Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion 5/22- 6/4/17

Danny Gokey singing on the Very Next Thing Tour

It’s the last week to vote in the K-LOVE Fan Awards

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Photos thanks to TroyWL

To see more of Troy’s awesome photos, click The Very Next Thing Tour

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151 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion 5/22- 6/4/17

  1. I always thought that Erika could add her stint at iheartDG to her resume. Thought she did a great job of making the site accessible to those of us who had zilch computer/Internet skills (at least at that time). So I am not surprised you use your website admin skills in other areas, Jan. But what happened to your request to boldface a number? I’m curious.


  2. Ellen, I asked for the number 5 to be bolded. It came back with thicker lines. Same gray color.

    I should have said, “I want the 5 to be darker; please change the color of the font for the 5 to dark gray or black to show more contrast with the background.”

    I then proceeded to google “glossary of graphic design terms”. Hopefully I can be more accurately descriptive next time and save both of us wasted effort.


  3. I hope the “5” appreciated all that attention when things were finally settled in your graphic Jan 🙂


  4. I’m sure it did, Admin2.

    Another project has been redesigning the “look” of the box we send out with the company’s samples. Since my boss was an owner of a game company, how a box looks is HUGE to him. We got this really nice graphic back that is suppose to wrap around 6 sides of the box. I noticed right away that two of the side images would end up being upside down when they wrapped. (Not sure how the graphic artist missed that…) I also didn’t like the slogan my manager was thinking of using… We ended up with 8 changes — and he’s been working on this project for a year!

    I don’t really consider myself an especially detailed-oriented person (but I have to be when doing accounting), but it would have been an expensive mistake to have the images end up facing the wrong way….


  5. Your boss is lucky to have you, Jan. You are down to earth, practical, and have common sense. If you spot a problem, it likely really is a problem.

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  6. Thanks Ellen & Lurker. This is a fun little chapter in my post government career. And I can keep saying no to working full time 🙂

    I do a little of the work from home.


  7. iTunes:

    The Comeback: #11 (back on front page)
    (other singles about the same as last list)

    Rise: #17
    HIFOM: #56


  8. Hi guys, I’ve not found anything exciting to post about…. so I’m still just letting the K-LOVE award be our featured post 🙂

    Good news on TC rising. I wonder if it’s the airplay pushing it or???

    Leyicet has posted that they are heading for a Florida vacation (but Danny is performing in Jacksonville on Saturday…) I guesss just one performance = a vacation for them 🙂


  9. I’ve been hoping to find the perfect video of Danny & Natalie performing The Prayer. This one takes too long to start, the view isn’t good, but the sound is pretty good:


  10. I really appreciate seeing their performance from a different perspective. I don’t think I could every get tired of hearing Danny and Natalie sing “The Prayer!! So beautiful!!


  11. I really appreciate seeing Natalie and Danny’s performance from a different perspective. I don’t think I could every get tired of hearing them sing “The Prayer!! So beautiful!!

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  12. Perhaps a horn section with trumpet as well based on the hashtags?

    simonyeh_music Sound check before today’s hit with @dannygokey for #freedomfest in Jacksonville Florida. @bctpt1 #hornsection #sax #trumpet #tenorsax #dannygokey #nashvillemusician #nashvillehorns #ontheroad #nashville #nashvillemusic

    Simon is a Nashville based saxophone/woodwind artist. He has worked with various artists including Britt Nicole, Danny Gokey, Jaimee Paul, Sofia Goodman, and Leif Shires. Simon has also appeared with groups such as the Jaimee Paul Band and Nashville’s The Downtown Band. Simon is also the woodwind soloist for the Nashville chapter of Viva La Strings, a member of The Establishment Big Band, and saxophonist for The Sofia Goodman Group. Simon has performed for weddings and corporate events for “Yum! Brands” and “Brother International” just to name a couple. Most recently, Simon has been working with The Sofia Goodman Group performing in the Nashville area and at various festivals around the Country.

    This person seems to be another of the musicians (?)

    Fun run coming up with JoJo and the gang! #vanlaartrumpets #vanlaar

    A post shared by Ben Clark (@bctpt1) on


  13. ” 15m15 minutes ago
    @dannygokey First time seeing you at FreedomFest yesterday. Thank you for pushing through even when you were ill. You were amazing!”

    Maybe the heat was too much?


  14. The heat and humidity can be hard. Hope Danny feels better. I’m glad that Danny still takes the time to sign and take photos with his fans. I know this kindness is so appreciated. 🙂


  15. Leyicet showed Danny at the Urgent Care on Friday, and I was told that he was on antibiotics (sinus infection?) and was greeting fans but no touching because he didn’t want to get others sick (and clearly he didn’t need anyore viruses to fight). Leyicet posted from an Orlando church this morning. With Danny.

    Life doesn’t stop (for us or Danny) when we are under the weather. I am glad he has a few days off to recover. No long plane trip to Hawaii…


  16. Poor Danny. Sinus infections are no fun. “No long plane trip to Hawaii.” I forgot, was Danny suppose to be going to Hawaii? Hopefully, he enjoys his few days off, and feels better.


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