Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 3/12- 3/26/17

Danny Gokey performing at the Kingsfest

Congratulations, Danny Gokey!  “RISE” achieved:

#1 on Billboard’s Christian National Christian Airplay Chart

#1 on Billboard’s Christian Adult Contemporary Chart

#1 on Billboard’s Christian AC Indicator Chart (for its 7th week!)

#1 on Mediabase CAC Chart

Danny Gokey and Eric Ramey at Kingsfest

Have you shared Danny Gokey’s new album and song?

 RISE  join the discussion (350x102)

Photos courtesy of  Annette Holloway Photography

114 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 3/12- 3/26/17

  1. Even though I don’t like The Comeback, I am glad it was chosen over Masterpiece or “The World” song. I like both of them less.

    I don’t often get the single I want off his albums sent to radio, but I still support the ones chosen and want them to do well. In fact, I want them to be super successful in a hurry–to zoom to #1 on everything and to do so with amazing speed. That way, Danny’s fans will be happy, Danny will be successful, and the song will get out of the way quickly and perhaps make room for a single I like. Even though I liked “This is What It Means” best on the last album, I chose TYHTBA as a single choice before that because I thought it would sell. It did sell. Then it was time for TIWIM to be a single–but it was passed by. 🙁

    The reason I don’t like The Comeback is because it is too noisy and repetitive for my ears. I could not understand all the words if I didn’t see lyrics. It is loud. I hope it is a hit anyway. Then after that I want a song with clear words with Danny’s voice highlighted more than the music or background sounds.

  2. I chose “The Comeback” because my husband and I could relate to this song like “It’s Not Over” from his last album. I think because it is fast and upbeat many could relate to it. I agree with you Lurker, for his next single it would be nice to have Danny’s voice highlighted with less background sounds.

  3. I just landed in Chicago… just a 2 hour bus ride and 30 minute car ride away from home…. but I will have to wait an hour to catch the last bus leaving…..

    And my travel day will have started 26 hours earlier….

    Funny thing. I had a dream that my alarm went off. I got up took a shower and then discovered it was 3 am. I must have been worried about catching my flight feom Rome 😉 I went back to bed wirh wet hair and started my sleep over until 6 am. When my travel day really started, LOl.

  4. Glad to have you home. If you want to share, it would be fun to hear about your trip. Hope you get some rest.

  5. Jan,
    I’m glad you could go back to sleep. Maybe you fooled your body into thinking you had two nights of sleeping.

  6. Highly unlikely I fooled my body, Lurker….. but I was so tired I did fall back to sleep, but woke up every hour until 6 AM….

    I do have a lot of pictures from the trip.

    Here is a link to a couple of the albums on Facebook. (I will remove the links in a few days.)

    I put up a post with the WCGS interview.

    Some nice concerts rolling out. This one is in Indiana at a county fair. I am so glad Danny is getting the opportunity to headline some of these fairs. He is so good at these kind of events. I will be putting up a post on it later. http://www.inkfreenews.com/2017/03/23/danny-gokey-rounds-out-the-2017-elkhart-county-4-h-fair-summer-concert-series/

  7. Thank you for sharing, Jan. Very beautiful! I bet you had a glorious time. The pastries looked yummy. 🙂

  8. welcome back Jan!

    Nice to see Danny in this line-up

    • Saturday, July 22: Hinder (online tickets on sale now)
    • Sunday, July 23: Danny Gokey (online tickets available April 11)
    • Monday, July 24: Dustin Lynch (online tickets on sale now)
    • Tuesday, July 25: Martina McBride (online tickets available March 28)
    • Wednesday, July 26: Loverboy & Survivor (online tickets available now)

  9. Thanks, Admin. It was a great trip, but its good to be home!

    Anyone going to the tour in SD? They have this contest up:

    You have a chance to win a couple of tickets to the April 11 concert featuring Casting Crowns, Danny Gokey and Unspoken with an extra-special added meet ‘n greet! Hop aboard Danny’s tour bus during the concert intermission with a friend and visit with Danny, take pictures, and find out what the inside of an artist’s tour bus really looks, feels, and smells like! PLUS, you’ll get your very own private mini-concert with Danny! One winner and a friend will get to live out this amazing opportunity!

    Sound like your kind of concert night experience? Then register below and listen on Monday, April 3rd for the name of the winning Danny Gokey fan to be announced!

  10. The link above was done because I was trying to help Kelly see the video. I see it on my computer. The video works for me.

  11. From MJ’s:

    “Danny Gokey w Counting Crows – State Farm Center – Champaign IL”

    Counting Crows?

  12. You can tell that MJ isn’t a Christian music fan, can’t you? She confuses Casting Crowns with Counting Crows? LOL….

  13. I went to MJs to see what is new. I learned that Casey James (3rd place finisher in S9 of Idol) had released his crowd-funded album a couple of weeks ago. When I went to his website to preview his music, my browser gave me a security warning and blocked access. (I think that’s a good thing…) So I went to his Facebook page and he didn’t have any of his upcoming events posted.

    The problems of an independent artist….

  14. The video was beautiful! I was disappointed when it stopped. A very large crowd that really was enjoying the song. I saw them all rising. 🙂

  15. Cindy3,
    Quit saying you’re dumb. Don’t put yourself down. I have to work on not putting myself down also. It can be done. (I haven’t completely succeeded, but I am improving.)
    Putting yourself down is sort of like saying, “I’m sorry that my shoes are dirty.” No need to say anything about it. Most people won’t notice. (Unless you’re in someone’s home tracking mud on new carpet.)
    I had a speech teacher in high school tell the class never to start a speech with an apology. She said that just calls attention to something that might not be noticed anyway. That advice helped me in a college class I had. I had an oral report scheduled. I had to work late the night before. The morning of the report I overslept and was late for class. I needed to look over my notes. I planned to do it surreptitiously in class while others were giving their speeches. Previously, we had always raised our hands when we were ready to go up, and the teacher called on someone. No student was called on unless everybody had finished but one. Then the last student was targeted. I expected the same routine this time.
    That’s not what happened. As I said I was late for class. When I rushed into the room, the teacher had just finished checking attendance and was ready for speeches to begin. He looked at me and said, “Since you’re already up, you can be first.”
    I was woefully unprepared, but I remembered the advice about not apologizing. I did the speech and put on an act. I knew my content was not good, but I decided to pretend. If the teacher (or anybody) had read the words I was saying, he would have noticed I wasn’t really saying anything logical. I decided not to worry about that. I just talked in complete sentences, smiled, used a clear, strong voice, and pretended I was very confident. I ended up making an A. That grade should have been a D or F. I used a few of the right words for the topic, but 99% of what I did was performance (acting as though I was a great speaker) and not worrying that my speech was made up as I went along.

  16. “A very large crowd that really was enjoying the song. I saw them all rising. 🙂”

    I knew it was a joke when I read it. It was clever–not dumb.

  17. Cindy, you seem to have second thoughts about what you wrote. I have those all the time. Most of the time I can “fix” my errors or remove my comments, but none of you can. That’s one regret I have for all of you. I wish we could allow an edit button. But please know that we appreciate your comments and we want you here! Nothing dumb about using Danny’s song title in a creative way. If it was, I’d be GUILTY! 😉

  18. Good advice, Jan. Thank you, Lurker. I was concerned that my joke might offend in some way. I actually thought the video was inspiring watching the audience standing and appreciating Danny.

    Off the wall, but I wanted to share. My daughter and I are a little addicted. There is a site… explore.org that offers many live videos. My daughter and I love clicking on the red golden retriever and watching the golden retrievers puppies playing. You can watch lions, panda bears, whales. It really is fun is you have time you want to fill.

    … I do have a habit of apologizing. I’m not sure I’ll be able to break it. I’m sorry. 😉

  19. “… I do have a habit of apologizing. I’m not sure I’ll be able to break it. I’m sorry. 😉”

    I’m like that, too. One thing I apologize for is talking too much. Then I realize the apology just added more words. 🙂

  20. Like Cindy3 & Lurker, I have a habit of always apologizing, and I’ve been called on it before. “Why are you always apologizing?” I don’t think I do it as much online as I do in person. Part of it comes from dealing with a sister who was always looking for a reason to get mad. Part of it comes from relatives who were always negative and actively tried to tear down my self-esteem. To this day I always assume everyone else is smarter than I am, even though I know I’m not stupid.

  21. Cindy3, it seems that you worry a lot about offending people. Try this on for size. “Yes, something I say will someday offend someone, because it is impossible for that not to happen. But I won’t worry about it, because I know my intent is never to offend. Instead, I will ask myself, ‘Is this something that would offend an average, reasonable person? Would most people find what I’ve said offensive?'” There is a big difference between saying something that offends and saying something offensive. Apologize for the latter, not the former. We all say things that offend someone on occasion, and that’s especially true on social media, where one can’t see visual cues or hear tone of voice. I can’t imagine you ever saying anything truly offensive, Cindy3, so I hope to see far fewer apologies from you in the future!

  22. “I always assume everyone else is smarter than I am”

    I do this too. Some of my family used to tease me about being dumb. They considered it playful teasing, but I didn’t like it. They said I didn’t have any common sense.

  23. I’ll try Ellen, thank you. 🙂

    Everyone on this sight is very smart. Look at what all of you have accomplished. No dummies…. 🙂

    Back to explore.org, and watching the golden retriever puppies. They will be going to our military vets when they are older. I’m really not watching them that much, but they are cute to check on.

  24. Okay, I won’t say I’m sorry. I meant to say.. good advice, Lurker. Thank you, Jan. I read too fast, and I don’t always wear my glasses. I just now doubled checked my previous post.

    They are adorable, ADMIN2.

  25. Cindy3, I’d like to clarify one thing. If someone tells you he or she is offended by something you said, I think it’s perfectly appropriate to apologize and assure the person that you did not intend to offend. But sometimes you apologize in advance, on the assumption, or out of fear, that you have offended. That isn’t necessary. Especially here, on this site, where we know you and know you would never intentionally say something to offend. 👼🏼 So be chill! 🍹

  26. Wow, Lurker, I can’t imagine anyone not recognizing you for the smart cookie that you are! My guess is that you seemed different to some of your family and they didn’t understand you or your intelligence.

    Some of my Dad’s relatives used to tell me that I would never make it through college, even though I’d gotten good grades in elementary school and high school (Dean’s List and National Honor Society). Then when I graduated from college with honors, they told me I’d never make it through law school, it would be too tough, yada yada. But I did. I don’t know why they were such negative Nellies, but fortunately for me, my parents were supportive. My Dad, in particular, always told me I could be anything I wanted. And if I said I was interested in something, he encouraged me to find out what skills and education I would need to do that particular thing.

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