Video: “The Comeback” by Danny Gokey with Lyrics

Danny Gokey‘s new single, “The Comeback” now has a lyric video to help promote it!  It’s a simple story of a gymnast having one mistake after another until she puts it all together in her “comeback” performance.  I’m simply amazed at people that can effortlessly do multiple flips— and then do it on a narrow balance beam or flying off the uneven parallel bars…

Your thoughts?

6 thoughts on “Video: “The Comeback” by Danny Gokey with Lyrics

  1. Love love love this video!! The words resonate with where I’ve been, how far I’ve come and where I’m going…I’m definitely having a COMEBACK with the help of God and my husband…thank you Danny Gokey for continually inspiring me with your music…you give me the motivation to keep going!! You and your music are a blessing to my life!!

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  2. Thanks Jan…actually my real name is Colleen Snell but my husband gave me the nickname “Angel” because he says I was his angel from heaven that saved him….that’s why my email is angelsnell…love seeing your posts about Danny’s music!! Thanks for sharing!!


  3. Life will always have trials and tribulations but with Faith and a love of God we will ALWAYS prevail. #nevergiveup
    Danny, thank you for creating this amazing song to remind us that God never fails us. Simply keep your hearts open and God will make the shifts in order for you to reach your greatness. Believe, Faith, Hope, Let Go, Preserve

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