Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 2/13- 2/26/17


Danny Gokey’s new album, RISE, is on sale!

Are you going to see Danny on tour?

Check his concert dates HERE!

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Our thanks to Michael Crute of Intent Photography for the use of this photo.

171 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 2/13- 2/26/17

  1. I don’t like “anyways” OR “listen!” OR “me and my wife.” (As opposed to “my wife and I.”) I cringe and more on. They are part of Danny and I’m not going to change him so I just have to suck it up.


  2. Admin2, Billboard included the typo, so I can’t blame Danny for that one! I usually think affect = noun and effect = verb. At least that’s how I remember it.


  3. Usually I think of “affect” as the verb and “effect” as the noun in most common applications. Though “affect” can be a noun as in a psychiatry sense, and there are uses of “effect” as a verb like “effecting change.”

    Neither of which to me fit that Billboard article quote, where it just looked like lazy editing by someone.


  4. Hmm – I think ellen b is right, the smileys Jan was experimenting with do not work for regular comment posts.

    They seem to have worked for Jan and me because we were logged in as admin accounts. When I logged in under a different identity as a regular poster, it no longer worked for me.


  5. Oh, bummer. Sorry guys. I was just trying to provide a resource for others to use. I do like this one:

    BTW, I think Danny probably said “affect” so that’s why they printed it wrong


  6. The definitions I use for affect and effect are shown below. (Affect is usually used as a verb, and effect as a noun, though as Admin2 points out, both words can be used as verbs and nouns.)

    affect–influence (Common use)
    effect–cause to happen or bring about. Example: We will effect these changes. (We won’t just influence something. We will make something happen.) (Rare use)

    affect–show of emotion (Rare use)
    effect–result (Common use)

    (I sometimes miss the tools for italics, etc.)


  7. Whoops! I think I got that backwards, Admin2. Affect = verb; effect = noun. But yeah, my point is that asking whether the word is being used as a verb or a noun helps to determine correct usage. Thanks for correcting me so kindly and tactfully, Admin2! I wouldn’t want to be responsible for other people getting these two words mixed up! And sorry Jan, but Billboard does not get a pass from me.

    (P.S.) Since we can’t use the new smileys, can one of the admins bring over the singing smiley? He reminds me of Danny.

    (P.S.S.) And yes, you are correct, Admin2, that “affect” can be used as a noun in psychological terms: “The client displayed a flat affect.” “The subject’s affect was labile.”


  8. “It feels like the song has become a reminder that yesterday’s disappointments don’t have to affect today.”

    Is this the sentence being discussed? I don’t see the mistake with the use of affect–if the meaning is “yesterday’s disappointments don’t have to influence (what is happening) today.”


  9. Lurker, yes, that is the sentence. Someone at Billboard.com seems to have changed the text since I commented on it this morning.


    Ellen, there are several singing smileys on that site Jan found. Which did you wish us to bring over?

    This guy is cute


  10. I redid this. I didn’t like the form I used. (It is the same thing, just differently organized.)

    affect (v.)–influence (Common use)
    affect (n.)–show of emotion (Rare use)

    effect (n.)–result (Common use)
    effect (v.)– bring about. Example: We will bring about these changes. (Rare use)


  11. I really enjoy hearing all of your opinions.

    I love RISE, but other than The Comeback, I just wasn’t sure in the beginning. Now, after listening to the CD many times, I’m really enjoying it. It’s different than what I had expected. Very different ( I think ) from HIFOM. I like the music arrangements. The CD sounds more “polished” to me. It really is the album I will go to when I just want to relax and enjoy. I think I said that before. 🙂 I’m glad Danny decided to mix it up. For me, it shows how much Danny is growing as an artist.

    Your last posts were funny, Jan. 🙂


  12. Oh my goodness!! After I posted I saw all the other posts!! I didn’t realize we were on our third page. Love the icons..


  13. There is one called “The Singer Smiley” among the top-rated smiley emoticons (4th row down, 3rd from the left). The smiley’s face moves from one side to the other, his eyes are closed, and there are musical notes over the top of his head, and a background of different-colored circles. That’s the one I’d like one of the admins to bring over. He just seems to be having a blast singing, and reminds me of Danny.


  14. Cindy3, I wasn’t sure what I thought of the “Rise” CD when I first listened to it. I definitely wasn’t expecting what we got. It took me at least two or three listens before I was sure I liked it. The album is much more cohesive in terms of musical flow and lyrics. It seems more balanced. Not that I want to give up my R&B and disco songs from “Hope In Front of Me”! But those songs, along with “Pretty Beautiful” (which I don’t like) are not Christian songs. So the CD felt more like a compilation — like Danny was saying, “Look at all the different kinds of music I can make!” And there were too many ballads/midtempo songs. Not that I’m complaining! I love HIFOM! But I think “Rise” is — to use your word — more polished.

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  15. My goodness! Its been awhile since I stayed up as late as last night.

    I really enjoyed all three bands. I knew at least 80% of the songs. I really think CC’s “Broken Together” is beautiful.

    I have some fun stuff for DGNews. An interview with Miguel (Danny’s guitarist) some pictures, and a pretty good story. I was unexpectedly invited back stage by Danny after the show. I almost missed the invite since I had my phone on silent…. Boy, would I ever have been disappointed to only see it after we drove away!

    The person on the right side is Hsing Liu. I worked for Hsing at Sophia’s Heart in Nashville. What a nice surprise to catch up with him, too.


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  16. Cindy3, you are way too modest! Your post was very clear (and more concise than mine, to boot). Please give yourself more credit! Seriously!


  17. The album is much more cohesive in terms of musical flow and lyrics. It seems more balanced. Not that I want to give up my R&B and disco songs from “Hope In Front of Me”!

    I think Danny infused more dance songs into “RISE” than he did with HIFOM, so I like it better. I like upbeat songs. I am pretty sure “Symptoms” was slotted to go on HIFOM, but it wasn’t done in time or the his management wanted to wait on it. It fits with Danny’s desire to have retro songs like Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” and Toby Mac’s “Feel It”.

    Danny definitely had the nights dance party started. Criticism: the save the really good lighting for CC. Danny doesn’t get the spotlights needed for really good photos. My camera loved CC’s lighting. Unspoken had it even worse as the opener…..


  18. Jan, “Broken Together” is a beautiful song. But “Just Be Held” has a special place in my heart. It always reminds me of a friend of mine. When people are strong, often others expect them to ALWAYS be strong, and that’s not something that’s sustainable. I love Casting Crown’s words:

    Hold it all together
    Everybody needs you strong
    But life hits you out of nowhere
    And barely leaves you holding on

    And when you’re tired of fighting
    Chained by your control
    There’s freedom in surrender
    Lay it down and let it go


  19. This is the song I loved. I didn’t know Casting Crowns sang it. It was written by lead singer, Mark Halls and Bernie Herms.

    I think some of Danny’s success in this genre is from EXCELLENT connections. Go Team Danny!

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  20. Those two songs are why I desperately wanted to attend this concert. What a two-fer! Danny and Casting Crowns! But the concert didn’t come near me, and the places where I would have traveled (Milwaukee & the New York State one) were scheduled for winter, with its iffy weather. (BTW, I also love “Waiting for the Night to Fall.”)


  21. Ellen, of course they sang that one, too! Beautiful.

    I love that Mark Hall is a wonderful storyteller. Ellen, maybe you can catch a MO, PA or TX show? I’d imagine we might have someone also going….

    Or you could save your travel money for a trip to MKE this Summer 🙂 #Summerfest


  22. Is Danny doing Summerfest? I doubt I can go. The daughter of a friend of mine is getting married on the East Coast around then. It’s on Long Island, so I’ll probably take a bus to PA afterwards to visit my sister. This year is going to very busy, vacation-wise. Some friends are going on an Alaskan cruise and have asked me to come, too, but I don’t have a partner or roommate, so it will be extremely expensive. But it’s on my bucket list, so I’m seriously considering it.


  23. I was also considering a trip to MO, but Springfield is the other end of the state, and most of the peeps I’d be visiting are in the St. Louis area. I wonder for far Carbondale, Illinois is from St. Louis, travel-wise? Might be closer than Springfield.


  24. Thank you, Ellen. By the way, don’t wait until later. Alaska is beautiful, and on a cruise.. breathtaking!! You’ll meet many wonderful people on the cruise. My niece lives in Alaska, and has enjoyed every minute raising her family. 🙂

    Lucky you, Jan. Sounds like a fun night.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have this tour broadcast on TV for all to see. Hopefully, one day my daughter and I will be able to see another one of Danny’s concerts. Hmmmm…. maybe, the Hollywood Bowl, or Greek Theater. 🙂


  25. Carbondale is 104 miles from St Louis. Definitely do-able, IMO… I-64 🙂

    If you like Christian music, Casting Crowns Tour with Danny is great.

    However, some fans that are just fans of Danny have expressed to me they liked Unspoken but not CC.


  26. “Digital Tour Bus‏@DigitalTourBus 2h2 hours ago
    Just finished up filming an episode of Bus Invaders with Danny Gokey (from American Idol)! “

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  27. Did you know that you can go into the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. Have you been, Ellen? It was so much fun. Sounds like you have a lot of things planned for your vacation time, Ellen. Hope you have a great time!!

    Feels (almost) like Spring. 🙂


  28. Thank you, Jan. I really enjoyed the photos and video. Very well done. If I can’t go to a concert this time.. watching this video was the next best thing. 🙂


  29. “6m6 minutes ago
    @dannygokey is one of my favorite Christian singers. This man has an amazing voice. Have seen in at Legacy Church, NM soon Dallas,TX. #rise”

    “13m13 minutes ago
    @dannygokey was outstanding! 💙 ”

    ” 26m26 minutes ago
    Danny Gokey is super rad.”

    ” 2h2 hours ago
    #TheVeryNextThingTour @dannygokey Wow! What a voice! Inspiring. Thank you.”

    ” 2h2 hours ago
    Danny Gokey is amazing.”

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