Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion 5/22- 6/4/17

Danny Gokey singing on the Very Next Thing Tour

It’s the last week to vote in the K-LOVE Fan Awards

VOTE DANNY for Artist of the Year!

Photos thanks to TroyWL

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151 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion 5/22- 6/4/17

  1. Who was in the running for Artist of the Year? I don’t remember.

  2. Maybe these tweets are correct? Maybe not…don’t know.

    “7h7 hours ago
    Who won group of the year? #KLOVEFAN…

    “Replying to …
    Pretty sure For King and Country won it. I think they also won song and artist of the year to, that’s just what I heard though.”

    “I looked up everything and saw they won artist and song but never heard group”

  3. Those nominated for Artist of the Year was Tobymac, Danny, For King&Country, Lauren, Chris Tomlin? Matthew?

  4. After the theater run, movies usually go to iTunes and Amazon. I wonder if the KLOVE movie will.

  5. That is a good question, Lurker.

    Considering Danny’s previous klove performances weren’t allowe’d on YouTube I am not overly optimistic.

    I saw quite a bit of grumbling about how they were handling the awards show this year. I read that artists performing at the Grammys don’t get compensated for the weekend’s work? Part of gratitude for being played on the radio and the PR promo?

    I checked on my area theater, tickets are selling slow for the Klove award show…. but we don’t have a close transmitter for them.

  6. Our small theater will not be showing the Klove award show, but down the mountain they are showing it. It was a nice write up and they mentioned… the star studded event will include appearances by Danny Gokey…… Danny’s name was mentioned first. Danny has worked hard, and now he’s on his way. Very proud of him.

  7. The two theaters close to me are both offering the K-Love event. Not seeing early ticket buys, but that’s not always obvious even for big splashy blockbusters until just a day or two before.

    I suppose that could be a possibility once it’s aired theatrically that it will show up on the different outlets that run videos like the ones Lurker mentioned, netflix or amazon … That could occur with licensing agreement or however it works authorized by K-Love. I’d be more likely to watch it that way than going to the theater, especially if it were advertised as a special musical event vs. a delayed awards show.

    Awards shows are probably available in different cases after first broadcast airing on Hulu, aren’t they?

  8. I’ve added a link to our K-Love awards post to a series of photos from Danny’s performance. Some fun shots with the cheerleading team. I also liked the last one with Danny backed by Maestro and Eric (?) from his band.

  9. Very fun photos. That is Maestro and Eric Ramey, Admin 2.

    Danny’s manager has posted confirmation on their Facebook page so I’m going with it an official win!

  10. I never know how to wish everyone a good Memorial Day. Saying “Happy Memorial Day!” feels wrong, since it is a somber holiday to remember those who lost their lives to give us freedom. I guess I’ll just say that, however people are spending the day, I hope they take a few minutes to ponder the incredible sacrifices made by our soldiers and their families.

  11. I know what you mean Ellen.

    I may have posted here one year after seeing a tv commercial for some insurance company or whatever it was. They were treating Memorial Day weekend like it was known as a romantic getaway or big party time.

  12. Do you think now that Danny has won Klove Male Artist of the Year twice, that next year at this time he will be the headliner of his own tour?

  13. “http://www.thechristianbeat.org/index.php/news/3550-winners-of-5th-annual-k-love-fan-awards-revealed”

  14. TheChristianBeat‏ @TheChristBeat · 15m15 minutes ago

    Congratulations @dannygokey named Male Artist of the Year at @klovefanawards

  15. So odd that klove forbid artists and show attendees to tweet and share their photos from the awards show, but less than 24 hours later The Christian Beat rleases the winner list. Odd.

  16. I think it is odd too. Danny’s win got out early because I think he was first. Maybe. After that tweets were few. I think KLOVE might have been trying to keep it a secret. It would be difficult to enforce, it seems.

  17. I had expected KLove to tweet winners as they were announced. I never thought they would try to keep the wins secret. Maybe they believed fans would be more eager to go to the movie?
    It would have been more entertaining last night if fans and artists could have communicated their excitement. (IMO) I didn’t like the way it was done.

  18. I think a lot of fans were frustrated, after voting and then hoping to follow the show last night in some form or another. Not to be able to see or hear it, nor follow on social media, to find out who won after they participated in the voting, was disappointing to several people I saw.

    I did not understand that as a promotional tactic.

    I didn’t look too thoroughly this morning since it seemed K-Love had in mind a very delayed announcement. Either that wasn’t their intent, or they changed their mind after the fan feedback.

    The winners are up now on klove.com, and through the Facebook page for Klove radio.



    But it’s not yet on the fan awards website nor fanawards FB.

    Go figure. I guess this explains why Danny’s manager felt ok this morning releasing the info on one of his pages, and why Christian Beat has it on their blog.

  19. There are some frustrated comments on the FB posting about the winners list link. From one person about the experience in the venue where they were apparently told to refrain from posting. So now people who attended live and may have wanted to tweet or instagram are frustrated, as well as those who couldn’t attend but were interested to find out what was happening. Weird tactics.

    The strange thing is that I was at the awards last night and there were signs hanging all over asking those that attended not to post the winners on social media until June 13th. However, K Love Radio posted them here. I’m confused!!??!

  20. I have to give K-LOVE a failing grade on how they handled the award winners this year. They STOLE all the excitement of the winners being rolled out via the radio broadcast and/or the social media posts. They said they wanted to provide an inexpensive way for fans to attend– the movie experience? What’s cheaper than hearing it on radio live or over the internet? Whoever thought they could keep the winners under wraps was naive or dillusional, IMO.

    I remember how excited Danny’s fans were last year when he won his 1st award. As he said, “I don’t win things…” that trend is broken and we are seeing some great success.

  21. Maybe K-Love posted the winners because some of the winners’ names had already leaked? I think this was not thought through thoroughly. How did anyone ever except to keep a secret like this for a full two weeks? I think for this to work, the movie needs to be on the same evening (difficult with multiple time zones), or at least within the next day or two. People tend to move on quickly.

  22. Nice sweep by King & Country, BTW. Saw them at FishFest a few years ago, and was really impressed. They stood out among the various artists.

  23. When Danny wins artist of the year next year, I want to hear the news immediately!

  24. Did any names leak onto a site with larger following? I saw overall a pretty small number of tweets from a handful of individuals, and of course us 🙂 Probably some other fan forums/lists caught their favorites’ news to talk about.

    But that’s all different than telling the K-Love audience. 2,345,008 followers on FB.

    It could be when they didn’t achieve a 100% blackout they decided to post it. I’m guessing it was the amount of negative feedback from fans. Just browsing around, I saw a lot of it and there are other ways people may have contacted K-Love to expression confusion or annoyance. The artists probably weren’t too happy either? Or it may have been a mix of all of the above plus other variables we haven’t guessed 😉

  25. Five hours ago Danny put on his twitter page a heartfelt thank you. I’m sure he would have like to have done this sooner and express his excitement with winning with all of us. Because he wasn’t allowed to, he missed that moment. So did all of us. 🙁

  26. Danny has a hard time keeping a secret. I bet he was ready to burst!

    I noticed that two different posts were made by Danny on his facebook page within 30 minutes of each other. One must have been ghost written by Team Danny. Which one do you think he really wrote? I’d say #2….

  27. I like this picture too. I wish Danny could use it for an album cover or a single cover. What would work?

    I LOVE this picture I took with my phone in the backyard of our bed and breakfast here in Nashville. My heart can barely take it!!!

  28. The photo of Danny and Victoria was precious. I like it, too.

    Love Louis Armstrong’s song, “What a Wonderful World.” Beautiful.

  29. “here is what they call the opening concert promo”

    My opinion:
    The promo says “the biggest artists.” Danny is the only one I know. I suppose they couldn’t make the promo long enough to include any singing, but I think they should have had exciting banner names across the screen to identify the artists as their images were shown. Maybe less of the hands waving, eyes closed shots.

    I am hard to please anyway. I would never go to this kind of movie. I hope it does well, though. Maybe it will. Perhaps there are fans who follow multiple artists pictured.
    I don’t have the attention span for it. I was interested only in Danny’s part. It would be horribly boring to me to sit through the rest.

  30. I think “less shots” should have been “fewer shots.” Why do I see mistakes after I press “enter” instead of before? Why do the mistakes bother me?

    Sometimes I let them go.

  31. Lurker, I have the advantage of going back and fixing a few of my mistakes. Do you want to become an editor/administrator? 🙂

    I actually do know most of the artists that performed. And I will be going to the movie with my SIL. I can provide a movie review 😉

    I agree that they made it hard to see the artists and they should have included their names AND I’d like longer segments (and not the annoying boxes, print, diamonds in the middle of the screen.) Also why so much time focusing on speakers instead of the artists. Any thoughts on Lauren having a new look — pink hair?

    I don’t know who is in charge of their marketing plan for the K-LOVE awards this year, but I think they took a number of wrong turns. I’d be happy to be on their advisory board. Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

    I’m really enjoying working on the marketing team at my job. SOOOOO nice not just doing the (necessary) but truly boring work of accounting for the firm. I created a blog for our website, a new product page and I am working with the SEO consultant (Search Engine Optimization) to send out emails (we call them e-blasts) to our customers and the trade organizations in our field. Who knew that supporting Danny at ihrtDG and DGNews would come in handy professionally? I just learned that graphic artists communicate in a whole different way the us laypersons. I asked for a number to be bolded in a new photo, I was surprised at what I got back…

    Its a beautiful day here. Time for me to get back outside! I have my whites hung on the line, the paper perused and my first garden walk completed.

    I’ll be back later to provide Billboard updates. I think they are delayed from the holiday.

  32. Billboard/BDS just published the 6/10/17 reports. TC has inched up on all of the charts I followed. Highest: #14 (15) on Christian National Airplay (the big chart) Usually just by one place or so. Nothing earth shattering.

    I’ll come back and list them when I need a break. Probably won’t do a post.

    Jasmine has started to drop, #11 (10) Mandisa has a bullet, still at #7

  33. “Do you want to become an editor/administrator?”

    No! Too much work! Letting my mistakes go is a better choice. I used to want everything to be perfect. Now my brain is growing lazy and less concerned.

    I would love to know all the things you have learned about computers. There was a time I would eagerly have studied. That time is gone. I’m not motivated to study so much now, and I’m okay with it.

  34. Graphic design is its own thing, and I’m surprised at how little computer programmers/developers pay attention to it. It’s not just about making a website or computer program pretty. There also is science behind how the human eye and brain process visual information. White space and font type and size are crucial for people to be able to find, extract, and retain information.

    Cheers to you, Jan. You go, girl!

  35. I always thought that Erika could add her stint at iheartDG to her resume. Thought she did a great job of making the site accessible to those of us who had zilch computer/Internet skills (at least at that time). So I am not surprised you use your website admin skills in other areas, Jan. But what happened to your request to boldface a number? I’m curious.

  36. Ellen, I asked for the number 5 to be bolded. It came back with thicker lines. Same gray color.

    I should have said, “I want the 5 to be darker; please change the color of the font for the 5 to dark gray or black to show more contrast with the background.”

    I then proceeded to google “glossary of graphic design terms”. Hopefully I can be more accurately descriptive next time and save both of us wasted effort.

  37. itunes

    The Comeback: #17
    TYHTBA: #50
    Rise: #96
    HIFOM: #188

    RISE: #29
    HIFOM: #65

  38. I hope the “5” appreciated all that attention when things were finally settled in your graphic Jan 🙂

  39. I’m sure it did, Admin2.

    Another project has been redesigning the “look” of the box we send out with the company’s samples. Since my boss was an owner of a game company, how a box looks is HUGE to him. We got this really nice graphic back that is suppose to wrap around 6 sides of the box. I noticed right away that two of the side images would end up being upside down when they wrapped. (Not sure how the graphic artist missed that…) I also didn’t like the slogan my manager was thinking of using… We ended up with 8 changes — and he’s been working on this project for a year!

    I don’t really consider myself an especially detailed-oriented person (but I have to be when doing accounting), but it would have been an expensive mistake to have the images end up facing the wrong way….

  40. I’m proud for you, Jan. Sweet success. <3 🙂
    Learning new skills and using them is very rewarding.

  41. Your boss is lucky to have you, Jan. You are down to earth, practical, and have common sense. If you spot a problem, it likely really is a problem.

  42. Thanks Ellen & Lurker. This is a fun little chapter in my post government career. And I can keep saying no to working full time 🙂

    I do a little of the work from home.

  43. iTunes:

    The Comeback: #11 (back on front page)
    (other singles about the same as last list)

    Rise: #17
    HIFOM: #56

  44. Hi guys, I’ve not found anything exciting to post about…. so I’m still just letting the K-LOVE award be our featured post 🙂

    Good news on TC rising. I wonder if it’s the airplay pushing it or???

    Leyicet has posted that they are heading for a Florida vacation (but Danny is performing in Jacksonville on Saturday…) I guesss just one performance = a vacation for them 🙂

  45. I really appreciate seeing their performance from a different perspective. I don’t think I could every get tired of hearing Danny and Natalie sing “The Prayer!! So beautiful!!

  46. I really appreciate seeing Natalie and Danny’s performance from a different perspective. I don’t think I could every get tired of hearing them sing “The Prayer!! So beautiful!!

  47. Perhaps a horn section with trumpet as well based on the hashtags?

    simonyeh_music Sound check before today’s hit with @dannygokey for #freedomfest in Jacksonville Florida. @bctpt1 #hornsection #sax #trumpet #tenorsax #dannygokey #nashvillemusician #nashvillehorns #ontheroad #nashville #nashvillemusic

    Simon is a Nashville based saxophone/woodwind artist. He has worked with various artists including Britt Nicole, Danny Gokey, Jaimee Paul, Sofia Goodman, and Leif Shires. Simon has also appeared with groups such as the Jaimee Paul Band and Nashville’s The Downtown Band. Simon is also the woodwind soloist for the Nashville chapter of Viva La Strings, a member of The Establishment Big Band, and saxophonist for The Sofia Goodman Group. Simon has performed for weddings and corporate events for “Yum! Brands” and “Brother International” just to name a couple. Most recently, Simon has been working with The Sofia Goodman Group performing in the Nashville area and at various festivals around the Country.

    This person seems to be another of the musicians (?)


  48. ” 15m15 minutes ago
    @dannygokey First time seeing you at FreedomFest yesterday. Thank you for pushing through even when you were ill. You were amazing!”

    Maybe the heat was too much?

  49. The heat and humidity can be hard. Hope Danny feels better. I’m glad that Danny still takes the time to sign and take photos with his fans. I know this kindness is so appreciated. 🙂

  50. Leyicet showed Danny at the Urgent Care on Friday, and I was told that he was on antibiotics (sinus infection?) and was greeting fans but no touching because he didn’t want to get others sick (and clearly he didn’t need anyore viruses to fight). Leyicet posted from an Orlando church this morning. With Danny.

    Life doesn’t stop (for us or Danny) when we are under the weather. I am glad he has a few days off to recover. No long plane trip to Hawaii…

  51. Poor Danny. Sinus infections are no fun. “No long plane trip to Hawaii.” I forgot, was Danny suppose to be going to Hawaii? Hopefully, he enjoys his few days off, and feels better.

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