90.3 Seconds with Danny Gokey– What would you ask?

We love sharing the  Danny Gokey radio interviews! This one is “90.3 (FM) Seconds” with Danny by WCSG Radio’s team of Jeremy and Amanda from Grand Rapids, Michigan.  This was at a sold out show of over 9,000 people for the Very Next Thing Tour.


Let’s help out the NEXT radio team— what would YOU ask Danny?

3 thoughts on “90.3 Seconds with Danny Gokey– What would you ask?

  1. I’m so happy about how devoted to his Christian faith and music as well as his family and fans. He treats everyone he inspires as family and friends. He is so honest about his life that he inspires others to overcome their darkness and despair for Christian faith and guidance.

  2. Hi Diana and Cindy. I thought it was fun. Thanks for commenting!

    The interview with the Morning Blend and promo for The Comeback really is hitting Danny’s wheelhouse: inspiring others and belting out a few songs 🙂

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