Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion – 5/08- 5/21/17

Close up of Danny Gokey singing at Atlanta Fest

Flashback photos thanks to Annette Holloway Photography.  We <3 Annette’s work and have featured it many times. To see more photos and videos of Atlanta Fest, click HERE


Danny Gokey with Eric Ramey at the Kingsfest

Be One Tour

Danny Gokey – Be One Tour 2016 by Annette Holloway

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116 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion – 5/08- 5/21/17

  1. “The Comeback” is getting SO close to Top 30 on Mediabase CAC!

    27 30 MATT HAMMITT Tears 254 277 -23 0.86
    34 31 DANNY GOKEY The Comeback 252 152 100 1.106
    30 32 HILLARY SCOTT/THE SCOTT FAMILY Still 220 227 -7 2.154
    32 33 AFTERS Eyes Of A Believer 219 188 31 0.404
    31 34 NORTH POINT INSIDEOUT Death Was Arrested 211 197 14 1.035
    38 35 FOR KING & COUNTRY O God Forgive Us 155 132 23 0.213
    36 36 MALLARY HOPE Now 152 143 9 0.728

  2. Great photo. I remember a time when there would’ve been a discussion about the guns. I’m kind of glad we’ve moved on from there.

    Danny ought to use Annette Holloway next time he needs a photo shoot. Her camera seems to love Danny!

  3. Ellen, my eyes did pause when selecting the lead photo….

    I was wondering how they compared to when Danny was in country music and it was important to be in his best (muscled) shape. I know on this tour he said nobody was getting to the gymn– except for the band to play a few basketball games each week.

    Annette is VERY good. She has been used for some of Danny’s tour schedule FB posts. I also know she’s working on making it her business. Not sure how long we will get complimentary use. I try to be respectful of the art by ALL of the photographers that allow me to use their photos.

  4. For a moment I was like you discussed about guns here? Then oh that guns

    The photos are really good.Off topic:is it harder or easier to be a profetional photograph nowadays since everybody can take a photo with their phones.

  5. Hey Mr Bing, good job in deciphering American slang. 🙂

    For the Wisconsinites, I have been given the inside scoop on an additional WI DG concert before this tweet:
    @dannygokey You’re coming to Wausau, Wisconsin! I’m soooo excited!!

    I’m waiting for the radio station sponsors to provide a bit more info, like starting time. But you might want to set aside July 30th…

  6. TC has made it to Top 30 on Mediabase, and with a really good spin increase of 106.

    28 28 NEEDTOBREATHE Hard Love 299 242 57 1.047
    32 29 CITIZEN WAY Bulletproof 288 196 92 1.391
    34 30 DANNY GOKEY The Comeback 263 157 106 1.176
    27 31 MATT HAMMITT Tears 249 277 -28 0.816
    30 32 HILLARY SCOTT/THE SCOTT FAMILY Still 225 222 3 2.187

  7. You know what they say, “Success breeds success”. Danny’s seeing it on the radio chart… and we are definitely seeing growth with Danny’s success in our little world of DGNews on Facebook.

    In less than 6 months our followers have increased by 50%. We just topped 3000. I was super excited when we hit 2000 in early January of this year. Somehow FBook must have made us more visible when we hit 2000?

  8. They finally started playing The Comeback this morning on K-Love. The morning show absolutely loves it. Woohoo. 😊😊😊😊


  9. That’s great news, Kelly! Thanks for letting us know. What did they say about it?

    The reach of Klove will help song sales, too 🙂

  10. Also at MJ’s–in today’s Numbers:

    “Danny Gokey:
    “Rise”: 7 CAC (8)
    “The Comeback”: ^30 CAC (34)”

  11. Good numbers. I might have missed it. Did Rise reach #1?? Hope The Comeback reaches #1.

    Looking out my window at snow. The birds are all chirping wondering what happened to Spring…

  12. Thanks so much, Jan! I am swamped and am looking forward to editing Danny’s last show’s photos from the Casting Crowns tour.
    Concerning photography, the business is taking off. I am getting calls to shoot shows and requests from artists to license photos.
    You can’t really take photos of this quality with a cell phone, at the moment, but the # of photos overall is massive, so it is tougher.

  13. Great news, Annette. I assumed you already are a professional. And your work speaks for you — those are professional photographs! Yes, photos are ubiquitous nowadays, and the overall quality rises with technology. But a good professional photographer can really make a difference. Good luck & much success to you.

  14. Danny’s TC was addrd by 4 monitored and 1 unmonitored stations:

    KSLT-FM Rapid City SD (unmonitored)
    WBSN-FM New Orleans
    WCSG-FM Grand Rapids
    WCVO-FM Columbus
    WDJC-FM Birmingham


    Station Market Format TW lw Move ovn am mid pm eve Aud

    KJNW-FM Kansas City Christian AC 47 47 12 7 10 8 10 0.095
    WLAB-FM Ft. Wayne, IN Christian AC 37 29 8 12 1 9 6 9 0.037
    WCVO-FM Columbus, OH Christian AC 34 34 9 3 7 6 9 0.071
    KSBJ-FM Houston Christian AC 30 24 6 8 1 8 7 6 0.594
    WRBS-FM Baltimore Christian AC 30 28 2 8 6 7 5 4 0.212
    WBSN-FM New Orleans Christian AC 28 28 6 4 5 6 7 0.034
    WCSG-FM Grand Rapids Christian AC 13 13 2 3 5 1 2 0.063
    X032-FM >SiriusXM Christian AC 12 15 -3 2 2 2 3 3 0
    WDJC-FM Birmingham Christian AC 11 11 2 1 2 3 3 0.038
    KAXL-FM Bakersfield Christian AC 11 11 2 3 1 3 2 0.015
    KFIS-FM Portland, OR Christian AC 7 14 -7 4 1 2 0.01

  15. Thanks, Jan. Hate to admit I forgot. “Senior” moment. :/

    Now crossing my fingers for “The Comeback.”

  16. ANNETTE.Thanks for your opinions and good luck with your work.

  17. Video above: “Danny Gokey – tell your heart to beat again at freeman coliseum in San Antonio ,Texas”

  18. The VNT tour is done, but the schedule is still full of events. <3

  19. itunes

    Rise: #43
    TYHTBA: #28
    HIFOM: #118
    The Comeback: #40

    RISE: #15
    HIFOM: #39

  20. I heard ” Tke Comeback” too on KLOVE this morning. I was so excited and yelling ” yes, here we go”!

  21. Hi Catherine. Without Klove…. I don’t think a sing could reach the top of the CAC charts. I am glad you and Kelly heard it this morning and could cheer for “The Comeback”!!

    Thanks for joining the discussion at DGNews. Your comments won’t have to be approved from now on!


  22. Lurker, it is nice to see the calendar with lots of events still listed ♡

    I am trying to verify this one: Bakersfield CA on May 27th.

    That is right in the middle of the Klove awards weekend. Perhaps Danny doesnt have to do the Fan Zone this year? He would be part of the kickoff concert and then not return until Sunday for the Awards program?

  23. I must be having a senior moment, too, because I could have sworn you had previously mentioned an event in Shafter, California, which is near Bakersfield. I thought it was sometime in June, but could have the date wrong. I remember looking it up on a map of California, and thought about mentioning it to my former neighbors, who just moved back to that part of California.

  24. itunes

    Rise: #49
    TYHTBA: #28
    HIFOM: #145
    The Comeback: #34

    RISE: #28
    HIFOM: #33

  25. itunes

    Rise: #50
    TYHTBA: #26
    HIFOM: #151
    The Comeback: #30

    RISE: #26
    HIFOM: #36

  26. I’d take “appearances” as meaning performance, though maybe that is not 100% certain? Since Danny was a winner last year and nominated again, and has a recent #1 song plus new single out, having him perform would make a lot of sense.

    Christian star Matthew West and TV personality Elizabeth Hasselbeck return to co-host this year’s show, which will feature appearances by Danny Gokey, Jeremy Camp, Britt Nicole, Jesus Culture, Crowder, Mandisa, MercyMe, for KING & COUNTRY and Sadie Robertson.

  27. I agree, Admin, it’s not certain that Danny would perform with the word “Appearances” but it would seem odd that a performer that is nominated for 2 “Artist of the Year” would not perform…. but there are notable missing artists missing….

    Mandisa said on a live facebook video that her fall touring partner will be announced on May 27th. She also alluded to her Comeback song….
    I am still going with the idea that it is Danny and Mandisa.

  28. Ellen, I think the promoter has messed up the date. I think the June 27th date is (more) correct

    Danny Gokey in Concert

    Event Date: Tuesday, June 27, 2017 at 7:00 pm

    Facility: Ford Theater
    1101 E Lerdo Hwy
    Shafter, CA 93263

    But I’m not posting either until they sort this out.

  29. “The Dove Awards‏ @GMADoveAwards 6m6 minutes ago
    What a way to end such an incredible night! @dannygokey @kierrasheard give a powerful final performance of #BetterThanIFoundIt! #gmahonors”

  30. I remember this.

    “Clint Brown‏ @RealClintBrown 1h1 hour ago
    My friend @dannygokey said he knew everyone of my songs. So I put him to the test.”

  31. I’m not sure what GMA awards event this is in reference to? The major GMA event is later in the year.
    Looks like Danny was a performer with Kiki Sheard

    Kierra Sheard‏ @kierrasheard 2h2 hours ago
    A great time at the GMA awards with @dannygokey! Thanks for having me on such an inspiring song. #BeALight I’m beyond grateful for every moment that God grants me to share HIS gift to convey His message! #katchngKierra #inspires #music #love #life


  32. ” Very zippered….”

    I did not look at the picture carefully and didn’t realize zippers were in it. I thought Danny had gone back to wearing pocket chains. (I think those things he used to wear were called that. I’m not sure.)

  33. Did anyone else notice that Danny was using more of his raspy voice in that clip with Clint Brown? He only seems to bring it out for gospelly uses these days.

  34. “Did anyone else notice that Danny was using more of his raspy voice in that clip”

    I noticed.
    Wasn’t this event done when Danny was with a country label?

  35. Internet headline I saw:
    “Sit On One Item To Reduce Appearance Of Cellulite Instantly”

    I didn’t bother to read the article. I thought it very obvious that the item to sit on would be one’s rear end. 😉

  36. Based on the beard and vest, I think it was when Danny was between labels.

  37. Part of tweet:
    “no one seems to beagle to answer that question”
    Many tweets have a word that is oddly used.

  38. itunes

    Rise: #61
    TYHTBA: #32
    HIFOM: #143
    The Comeback: #25

    RISE: #24
    HIFOM: #42

  39. Hi Ellen, the man singing was the lead singer for Citizen Way, Ben Calhoun, and his wife. He’s a hoot.

  40. Danny’s Rise is #8, TC moves up to #27 🙂
    22 ELEVATION WORSHIP O Come To The Altar 475 397 78 2.155
    25 23 RYAN STEVENSON The Gospel 390 312 78 0.76
    23 24 PASSION Glorious Day f/K. Stanfill 385 359 26 2.063
    24 25 ELLIE HOLCOMB Find You Here 334 357 -23 0.875
    26 26 PHIL WICKHAM My All In All 324 312 12 1.099
    34 27 DANNY GOKEY The Comeback 323 207 116 2.047
    30 28 CITIZEN WAY Bulletproof 315 251 64 1.48
    28 29 NEEDTOBREATHE Hard Love 315 274 41 1.059

  41. Jan,
    Is this a Billboard chart or radio chart? (I still get confused withe the various charts.)

  42. OK. Thanks. 🙂

    The Mediabase chart is the one MJ’s has on Monday, right? So you are a day ahead of them. (Not counting weekend days.)

  43. Lurker it is updated daily. And I check eacH morning when Danny has a new single. Rise is at #8. Plus there is a weekly chart.

    MJs just posts the Mediabase rankings on Mondays 🙂

  44. “And I check each morning ”

    You are so busy and energetic! Makes me tired to think about doing all that.

  45. Speaking of checking daily,

    Another move up on Mediabase:

    32 25 Up this week DANNY GOKEY The Comeback 338 227 111 2.312

    I don’t think TC will make top 20 for awhile. #20 has 600+ spins. But Rise is still #8, about to be passed by Mandisa’s new song.

  46. Jan, you do a great job! I wouldn’t know if you were behind in announcements or not. 🙂

  47. I could see Danny and Mandisa singing this song together on the unannounced fall tour 🙂 Thanks, Ellen.

  48. From MJ’s Billboard update on 5/14:
    “Danny Gokey:
    “Hope in Front of Me”: Christian 38 (45)
    “Rise” [Album]: Independent 24 (42); Christian 15 (25)
    “Comeback”: Christian Airplay 24 (22); Christian Songs 29 (30); CAC 30 (NEW)
    “Rise” [Single]: CAC 7 (8); Christian Airplay 9 (9)”

  49. 4 monitored stations added TC and 2 more unmonitored.

    DANNY GOKEY – The Comeback
    KAXL-FM Bakersfield, CA
    KBNJ-FM – Corpus Christi
    KJIL-FM Jacksonville, IL
    KLV-FM K-Love
    WBCL-FM Fort Wayne, IN
    WBFJ-FM Greensboro

  50. The Coach

    Although I know some really like it..

    I see some movies in theaters. The last one was the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie with Chris Pratt. I don’t know much about the comic series that it’s based on, but the dancing baby tree is cute

  51. “The Coach”

    It’s mood music. I would like even an instrumental version of it. There are no big parts and no exciting highs or lows–just a pleasant sound that helps my brain unthink.

    The WMO video has still pictures with the song playing along. WMO shows off Danny’s voice.

  52. Thanks for bringing over the videos, Lurker. I like The Coach. I love Win Me Over. I think it really showcases Danny’s voice….. and I see my hand in one of the photos included… also, my voice on the recording. Oops.

  53. I had to click on the link to see WHO you were talking about (in the admin comments we don’t see the actual video…)

    I agree. Great voice 🙂

  54. Nice moves on Billboard for TC:

    Up to #18 (from 29) on the Hot Christian Songs (Biggest Gainer with streaming)
    Up to #16 from #24 on Christian Airplay Chart

    And TYHTBA is #24 on Christian Streaming.

    Two albums on the Top 50 Christian Albums (#25 and #49)

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