Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion – 04/24- 05/07/17

Happy Birthday, Danny Gokey!

Your may be (getting a touch) older; you’re (also) getting better!

“Love God. Love People.”  Doesn’t that say it all?

Photo thanks to Leyicet Gokey

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  1. Love Danny’s t-shirt saying and the photo of her men by Leyicet <3

    It's impact week! On Friday Danny's new single, The Comeback has it's official impact to radio day. Will it be embraced by CAC radio?

    So far three monitored stations are playing it:

    Station Market Format TW lw Move ovn am mid pm eve Aud
    KSBJ-FM Houston Christian AC 29 28 1 8 4 8 4 5 0.469
    WRBS-FM Baltimore Christian AC 27 17 10 7 5 6 4 5 0.162
    KFIS-FM Portland, OR Christian AC 6 6 3 1 1 1 0.017

  2. Love the photo, above. Such handsome men.

    I think “all” radio stations will embrace “The Comeback.” At least they should. 😉

    I agree, Jan. I really like the video. Thank you for bringing it over. 🙂

  3. Hi Cindy, I think “The Comeback” will do great. An anthem we all can use. But I have been wring belong…. however this time, Danny seems to have a lot of support.

    I was making dinner when it dawned on me that tomorrow is Danny’s birthday. So I added the birthday wish to the top of this post.

  4. That’s right, I forgot. Another April birthday. 🙂


  5. Things are looking good for Danny’s The Comeback. It enters the CAC Mediabase chart this morning at #47 (Rise is still #6) and Kansas City is also spinning it. He has some good size stations leading the way this time. I remember when he launched HIFOM, we saw one tiny little station and then another start to play it. It took a long time for the bigger stations to join in.

    This time, he has Houston, Baltimore, Portland and Kansas City!

  6. I still get confused about the reports. I thought the #47 entry for The Comeback would be included in the numbers thread at MJ’s, but it wasn’t mentioned (just Rise).

    Is it that I have the days or charts mingled again? Or is #47 not high enough yet to be included?

  7. I already mentioned it to Kirsten. She just wasn’t looking for a second single on the chart for Danny—that is my guess 😉

  8. I liked your convo at MJs, Jan. I’m pretty sure I’m one of the fans you alluded to, who have reservations about “The Comeback.” But we shall see. I’m curious what C’s wife may like, since she seems to be good at picking what does well on CCM.

  9. I disagree (although not strongly) that there are ZERO religious references in “The Comeback.” There is this verse:

    You feel the lightning, the thunder, your soul shakes
    Under the roar of the heaven, the tide breaks
    And from the ashes you will take your place
    Here comes the comeback

    I think it’s possible that the song is referring to the second coming, but that’s far from clear.

  10. Hey Ellen, it is nice to see a music discussion on DANNY (not GOKEY) occurring at Mjs. I added to your response. (I didn’t see it until after I posted….)

  11. That’s an interesting thread with the Colton fan at mj’s, he seems very aware of CCM.

    While I hope it will prove another good fit for the radio formats, The Comeback lyrics don’t strike me personally as particularly Christian in content. And I was one of those who thought Lady A’s I Run To You could be a Christian song if you took out the word “baby” 😉

  12. Nice video from the bus, didn’t realize Danny was in one of the bunk beds for the tour.

    He should go for a food commercial at some point, he fit in quite a few there between the coffee, tea, pizza, and crackers

  13. Palermos Pizza is one of the big sponsors of Sophia’s Heart. Danny said he just gotten a blanket from his mom and that he had been in Milwaukee. Danny told me that he visited ALL the SHF corporate sponsors in MKE. They gave him pizza, LOL which he crammed into the fridge but couldn’t cook on the bus…. He should have asked for microwave pizza 😉

    I found it interesting that he said that nobody was working out on this tour. I do know he tries to go running and they play basketball. But with 12 guys, I bet the healthy diet factor is NOT good.

    I guess we will see how far CAC lets Danny deviate from the JPM requirement. He certainly can talk the talk (and does in his shows). But will they play this song? I think so. I hope so…..

  14. Year to date charts on Mediabase:

    Rank Artist Title Total Spins Apr Mar Feb Jan
    1 ZACH WILLIAMS Chain Breaker 28,711 4,421 7,439 7,938 8,913
    2 DANNY GOKEY Rise 26,574 5,080 8,032 7,315 6,147
    3 TOBYMAC Love Broke Thru 24,933 5,893 8,282 5,988 4,770
    4 WE ARE MESSENGERS Magnify 22,723 4,349 7,019 6,034 5,321
    5 CASTING CROWNS One Step Away 22,469 2,681 5,509 6,465 7,814
    6 MICAH TYLER Never Been A Moment 21,111 4,743 7,055 5,149 4,164
    7 NATALIE GRANT King Of The World 20,983 2,746 5,591 6,149 6,497
    8 NEEDTOBREATHE Testify 20,173 4,996 6,615 4,706 3,856
    9 HILLARY SCOTT Thy Will 20,047 2,836 4,851 5,384 6,976
    10 CHRIS TOMLIN Jesus 19,808 1,887 4,214 5,923 7,784
    11 BIG DADDY WEAVE The Lion And The Lamb 19,548 2,669 4,529 5,109 7,241
    12 FOR KING & COUNTRY Priceless 19,135 2,881 4,765 5,087 6,402
    13 HILLSONG WORSHIP What A Beautiful Name 18,243 5,429 6,505 4,209 2,100
    14 RYAN STEVENSON Eye Of The Storm f/GabeReal 17,991 2,821 4,404 4,621 6,145
    15 ONE SONIC SOCIETY Great Are You Lord 17,168 2,472 4,263 4,731 5,702
    16 LAUREN DAIGLE Come Alive (Dry Bones) 15,906 2,766 4,723 4,547 3,870
    17 TENTH AVENUE NORTH I Have This Hope 15,746 4,540 5,638 3,420 2,148
    18 MATTHEW WEST Mended 14,582 2,145 3,958 4,185 4,294
    19 JONNY DIAZ Breathe 14,197 2,330 3,695 3,677 4,495
    20 MERCYME Even If 14,020 5,532 5,945 2,421 122
    21 JEREMY CAMP Christ In Me 13,918 2,068 3,476 3,723 4,651
    22 LOVE & THE OUTCOME The God I Know 12,919 1,702 3,057 3,283 4,877
    23 LAUREN DAIGLE Trust In You 12,318 2,125 3,165 3,197 3,831
    24 7EVENTH TIME DOWN God Is On The Move 12,003 2,038 3,115 3,165 3,685
    25 MERCYME Dear Younger Me 11,774 1,478 2,560 3,125 4,611
    26 JORDAN FELIZ The River 11,436 1,908 3,064 3,032 3,432
    27 AARON SHUST Ever Be 11,221 1,721 2,948 2,904 3,648
    28 STARS GO DIM You Are Loved 10,680 1,807 2,838 2,761 3,274
    29 MERCYME Flawless 10,288 1,729 2,720 2,699 3,140
    30 CASTING CROWNS Just Be Held 9,790 1,593 2,518 2,599 3,080
    31 FRANCESCA BATTISTELLI Holy Spirit 9,683 1,688 2,565 2,538 2,892
    32 MERCYME Greater 9,574 1,663 2,595 2,502 2,814
    33 JASMINE MURRAY Fearless 9,532 2,759 3,462 2,210 1,101
    34 CROWDER My Victory 9,365 1,123 1,925 2,306 4,011
    35 DANNY GOKEY Tell Your Heart To Beat… 9,177 1,456 2,153 2,334 3,234

    If my quick math is correct:

    When you add the songs together by artist, Mercy Me has the most spins with 45,000 on 4 songs. Danny (35,700) has the 2nd most spins (on only 2 songs) in the top 35 songs in 2017. Casting Crowns is third.

  15. I’ve been stalking the Summerfest site waiting to learn Danny’s stage for July 2nd and there are only two stages unannounced:

    JoJo’s Martini Lounge
    Brigg and Stratton Big Backyard

    So…. I kind of doubt they’d put a Christian artist at a Martini Lounge, and Brigg and Stratton is the stage Danny’s played the previous two times…. so? What do you think?

  16. Yes, I’m sure it will be Briggs & Stratton. Nice stage. Wish I could be there. 🙁

  17. I see Jan’s stalking guess was right on point.

    I see Danny is performing before Andy Grammer. I don’t know much about him but I know several people who think he’s great.

  18. I hope Danny’s label (or Danny or whoever makes the choice) will choose one of the songs I like for the next single. I like so many songs on the album that choosing one to please me should not be difficult.

    The ones that are my favorites are the following:
    *Never Be The Same
    *If You Ain’t In It
    *What Love Can Do
    *Stronger Than We Think

    The ones I dislike the most (in order of least liked) are these:
    *Better Than I Found It
    *The Comeback
    *Stronger Than We Think (alternative)

    The Comeback was better on the Harry show than on the album (imo). The album version is so cluttered and busy that it is like trying to listen to two songs at the same time. I wish it success anyway. Go to #1 in two weeks. Then get out of the way and make room for something I like. Please.

  19. itunes

    Rise: #56
    TYHTBA: #40
    HIFOM: #179
    The Comeback: #77

    RISE: #49
    HIFOM: #66

  20. Never gonna happen, but I would freaking love it if “Never Gonna Be the Same” (with plenty of religious references as a bonus!), “If You Ain’t In It,” or “Stronger Than You Think” (either version) was released as a single. But I worry that C’s wife (from MJs) may be more representative of the CCM audience. She prefers Danny’s ballads.

  21. Lol, Lurker, I much prefer the Byran Todd remix of “Stronger Than We Think.” Danny’s voice sounds much richer and more intimate on that version. Plus, the music sounds so current. Musically, it really reminds me of Sia’s song “Cheap Thrills.” It may be my favorite track on the CD. I also really like “Slow Down.” I may be the only person who does, but it showcases one of the aspects of Danny’s voice that I love the most (when he gets to “more hustle/go harder/ yeah get it done/ I’m tired of trying to keep up”). And of course, I also love “Never Be the Same.”

    I like both versions of STWT. I just prefer the remix version.

  22. I really enjoyed the thread at MJs where we got to converse about which songs from Danny’s album should be released as singles, just like fans would do for any other Idol contestant. It probably helped that it was an old thread, so not a lot of people were around to stick an oar in, in a negative way.

  23. I LOVE “Never Be the Same”. And I am encouraged Danny added it to this tour. I usually figure he won’t sing my favorites 😉

  24. Danny retweeted our Summerfest tweet. He has been MIA on our tweets lately. Nice to see he noticed it. Anyone with account, we would like to reinforce his retweeting us…. 🙂

  25. I like Danny’s ballads, but not so much on this album tbh. I wonder seeing how the sales stats have been holding, if TYHTBA could have the potential to be one of those songs to stick on the charts for a very long time. That would make me happy, I think it’s his best ballad / ballad single since IWNSG.

    Rise: #56
    TYHTBA: #40
    HIFOM: #179
    The Comeback: #77

    I like both versions of Stronger, and I like the song with Jordin Sparks but I’m not sure I see it as single material. The idea the person had at mj’s of re-recording #Better with a more CCM female lead would strike me better to put out a duet. But I’m not sure there is time, if The Comeback gets a push for spring/summer, to do another single before the holiday season starts to loom. Which might be a better time for Danny to release a duet, putting out The Prayer with Natalie as a Christmas season song.

  26. Off-topic rambling (sorry about no italics used):
    These are some things I’ve thought of to help me remember how to spell a word.
    1) I had difficulty with familiar and similar. One ended with lar, the other with liar. So I think of familiar as family liar. (Many people are familiar with a family liar.)
    2) Another problem I had was lose and loose. I solved this by asking for more. This rope around my neck is killing me. Make it loose. Give me more room to breathe. (One o is not enough. Give me one more. Two o’s can save my life. With one o, I might lose it.)
    3) I noticed in a post I wrote earlier today (the reason my thoughts got on the spelling thing) that the word choose rhymes lose and not loose. (It seems that the two double-o words should rhyme instead.)

    If I did not speak English and needed to learn it now, it would be difficult for me.

  27. Singles take so long to climb, you are probably right, Admin 2, that a Christmas single could be next up. I would love for Danny & Natalie to record “The Prayer”. I wonder if Danny would add it to a deluxe Christmas album or ???

  28. Any single that Danny will release next I’ll be happy. That means another single… 🙂 I would love to have “The Prayer” come out around Christmas. That would be a nice gift…

  29. Cindy, you and I (and many more) would consider it a great gift. I’ll work on that, LOL.

    Lurker, English is awful. Loose & Goose & Noose but not choose.

    But a co-worker studied Arabic. She said they have 13 different pronouns and a verb has to be custom conjugated for each. Yikes! I thought French was bad with 8…

  30. I just checked Billboard’s Christian Airplay chart, The Comeback has jumped from #36 to #21 in one week. Wow! There must be a lot of unmonitored stations jumping on– and those big four monitored stations.

    It has also entered the Billboard Hot Christian Song Chart at #31.

    I guess I’d better put together a post….

  31. I was listening to Danny on this music app.They listed 7 albums/EPs under his name.And it occurs to me that Danny always release new music in certain amount of time.As a fan I feel blessed.

    I haven’t listened to MBD album for a while.For some reason I have lot of emmotions listening to It’s Only.Maybe because it’s the very first song Danny released as a solo artist?

    The comeback climbs the charts fast.How much will it take to get to #1?

  32. I know we have been a little worried whether The Comeback would be accepted by Christian radio, but preliminary signs are really good — for now. Sirius also started playing it:

    Starters are:

    Format TW lw Move ovn am mid pm eve Aud
    KJNW-FM Kansas City Christian AC 20 20 5 3 5 3 4 0.051
    KFIS-FM Portland, OR Christian AC 11 11 6 1 1 1 2 0.029
    WLAB-FM Ft. Wayne, IN Christian AC 5 5 1 2 1 1 0.007
    X032-FM >SiriusXM Christian AC 3 3 1 1 1 0

  33. From MJ’s:

    “Danny Gokey:
    “Hope in Front of Me”: Christian 44 (RE)
    “Rise” [Album]: Independent 28 (22); Christian 18 (14)
    “Comeback”: Christian Airplay 21 (36); Christian Songs 31 (NEW)
    “Rise” [Single]: CAC 6 (5); Christian Airplay 8 (8)”

    Jan has already given us this information. I post it from MJ’s because it is positive when his success is recognized there also.

  34. Hi Lurker, I like seeing it at MJs, too. It also gives me a chance to check if I missed anything. Like the Independent album chart. However, I do not see HIFOM on the Christian chart at #44. I assume they meant album, but I don’t see it :/

    Still working on the post. It will go up this afternoon.

  35. Meant to mention that I heard “The Comeback” on the radio last week a little before 9:30 p.m. I don’t remember now what station. It might have been KFIS (104.1). The song sounded better than I expected coming through my car speakers.

  36. I’m impressed with how great Danny sounds subbing for Mark Hall on the Casting Crowns song. Not that Danny isn’t a great vocalist, but it can be difficult to sing someone else’s song commandingly, especially on short notice. And Danny did a pretty good job with his crib sheet, at least when he wasn’t waving it around, lol. He might have been dependent on the note, but at least he looked away from it at certain points while he sang.

  37. Curious what the 7 albums were, Mr. Bing. I get to that figure only if I include everything, including the self-released EP that I didn’t think had been distributed:

    ~ American Idol Season 8 CD
    ~ American Idol Season 8 EP
    ~ My Best Days
    ~ Love something??? (the self-released EP)
    ~ Hope in Front of Me
    ~ Hope in Front of Me (Spanish edition)
    ~ Christmas is Here
    ~ Rise

    Okay, I take that back. You can get to 7 without the self-released EP. (I had forgotten about the Spanish language CD, probably because I don’t have it.)

  38. Meant to say how much I enjoy people expressing their views on Danny’s songs. We don’t have to agree! It’s good to get different viewpoints.

    I share Admin2’s concerns about “Chasing” as a single. It’s a beautiful song, but I’m not sure how it would sound or perform on the radio. It’s a quiet song and there’s not much to it — no real hook to make it memorable, etc. But I have been wrong before, and I am perfectly happy to be wrong again!

  39. “Deborah Ann Flores‏ @AngelsRejoice03 2h2 hours ago
    sorry on friday andy mikneo and david crower on friday* sunday jorden sparks and danny gokey i cant wait!

    Deborah Ann Flores‏ @AngelsRejoice03 2h2 hours ago
    ok so here it is. danny gokey, phil wickaman and andy mineo will be at harvest crusae on friday”

    Are Danny and Jordan going to appear together somewhere?

  40. …because I’m not a fan of the “something-hanging-out-of-my-nose” look.

  41. I would like “Chasing” as a single (as well as others I listed). I don’t know how it would do on radio, but I believe it would do well in sales with two fan bases buying.
    Maybe it would be a radio hit. Perhaps in more than one market?

  42. Yes. They will be appearing at a Christian event in Anaheim, CA in late August. It’s a 3 day event. I just haven’t gotten it up yet… (I tracked it down this afternoon when I saw the tweet, too, Lurker)

  43. Anaheim, CA is only a couple of hours away. Will the event be for the public, or private? Would love the opportunity to see Danny again in concert. 2010, was so many years ago. Hard to believe..

  44. Hi Ellen.7 albums /EPs they list

    【Hope in Front of Me】 【Rise】【My Best Days】【La Esperanza Frente a Mi】【Second Hand Heart】【Tennessee Christmas】【Christmas Is Here】

  45. The independent EP between BMG and Sony was called Love Again.

    I wouldn’t count SHH or TC, though sometimes single songs are called albums on iTunes if they are released separately, I think?

    But I think you can still get to seven DG releases if you count Love Again, and the EP or whatever you’d call it with TYHTBA and its various remixes.

    Good news at Billboard!

  46. Thank you, Jan. Angel Stadium is close to where my son lives. I read the information you sent. It will be webcast live, also. If I can’t make it down, I can join all of you and watch live. 🙂

  47. itunes

    Rise: #53
    TYHTBA: #23
    HIFOM: #129
    The Comeback: #77

    RISE: #37
    HIFOM: #89

  48. What is the gentleman at mj’s referring to as far as K-Love playing The Comeback a lot due to an upcoming tour connection? I don’t recall reading that Danny has a K-Love tour, is that new?

  49. Danny doesnt have a klove tour, but the awards voting starts soon and Danny and Lauren are the opening concert performers. There are others, too… don’t recall who… Mercy Me?

  50. Admin2, I don’t know anything about an upcoming K-Love tour.

    I thought the gentleman was referencing back to a comment LF made during an earlier conversation on a different thread:

    “However, [Danny] is joining Lauren Daigle as the opening concert of the KLOVE Fan Awards. I think it would be quite odd if KLOVE didn’t play his current single. So, I’m going to guess he gets at least middle level support from them.”

    The gentleman then responded: “Your point about the KLOVE tour and them playing his new single are probably right. However, KLOVE alone won’t guarantee a top 10 or #1 hit.”

    So I think he’s maybe making a mistake and calling it a tour rather than a concert.

    Here is a link to the earlier thread:


  51. Wow! I wonder how the #Comeback got that kind of move on iTunes? Radio play, sale price, promos we don’t know? 😉

  52. I see at mj’s they have some tour info posted

    Casting Crowns, Danny Gokey, Unspoken
    April 11, 2017: Sioux Falls, S.D.: Denny Sanford Premier Center: 5,170 of 6,309 (82%): $202,351
    April 7, 2017: Cedar Rapids, Iowa: U.S. Cellular Center: 4,132 of 5,318 (78%): $146,344
    April 6, 2017: Evansville, Ind.: Ford Center: 3,495 of 3,495 (SOLD-OUT): $139,283

    So if it’s a 40-city tour, and the shows average $150k each, that would be $6 million in gross ticket revenue plus funding from merch sales and any other collateral things.

    Of course, spread out across income and expenses over the three acts, their bands and retinues, tour organizers, charity tie-in (?), et al. Still, not bad at all!

  53. Even though I am not fond of “The Comeback,” I do hope that it does well at radio. I want to hear more uptempo songs on the radio (and not just from Danny). Ballads can be beautiful, but not when that is all you tend to hear on CCM radio. Country radio tends to have the opposite problem — too many uptempo/midtempo songs and not enough slower, lower-key ballads. I like to have a blend of both, otherwise my ears get fatigued.

    And no, I’m still not counting my chickens . . .

  54. I just finished putting together the post to announce the voting period for the 2017 K-LOVE Fan Awards. It opens Monday at 8PM EST. I will post it on Monday.

    I was over at MJs and they are reporting that Scotty McCreery will have a new single available on May 5th. (Amazon has the promo pic up) But there hasn’t been a new label announcement. I looked at Plaympe.com to see if a new single for radio was announced. The last one for Scotty was April 2014. Doesn’t that sound familiar? Having to wait 3 years for new music after a label drops you? Maybe Danny’s wait wasn’t so bad after all…..

    It certainly is nice to see all Danny’s current success.

  55. I thought Scott’s first album was quite a success.The show business sure is not a piece of cake.

  56. Not sure if it’s accurate, could be too soon to know for sure? But the Pulse forum folks are speculating Scotty may be self-releasing his new song. Apparently the single posting at amazon is listed to his publishing company’s credit vs. a known label.

  57. The label is listed as Dagum Music. One of the publishers of his other songs. Interesting if he us releasing it without a label and if he thinks he can push it as an independent. Even more surprising that Bobby Bones previewed it. Bobby does push songs that he personally likes. Chris Janson’s biggest hit song (Buy Me a Boat) came about because Bobby found it, played it and liked the song.

  58. Re Bobby Bones playing what he likes: See, to me, that is what radio is supposed to do, and what it used to do. Local radio DJs would play current “hits,” but also occasionally played songs that they discovered by artists they liked, some of whom would usually have a local connection. Now everything is corporate and one-note. (I recognize that Bobby is syndicated, so it is not quite the same, but you get the idea . . . )

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