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132 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion – 03/27- 04/09/17

  1. Currently on Harry’s twitter: his tweets about today’s guests:

    Kate Walsh: 3 retweets, 15 likes
    Twins: 5 retweets, 35 likes
    Danny: 19 retweets, 67 likes

  2. OT for today’s excitement but I forgot to ask about this yesterday

    For those that love #NeverBeTheSame like me, we have a treat AND a bit of fall tour news πŸ™‚

    So I saw that Danny was teasing a tour with Mandisa for the fall. Is this the tour he was talking about before where Danny was characterized as the lead act? I could possibly see a co-headlining tour with Mandisa, but not Danny headlining unless Mandisa was making a limited appearance for just a few songs.

    Or does he have two fall tours which we’ve seen before as the tours aren’t always as long as the Casting Crowns extravaganza that’s ongoing now. Should I try to sneak out and see that? It’s coming not too far from me again in a few weeks.

  3. The post above was not what I intended.

    Harry now has a second tweet about Danny posted on his page–the tweet about criticism.

  4. Jan or Admin2,
    If necessary, it is okay with me for you to delete Harry’s twitter page. It keeps changing and soon probably won’t be about Danny.
    Maybe it will show when his song is posted?

    —————–reply by Jan————–

    Lurker, when it doesn’t have anything to do with Danny, I’ll delete it πŸ™‚

  5. If I go the Facebook page of Harry Connick Jr, the people all have nice comments about Danny. It’s nice to read. I don’t do Facebook, so before I loose my time and I can’t read it anymore I was able to read some. Danny is so honest and refreshing. I hope the “bad” part of the entertainment world never changes that. I think I’m going to start watching Harry. πŸ™‚

  6. It is exciting to get Danny on TV, isn’t it? And a solo show last night? We are raining in goodies.

    Should I try to sneak out and see that? It’s coming not too far from me again in a few weeks.

    Admin, you should definitely take in the Very Next Thing Tour. I really thought Casting Crowns has a wealth of hit songs, Unspoken was entertaining, and this tour gives Danny a chance to shine with ~9 songs and a really nice set.

  7. Admin2, as far as the fall tour…. it doesn’t make sense that Danny would be headliner if he is going out with Mandisa. She’s been a bit quiet the last couple of years. But she has a lot of hits and a strong following. Here’s some of the story about why she fell into a depression.

    In the interview she explained that her friend and former backup singer, Lakisha, aka “Kisha,” was the inspiration for her Grammy Award-winning song, “Overcomer” as she battled cancer. Kisha was pregnant with her second child when she was diagnosed with the disease.

    “I’m happy to say that Kisha delivered her second born son, Brennon. He will turn 4 this summer. He’s beautiful, he’s healthy, and perfect,” Mandisa said. “But I don’t mind telling you that I’m sad to say that Kisha had about a year with Brennon and her other son, BJ, and her husband, Breonus, before she went home to be with Jesus.”

    “It really sent me into the deepest pit of despair that I have ever been in in my life. I was questioning everything about the goodness of God and why He allows things like this to happen,” Mandisa confessed.

    “I didn’t answer my phone, I didn’t respond to text messages. I basically shut out the world,” she explained.

  8. Perhaps Danny and Mandisa will tour together and Danny will headline. They could decide they want to do it that way. Being the headliner means preparing a longer show (usually). Possibly the longer show is okay with Danny but not what Mandissa wants?

    One year I taught summer school. A second teacher was my aide. We were both equally qualified to be the teacher. She didn’t apply for that position. She didn’t want all the planning, etc.

    I don’t know anything about their plans, but I have seen that Danny does not always do what the industry expects.

  9. Like describing “Rise” as a pop album? I saw someone on twitter explain to Danny and Harry that it was a CHRISTIAN album, LOL….

    Did you notice in Danny’s interview that he can really strip out the bible verse references (etc) when he has a different purpose? Yet, he can quote verse with the best of them on the CC tour…

    I checked over at MJs. Not a word about Danny. Other Idols appearing on Harry? It would have had its own thread…..

  10. “Danny does not always do what the industry expects.” Amen to that! I can predict a lot of things about him (after being a fan these last 8 years…) but as he has said in the latest Q&A, he Leyicet love to push boundaries and not listen to counsel on what not to do. (Like Googling himself when on Idol.) Danny doesn’t like No. And now he is creating his own music with all kinds of influences. And if he wants to do a salsa number in his concert, he will. I heard he did a bit of Spanish last night. And not from his album.

    Cindy, I love that Danny lets himself be free and move to his music. Just not the moves that were a bit cringe-worthy on Idol. Was it PYT? Can’t remember, he tried to dance and sing when he wasn’t ready πŸ˜‰ Paula knew it was coming from his heart. It just wasn’t moving to his feet and arms in a coordinated way…

  11. Are you crazy, Admin2??? If I had the opportunity to see Casting Crowns and Danny at a reasonably nearby venue, I’d be there in a heartbeat!

  12. I highly doubt that Danny would be a headliner over Mandisa, and I’m not sure I’d want him to be. Mandisa really paved the way for Idol contestants to be successful in CCM. To me it would be disrespectful. Now co-headlining could be an option. Mandisa has a much bigger catalog of music, but Danny’s been on the charts more recently.

  13. Maybe there are 2 “fall” tours? Fall runs into winter in some parts of the USA πŸ˜‰

    I wonder if Danny will go out with another artist (Natalie, again?) for a “Celebrate Christmas” Tour? I think last year’s was very e tertaining and I would go to it in a heartbeat. (Being the resident Christmas music nut, it is expected, right?)

    So, in May Danny goes back to Germany and the UK. What else will that surprising guy do? I am still waiting for my Summerfest concert announcement. I know it is coming, my post is ready to go up when it is official πŸ™‚

    There are lots of holes in the Summer, Fall and Winter schedule. And there’s a new Gokey baby to “oh and ah” over in September!

    Ps. Another tidbit feom Toni’s concert of Danny, he thinks Masterpiece will be the third single. I bet it has been hard to choose… what about Stronger, Chasing, Better Than…. ? All crowd favorites. And my Never Be the Same….

  14. mj picked a nice picture to go with her post. Since I criticize from time to time, I should note lol that I think Danny looked very nice for his appearance on the Harry show.

    Without getting out my magnifying glass to read the liner notes for Rise, does The Comeback have any specifically CCM lyrics?

  15. Well how about it. Mj recorded Danny’s full appearancr.

    I will try to add it to our post after dinner.
    @mjsbigblog: #AmericanIdol’s @dannygokey Performs “The Comeback” On #Harry http://bit.ly/2ozajQg

  16. Not many at all. It talks about soul, ashes and heaven. Once each.

    the thunder, your soul shakes,

    Under the roar of the heaven, the tide breaks,

    And from the ashes you will take your place

    All references could be perceived as secular, too. But knowing Danny, I take them as religious references. …

  17. itunes

    Rise: #44
    TYHTBA: #32
    HIFOM: #148

    RISE: #38
    HIFOM: #41

    TYHTBA: #196
    HIFOM: #159

  18. Wow…. American Idol fans are clearly not doing their favorite artists any favors..

    “WUBE/WYGY Cincinnati PD Grover Collins says that through the years, his stations have β€œgotten beaten up through Twitter, Facebook and request lines with any American Idol singer worked to country, to the point where I’ve told the record companies that [such fans are] doing more bad than good with their persistence.” That includes followers of Scotty McCreery, according to KRTY San Jose, Calif., PD Julie Stevens, who says they β€œtook that stuff to a whole new level: calls, tweets, texts, and it was never-ending”


  19. Jan, that article wasn’t just about the fans of Idols. They mentioned other country acts as well, like Chris Janson, Love and Theft, and Brantley Gilbert. I posted at MJs but will repeat here:

    Interesting Billboard article about fans overdoing it in their interactions with radio.

    Also found the comment by PD Julie Stevens from KRTY San Jose interesting: “Fans are and can be more involved than ever today,” she says. β€œAnd the fact that artists can almost touch those fans directly should give radio cause for pause.”

    Uhh, yeah. Radio is gonna make itself obsolete. Radio plays about 20 songs ad nauseam, usually from established artists, so it is no longer a good place to discover new music. There are so many different avenues with the advent of the Internet and social media. So radio will go the way of network TV, which will go the way of landlines. Mock rabid fans all you want, but they are still warm bodies who can listen to your advertisers’ ads.

    (I will say that I don’t think Christian radio is quite as bad as country radio. I do seem to hear a bit more variety.)

  20. I agree country radio and a lot of other formats flog certain songs to the point of nausea.

    But I do hear a variety of lesser known / up-and-coming acts. They all sound the same in many cases, but I do hear them πŸ˜‰

    In the top 20 now, these seem like striving acts and newbies? Jon Pardi, Lauren Alaina, Michael Ray, Luke Combs, Brett Young, Trent Harmon, Dylan Scott.

    That’s giving credit to Kelsea Ballerina and Dan+Shay as established acts which may be generous as they are in a whole different category than the bigger names/headlining tour act who have songs in the top 20 now – Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Sam Hunt (new-ish, but really successful), Dierks Bentley, Brantley Gilbert, Kenny Chesney, Darius Rucker, Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban w/Carrie, and Lady A. And then not sure where I’d put Josh Turner. Mid-level act trying to make another breakthrough?

    Depending on how you count, I get about half the chart top-tier and near top tier acts. With the rest up & comers, moderately successful acts, and acts trying to make a breakthrough/comeback after a layoff or period of limited chart success.


    Should note, that’s all just the active chart. The recurrent play must heavily favor the well-known acts with big catalogs.

  21. Not a big deal but I’ve been wondering about one comment from MJ’s Danny thread on “Harry.”
    All comments are positive except one. This is a big improvement!
    The one comment that is not positive is this: “Not good. Ugh”

    When I first read it, I took it as negative. Then I started wondering if it was a negative comment about Danny or if it was empathy for Leyicet. In her introduction, MJ said that Harry asked Leyicet how she felt, and that Leyicet answered “Not good.” (Leyicet actually said “Terrible.”)

    The reason I began wondering if I was wrong about my first reaction is because the poster repeated MJ’s words. Perhaps she was referring to Leyicet’s not feeling well? Probably not– but possible. πŸ˜‰

  22. Nah. Pretty sure that comment was negative. But it says more about the poster than Danny.

  23. “The Q 99.7 FM‏ @TheQ997 7m7 minutes ago
    Did you miss @dannygokey on @HarryConnickJR last week? Don’t worry! Watch it on replay!”

    Their link is to the Danny/Harry post here.

  24. That’s pretty cool, Lurker. Thanks for pointing it out.

    I’ve had a super busy day. Both of our kids came out today to help with two different projects, I made lunch for our daughter, dinner for our son and his family. And I attended a conference meeting (online) in between! I’m exhausted.

    So I really haven’t caught up on Danny news.

    I also appreciate the new concert info for western NY in July πŸ™‚

  25. I get the GMA newsletter and they show album sales. Colton sold just less than 7,000 albums. Lauren was 2nd with ovet 4,000. (An album that is overy 2 years old…).

  26. That is a new location/date, Admin2. Good catch. Looks like a fun one. Solo Danny show.

    Btw, Danny RT the tweet by Q99.7 that had our link to the Harry videos…..

  27. He said I could get fired.

    That would be very difficult considering the overall great job you do here

  28. It’s sad that to express any type of belief, or opinion, is often met with anger. Compassion, and empathy is lost in all the anger. β™₯

  29. Welcome, Sylvia. No stops on this tour, but Danny will be performing at the opening concert of the K-Love Awads in May. In Nashville. Unfortunately, I don’t think you can buy access to just that concert–and at a reasonable price.

    Hopefully he will book a concert in Nashville. However, with a little bit of traveling, there is a solo show in Trinity, Alabama coming up. πŸ™‚

  30. Brain exercise:
    I’ve been trying to think of a tour name. It’s difficult–maybe as hard as playing golf.
    I do not like at all in any form names like Dokey or combination names. Don’t like just Gokey either–have seen the last name used as an insult too many times (compared to seeing first name for others). So, if Danny’s name is used I want both names; if Mandisa’s name is used, I do not want a shortened form.
    The Morning tour doesn’t seem right. They’ll be singing mostly at night. Rise Tour? Mandisa seems left out. Comeback? Mandisa doesn’t need a comeback.

    Finally I thought of one tour name: The Bright Life Tour. Bright life sounds a little like bright lights, but life instead of lights to be inspirational.
    I don’t particularly like the name I thought of. But I did think of something. There was a blank in my head. Now I’ve filled in the blank.

  31. Actually, Mandisa considers this new album a type of “Comeback”. In fact I just listened to one of her new songs the contained the lyric “my comeback”.

    So…. I would guess they will use a play on that? “Our Comeback”? Or, better in my mind: “Coming Back to You” Tour?

  32. I like your title because it puts Danny and Mandisa together in an association that makes sense. They were both on Idol. (It’s not an Idol reunion, though, because they were not on together.)

    Also, I like the idea that people saw them on Idol, and now, they have a chance to see them again.

    The “You” as you represent it makes the title have even more meaning. Tell Danny I like your title. πŸ™‚ I could exercise my brain all day (infinitely) and not think of a title I like better.

    There are things I don’t like. You don’t have to tell him about those things. I’ll let them be a secret. Sort of. (I do not like Masterpiece. Too “ego-ish” for my taste. I dislike it so much that if it’s the next single, I might ignore it.)

    I do like Chasing. Would love for it to be the next single. Doubt it will be. πŸ™

  33. I think Masterpiece is the song written by Bernie that Natalie had wanted to record. I think Danny sounds really good on it (acoustically) but it may fit Natalie better πŸ˜‰

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