Danny Gokey to Perform on “Harry” on April 3rd!

Danny Gokey appears on Harry TV

Danny Gokey is one of Monday’s guest on the “Harry”, Harry Connick Jr own daytime variety show.  To find the station and time in your city check out this nifty TOOL.

“Harry” has served up an upbeat blend of talk, comedy and variety segments along with music and performance segments highlighting the multifaceted host’s bona fides as an accomplished musician.” —  Variety


Harry Connick Jr

Harry Connick Jr. Takes His Southern Charm and Wit to Daytime TV

The show has been championed by the Fox O&O group as a different spin on the daytime talk show format. Without the renewal on Fox-owned stations in 17 major markets — including New York, Los Angeles and Chicago — the show would not likely have made it to a second season.

5 thoughts on “Danny Gokey to Perform on “Harry” on April 3rd!

  1. Is there a way that someone can record and upload it here? I can’t watch it on Monday. I don’t have cable. I really want to see it. There is no way to directly watch it on the site. You have to download the app, but it won’t work without having cable.

    Thank you

  2. Hi Kelly. I am surprised to hear you have to have cable TV to watch the “Harry”. I am fortunate to be able to catch it on an over air (free), network station, ABC. Others are finding it on FOX or even CW.

    I will be watching for videos of the interview and the performance. When I find them I will certainly put up a post with them!

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