Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 3/12- 3/26/17

Danny Gokey performing at the Kingsfest

Congratulations, Danny Gokey!  “RISE” achieved:

#1 on Billboard’s Christian National Christian Airplay Chart

#1 on Billboard’s Christian Adult Contemporary Chart

#1 on Billboard’s Christian AC Indicator Chart (for its 7th week!)

#1 on Mediabase CAC Chart

Danny Gokey and Eric Ramey at Kingsfest

Have you shared Danny Gokey’s new album and song?

 RISE  join the discussion (350x102)

Photos courtesy of  Annette Holloway Photography

114 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 3/12- 3/26/17

  1. I’m glad to see Danny was able to hold on to a 2nd week at #1 on Mediabase CAC 🙂

    Christian AC
    Christian — Rolling Chart — Currents Only
    lw: Feb 26 – Mar 4 TW: Mar 5 – Mar 11

    lw TW Artist Title TW lw Move Aud
    1 1 DANNY GOKEY Rise 1831 1855 -24 8.149
    3 2 TOBYMAC Love Broke Thru 1805 1684 121 10.327
    2 3 ZACH WILLIAMS Chain Breaker 1749 1854 -105 7.94
    4 4 WE ARE MESSENGERS Magnify 1595 1587 8 7.704
    7 5 MICAH TYLER Never Been A Moment 1544 1436 108 8.885

  2. “I’m glad to see Danny was able to hold on to a 2nd week at #1 on Mediabase CAC”

    This is BIG news. I like it. 🙂

    For a while, I thought Rise was not going to get to this #1. When it got there, I was very pleased. Even if it only got there for a week, I was still glad it touched #1. To have it stay there more than one week is a surprise. (It was a surprise to me because of what I saw watching itunes and tweets.) I thought interest had gone down. So, happy news!

    I also like the photo used for this discussion. The colors are good, and the image is clear. Also, I like the angle. Having Danny turned just a little helps show an illusion of more hair above the ears. That makes the shape of Danny’s face look thinner with higher cheekbones.

  3. I still hear “Rise” quite a bit on my local Christian radio stations, so I’m not terribly surprised that it held on to #1 for another week. But I also am very happy. The song seemed to be moving like gangbusters before the Christmas break, then stalled a bit. And, like Lauren Daigle’s song before, a different (non-Lauren) song (I think by Zach someone?) seemed to hang on to #1 forever and block “Rise” from rising to the top. But it’s ended well.

  4. A little birdie told me about your “adventure,” Jan. Best of luck and hope things go smoothly. Have fun!

    Hopefully Admin2 will be around to step in if or when needed.

  5. MJ’s numbers has this today:

    “Danny Gokey:
    “Rise”: 2 CAC (1)”

    I thought Rise stayed at #1. Am I confused about the charts again?

  6. Lurker, perhaps “Rise” stayed at #1 on the Billboard chart, but dropped to #2 on the Mediabase chart? The two charts sometimes differ. But I really don’t know. If Jan is not around, Admin2 might know.

  7. Hi guys. I will be dropping in on the conversation when I have wireless.

    The published chart is based on Sunday (I am almost positive). It held #1 for two Sundays. The Monday chart Toby probably caught up. MJ’s reports on Monday.

  8. I previously posted Sunday’s chart. Here is Monday:

    TitleTWlwMoveAud 3 1 Up this week TOBYMAC Love Broke Thru 1801 1747 54 10.266 1 2 DANNY GOKEY Rise 1795 1872 -77 8.121 2 3 ZACH WILLIAMS Chain Breaker 1718 1814 -96 7.894

    The chart is calculated on Sunday to Saturday spins. So the chart we see on Sunday is the closest to the official chart :). Danny was still #1 on Sunday’s report 😉

  9. Oh my goodness!!! What an exciting adventure! Have a great time!! Can’t wait to see pictures. If you want to share… 😉

  10. This is probably already known here. Almost certainly, Jan is aware. But one of the posters on MJ’s numbers thread noted that Danny’s album, “Hope In Front Of Me,” has now charted for two years on the Christian album chart.

  11. “…MJ’s numbers thread noted that Danny’s album, “Hope In Front Of Me,” has now charted for two years on the Christian album chart.”

    Thanks for bringing this over, Ellen. 🙂

  12. Just doin’ my part to keep the conversational ball rolling while Jan is away . . . 🙃 😉

  13. What a sweet video of Danny participating in a Mommy and Me class with Victoria. 🙂

  14. Billboard (Re: MJ’s):

    Danny Gokey:
    “Hope In Front of Me”: Christian 47 (RE)
    “Rise” [Album]: Independent 28 (22); Christian 22 (21)
    “Rise” [Single]: Christian Songs 7 (6); CAC 1 (2); Christian Airplay 3 (3)

  15. Thank you, Lurker. Too cute. ♥

    Beautiful, Jan. Is it St. Peter’s Basilica? Looks like you’re having a wonderful time. Very excited for you. 🙂

  16. Jan, you and Toni escaped in the nick of time! Lots of snow in the Midwest and Northeast U.S. Where my sister lives, they got over 22 inches of snow!

  17. Update: My snow report was based on snow totals for a neighboring city. Where my friends and family live (including my sister), they got 26 inches! Growing up, I remember regularly getting 12 to 18 inches of snow, but I don’t remember 26 inches!

    I do remember getting so much snow one year that we couldn’t get to our grandparents for Easter dinner. It took a lot of snow to immobilize us, so maybe that was an occasion when it was 18+. I remember sledding that day. I don’t remember if Easter was in March or April that year, but we did sometimes still get snow in April.

  18. I salute the fortitude of all those who live in the snow belt! I’ve become a weather wimp. Although we got more snow than usual this year, we topped out at 5 inches. Lol. That is nothing for anyone living in the snow belt.

  19. We had three feet of snow in February. The snow is almost gone now, with warm temperatures. A few years ago we had four feet of snow. It was actually a little scary. I stepped out into it, and it came up to my waist. I managed to step out of it, but won’t be doing that again. Many years ago, my parents and grandparents would experience close to nine feet of snow at a time. I have a photo of them standing in a tunnel. I have to say watching the snow fall, with quiet all around, is one of my favorite things. That said, I’m looking forward to Spring… maybe one more little snow storm. 🙂

  20. ” 7m7 minutes ago
    We came for Casting Crowns, but Danny Gokey was so fantastic. “You are better because of it.” #truth #speakingrighttome Romans 5:3-5″

  21. “44m44 minutes ago

    “45m45 minutes ago
    #dannygokey #tellyourhearttobeatagain
    Truly Amazing!!!!!!”

    “45m45 minutes ago
    @dannygokey Awesome performance!!😃😃🎸🎸 You guys rocked it! @CFEArena”

    “46m46 minutes ago
    Holy smokes, @dannygokey is on 🔥… ”

    “49m49 minutes ago
    At CFE Arena #theverynextthingtour
    Danny Gokey … AMAZING!!!!!!!!”

  22. BMG Nashville‏Verified account @BMGNashville 36m36 minutes ago
    Stats like this don’t come easy! Congrats, @dannygokey! Your #RISE to the top of the charts has been fun to watch!

  23. I tried to bring the BMG tweet and the picture together. [..] ( BMG’s tweet included a picture like Jan posted of the BMG sign.)

  24. Danny’s songs seem to be doing pretty well so far at climbing the charts. *fingerscrossedforthenextsingle* I’d like to see the songs sell better, though. I know some people don’t buy singles if they buy/plan to buy the album. But other artists are in the same boat, and their singles sell better than Danny’s. I guess you’d have to combine album and single sales to make a better comparison, though. And it’s not a competition. I don’t need for Danny to be the biggest or most successful artist, I just need him to do well enough to continue to grace us with his voice and music.

  25. Ellen, with as well as Danny’s new album sold, I think there will be a bit of a lag for the singles (s)

    Not sure how I feel about this:

    Casting Crowns w/Danny Gokey/Unspoken No Goke, your favorite God fearing “American Idol” is in the house. And while Danny Gokey isn’t at the top of this bill (that honor belongs to Grammy winning worship leaders Casting Crowns, who are on the second leg of their “The Very Next Thing” tour), you can bet that Christian contemporary fans will arrive early in droves to squeeze all the spirit out of this bill that also includes Nashville, Tennessee’s Unspoken. (USF Sun Dome, Tampa)

  26. ” I wonder if they did something with Kiera S. for the stage show as they did with Jordin Sparks.”

    I don’t know, but I think they wouldn’t because they are featuring someone (from one of the the other groups) in the duet. ❓

    “Not sure how I feel about this:”

    It sounds full of hate. Maybe of Danny or AI? Maybe they like AI, but hate Danny. Or hate AI Christian artists? Anyway, I know how I feel about it. 🙁

  27. Hi Ellen & Lurker. Obviously Danny was familiar to the writer but it certainly doesn’t seen like a fan of Danny or Christian music….

  28. In the last day we blew by 2600 likes for the DGNEWS Facebook page and currently have 2605.

    For comparison purposes, Team Kris is an official fan page and it has about 1400. I’d prefer to have 25,000…. but considering DGNews was only created in late 2015, it is doing well. 🙂

  29. I wonder if they will make the neXT single to be Masterpiece…. since it is selling on its own…?

  30. “I wonder if they will make the next single to be Masterpiece…. since it is selling on its own…?”

    I hope not. It’s not one I like (but I don’t always get what I want).

    Different songs have been selling on their own at different times. When The Better Than I Like it World video was put up, it had a selling surge. When the album was released, Chasing had a selling surge. When the acoustic video of Masterpiece was released, M had a selling surge. Last time, I posted numbers, M was higher than it is now. Also, HIFOM and MTYTIA were included in the singles then. Now they have dropped off.

    I liked the country music sound when it sounded like Crystal’s song above. Country music changes so much. I liked the smooth, swing sound much better than twangy country or beer music.

    My singles choice(s) would be Chasing, Never Be the Same, If You Ain’t in It, Stronger Than I (We?, You?) Think and others I’m forgetting right now.

  31. I listened to Crystal Gayle growing up.. Loretta Lynn’s sister. I was always surprised because of their musical choices.

    Was this song meant to express your feelings about waiting for Danny’s next single, Lurker? Sometimes I’m a little slow when it comes to reading between the lines. 😉

  32. Okay, that was funny. I posted at the same time you did, Lurker. I guess I can’t read between the lines. 🙂 You’re right. I don’t like the “twangy” country sound, either.

    I’m still hoping for The Comeback. I wonder when the next single will be released?

  33. “Was this song meant to express your feelings about waiting for Danny’s next single, Lurker? ”

    Yes! I don’t think you are slow at all. 🙂

  34. Crystal and Loretta grew up in different environments. Loretta grew up very poor. Crystal was younger. She grew up as the sister of a wealthy music star. I think the difference in environments would influence different music choices.

  35. itunes

    Rise: #35
    TYHTBA: #41
    HIFOM: #121

    (H back; M off.)

    RISE: #28
    HIFOM: #56

  36. “Was this song meant to express your feelings about waiting for Danny’s next single, Lurker? ”

    I’m adding to my reply. The title was–not the lyrics. I do like the lyrics, voice and music of the song, but it was only the title that related to waiting for Danny’s new single. The lyrics are a little dark. I’m not that invested in waiting–just ready for things to get a little more exciting again here and on itunes. 🙂

  37. I thought that was what you meant when I listened to the song, Lurker. You are right, the lyrics are a little dark. Any song released for Danny’s single is okay with me. Just as long as it’s released, soooooon. 🙂

  38. I just had the opportunity to listen to the Full Circle Music interview with Danny’s radio promoters.

    My take aways:

    1) Danny only had 7 stations (out of 115) interesTed in his music at the release of HIFOM. (It was a struggle according to my conversation with the promoter and rach song had to work for it).

    2) We all need to join a radio station listener panel (or 2)…

    3) calling the DJS or station is a red flag and can put a wall up against the artist. The fatal error of AI contestant fans?

  39. Danny, Leyicet & Penny were all in NYC today. It appears that Danny sang “The Comeback”. Doesn’t look like it is scheduled to air at least through Thursday? Keith Urban is Wednesday’s main guest.

  40. Sounds like a show that features popular singers. 🙂 Danny sang “The Comeback.” Maybe that is a clue??? 😉

  41. Danny Gokey‏Verified account @dannygokey 2m2 minutes ago
    Quick trip to NY today & got to interview & perform my new song “The Comeback” on the Harry Connick Jr show! Airdate details coming soon.

    Yep, Cindy3. “My new song” does sound like a clue for the next single.

  42. My link on the last post is a duplicate of the previous one. My last ctrl c did not work. Will try again.

  43. Quick trip to NY today & got to interview & perform my new song “The Comeback” on the Harry Connick Jr show!

    That’s a good booking for Danny, I think. The Comeback isn’t a favorite of mine but I think it’s a much better choice than Masterpiece.

  44. Oh, Yes!!!! I actually got chills. I’m so excited! First, I love Harry Connick Jr, and for Danny to be on his show is great! Second, I think “The Comeback” will soar to the top giving Danny another #1.

  45. Fish at midnight (or most other times) is not my favorite idea.

    Though I do like some types of it, some of the time.

  46. Per MJ’s numbers chart, (which has another picture of Danny from the “Rise” cover), “Danny Gokey’s ‘Rise’ tops the Christian AC Indicator Chart for the 8th week.”

  47. Some numbers from youtube views:

    MTYTIA: 7,266,348 (fan video, lyrics)

    HIFOM: 7,903,398 (official lyric video)

    TYHTBA: 11,178,672 (fan video, lyrics)

  48. Well, I’m ready to tape Danny when he’s on the Harry Connick Jr Show. Keith Urban will be on Friday. I remember he was one of Pam’s favorites. I’m just taping everyday until Danny appears. 🙂

  49. Danny gets a mention in MJ’s headlines.

    “Danny Gokey headed to the Harry Show”

  50. I did see her tweet. I am very happy he is getting opportunities like this!

    BMG is stepping up the promo for their successful artist.

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