Celebrate Freedom – Marietta, GA & Dallas, TX!

According to Dannygokey.com, Danny will be joining the 2017 Celebrate Freedom Music Festival at their two locations:

  1. On June 24th in Dallas, Texas at the Southfork Ranch (in Parker, Texas)
  2. On September 2nd in Atlanta, Georgia at the Jim R Miller Park

Celebrate Freedom is a FREE one-day concert festival featuring Christian artists. The event started in Dallas, TX and hosted by 94.9 KLTY. It’s been expanded to also take place in Atlanta and hosted by 104.7 The Fish.

3 thoughts on “Celebrate Freedom – Marietta, GA & Dallas, TX!

  1. I enjoyed Danny Gokey @ the Celebrate Freedom concert in Parker Texas @ the Southfork Ranch. I was amazed at his voice and what a great show he performed. I purchased his CD and can’t stop listening to it. Without a doubt he has one of the best voices out there today. I would love to see him preform in concert. I wish he would come back to Texas .

  2. Hi Rosemary! Welcome to DGNews. From now on your comments will not have to wait for me to approve them– they will show up immediately.

    I’m so glad you came by to tell us about Danny’s performance at the Southfork Ranch. It looks like an awesome event. Isn’t that the show where Danny was decked out in his new suitjacket? How hot was it???

    We hope you come back to tell us about your night. Glad you are enjoying his CD!

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