Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion – 04/24- 05/07/17

Happy Birthday, Danny Gokey!

Your may be (getting a touch) older; you’re (also) getting better!

“Love God. Love People.”  Doesn’t that say it all?

Photo thanks to Leyicet Gokey

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112 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion – 04/24- 05/07/17

  1. What is the gentleman at mj’s referring to as far as K-Love playing The Comeback a lot due to an upcoming tour connection? I don’t recall reading that Danny has a K-Love tour, is that new?


  2. Danny doesnt have a klove tour, but the awards voting starts soon and Danny and Lauren are the opening concert performers. There are others, too… don’t recall who… Mercy Me?


  3. Admin2, I don’t know anything about an upcoming K-Love tour.

    I thought the gentleman was referencing back to a comment LF made during an earlier conversation on a different thread:

    “However, [Danny] is joining Lauren Daigle as the opening concert of the KLOVE Fan Awards. I think it would be quite odd if KLOVE didn’t play his current single. So, I’m going to guess he gets at least middle level support from them.”

    The gentleman then responded: “Your point about the KLOVE tour and them playing his new single are probably right. However, KLOVE alone won’t guarantee a top 10 or #1 hit.”

    So I think he’s maybe making a mistake and calling it a tour rather than a concert.

    Here is a link to the earlier thread:



  4. I see at mj’s they have some tour info posted

    Casting Crowns, Danny Gokey, Unspoken
    April 11, 2017: Sioux Falls, S.D.: Denny Sanford Premier Center: 5,170 of 6,309 (82%): $202,351
    April 7, 2017: Cedar Rapids, Iowa: U.S. Cellular Center: 4,132 of 5,318 (78%): $146,344
    April 6, 2017: Evansville, Ind.: Ford Center: 3,495 of 3,495 (SOLD-OUT): $139,283

    So if it’s a 40-city tour, and the shows average $150k each, that would be $6 million in gross ticket revenue plus funding from merch sales and any other collateral things.

    Of course, spread out across income and expenses over the three acts, their bands and retinues, tour organizers, charity tie-in (?), et al. Still, not bad at all!

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  5. Even though I am not fond of “The Comeback,” I do hope that it does well at radio. I want to hear more uptempo songs on the radio (and not just from Danny). Ballads can be beautiful, but not when that is all you tend to hear on CCM radio. Country radio tends to have the opposite problem — too many uptempo/midtempo songs and not enough slower, lower-key ballads. I like to have a blend of both, otherwise my ears get fatigued.

    And no, I’m still not counting my chickens . . .


  6. I just finished putting together the post to announce the voting period for the 2017 K-LOVE Fan Awards. It opens Monday at 8PM EST. I will post it on Monday.

    I was over at MJs and they are reporting that Scotty McCreery will have a new single available on May 5th. (Amazon has the promo pic up) But there hasn’t been a new label announcement. I looked at Plaympe.com to see if a new single for radio was announced. The last one for Scotty was April 2014. Doesn’t that sound familiar? Having to wait 3 years for new music after a label drops you? Maybe Danny’s wait wasn’t so bad after all…..

    It certainly is nice to see all Danny’s current success.

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  7. Not sure if it’s accurate, could be too soon to know for sure? But the Pulse forum folks are speculating Scotty may be self-releasing his new song. Apparently the single posting at amazon is listed to his publishing company’s credit vs. a known label.


  8. The label is listed as Dagum Music. One of the publishers of his other songs. Interesting if he us releasing it without a label and if he thinks he can push it as an independent. Even more surprising that Bobby Bones previewed it. Bobby does push songs that he personally likes. Chris Janson’s biggest hit song (Buy Me a Boat) came about because Bobby found it, played it and liked the song.


  9. Re Bobby Bones playing what he likes: See, to me, that is what radio is supposed to do, and what it used to do. Local radio DJs would play current “hits,” but also occasionally played songs that they discovered by artists they liked, some of whom would usually have a local connection. Now everything is corporate and one-note. (I recognize that Bobby is syndicated, so it is not quite the same, but you get the idea . . . )


  10. Buy Me A Boat’s inexpensive video has over 54 million views on YT! Goodness

    Though Chris Janson waited a long time to have a breakthrough as a performer.

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  11. Gee, and I remember the days when I couldn’t stand twang. I’ve come a long way, because I love the beginning of that song: “I ain’t rich, but I d*mn sure wanna be. Working like a dog all day ain’t working for me. I wish I had a rich uncle that’d kick the bucket, and I was sittin’ on a pile like Warren Buffet . . . ”

    So inquiring minds want to know . . . Did Chris Janson ever buy himself a boat?


  12. TC is #34 today. It should get at least two monitored stations adding it.

    30 30 NORTH POINT INSIDEOUT Death Was Arrested 204 175 29 0.955
    29 31 CITIZEN WAY Bulletproof 196 176 20 0.928
    34 32 AFTERS Eyes Of A Believer 195 124 71 0.396
    35 33 RYAN STEVENSON The Gospel 187 120 67 0.31
    47 34 DANNY GOKEY The Comeback 157 71 86 0.751

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  13. As he should be 😉

    Mediabase takes its sweet time on CAC. But I guess that is better than the old Second Hand Heart days in country music… they would add bit not play it… :/

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  14. Good Morning..

    I was wondering. I just sent off an email to my daughter and friend to ask if they would vote for Danny for the K-LOVE Fan Awards. I also asked if they would pass the message along to “two” other people. Like
    a chain letter. Even though, I don’t like chain letters. :/ I thought it might be a good way to generate more votes for Danny… What do you think??

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  15. ” 4m4 minutes ago
    OMG @dannygokey you sang #ThatsWhatLoveCanDo last night! That’s my favorite song! I hope to hear it Fri. Thx 4 sharing it on insta @leyicet”

    Can this video be posted here?

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  16. Lurker, it is an instagram story posted by Leyicet. I could possibly copy it…. but they are suppose to disappear, unless the owner decides to save them. So, I won’t do that– unless Leyicet saves it.

    If it is any comfort, the sound quality really wasn’t good. It took me a little bit to recognize the song and I knew which one it was…


  17. Thanks, Jan. 🙂

    I thought I saw a new header–somewhere. When I looked again, I didn’t find it. Not sure if I saw what I thought I saw. I liked it though.


  18. itunes

    Rise: #75
    TYHTBA: #23
    HIFOM: #135
    The Comeback: #77

    RISE: #35
    HIFOM: #73


  19. 21 27 9 HOLLYN In Awe GOTEE 689 +102 1.767 21

    22 21 3 DANNY GOKEY The Comeback BMG 493 +29 1.652 22

    23 23 3 RYAN STEVENSON The Gospel GOTEE 661 +6 1.648 23

    24 39 3 MALLARY HOPE Now CURB 466 +323 1.563 24

    Look at Mallary go!


  20. aww – hope Mallary’s single does well. She should have label support, I think her husband is involved with the company somehow …

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  21. I love Mallary Hope! She’s so talented. I remember when she had been in a studio or something and heard Danny sing “I Will Not Say Goodbye,” and then she made a comment about Danny working on this very powerful song that moved her. Something like that. I have her song “Love Lives On.” Talk about a tearjerker!

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  22. I don’t know Ryan Stevenson, but I’m very interested in what Hollyn does. I find her a breath of fresh air — doing Christian music but with a very modern twist.

    Stupid question — is Mallary doing Christian or country? She’s listed with other Christian artists, but I associate Curb Records with country music.


  23. Oh, and can someone remind me of the K-Love rules? I know about separate family members/email addresses, but is it once a day voting or what? I don’t remember, even though I’ve done it before. 😦


  24. I believe Natalie Grant is on Curb Records. So they must have a Christian branch. I remember in the Summer of 2012 Danny told me he was excited about meetings with Curb. But then we learned he wasn’t considered Christian music ready ….or something like that.. from Christian labels.

    Maybe they have broadened their views since Danny has become successful on a non-Christian label like BMG?


  25. I thought Mallory co-wrote “Win Me Over” for Danny. I searched and found this comment:

    “I’ve seen Mallary live a couple of times, and own her EP which has some good songs on it IMO. She is also a co-writer of Danny Gokey’s song Win Me Over that was an excellent country ballad for Danny’s second album but unfortunately the rights got caught up in the shuffle with his departure from RCA Nashville.”

    The comment was part of a post written by someone who writes here. It was made at MJ’s 5 years ago.


  26. Yes, I have a fondness of Mallary because of “Win Me Over”. Love Danny’s voice on that song. I do own a copy. I have my ways 😉

    I’d love to see Danny & Mallary write together.

    I will have to put it on my list of things to ask Danny: if we could share it (only) at DGNews?


  27. I believe Mallary is signed to Curb as a primarily Christian artist, though likely not ruling out that she could cross over. As a songwriter, I haven’t heard much recently but would think like a lot of them she’d have no trouble supporting both audiences.

    I remember when she had been in a studio or something and heard Danny sing “I Will Not Say Goodbye,” and then she made a comment about Danny working on this very powerful song that moved her

    I can’t recall the name off-hand but I think this was a different female artist who was in the Christian genre at the time. She heard IWNSG when Danny was recording it in Mark Bright’s studio. Something like that. I have seen her name in recent months on the charts, she continues to be active on Christian radio.


  28. Just came back to me. Meredith Andrews was the one who made the early comment about IWNSG. Mallary also has an early reference with Danny, they were both on the line-up of a country music Christian show the fall that Danny had his first single out with RCA. And did at least one or two joint concerts after that, I remember seeing them both on a line-up headlined by Jake Owens one time.



  29. Yes, I have a fondness of Mallary because of “Win Me Over”. Love Danny’s voice on that song. I do own a copy. I have my ways 😉

    I also have audio of Win Me Over. It has this very distinctive voiceover comment early on with someone in the audience going “mmmmmmm.”

    I can’t possibly think who that may have been


  30. Some things just stick in my memory though they take a while for the details to come out of deep storage.

    Mortifying this morning it took me several minutes to come up with the name of a person who was sitting in my office with me for two years until last spring. Yikes.


  31. Good to see Danny is still promoting his eyewear line for Match Eyewear 🙂 I wondered why he had gotten new glasses while on the road last week (or the week before?) Probably wanted to have the most current styles on his face when he went to this conference in Nashville.


  32. Silly question. Is Danny’s eye wear available everywhere?

    Can you believe our temperatures have been in the 20’s, and snow is on the way… :/


  33. Noooo on the snow, Cindy. You don’t have to send that weather our way 😉

    We are averaging near 60 most of our days. Pretty typical WI weather for spring. Hoping we don’t get a frost. My lilacs and flowering crab trees are ALMOST at peak.

    Cindy, while the DG Eyewear line isn’t eveywhere, its in a lot of places. Even the little town near us.

    They have a store finder here –> http://match00.com/index.php/store_locator/

    I already put up the new discussion post. It was too dead here, so I thought I’d move us over. https://dannygokeynews.com/2017/05/07/welcome-danny-gokey-news-discussion-508-52117/comment-page-1/#comment-7512


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