Digital Dream Bus: Dream Tour of Danny Gokey

On this episode of Digital Tour Bus “Dream Tour”, the soul/pop singer, Danny Gokey (from American Idol), discusses his ultimate tour lineup, while on tour with Casting Crowns and Unspoken.


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  1. Great site- Like the interviews with Danny. Like to vote on choosing his new radio single from the “Rise” CD. Also, why doesn’t adult contemporary stations spin his singles? Mercy Me had crossover appeal, why not Danny?!

  2. Hi William, welcome to! Glad you are enjoying our site, but even more Danny’s music!

    From what we can tell, crossing over to Adult Contemporary isn’t an easy move. Danny did release HIFOM to AC and it made it to the top 30 (27 or so?). But I don’t think his management/label has attempted it since. I personally think that the next single, which may be The Comeback, could have the AC appeal.

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  3. Interesting “dream tour” by Danny. I wouldn’t have picked Marc Anthony as a tourmate. Danny is so all over the map!

  4. William and Jan, I think you need a very, very strong song to cross over. There almost has to be wave of popular sentiment supporting the song, irrespective of any pushing by the label. There are a number of songs on Danny’s newest album that theoretically could cross over, in the sense of being very pop-flavored and not too overt in lyrical composition. Yet one song that did cross over, Mercy Me’s “I Can Only Imagine,” overtly referred to Jesus and heaven, and yet still resonated with people and was very popular on secular radio stations. I think it takes a special magic to make that happen.

    Jan, was it HIFOM or TYHTBA that got a push to the AC market? For some reason I was thinking it was the latter, but then, I don’t always pay as much attention as I should.

  5. Hi Ellen, Danny’s team pushed “Hope in Front of Me” to AC.

    TYHTBA has had the most ongoing success. But nothing like “I Can Only Imagine”. That is an incredible song. Mercy Me has spoken how incredible it was and is for them…

  6. “I Can Only Imagine” has qualities of a song that I value: pretty sound, clear words (no having to guess what words they are singing), and voices in front of the music–not overshadowed by music noise.
    It has something else too–a haunting sound that is addictive. I heard it once and wanted to hear it again. Even now, hearing the title of it makes me want to listen to it.

    I think it lowers my blood pressure. (I think Danny’s and Natalie’s “The Prayer” lowers my blood pressure also.)

  7. It wouldn’t surprise me, Lurker. Music, meditation, etc. can lower blood pressure. And ICOI, in particular, is a song that transports me to another place when I hear it. It is a calming and hopeful song.

  8. Thanks, Ellen,
    I saw your reply to my comment. Now your reply has disappeared, and maybe “I Can Only Imagine” I read it, but I think I did. 😉

  9. Sorry Lurker and Ellen, I found the comment. I must have moved it accidentally?

  10. “I must have moved it accidentally?”

    I like to think it was magic–fitting with the song title we were discussing. 🙂

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