Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 2/13- 2/26/17


Danny Gokey’s new album, RISE, is on sale!

Are you going to see Danny on tour?

Check his concert dates HERE!

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Our thanks to Michael Crute of Intent Photography for the use of this photo.

171 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 2/13- 2/26/17

  1. Thank you, Ellen. By the way, don’t wait until later. Alaska is beautiful, and on a cruise.. breathtaking!! You’ll meet many wonderful people on the cruise. My niece lives in Alaska, and has enjoyed every minute raising her family. 🙂

    Lucky you, Jan. Sounds like a fun night.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have this tour broadcast on TV for all to see. Hopefully, one day my daughter and I will be able to see another one of Danny’s concerts. Hmmmm…. maybe, the Hollywood Bowl, or Greek Theater. 🙂

  2. Carbondale is 104 miles from St Louis. Definitely do-able, IMO… I-64 🙂

    If you like Christian music, Casting Crowns Tour with Danny is great.

    However, some fans that are just fans of Danny have expressed to me they liked Unspoken but not CC.

  3. “Digital Tour Bus‏@DigitalTourBus 2h2 hours ago
    Just finished up filming an episode of Bus Invaders with Danny Gokey (from American Idol)! “

  4. 104 miles is better than almost 220 to get to Springfield, MO from St. Louis . . . Hmm.

  5. Did you know that you can go into the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. Have you been, Ellen? It was so much fun. Sounds like you have a lot of things planned for your vacation time, Ellen. Hope you have a great time!!

    Feels (almost) like Spring. 🙂

  6. Thank you, Jan. I really enjoyed the photos and video. Very well done. If I can’t go to a concert this time.. watching this video was the next best thing. 🙂

  7. “6m6 minutes ago
    @dannygokey is one of my favorite Christian singers. This man has an amazing voice. Have seen in at Legacy Church, NM soon Dallas,TX. #rise”

    “13m13 minutes ago
    @dannygokey was outstanding! 💙 ”

    ” 26m26 minutes ago
    Danny Gokey is super rad.”

    ” 2h2 hours ago
    #TheVeryNextThingTour @dannygokey Wow! What a voice! Inspiring. Thank you.”

    ” 2h2 hours ago
    Danny Gokey is amazing.”

  8. Very sad to hear about Bill Paxton. I enjoyed his movies. In life… he seemed like a very nice man. From what I’ve read, he was. Too young.

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