last vote!

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132 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 1/30/17 – 2/12/17

  1. I’m still interested in hearing which songs from Danny’s new CD people like and WHY. And also, which songs they think could work as singles (and in what order), and WHY. I should start the ball rolling, but I’m too tired tonight . . . (Worked late last night to make a deadline, then had to get up extra early this morning for a seminar.)


  2. Thanks for the better info on Lauren, Ellen. I obviously didn’t do my homework. I do know that Lauren was one of Iheartradio’s “On the Verge” artists for her lead single, The Road Less Traveled. I hear it all the time on Bobby Bones Morning Show. Yes, I still listen to country music. I really like his show.


  3. Hmmmmm….. I don’t like seeing Danny’s new spins under a 100. He needs the push to make it up to Zach Williams:


    lw TW Artist Title TW lw Move Aud
    1 1 ZACH WILLIAMS Chain Breaker 2043 2056 -13 11.099
    4 2 DANNY GOKEY Rise 1763 1674 89 9.759
    3 3 CASTING CROWNS One Step Away 1670 1706 -36 7.303
    2 4 CHRIS TOMLIN Jesus 1654 1710 -56 7.687
    5 5 Up this week NATALIE GRANT King Of The World 1572 1534 38 9.421
    9 6 Up this week WE ARE MESSENGERS Magnify 1440 1381 59 8.588

    Also, the 3rd week of sales was a bit of a drop on RISE. But it looks like lots of artists are struggling. Except Lauren. These are for 1 album, each, but the picture doesn’t copy.

    LAUREN DAIGLE 5,558 550,650
    ELLIE HOLCOMB 5,325 5,325
    ZACH WILLIAMS 3,220 7,555
    VARIOUS ARTIST 2,998 133,047
    DANNY GOKEY 1,553 16,038
    CASTING CROWN1,294 123,227
    OBB 1,268 12,212
    CROWDER 1,127 57,686
    JEREMY CAMP 1,039 208,541
    CHRIS TOMLIN 900 556,129

    on the rock chart:
    TOBYMAC 2,958 278,921
    SKILLET 1,793 161,277
    NEEDTOBREATHE 1,021 107,130
    COLTON DIXON 575 92,361

    Is Zach’s album out only two weeks? First week sales for Ellie Holcomb? Also, Colton’s album was released in August of 2014, two months after HIFOM.


  4. ATLANTA—The Winter Jam 2017 Tour Spectacular made history Saturday as the final concert in Atlanta’s Georgia Dome. The venue, which will close later this year, played host to more than 27,000 people for Winter Jam, marking one of the tour’s biggest nights ever. Saturday’s concert featured Winter Jam’s all-star lineup along with special appearances from “American Idol” alum Danny Gokey; hip/hop recording artist Tedashii; “Duck Dynasty” stars Korie, John Luke and Mary Kate Robertson; Atlanta Braves great Otis Nixon; and Chris Conley, Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver and former University of Georgia standout.


  5. Danny’s digital album is on sale. #16 on Christian iTunes.

    I see that Hollyn has released as a CCM artist with a new album as a “pop-dance crossover”. It’s not on the Christian album chart. Currently #12 overall on iTunes.


  6. I wish Danny’s album promotion had had just a little bit more push such as a video that went to itunes, not just to youtube. Or tour dates starting earlier.


  7. He really did give the big push the week of the album release…. i’m really impressed with that.

    And he even picked up two Winter Jam dates before the Casting Crown shows… but it has been a little quieter than i’d prefer these last weeks before the CC Tour.

    I wonder if he will be signing after the shows? I saw they added an intermission Meet and Greet option on praisemusic.com. Which gives me the impression he won’t sign after the shows.

    I think signing increases merchandise sales. But some tours do not accommodate signing. Danny did go out to his merchandise booth after the Roadshow concerts (most times) and almost all his own shows.

    I am going to guess he won’t come out after the show at the Milwaukee Theater of the CC Tour. Purely a guess.

    I guess we will see in a week when the tour gets underway. 🙂

    (They may allow him sign but not allow pictures.)


  8. Rise (album) #16
    HIFOM (album) #57

    Rise (single) #14
    TYHTBA #20
    HIFOM (single) #112
    MTYTIA #176

    Hmmm… do you think people look at the album on sale and then decide to buy TYHTBA (too?)


  9. So.. Danny is in Times Square Saturday evening? I see from his Instagram Story he toured the Giants Stadium/ Quest Center today…. and talked about the Packers 😉

    I wonder why he is in NY. At first I thought he might be having a Valentine’s weekend with Leyicet before the tour begins…but no way would she tour a football stadium. Unless he was killing time while she was laying down (pregnancy wears a woman out.)

    The guy he ran into at the hotel mentioned the Michael W Smith show tonight at Carnegie Hall. But these pieces don’t add up yet.. My guess is that there is a conference at the Quest Center….


  10. Thanks, Ellen. But of course it will bother me until I figure it out 😉

    We’ve been low on news, but I see our FBook page needs freshening. I will be posting the new discussion page so I have something to link. I find that late Sunday afternoons, people like to catch up on Facebook…. (although it’s early afternoon on the West Coast.


  11. Well, Danny & Leyicet just instagram’d from the balcony of Carnegie Hall. Watching Michael W Smith.

    So I had that part right. I wonder of he has a work reason for being in NYC on Monday? Or just enjoying a special Valentine’s weekend. 🙂


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