Danny Gokey Videos: The Comeback & Glorious Day, Photos

Danny Gokey Band performs with on the Very Next Thing tourWhile the Very Next Thing Tour with Casting Crowns is winding down, we love seeing the evolution of Danny Gokey on this tour.  Many of us have noticed that the longer Danny has to work with a song, the more he makes it special and his own.

Photos by troywl We sincerely appreciate Troy sharing his awesome photos with us!Danny Gokey Band on Very Next Thing Tour

Enjoy these concert videos by The Vine Radio & Vine Television and MrLMB4545

The view of all those cellphone flashlights on during “Better Than I Found It” is so awesome. Please let me know if you find a great video (or take one) of Danny and Meagan performing — with some crowd shots.  I’d love to feature it.

Finally, the trio of Mark Hall, Chad  Mattson and Danny leading the audience in the encore song, “Glorious Day” is stunning!


8 thoughts on “Danny Gokey Videos: The Comeback & Glorious Day, Photos

  1. OK, I’d like a little less jumping and a little more singing on The Comeback. I know Danny needs to use backing tracks, but they should be used only when necessary.


  2. Ellen, I do know what you mean. I find it a little surprising that it just isn’t Danny’s background vocals that are on that track, it is his whole vocal. I think it would be good for him to ALWAYS sing the lead vocal. But….

    However, on Glorious Day, I really love his portion of the song. He’s not just singing it the CC way, he has Goke-afied it. 🙂 And did he get a bigger part as time has gone on? He does have a great voice.


  3. Just watched that video of Glorious Day. The other two gentlemen have good voices so far as I could tell, but Danny is much more distinctive vocally and also seems able to enunciate the lyrics more clearly (usually) — he comes through with a lot of clarity even in that setting with two other guys singing plus the female lead, and the crowd singing along.

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