Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion – 03/27- 04/09/17

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132 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion – 03/27- 04/09/17

  1. It’s sad that to express any type of belief, or opinion, is often met with anger. Compassion, and empathy is lost in all the anger. ♥


  2. Welcome, Sylvia. No stops on this tour, but Danny will be performing at the opening concert of the K-Love Awads in May. In Nashville. Unfortunately, I don’t think you can buy access to just that concert–and at a reasonable price.

    Hopefully he will book a concert in Nashville. However, with a little bit of traveling, there is a solo show in Trinity, Alabama coming up. 🙂

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  3. Brain exercise:
    I’ve been trying to think of a tour name. It’s difficult–maybe as hard as playing golf.
    I do not like at all in any form names like Dokey or combination names. Don’t like just Gokey either–have seen the last name used as an insult too many times (compared to seeing first name for others). So, if Danny’s name is used I want both names; if Mandisa’s name is used, I do not want a shortened form.
    The Morning tour doesn’t seem right. They’ll be singing mostly at night. Rise Tour? Mandisa seems left out. Comeback? Mandisa doesn’t need a comeback.

    Finally I thought of one tour name: The Bright Life Tour. Bright life sounds a little like bright lights, but life instead of lights to be inspirational.
    I don’t particularly like the name I thought of. But I did think of something. There was a blank in my head. Now I’ve filled in the blank.

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  4. Actually, Mandisa considers this new album a type of “Comeback”. In fact I just listened to one of her new songs the contained the lyric “my comeback”.

    So…. I would guess they will use a play on that? “Our Comeback”? Or, better in my mind: “Coming Back to You” Tour?

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  5. I like your title because it puts Danny and Mandisa together in an association that makes sense. They were both on Idol. (It’s not an Idol reunion, though, because they were not on together.)

    Also, I like the idea that people saw them on Idol, and now, they have a chance to see them again.

    The “You” as you represent it makes the title have even more meaning. Tell Danny I like your title. 🙂 I could exercise my brain all day (infinitely) and not think of a title I like better.

    There are things I don’t like. You don’t have to tell him about those things. I’ll let them be a secret. Sort of. (I do not like Masterpiece. Too “ego-ish” for my taste. I dislike it so much that if it’s the next single, I might ignore it.)

    I do like Chasing. Would love for it to be the next single. Doubt it will be. 😦

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  6. I think Masterpiece is the song written by Bernie that Natalie had wanted to record. I think Danny sounds really good on it (acoustically) but it may fit Natalie better 😉

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