Billboard: Most Increased Plays “The Comeback” by Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey has big chart moves for his single, “The Comeback”

It breaks into the Top 20 on three different Billboard Christian Charts.

1.  “The Comeback” moves up to #16 on the big, Billboard Christian Airplay Chart  (was 24) and is the song with the  “Most Increased Plays” this week! 451 spin increase in one week!  “Rise” is the #1 song on the recurrent song chart.

Billboard chart for The Comeback by Danny Gokey

2.  It moves to #28 (from #30) Billboard Christian AC Chart. “Rise” remains on the chart at #8 (7)

3.  TC breaks into the Top 20 on the Billboard Christian AC Indicator Chart at #19 (from 24).

4.   It moves up a spot on the Billboard Hot AC/CHR National Airplay Chart  at #24.

5. Meanwhile, “Hope In Front of Me” is #49 on the Billboard Christian Album Chart in its 109th week! “Rise” is #25, its 17th week.

6.  “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” is still on the Christian Streaming Song Chart at #24, its 46th week!

7.  TC makes a big move to #18 (29) on the Billboard Hot Christian Songs Chart! (Biggest gain in streams)

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6 thoughts on “Billboard: Most Increased Plays “The Comeback” by Danny Gokey

  1. An increase of 451 spins? I remember watching HIFOM CRAWLING up the charts. This is a very good week 🙂

    So great to see Danny’s music getting embraced by radio <3

  2. #GoDannyGo

  3. We are thrilled for Danny, too, Angelsnell!

    And I love seeing the #Number1GokeyFan hashtag 🙂

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