Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 4/10 – 4/23/17

Danny Gokey performs with Mark Hall and Chad Mattson

Danny Gokey Band on The Very Next Thing Tour

Evansville, IN

Courtesy of  Brittenay Johnson Photography

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 Our thanks to Brittenay Johnson for the use of her awesome photos!

89 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion- 4/10 – 4/23/17

  1. We are so fortunate to have amazing photographers, like Brittenay Johnson, allowing us to illustrate DannyGokeyNews with their awesome work. Thanks to all the photographers that generously give up their time and talent to following Christian artists.

    Danny shared his entire performance in Fargo, ND tonight via Facebook LIVE:


    Should I save this in a separate post?

    At 8:25 47,000 views.

    Stronger Than We Think
    Hope in Front of Me
    If You Ain’t In It
    More Than You Think I Am
    Better Than I Found It
    Tell Your Heart to Beat Again
    How Great is Our God interwoven with lyrics from RISE
    The Comeback

  2. Nice to see that a radio station is trying out Danny’s new music (The Comeback) on Monday.

  3. Dont know if anyone noticed that Danny have more than 100K followers on instagram now.

  4. Wow, this was sooo good! I had to miss the Fargo ND concert, because of an issue with my husband’s heart. But Our Lord is in complete control, I got to see my concert anyway! PTL Thank you, Danny and band for a much enjoyed concert. 🙂

  5. Hi Kathleen! So glad you had the live broadcast to make missing the concert so much easier.

    And please tell us why you are the sock lady to Danny 🙂

  6. Hi Mr Bing thanks for pointing out the Instagram followers 🙂

    Kelly, I retweeted the station’s tweer abut Danny coming up on their new music Monday. I think it was a Canadian station?

    I don’t know if other artists also get so much affection on social media… but I have to think that Danny sharing so much of his life has something to do with so many saying “I love Danny Gokey” ♡

  7. Yes, Jan, please save in a separate post to make it easy to find later on. But no rush — at your earliest convenience. And make sure we know this is courtesy of Danny!

  8. Kathleen, here’s hoping and praying your husband’s heart is mended by God. And if you want to share any Danny stories with us (like why he thinks of you as the sock and afghan lady), we’re all ears!

  9. Thank you, Danny. I really enjoyed the concert. I would have love to have been in the audience to see everyone dancing to “The Comeback.” Great set!!

    All the best, Kathleen.

  10. Ha Ha, Jan and Ellen, and I am guessing Everyone else, I knitted Christmas stockings and personalized afghans for Little Danny and Victoria, when they were born. 🙂 And I had the pleasure of giving Danny, his daughter’s stocking and afghan at one of his concerts. When it came time for the Meet and Greet the gentleman taking our picture with Danny introduced me as the Stocking and Afghan Lady. I don’t think Danny remembers my real name so therefore my new one to him. LOL

  11. Forgot, Thank you, Ellen for your prayers. It was pretty scary for a while, but he is doing much better. 🙂

  12. Thank you, Cindy3. 🙂

  13. Nice to have someone with your talents here, Kathleen. I used to do a quite a bit of crocheting…. instead I do blog & social media posts!

  14. Thanks for sharing, Kathleen! What a wonderful story. And how lucky for little Danny and Victoria to get handmade gifts! Please stop by to chat at this site anytime. Although the focus of the site is Danny, when there isn’t new news, we talk about everything under the sun. Just ask Lurker! (Who appears to be MIA, at least for today.)

  15. Quite a twitter conversation between us, Mandisa, Danny, butterfly77 today.

    @mandisaofficial if you two did a tour together that would ROCK! Both have helped give my hope with my ❤️ condition!

    2)@MandisaoffficialAwww…that’s awesome, @11butterfly77! 🙌🏾
    We SHOULD tour together, @DannyGokey! The #DanManTour? No? 😂🤣😂🤣

    A fan’s suggestion: 3)The Mandokey Tour!)

    4)@dannygokeynewz Apr 9
    How does a @mandisaofficial / @dannygokey “Coming Back to You Tour” sound? @AmericanIdol Photo: @AnnetteHolloway

    5)Danny Gokey News‏ @dannygokeynewz 5h5 hours ago
    Danny Gokey News Retweeted Darin Martin
    Ohhh! Dan-disa Tour sounds good to us 🙂 Eh, @mandisaofficial? And it could be the name of @dannygokey’s next child if it’s a girl? LOL!

    6) @mandisaofficial Replying to @dannygokeynewz @dannygokey
    Where did y’all hear that @dannygokey & I are touring together this fall? & for the record, I FORBID Danny from naming his child Dandisa! 😝😂

    7) Danny Gokey News‏ @dannygokeynewz
    Replying to @mandisaofficial
    Just a really good rumor that drifted our way, @mandisaofficial ……And we love the idea!! @dannygokey 🙂

    8)Mandisa Retweeted Danny Gokey News
    I love the idea of a tour with @DannyGokey too! I hope we can coordinate our schedules to make it happen one day!

    9)Danny Gokey‏Verified account @dannygokey 3h3 hours ago
    Danny Gokey Retweeted Mandisa
    We got so close to making it happen, but it has always fallen through. Some day! But wait, U don’t think #Dandisa is a good girl baby name?😂

    Soooo…. neither Danny or Mandisa are owning up to a fall tour with the two of them together. But both want it to happen “some day”. Hmmmm…. they’ve been teasing around about it. I suppose we will see if this time it happens or if it falls through….

  16. It will be so cool if and when it happens. I hope not to miss it like I missed Casting Crowns.

  17. “Sarah Beauman‏ @SLBeauman 4m4 minutes ago
    Disney Night of Joy!🙌
    Friday, Sept. 8 – MercyMe, TobyMac, Natalie Grant, Danny Gokey, Matt Maher, Colton Dixon,… http://fb.me/8sSlKghNa

  18. I found an article about the concert. It will be at Disney World. My husband and I visit Disneyland often. I’m sorry they won’t be coming out this way. The article said that Danny was a new generation of Christian hit makers. 🙂

  19. Night of Joy has been in Florida, Cindy. I think it was two years ago when Mandisa gave up a part of her set to have Danny sing HIFOM? And he joined her to do the rap part of Good Morning.

    Too funny that this is how one promoter describes Danny with his hit, “My Best Days ARe Ahead of Me”

    I liked “Country (?) Christian Music legends like MercyMe, Amy Grant, Steven Curtis Chapman and Kirk Franklin joining a new generation of Christian hit makers like Danny Gokey, Jordan Feliz and Rend Collective, the complex will be filled with two nights of awe-inspiring music. http://www.themainstreetmouse.com/2017/04/11/35th-disney-night-joy-espn-wide-world-sports-complex-sept-8-9/

    New post: https://dannygokeynews.com/2017/04/11/night-joy-new-generation-christian-hit-makers/

  20. Hey Jan!

    I just saw a post on Twitter and Facebook that Summerfest announced their lineups. Danny is listed under festival headliners. Any word on what day?

  21. JUST ANNOUNCED: It was a BIG night for Summerfest. With the help of ABC’S Jimmy Kimmel Live, we announced our lineup. Who are you excited to see?

    Tickets: https://store.summerfest.com/

    There’s a pic included but I can’t figure out how to post it here.

  22. Two monitored stations have started spinning The Comeback:

    Station Market Format TW lw Move ovn am mid pm eve Aud
    KSBJ-FM Houston Christian AC 16 16 5 1 4 2 4 0.232
    WRBS-FM Baltimore Christian AC 4 4 1 1 1 1 0.023

    I still remember when Danny couldn’t get any TX love…. things have changed! 16 spins this week.

  23. That’s the same Baltimore station 95.1 SHINE that was a big supporter of Danny’s TYHTBA. And the three preachers’ original version.

  24. *sigh* Any other year, I would have been there at Summerfest. But I will be elsewhere. It’s the day before a friend’s daughter’s wedding on the East Coast.

  25. So is the Night of Joy the first time Danny is on the same concert bill as fellow Idol alum Colton Dixon?

  26. I had meant to respond to Admin2 on her post regarding artists played by country radio, but I don’t remember what I wanted to say. So I will just post this link to a Billboard article about women in country music. I am at least glad someone is talking about the issue.


    There are more male voices than female voices on Christian radio, too (at least in my market), but the gap is much, much closer than it is on country radio, where the male/female ratio is nothing short of bizarre. Lots of (not very talented, IMHO) lettuce, but very few tomatoes (talented or otherwise).

  27. ⚡️Jûš 🔟 Ⓜ️ 🅱️ ℹ️śė ⚡️‏ @justbise 23m23 minutes ago
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  28. Cool photos, Lurker. Isn’t it interesting that a torn shirt hem is now in style to go with ripped jeans?

    Danny does look good. The hair is a touch longer. I like that.

  29. I read an article about age to stop wearing certain items. One was ripped jeans. The age for men was 37. (The article said after that, men should go for a more mature look.)

    Is Danny 37 yet? 😉

  30. “Danny thinks he is younger…”

    Haha, Jan. All he has to do is look in the mirror and see those grey hairs coming in through his beard to see he’s not as young as he thinks. 😂😂

  31. Happy Easter, everyone, for those who celebrate this great religious feast!

  32. A happy Easter to all that celebrate it.

    I’ve had a really good week. I hope you did, too.

    Danny’s song “The Comeback” will get at least two monitored adds tomorrow: Baltimore and Houston. I think Houston is spinning it ~25 times a week, already? I hope that is a sign of a well received song.

    We have had unusually warm, sunny days in Wisconsin. I’ll take it!

  33. Easter Blessings to all that celebrate..

    I can’t believe in a couple of weeks my first grandchild will be a year old. Where does the time go?? He’s such a joy. ♥

    Your grandchild will be a year pretty soon too, Zuzana. Happy Birthday!

  34. RISE (album) is #16 on itunes (Christian). It is on sale for $5.99 (with a little picture ad about halfway down the front page).

  35. itunes

    Rise: #53
    TYHTBA: #48
    HIFOM: #161

    RISE: #14
    HIFOM: #80

    HIFOM: #177

  36. “Chris David Mitchell‏ @ChrisDavidMitch 41m41 minutes ago
    Loving @dannygokey new album! He must hit 100 top B’s in ‘never be the same’ and it’s effortless! Your voice is sounding better than ever!”

  37. “The Q 99.7 FM‏ @TheQ997 1h1 hour ago
    Our Q artist of the week @dannygokey was making a run on @AmericanIdol before we heard him on The Q. Check it out!”

  38. “KDCR FM 88.5‏ @KDCR_885 9m9 minutes ago
    KDCR FM 88.5 Retweeted Danny Gokey
    #KDCR making this into a new on-air @KDCR_885 twitter promo; stay tuned @dannygokey! KDCR FM 88.5 added,”

    The station had this tweet with a link to ” Danny leading the kids in the Sponge Bob Square Pants song…”

    (See song in Jan’s post above.)

  39. Nice to see the tweeting about Danny from radio stations today. I think The Comeback may enter the CAC Mediabase chart tomorrow. I think its two stations played it close to 50 times. More are starting.

    It did get the two monitored stations adding it today.

  40. From MJs

    Top 1500 Albums:
    14 Pentatonix PTX, Vol. IV – Classics
    87 Keith Urban Ripcord
    98 Melanie Martinez Cry Baby (Deluxe Edition)
    107 Grace VanderWaal Perfectly Imperfect – EP
    118 James Arthur Back from the Edge
    128 Danny Gokey Rise
    137 Lindsey Stirling Brave Enough
    192 Chase Rice Ignite the Ni

  41. I like the MJ’s showing of Danny’s album on the overall chart.

    Also good to see that The Comeback has reentered the singles on itunes Christian 200.

  42. I heard today on Air1 radio song ” The Comeback ” 🙂 played the song 2 times , I listened to the radio at work 🙂 Excited !!! <3

  43. Wow! That’s great to hear that Air1 is startin to play it, Zuzana!

    He seems to be getting really good reaction to it as a single from radio 🙂

    And for it to reappear on itunes? Very cool!

  44. The Comeback was at #117 when I posted at 3:14 pm above. I just checked again. It is now #97.

  45. I don’t know what a GMA Spark Session is either. GMA is Gospel Music Association I think. A spark can be something that ignites.
    Maybe a spark session is a kickoff event to get people excited about the Dove awards? If it is, that makes no sense to me. It isn’t necessary to build excitement for the awards. The excitement is already there.

  46. Another ❓ from me about People’s choice for most beautiful. There are things in this world I do not understand.

  47. Lori is right! I just noticed gray hairs in Danny’s beard (in the SpongBob video). He is way too young to be getting gray. I have less gray in my hair and I’m way older. And I don’t color! But alas, as Taylor Hicks could tell us, gray doesn’t always come with age.

  48. I think Danny is where Leyicet gets the dye for her eyebrows, Danny’s “For Men Only” beard dye 😉

  49. Soooo…. I suppose I should freshen up the posts, eh? I know about three new concert dates and we have some nice photos from the VNT tour….


    It’s been a really busy time in my family and at work. But I’m looking forward to a lighter period coming up 🙂

  50. I’ve lost track of what’s been posted, but I see The Comeback entered the Billboard Christian Airplay monitored chart at #36? (80 spins) Also 3 adds each on the Christian Hot AC/CHR airplay chart and Christian AC indicator charts.

    I don’t recall Danny having early results on the Hot AC format with previous songs.

  51. It is nice to see the new adds on sChristian Hot AC/CHR airplay chart and Christian AC indicator charts. I do think Hot AC has been slow to play his music. Maybe this one has the right energy?

    The Christian National Airplay:

    36 – 1 DANNY GOKEY The ComebackBMG 80 +61 0.676 36

    Also good to see the iTune sale prices (and Danny posting the Harry video?) has been increasing the sale of the album and new single.

  52. I would like to see more comments here (other than my own). It is more interesting to drop by to read when there is something to read.

    There is a concert tonight. That should help. There is more excitement on a concert night.

    Could a trio tour be considered? Wondering what’s next.

  53. I am looking at a golf leader board. Patrick Reed is a golfer who played well in the Ryder Cup. Since then he has been in a slump.
    Because he has been in a slump, he is not expected to do well in this week’s tournament–but he has four consecutive birdies and is tied for 1st.
    It would be fun to see a video of all those birdies set to “The Comeback.”
    There is a long way to go. Only nine holes played. Lots of play left. It can’t be a comeback until Sunday is done.
    My point is I would like to see Danny’s song used for events such as this.

  54. I agree that the discussion has been a bit sparse.

    I for one, was busy celebrating all our family birthdays (including my own on Sunday) and Easter and I haven’t been up to date on Danny news or bringing it here.

    I saw that Danny posted the youTube of his Comeback performance on Harry.

    I also think The Comeback will be used in some sport/life application.

    IN my mind I have been working on a new post. I will try to put it onsite by tonight. 🙂

  55. I really don’t have anything to say. I worry. I agree that “The Comeback” would be a great song in many secular settings, but I worry that it won’t be embraced, perhaps because it’s not “Christian enough.” And musically, it’s probably tied with “Symptoms” as my least favorite song on Danny’s album. I understand that the theme of “The Comeback” can be inspiring, and not just for athletes or athletic events. I think someone could do a video with “The Comeback” similar to what the Seattle Children’s Hospital did with Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You).” If you haven’t seen this video yet, watch it and be prepared to weep!


  56. I often wonder if the little boy featured at :35, 1:33, and 2:32 seconds is still alive. The video is from five years ago, so the boy possibly could be a tween by now.

  57. Does anyone know if the Youtube format (the way the page looks) has changed recently? I am not getting what I usually see.
    It may be I am viewing the page in a different mode. If I am, I don’t know how to undo it or what I did to get there.
    Sometimes I accidentally click something I did not mean to click. Then I wonder why everything is unfamiliar.
    Another thing I have done is hit a wrong key on my keyboard and have a post I was writing disappear. When that happens, I decide fate had made a decision that my post was going to be boring–that it needed to be deleted. 😉

  58. Happy Birthday, Jan! My sister in law celebrated her birthday on Easter. My husband’s, son, and many other family members also celebrate their birthday in April. A very busy month.

    I can see The Comeback being used in many ways. I hope that it is. I think it a very inspirational upbeat song.

    When I see videos above, I’m always hoping for recoveries, and long life.

    I was using YouTube the other day. I don’t use it often, so I’m not sure of a format change. I found short stories about actors from years ago. Their life, accomplishments, and sometimes sad endings. Very interesting.

    Have a wonderful day, everyone.

  59. Excellent post, Cindy. 🙂 Thanks for responding to my question about youtube.

  60. Lurker, does the change you see in YT occur if you try a different browser or device to view something?

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