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Danny Gokey’s new album, RISE, is on sale!

Are you going to see Danny on tour?

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171 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 2/13- 2/26/17

  1. In doing a little “Googling” I came across this article about radio visits:


    “Before attempting visits, it must be decided whether or not the artist has the people skills that are needed to make the connections; the music is not important at this point. When an unknown artist visits a station, he/she will be judged on personality alone; only then will the station care to hear any music performed by the artist.”

    I had heard that few country PDs (Texas?) were not impressed with Danny’s people skills when he came off Idol (probably made worse in that he was just another Idol wanna be star with no in the trenches experience in country music?)

    This probably explains why so many reality stars steer away from radio play after the 1st single or 2 doesn’t climb high enough:

    “The visits will probably need to be set up by your radio promoter… especially if the station is planning any promotions around the visit….. Target all stations in your format in markets 150 and smaller. The airfare and motel costs will be $30k to $50k for a few months of visits, not including, of course, money for the artist”

  2. And Lurker can tell me whether I have subject/verb agreement in the above sentence. I think “way” is singular, so it should be “makes” rather than “make.” But it can be confusing because of the intervening “industries are.”

  3. And as for the new post with the good news . . .
    Danny’s new #1 single: ✔️ 👍 🎯

  4. Ellen,
    Yes, you have used “way” correctly.
    If you put in ( ) mentally, it is easier to see the subject and verb. The whole way (the music and radio industries are set up) makes no sense to me . . .

    You are right, of course, not to have the parentheses. They don’t belong. It’s just a mental trick to isolate the subject.

    I never see any mistakes in your writing. I often see them in mine. Jan has come to my rescue many times. 🙂

  5. I don’t recall hearing about a people skills gap for Danny’s country radio tours. More that he may have lacked knowledge / not shown keen interest into country music history and particulars of the contemporary industry.

    I do remember reading articles about both David Nail and Gretchen Wilson who did radio tours and were found personally off-putting in different ways by the radio stations. David probably coming across as distant, Gretchen too brash – both of which could be taken as arrogant or disinterested? But they kept plugging, especially David’s team, to overcome it.

    Unfortunate that David lost his record label recently after his past couple of songs did not reach high on radio. It must be awkward for an seemingly rather shy performer like him to try competing with all the current male artists who are doing well on radio with their bro and/or semi-rap songs.

  6. I see Team Danny posting that Danny has hit #1 for RISE on both the Billboard and Mediabase charts, which is great. They list this as his “third” #1 single – after HIFOM and probably TYHTBA.

    dannygokey –
    Congrats to Danny for his 3rd #1 single!! Thanks to Radio, @hauserpromo, @MattIngle24, @joshlauritch @katiegreen for making it possible!- TD

  7. Admin2,
    Did we get the #1 we’ve been waiting for? The one that allows us to say, “Danny had another #1 on the radio.”

    There are so many charts. I get confused.

  8. I did hear of Texas stations not being impressed. Our Midwest direct style of speech may not have played well. I remember seeing Danny walk into the radio station in Madison on his first radio tour. He walked in with confidence and a bit of strut. Good in many ways, but could confidence be construed as arrogance?

    I am not saying he doesn’t have people skills, he does. But I think the radio team he has now probably helped him connect with the PDS and DJS and taught him a lot.

  9. Yes, I think so.

    The mediabase graphic was hard for me to read, below is today’s chart reading from here. I’m not sure if this technically is the weekly published chart, but from the numbers Danny looks good to hang on thru Saturday. Personally I think hitting #1 on any daily chart is worth bragging on regardless!

    The Billboard graphic seems to be the insider version of the weekly published chart that comes out a little later in the week. If TD has it, it should be solid and we all know Jan has her sources 😉

    rLW rTW Artist Title TW LW Move Aud
    2 1 DANNY GOKEY Rise 2334 2313 21 12.193
    1 2 ZACH WILLIAMS Chain Breaker 2352 2424 -72 11.804
    4 3 TOBYMAC Love Broke Thru 2047 1848 199 11.710
    3 4 NATALIE GRANT King Of The World 1801 1891 -90 9.677
    6 5 LAUREN DAIGLE Come Alive (Dry Bones) 1548 1458 90 9.272

  10. It may have been Danny’s whole persona with some of the stations vs. whether he was personable enough, idk. By any account he was atypical of the usual country boy singer in look, accent/way of talking, etc.

    I’m not sure Danny started out with much more music expertise in Christian (CCM) music & history than he had in country, but he had the history in church music to build from, and maybe the CCM PDs aren’t quite as fussy as country.

  11. Thank you for all the information. 🙂

    Danny can sing lots of different styles of music. I’m not sure he was comfortable in the “country” world like he is in the “Christian” world. If he was meant to wear a cowboy hat and boots, maybe that wasn’t his style. I think his team now have done a great job in helping, and representing him. After Idol didn’t Danny say he didn’t want to be only a Christian singer, but sing a variety of songs. People thought that was his genre, but I think he might have wanted to prove them wrong when he signed with a country label. Plus, it was a country label that was interested, right? He took what was offered. I don’t think he was embraced like he is now.

    Wasn’t Scott McCreery just released from his label?

    Lurker, I won’t be offended if you correct any of my posts. Any help in improving my writing I appreciate. I’m not too old to learn the correct way. 🙂

  12. Yes, Scotty McCreery lost his post-AI contract which seems to be more the norm than otherwise. The AI grads at least often seem to see some success with their first projects, vs. finalists on other shows like The Voice where it’s less common. And I’m afraid a lot of the new country acts get dropped or shelved pretty fast if they don’t have a breakthrough after a first single or two; may never see an album or EP published by their label. I don’t know how that works in CCM, perhaps the Christian market is much more patient in breaking new acts.

    Some of Scotty’s followers I’ve seen posting at another board have been speculating he will have a new deal to announce for 2017. Not sure it’s been revealed yet if that’s the case.

  13. Thank you, ADMIN2. Scotty seems to be very popular. I was surprised to read he was released.

  14. I think Ellen asked for more info on the radio charts. I think different stations are identified as a type of Christian music and then the monitors (Mediabase or BDS) a certain number of the stations:

    Published Christian AC Chart – This chart consists of the weekly total spins on selected monitored stations in the Christian AC format. The data is compiled from a 7-Day cycle beginning Sunday and ending Saturday. Published weekly in USA Today.

    Published Audience Chart – This chart consists of the weekly total audience numbers, provided by Nielsen data,
    on selected monitored stations including all Christian formats. The data is compiled from a 7-Day cycle beginning Sunday and ending Saturday.

    Activator Charts – These format-specific charts consist of the total weekly spins on both monitored and non-monitored (reported airplay) stations. Activator charts are available in the Christian AC, Christian Hot AC, Christian Rock, and Christian Soft AC formats. The data is compiled from a 7-Day cycle beginning Sunday and ending Saturday.

  15. Re Danny’s visits to country radio stations . . . I heard that one problem (especially in Texas) was that Danny didn’t get the jokes of the PDs and DJs. And talking a mile a minute possibly might not have gone well in the deep south.

    Danny definitely has people skills. But it seems to be context-dependent. He does better in some settings than in others. I definitely think that Danny managed to pull a strong team together and that they taught him a lot. I know we were bemoaning that in-between period after Danny lost his country label and before we knew where (if anywhere) Danny was going with his music career, but IMO it was time well-spent.

  16. Jan, I got in a few licks for Danny over at MJs, in yesterday’s headline thread, in the context of a discussion about Jordin Sparks.

  17. Ellen, it was you that asked for chart clarification, wasn’t it? Sorry it didn’t clarify….

    I could imagine our fast-talking, Milwaukee accented, metrosexual styled American Idol alum walking into a Dallas radio station. I bet they didn’t see too many of those kind of country stars…

    And without Texas, and some of the other big country radio players, RCA gave up on our guy.

    Fortunately, the Christian Texas stations just love Danny. And his team is making a big difference.

    “Metrosexual definition: a heterosexual, usually urban male who pays much attention to his personal appearance and cultivates an upscale lifestyle, given to enhancing his personal appearance by fastidious grooming” Sound like anyone we know?

  18. Ellen, its a tough crowd over there, but I really do see progress. Danny being in his “proper genre” seems to simmer them down. But many of their regulars don’t like professions of faith, do they?

    Nice job on your responses.

  19. itunes

    Rise: 13
    TYHTBA: #21
    HIFOM: #108
    MTYTIA: #156

    RISE: #13
    HIFOM: #29

  20. Albums at Amazon:

    Average Customer Review: 4.7 out of 5 stars See all reviews (34 customer reviews)
    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #292 in Music (See Top 100 in Music)
    #3 in Music > Gospel
    #15 in Music > Christian
    #282 in Music > Pop

    Average Customer Review: 4.8 out of 5 stars See all reviews (415 customer reviews)
    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #396 in Music (See Top 100 in Music)
    #4 in Music > Gospel
    #12 in Music > Christian > Pop & Contemporary
    #380 in Music > Pop

  21. Masterpiece was not a favorite of mine from the new album. The new acoustic version is nice.

  22. “Masterpiece was not a favorite of mine from the new album.”

    I felt the same way. The new version–the voice and music–is beautiful, but I still don’t care for the lyrics. (Danny probably has a large audience that does particularly like the lyrics.)

    One of the things I liked about the Spanish album is that I could enjoy all the songs. It didn’t matter if I liked the lyrics on any of them since I didn’t understand them. I hope RISE will also be done in Spanish. Then I can more fully enjoy the sounds I hear without thinking about the words.

    The best combination, in my opinion, is when the sounds and the words are both what I like.

    That is one of the reasons I think TYHTBA did so well. Many people responded not just to the sound of the song, but it seems they also felt that the lyrics were special.

  23. Okay, make me three. “Masterpiece” is my least favorite song on the CD, even as I recognize that there are aspects of the song that could sound good on the radio as a single. But my gut is still telling me no. Partly, I think the lyrics may not resonate as much (too “I” focused, maybe?), even though the theme is similar to “Rise.” I think Lurker’s reaction won’t be unique. Then, too, I think the chorus sounds too old-fashioned. (Although I love the verses, lyrics aside.) I just have a feeling that “Masterpiece” could be somewhat polarizing.

  24. For what is is worth . . .

    So my friend from PA, who I dragged with me to a Sugarland concert to see Danny way back when, bought Danny’s new CD all on her own. I hadn’t even mentioned that he had a new CD out! She isn’t a Danny fan per se, so I was interested in what songs she liked. In no particular order, she mentioned liking “Rise,” “Better Than I Found It,” “Chasing,” and “What Love Can Do.” The interesting thing is she specifically mentioned not liking “Masterpiece,” although she added, “Maybe I’ll like it after I’ve listened to it more.”

    Her favorite song from Danny’s first album was “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again,” so she was in good company there.

    (This is the friend who got to meet Toni. I also did the SH M&Gs, so she got to meet Danny, too. She was impressed with how approachable and down-to-earth he was.)

  25. I’m very, very curious about which songs will be singles from this album. I’m hoping they’ll take a risk on one of the higher-energy, danceable tunes, although maybe not for the second single.

    Also, isn’t it likely that the new single (after “Rise” peaks) would be one of the songs that Danny is singing on the Casting Crown tour? Doesn’t that narrow down the field some? Thoughts?

  26. Ellen,
    I think Chasing might do well for the second single. It’s pretty, plus it would have two fan bases to buy it.
    One of my favorites is What Love Can Do. Another is Never Be the Same. There are other favorites as well.
    Some I don’t like (that Danny does seem to like) are Better Than I found It and Masterpiece. I hope neither is the next single. However, either one might be chosen (and might sell a lot, completely unaffected by my not liking them).
    Something I don’t like about BTIFI (besides the pompous thing–which maybe is a thing for only me) is the title. The title is confusing. It could as well have been: Leave the World a Better Place or Be a Light or I Just Wanna Be a Light.

  27. It was more the vocals on Masterpiece that I disliked when I first heard the album :O Not the lyrics per se although I could guess why some might have questions there. To me, the vocals sounded over-strained, choppy, and heavy-handed in the recorded track. I really disliked it the first time I played it, almost stopped and didn’t even let it play through.

    I have mellowed out some since then … And the acoustic version is not bothering me nearly as much as the recording. Maybe it has more flow or gives more the feeling of flow when you see Danny on YT appearing to sing the song through continuously vs. the recorded vocal segments put together in production for the track. And I’m always happier to see him singing live without a track …

    eta: I don’t find Better Than I Found It to have a lot of musical flow in the recorded version either. I did enjoy the live video with Kierra Sheard.

  28. isn’t it likely that the new single (after “Rise” peaks) would be one of the songs that Danny is singing on the Casting Crown tour?

    I really think it will be one of the performed songs. STWT, IYAII, Comeback, BTIFI, Chasing.

    But I wonder why would Team Danny put out Masterpiece at this time? Rather surprising IMO.

  29. I really appreciate the shared thoughts about Danny’s songs. I pretty much agree with your reactions, Admin2. The problem I have with Danny’s music in general is that it almost always sounds better live. Danny is one of those artists who inhabit and grow into a song the more they perform it. I wish there was a way to force Danny to do some gigs (doesn’t have to be a tour) where he sings his new songs before he records them.

    Lurker, I think “Chasing” could make a fine follow up. “Rise” is midtempo, so I’d like to see the follow-up single be either slow or uptempo, to vary things. I’m thinking midtempo (“Rise”), slow (“Chasing”), and uptempo (???) I’m kind of partial to “Stronger Than We Think” as a third single, because it has a very current sound to it, but I could equally go with “If You Ain’t In It.” Although I love “Never Be the Same,” I worry that the sound is too retro.

  30. Yeah, I’m scratching my head, too, Jan. The acoustic video of “Masterpiece” might suggest that it will be the second single, but then why wouldn’t it be part of Danny’s set on the Casting Crowns tour? (This is where I’d insert the little smiley dude scratching his head, if I knew how to do it.)


  31. Over the years, I have made about 300 guesses or predictions about when, what, and why. I don’t get anywhere close most of the time. I still predict and guess anyway. (Detour: The word “anyway” reminds me that Danny usually says “anyways.”)

    Ellen, I too like “Stronger Than We Think” (not the remix) and “If You Ain’t In It.”

    I’ve wondered if the new Youtube of Masterpiece was done as a trial balloon, to see if people liked it enough to want it as a single. I discarded that thought because I realized that the acoustic version was very different from the album version. It sounds like a different song.

    Next I had the thought that the video was done because the song was not going to be a single, but Danny and team liked it so much that they still wanted to highlight it. Or perhaps Danny recorded many acoustic songs to be put on youtube, and Masterpiece was the first one posted.

    Is money made from youtube views?

  32. Lurker, this is not my final guess, but here goes:

    Danny recorded a bunch of the new songs acoustically as additional content for his youTube channel and his social media. This is NOT going to be a single, but they are trying to push the sale of the album, it came out really well, why not release the non-single video now?

    Another thing to clog this topic, remember how Danny leaked that he recorded something for Disney. I’d imagine its one of the songs off his new album (or it could be something they need for an upcoming project and it isn’t Danny’s song at all….) If it is his song, I thought Masterpiece might be a good choice for a soundtrack. smiley mail

  33. “Anyways” I wmpl_heart when others notice “Danny-quirks” that may zoom right past me.

    Here’s a one that is not so endearing (to me) “Listen!”

    Danny, I’m at your concert, I paid money to hear you, I AM listening…..

  34. That is quite a different collection of smileys. Trying this one for no particular reason

  35. I don’t like “anyways” OR “listen!” OR “me and my wife.” (As opposed to “my wife and I.”) I cringe and more on. They are part of Danny and I’m not going to change him so I just have to suck it up.

  36. Admin2, Billboard included the typo, so I can’t blame Danny for that one! I usually think affect = noun and effect = verb. At least that’s how I remember it.

  37. Usually I think of “affect” as the verb and “effect” as the noun in most common applications. Though “affect” can be a noun as in a psychiatry sense, and there are uses of “effect” as a verb like “effecting change.”

    Neither of which to me fit that Billboard article quote, where it just looked like lazy editing by someone.

  38. Hmm – I think ellen b is right, the smileys Jan was experimenting with do not work for regular comment posts.

    They seem to have worked for Jan and me because we were logged in as admin accounts. When I logged in under a different identity as a regular poster, it no longer worked for me.

  39. Oh, bummer. Sorry guys. I was just trying to provide a resource for others to use. I do like this one:

    BTW, I think Danny probably said “affect” so that’s why they printed it wrong

  40. The definitions I use for affect and effect are shown below. (Affect is usually used as a verb, and effect as a noun, though as Admin2 points out, both words can be used as verbs and nouns.)

    affect–influence (Common use)
    effect–cause to happen or bring about. Example: We will effect these changes. (We won’t just influence something. We will make something happen.) (Rare use)

    affect–show of emotion (Rare use)
    effect–result (Common use)

    (I sometimes miss the tools for italics, etc.)

  41. Whoops! I think I got that backwards, Admin2. Affect = verb; effect = noun. But yeah, my point is that asking whether the word is being used as a verb or a noun helps to determine correct usage. Thanks for correcting me so kindly and tactfully, Admin2! I wouldn’t want to be responsible for other people getting these two words mixed up! And sorry Jan, but Billboard does not get a pass from me.

    (P.S.) Since we can’t use the new smileys, can one of the admins bring over the singing smiley? He reminds me of Danny.

    (P.S.S.) And yes, you are correct, Admin2, that “affect” can be used as a noun in psychological terms: “The client displayed a flat affect.” “The subject’s affect was labile.”

  42. “It feels like the song has become a reminder that yesterday’s disappointments don’t have to affect today.”

    Is this the sentence being discussed? I don’t see the mistake with the use of affect–if the meaning is “yesterday’s disappointments don’t have to influence (what is happening) today.”

  43. itunes

    Rise: #8
    TYHTBA: #22
    Masterpiece: #104
    HIFOM: #127
    MTYTIA: #170

    RISE: #6
    HIFOM: #30

  44. Lurker, yes, that is the sentence. Someone at Billboard.com seems to have changed the text since I commented on it this morning.


    Ellen, there are several singing smileys on that site Jan found. Which did you wish us to bring over?

    This guy is cute

  45. I redid this. I didn’t like the form I used. (It is the same thing, just differently organized.)

    affect (v.)–influence (Common use)
    affect (n.)–show of emotion (Rare use)

    effect (n.)–result (Common use)
    effect (v.)– bring about. Example: We will bring about these changes. (Rare use)

  46. I really enjoy hearing all of your opinions.

    I love RISE, but other than The Comeback, I just wasn’t sure in the beginning. Now, after listening to the CD many times, I’m really enjoying it. It’s different than what I had expected. Very different ( I think ) from HIFOM. I like the music arrangements. The CD sounds more “polished” to me. It really is the album I will go to when I just want to relax and enjoy. I think I said that before. 🙂 I’m glad Danny decided to mix it up. For me, it shows how much Danny is growing as an artist.

    Your last posts were funny, Jan. 🙂

  47. Oh my goodness!! After I posted I saw all the other posts!! I didn’t realize we were on our third page. Love the icons..

  48. There is one called “The Singer Smiley” among the top-rated smiley emoticons (4th row down, 3rd from the left). The smiley’s face moves from one side to the other, his eyes are closed, and there are musical notes over the top of his head, and a background of different-colored circles. That’s the one I’d like one of the admins to bring over. He just seems to be having a blast singing, and reminds me of Danny.

  49. Cindy3, I wasn’t sure what I thought of the “Rise” CD when I first listened to it. I definitely wasn’t expecting what we got. It took me at least two or three listens before I was sure I liked it. The album is much more cohesive in terms of musical flow and lyrics. It seems more balanced. Not that I want to give up my R&B and disco songs from “Hope In Front of Me”! But those songs, along with “Pretty Beautiful” (which I don’t like) are not Christian songs. So the CD felt more like a compilation — like Danny was saying, “Look at all the different kinds of music I can make!” And there were too many ballads/midtempo songs. Not that I’m complaining! I love HIFOM! But I think “Rise” is — to use your word — more polished.

  50. My goodness! Its been awhile since I stayed up as late as last night.

    I really enjoyed all three bands. I knew at least 80% of the songs. I really think CC’s “Broken Together” is beautiful.

    I have some fun stuff for DGNews. An interview with Miguel (Danny’s guitarist) some pictures, and a pretty good story. I was unexpectedly invited back stage by Danny after the show. I almost missed the invite since I had my phone on silent…. Boy, would I ever have been disappointed to only see it after we drove away!

    The person on the right side is Hsing Liu. I worked for Hsing at Sophia’s Heart in Nashville. What a nice surprise to catch up with him, too.


  51. Yup, that’s the smiley that makes me think of Danny! Thank you for bringing it over, Admin2!

  52. Cindy3, you are way too modest! Your post was very clear (and more concise than mine, to boot). Please give yourself more credit! Seriously!

  53. The album is much more cohesive in terms of musical flow and lyrics. It seems more balanced. Not that I want to give up my R&B and disco songs from “Hope In Front of Me”!

    I think Danny infused more dance songs into “RISE” than he did with HIFOM, so I like it better. I like upbeat songs. I am pretty sure “Symptoms” was slotted to go on HIFOM, but it wasn’t done in time or the his management wanted to wait on it. It fits with Danny’s desire to have retro songs like Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” and Toby Mac’s “Feel It”.

    Danny definitely had the nights dance party started. Criticism: the save the really good lighting for CC. Danny doesn’t get the spotlights needed for really good photos. My camera loved CC’s lighting. Unspoken had it even worse as the opener…..

  54. Jan, “Broken Together” is a beautiful song. But “Just Be Held” has a special place in my heart. It always reminds me of a friend of mine. When people are strong, often others expect them to ALWAYS be strong, and that’s not something that’s sustainable. I love Casting Crown’s words:

    Hold it all together
    Everybody needs you strong
    But life hits you out of nowhere
    And barely leaves you holding on

    And when you’re tired of fighting
    Chained by your control
    There’s freedom in surrender
    Lay it down and let it go

  55. This is the song I loved. I didn’t know Casting Crowns sang it. It was written by lead singer, Mark Halls and Bernie Herms.

    I think some of Danny’s success in this genre is from EXCELLENT connections. Go Team Danny!


  56. Those two songs are why I desperately wanted to attend this concert. What a two-fer! Danny and Casting Crowns! But the concert didn’t come near me, and the places where I would have traveled (Milwaukee & the New York State one) were scheduled for winter, with its iffy weather. (BTW, I also love “Waiting for the Night to Fall.”)

  57. Ellen, of course they sang that one, too! Beautiful.

    I love that Mark Hall is a wonderful storyteller. Ellen, maybe you can catch a MO, PA or TX show? I’d imagine we might have someone also going….

    Or you could save your travel money for a trip to MKE this Summer 🙂 #Summerfest

  58. Is Danny doing Summerfest? I doubt I can go. The daughter of a friend of mine is getting married on the East Coast around then. It’s on Long Island, so I’ll probably take a bus to PA afterwards to visit my sister. This year is going to very busy, vacation-wise. Some friends are going on an Alaskan cruise and have asked me to come, too, but I don’t have a partner or roommate, so it will be extremely expensive. But it’s on my bucket list, so I’m seriously considering it.

  59. I was also considering a trip to MO, but Springfield is the other end of the state, and most of the peeps I’d be visiting are in the St. Louis area. I wonder for far Carbondale, Illinois is from St. Louis, travel-wise? Might be closer than Springfield.

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