Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion – 5/08- 5/21/17

Close up of Danny Gokey singing at Atlanta Fest

Flashback photos thanks to Annette Holloway Photography.  We <3 Annette’s work and have featured it many times. To see more photos and videos of Atlanta Fest, click HERE


Danny Gokey with Eric Ramey at the Kingsfest

Be One Tour

Danny Gokey – Be One Tour 2016 by Annette Holloway

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116 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion – 5/08- 5/21/17

  1. Danny is doing great on Billboard!

    Could it be that someone else has noticed he has a good voice? 😉

  2. And I am not seeing any hesitancy by the BIG stations to play TC. Way-Fm is the third syndicated program to start playing it (after Sirius Radio, K-LOVE).

    Danny does have an awesome voice. But it wasn’t appreciated in country radio, it seemed. I surmise that voice, a good team, a very authentic presence at the radio stations, and with the easy comraderie with the other artists on tour is making a HUGE difference to his acceptance. He always sold decently. Now getting the radio play is icing the cake.

    I love that Billboard included Danny in the article about American Idol coming back. BTW, the first new judge has been announced Katy Perry. Huge pop star. She performed on Danny’s Season 8. She was a supporter of Adam.

  3. I like Katy.But I dont think her newer songs were doing that well though.Then again she has been very sucessful for quite some time.

    On other hand The Voice has anounced coaches for next two seasons.Both Kelly Clarckson and Jennifer Hudson will be new chair-turners.It should be fun to see those two AI graduates to coach new talents on another show.

  4. itunes

    Rise: #77
    TYHTBA: #40
    HIFOM: #160
    The Comeback: #22

    RISE: #56
    HIFOM: #52

  5. I don’t like any name I’ve heard for AI judge. I don’t plan to watch anyway, though. (I gave away all my TV’s a couple of years ago. Just don’t care.)

    If Danny were on, I would try to find his part online. 🙂 It becomes interesting when Danny is on. I like, too, the way he zooms up itunes with a TV appearance. (Zooming does not happen with every Idol who gets on TV. I believe it happens to Danny regularly.)

    More: I do not think the new AI will be successful when compared to the old one. It might do okay when compared with current shows–whatever they are.

    Also about TV: Leyicet had a tweet with a picture of a blond with a glass screen of math problems. Leyicet was tweeting about deciding on when to shampoo her hair (I think). Is the blond an actress? Was that screen shot from a TV show?

  6. From MJs:

    Danny Gokey:
    “Hope in Front of Me”: Christian 49 (38)
    “Rise” [Album]: Christian 25 (15)
    “Comeback”: Christian Airplay 16 (24); Christian Songs 18 (29); CAC 28 (30)
    “Rise” [Single]: CAC 8 (7)

    Does this mean that “The Comeback” has broken into the Top 20 on two of the Billboard Christian charts? (I’m really not hearing the song on my local Christian radio stations, except once in the evening, at about 9:30 p.m.)

  7. Lurker, that kid has talent! He stayed on pitch throughout the song, his tone was gorgeous (and his voice a little lower than I would expect for a child his age), and his musical phrasing was exquisite!

  8. Re American Idol: Mr. Bing, I don’t like Katy Perry. But more importantly, I don’t think ABC should be wasting money on a big-name star for a judge, when the money would be better spent elsewhere — say, on returning to a half-hour results show, or giving us more live shows than the last season, which was shortened.

    Re The Voice: Mr. Bing, I saw Jennifer Hudson judge on The Voice U.K., and I didn’t think she was very good, notwithstanding that her team won that season. But maybe the dynamics will be different on The Voice U.S. I do think that Kelly Clarkson will be hysterically funny on The Voice, especially playing off of her good friend Blake Shelton. Maybe the show will realize that none of the judges are irreplaceable, and they’ll get rid of Adam Levine. And then hopefully Blake. Although the Blake/Adam bromance is funny, the show has become predictable with those two always on the show.

  9. “Rose Drive Friends‏ @RDFChurch 7m7 minutes ago
    // JUST ANNOUNCED!!! //⠀

    Danny Gokey is coming to Rose Drive Friends Church on June 26! We are so excited to hos… http://ift.tt/2pLUA1r

  10. Ellen,
    I had never heard that song before. I liked the boy’s singing.
    I looked for the song on youtube. This version is with Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson.

  11. Thank you. Yorba Linda is not too far from me. Would love to be able to go. I was trying to find out more information about the concert.

    I’ve always liked Dean Martin. My son and daughter-in-law, named their baby Dean. 🙂 And yes, even at their young age they were fans, too. It’s amazing how many young people still enjoy the likes of Frank Sinatra, and the Rat Pack. I still do, too. Very sad when Dean Martin’s son was killed in a plane crash on a mountain side. That mountain, San Gorgonio, overlooks where I live. In fact, I’ve climb part of it. I don’t think Dean Martin ever got over the loss of his son. I watched another episode on You Tube about Dean Martin’s life. He sounds like he was a pretty nice guy…

    Have a wonderful day, everyone.

  12. Lurker, I actually prefer that little kid’s version of the song over Dean Martin’s. Kid has great musical instincts.

  13. Interesting that Danny is in that clip with Lady A. He looks good in it.

  14. I agree with Danny. My children were brought up knowing that they were loved, cherished, and could do anything they wanted to do in life. It was their life to live. The thing most important was to be kind. It makes me proud to see my son raising his son to remember kindness.

    Now on the flip side… I can’t sing. 😉

  15. Considering that Danny is known to sing all the time…. it is hard to image he doesn’t sing his kids songs at bedtime… maybe he does and he doesn’t realize it, or maybe he is known (like a lot of dads) to roughhouse before bedtime– so he is banned from their room by Leyicet after evening prayers and affirmations? 😉

  16. Hey Lurker. Remember how Danny was suppose to be writing new songs in Spanish this year? I wonder if he has started?

    Also, isn’t he suppose to be going to Germany and England this month? I thought he would be there now.

    I assume he is working on his performance for the Fan Awards show. Will he sing Rise or switch it to the Comeback? Since he is nominated in the artist categories, he could perform anything he wanted.

    Next weekend is our Bratfest which is partially sponsored by our Christian radio station and Lifest. I see that Colton Dixon and two more well known Christian bands are performing. That would make it difficult to also be involved in the Fan Awards..

    I may not be home during the Fan Award taping. You all may have to let me know if Danny wins 🙂

  17. “Also, isn’t he suppose to be going to Germany and England this month?”

    I didn’t know when.

    The rest of this month may pass quickly. It will probably seem like less than two weeks. 😉

  18. I’d missed that the music was available now – Mallary Hope’s new CCM format single. it’s quite pop-oriented to my hearing.

    How about a Danny – Mallary tour sometime in 2018 🙂

  19. “How about a Danny – Mallary tour sometime in 2018”

    Yes. <3

  20. Those frames are not black. A few weeks (?) ago, someone was tweeting (to Danny or Match) about wanting frames other than black. She said she was very blond and pale and didn’t want dark frames.
    Maybe Danny is wearing light frames to show they have them?

  21. Hey Admin2, I had seen this on Danny’s website:

    KLOVE Fan Awards in Movie Theaters Nationwide – featuring performances by Danny Gokey and more

    So I expected Danny to perform.

  22. With those big lenses, you can really see how bad Danny’s eyesight is… it really does odd things to the view of his face on the sides.

    I wonder if he ever feels like chucking the glasses and just going with contact lenses? Considering his eyewear line, and that his glasses set him apart on Idol, it is unlikely…. but in CAC, you see more artists wearing glasses.

  23. Jan, I wasn’t meaning that the K-Love performance hadn’t been noted at this site before – I saw you’d found it on his website, and I know for quite a while you’ve been miles ahead of the rest of us with any news 🙂

    Just that I hadn’t seen that instagram clip where he speaks to it directly.

  24. I like that Danny is mixing up the glasses if that’s what he’s doing. It seemed for quite a long time that he was sticking with one type of frame/color, or very minor variations from it.

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