One-on-One with Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey on Morning’s Morning Break sits down with Danny Gokey to talk about his “Comeback”

See the video interview HERE.

If you do not have a flash player on your phone you may not be able to watch the video 🙁

23 thoughts on “One-on-One with Danny Gokey

  1. There is no interview when I click the link. It doesn’t even go the right site. When I went directly to the morning blend website, there wasn’t anything either. Help.

  2. Kelly, it opens fine for me. I think it may be your device, not the link…. although it is a slow opening video. Maybe give it more time to fully load?

  3. You didn’t understand what I was saying. It is not my device. There is no interview. When I clicked the link, it brought up other videos, but none of Danny. When I typed it in, there were no results.

  4. Kelly, I’ve added a note on our post that if you don’t have a flashplayer on your phone or tablet, you may not be able to load the video. On my computer it comes up just fine with the link.

    When I go to their site and search for Danny Gokey, it is the first video it returns. I am sorry you can’t find it.

    I haven’t heard if others are also having difficulties….?

  5. Kelly, I pressed on the red HERE under Danny’s photo above. I had to wait a few seconds after I was directed to the other site, but was able to watch it. Jan and Lurker gave you some other options. I hope they work for you. Glad they are here to help us through..

  6. All it does is bring me to a page with other videos. What do I click on, where do I go? THERE IS NO VIDEO FOR DANNY!!!!

  7. I don’t know anything else to suggest, Kelly. I use my home computer and Google Chrome. The link works for me.

    Sometimes links have worked for other people and not for me. I had to give up on them and move on to something else. Eventually, though, I usually saw whatever it was (sometimes on youtube).

  8. Kelly, I don’t know how to bring videos or links to this site. Here is what I just did a few minutes ago.. I went to Google Chrome and typed in Morning Break. Morning Break – | WBTV Charlotte, was the first site listed. I clicked into that. I typed in Danny Gokey, above right in the search box. I then scrolled down to, 1. Danny Gokey. I clicked on to that and was able to watch. I hope this helps.

  9. Kelly, Explorer works, too.

    I have to comment about Danny’s interview. His first album “was not a flop” in my eyes. I really enjoyed that album. It’s sad he feels that way. I know in the music world maybe it didn’t do as well as it should have. I actually had thought it had. Regardless, he should be proud that he in fact did release a album. Not many do. AND, it was good!! 🙂

  10. Cindy3,
    I thought Danny’s first album did well also. It wasn’t because of the album (imo) that Danny’s label disappointed him. I believe that there was a storm of change going on that caught Danny and surprised him.
    Change, though, happens to many people in the music business. The storm Danny was caught in was Scott (?) winning Idol. Idol turned their attention to the new model. Scott even got most of Danny’s band. At the same time , I think Sony Nashville was breaking up, reorganizing, whatever. I read something about it.
    I can see how it would feel like failure to Danny. Suddenly the planes, the bus, the band, the new record–everything was gone.
    That still did not make the first album a flop. It was a good album. It had good numbers during its time.

  11. I tried typing in Danny Gokey before and they only show 4 videos, none of which are of Danny. That’s why I posted that there is nothing of Danny. I just tried the search again, and nothing.

  12. I think Danny is trying to show a “comeback” from his record/career not doing what they expected, his getting cut, and then the long wait for a new deal. Now he has having 3 #1 songs. But I agree it was not a failure.

  13. Last suggestion I have for you Kelly is the clear the cookies on your browser, turn off the device and start over. If that fails you may have to go to a different source (or give up) to see the video.

    It was well done, but it doesn’t really have any “news”. Just nice clips from his career interlaced with an interview on the bus.

  14. This is a link to the page returned by their search feature

    Danny’s interview is the first entry.

    I don’t know if changing browsers might help. Occasionally I find some media content will not work properly on one but may work on another.

    If you’re not able to see the video Kelly, there isn’t a lot in it that is new so far as I heard. Danny talking about his AI experience and personal story, and how he has had some emotional struggles, and views his music as reaching out to people who need hope.

  15. There is no interview to read. There is only the video. Sorry I can’t help you. I tried.

  16. ADMIN2.. that was perfect! Your link is exactly what I was trying to explain.

    Kelly, I’m sorry you are having issues. I agree with everyone about the interview. Danny discussed losing his wife, his first album being a flop.. of which it wasn’t. His new family, and his new album. I’m sure they’ll be other interviews with “new” news. This interview was basically “old” news. All the best..

  17. thanks Cindy, good summary.

    Kelly, we are not able to transcribe and post the content of interviews posted and owned by other sites. If it is important to you to see this particular interview, perhaps you may want to contact the KBTV site’s web manager and see if they can assist? I don’t know if you could see it more easily for example if they made it available on their social media, or if there is somewhere you can see the full program archive vs. the individual segments.

  18. Sorry if I gave anyone a hard time. What I did, since simply click didn’t work is copied the link from here and pasted in the search bar on the other website. It worked that way. It was the only I could think of doing since I tried everything else.

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