Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion 5/22- 6/4/17

Danny Gokey singing on the Very Next Thing Tour

It’s the last week to vote in the K-LOVE Fan Awards

VOTE DANNY for Artist of the Year!

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151 thoughts on “Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion 5/22- 6/4/17

  1. Well, #Rise reached #11 on the Mediabase CAC chart today and so it went recurrent. That gave TC a little boost up:

    19 18 COLTON DIXON All That Matters 559 596 -37 1.936
    20 19 HOLLYN In Awe 542 499 43 1.623
    21 20 ELEVATION WORSHIP O Come To The Altar 506 481 25 2.238
    26 21 CITIZEN WAY Bulletproof 492 326 166 2.015
    24 22 DANNY GOKEY The Comeback 429 347 82 2.884

    In other artist news (all with a bullet)

    Mandisa #7
    Jasmine Murray #12
    Hillary Scott/Will Family #31
    Natalie Grant #32
    Mallary Hope #36

  2. Ok, I don’t know the date that MJs uses for the Mediabase chart post because it shows Rise and TC still on the chart :/

  3. Ok, they just changed the chart at MJs…. maybe Kirstin was still updating it when I looked the first time.

  4. I saw it before and after.
    Do you think it will reach the teens next week? Single digits after K-Love awards?

  5. I think the climb to the teens may take two weeks. It is following Citizen Way’s “Bullet proof” and it received 8 adds today.

    I would think that Danny will sing TC at the KLOVE awards. It ought to help the sales, not sure it will push the radio play that much. And if klove doesn’t air over their stations the awards live, I’m not sure it would help the sales too much.

    I did send klove a question on whether they will be radio broadcasting the awards show. They just responded that they would NOT be broadcasting it on the radio. 🙁

  6. Danny’s TC had four stations adding it today. It’s moving along nicely. Up to 24 monitored stations playing it. I see that the WAY-FM network tried it out, but are not regularly playing TC, yet. That will help a lot when/if they get onboard.

  7. I think I saw something on twitter about no broadcast or live stream. Maybe I didn’t. I might just have assumed these things would not be done because they would want to sell movie tickets.
    Tweets from people there and from KLOVE twitter would announce the winners, I think. Usually, that is what I’m looking for–especially when Danny is nominated.

  8. From one of Danny’s radio promoters, Josh Lauritch Owner of 55 Promotion

    Complete this sentence: The best way to get a new artist recognized is to__?
    Write, record, release and perform an undeniably great song. Then do that a bunch more times. Be an artist that people BELIEVE when you sing and perform. Make music unique to you as a human and as an artist. Don’t chase trends. Don’t aim for “what’s working on radio right now” because it’s an ever moving target. Do you. Be the original that God made you to be.

    What promotions with radio have you been involved with personally that are most memorable?
    The campaign for “Rise” from Danny Gokey will be memorable for me for a long time. I was part of a great team for that song that included my friends and colleagues Chris Hauser, Matt Ingle and Katie Green. Working with them makes me a better promoter and human. We had a short window to get the song on the air with a September add date. We also had to contend with the Christian format’s flip to Christmas music right in the middle of the campaign. Our goal was to be #1 when the album released on January 9. We had a 15 week #1 in front of us from Zach Williams called “Chain Breaker”. We had to dig in as a team to find any and every possible spin to reach the goal. We had many emails, late night data crunching sessions and group therapy appointments (ha!) so we could find our window to ring the bell. We also had many radio partners step up for Danny during this run. It was an amazing example of teamwork, partnership and the idea that we are all in this together. No singular radio station made the difference, it was a collective whole that we needed to reach the goal. The chains FINALLY broke on February 20 and we hit #1 on Mediabase’s Christian Audience chart and Billboard’s Christian Airplay chart.

    The advice I’d give anyone who jumps into promotion is this:

    your job is not to be friends with radio folks, your job is to get the add. Too many promoters spend all of their time on small-talk and relationship and don’t know how to do the job and close the add. They have a simple “what do you honk of this song” approach rather than crafting a story as to why someone should care about it. One of my greatest joys in life is the friendships and the trust that’s developed with radio folks over the years but if that friendship and trust does not translate to songs getting played on the radio then I’m simply good at making friends, not good at doing the job. There is a way to excel at both.
    I want to be respected at a promoter and admired for the way I tell a story, the passion with which I promote the songs I’m carrying and the integrity I show in the way I do my job. If we can be friends, I consider that an amazing blessing.
    The other advice that I would give anyone entering the world of promotion is this: tell the truth. Always. Even when it might hurt. Your integrity is worth way more than an add.

  9. I’m sorry that I won’t be able to watch the K-LOVE Awards from home. 🙁

  10. In case you haven’t checked twitter or news:



    “Horrified at what happened at Ariana Grande’s show in Manchester England. What is happening in this world?”

  11. I’ve been watching the news on CNN today. My heart goes out to all the family, friends, and lives that will be affected by this. What message does this send? What makes someone want to hurt others in this way? Heartbreaking. ♥

  12. I saw Declan had tweeted Danny last night. I hope he is safe today. I don’t know which city in Philippines where he is from.

    Events are overlapping. One doesn’t end before another begins. 🙁

  13. I don’t believe new Idol will do well. I’ve already written one post about this, but I’m adding thoughts.
    Previously I’ve mentioned I don’t like TV, so I didn’t watch in the past, and I won’t watch now. My thoughts, though, are about other people and if they will choose to watch. I don’t believe they will in numbers close to the old show.
    The old Idol had an attraction that I think won’t be replicated. Back then, it seemed sort of a family thing, with friends or family watching together and with people at work having discussions about contestants.
    Now, there is more social media calling for attention. I believe fewer people would want to invest in giving two nights to one TV show and to using time to vote.

  14. itunes

    Rise: #82
    TYHTBA: #35
    HIFOM: #139
    The Comeback: #21

    RISE: #42
    HIFOM: #74

  15. Lurker,
    I would like the new American Idol to be successful. By today’s standards. I hope they can find a way to make it relevant to new artists and ways of promoting new artists. Instead of a record contract, perhaps it would be a suite of promotional opportunities? I would like to see them utilize the Disney machine to help their new artist (placing one of their songs in a movie, on a television show, etc?)

    I will watch it (if it is at all decent) but I sincerely do NOT want to find another artist that I would take the time that I’ve spent on following/promoting Danny’s career….. I don’t have time for another 😉

    Good to see that TC is rising on the singles iTunes chart. I don’t know how long it will be until Danny has a single like TYHTBA. I guess if TC gets used in some other promotional ways, it could be as successful… but…

  16. 2nd most increased spins on Christian National Airplay and up a spot to #15. CAC and CAC Indicator, also up a spot or more.

    and #TheComeback by @dannygokey moves into the Top 20 (was 24) on @billboard’s Christian HOT AC/CHR National Airplay chart! (This is a chart that Danny has been near the top generally.)

  17. Official announcement that Danny will perform.

    ‘The K-LOVE Fan Awards: Ignite Hope’ to hit big screens on June 13

    7eventh Time Down, Big Daddy Weave, Britt Nicole, Colton Dixon, Crowder, Danny Gokey, for KING & COUNTRY, Hawk Nelson, Jeremy Camp, Jesus Culture, Kari Jobe, Love & The Outcome, Mandisa, Matthew West, MercyMe, Natalie Grant, One Sonic Society, Ryan Stevenson, Tauren Wells, Tenth Ave North, We Are Messengers and Zach Williams will perform at the 2017 K-LOVE Fan Awards taking place this Sunday at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry House.

    Adding to the top industry names include Dave Frey (Sidewalk Prophets), Francesca Battistelli, Julianna Zobrist, Matt Hammitt, Nichole Nordeman, Peter Furler, Phil Joel, Sadie Robertson and Steven Curtis Chapman, who will serve as the night’s presenters for the fifth annual awards show. Returning as hosts will be four-Time Grammy Award nominee Matthew West and Emmy Award winner Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

  18. So, the K-LOVE Fan Awards is this weekend? Good Luck to Danny. I hope he wins both nominations. Will there be any way to listen to them? If not, I know I’ll be able to come to this site and find out the results. 🙂

  19. itunes

    The Comeback: #16
    TYHTBA: #38
    Rise: #79
    GMJ: #169
    HIFOM: #186

    RISE: #25
    HIFOM: #62

  20. Based on the peek of the rehearsal for his performance at the Klove awarda, Danny could have a big spectacle: cheer squad, basketball players and a horn section added to his performance of TC?

  21. Cindy, I think the fan weekend is different from the awards show which is where they are doing the livecast next month in movie theaters nationwide. mid-June-ish.

  22. Hey Admin & Cindy. The Fan Award weekend culminates with the awards show on Sunday. That is taped. Edited and shown 16 days later in theater.

    I liked it when they broadcast it on the Klove radio network live. I think Danny is almost done performing at the opening concert.

  23. I believe Natalie joined Danny at the concert tonight to sing “The Prayer.”

    13m13 minutes ago

    For the victims in Manchester…Natalie Grant and Danny Gokey #klovefanawards http://fb.me/2HwmNPyzN

  24. Thank you ADMIN2 and Jan. I enjoyed listening to the K-LOVE Awards last year. I remember jumping up and down when Danny won. Sure wish we would have that opportunity this year. Now, everyone has to keep it secret for 16 days? :/ What theaters will the show be shown at??

  25. Cindy, it won’t be secret. It will be tweeted out by k-LOVE, attendees and artists.

    But if you want to hear and see the performances, we’ll need to go to the theater. Remember when they took down the video of Danny performing two years ago? K-LOVE controls their events very tightly.

  26. There are exactly the same male artists nominated this year as last year. And Danny is the youngest at 37.

    Here is who was nominated for Artist of the Year in 2016

    Artist of the Year

  27. Lots of competition. Keeping my fingers crossed. ( It worked last year. ) 🙂

  28. Good tour 🙂

    Sounds like there are two other acts, one of whom will be familiar to Danny from AI

    Inclusion of the name of Danny’s album with Mandisa’s latest album title makes it seem like a co-headlining tour. Will be interesting to see how the promo materials, billing look.

    @—- 2 hours ago
    @mandisaofficial @dannygokey !!!!! And @JasmineSMurray right?
    1 reply 0 retweets 0 likes

    Mandisa ‏Verified account @mandisaofficial
    Replying to @—– @dannygokey @JasmineSMurray
    Right! And @loveandoutcome!

  29. Aha. I mentioned that idea a while ago but everyone shot me down 😉

    More with the idea maybe Mandisa coming out of a break wouldn’t mind having less pressure for her first full tour out, than that the careers were totally equalizing. Danny has to get that Grammy award sometime to catch up lol.

    In the poster, looks like equal size names so intent as co-headlining seems plausible.

  30. Admin 2, it may have felt like we “shot you down”, but some of just us didn’t want to put Danny above Mandisa — she has had so much success and we wouldn’t want to minimize it….

    I think it will be an awesome tour. I hope it comes near Danny’s home state 🙂

  31. *sigh* Just like with Casting Crown, nowhere near me. In days of old, I would have traveled for a Danny concert, but not sure I can do that this year. I’m taking more vacation than usual this year, and closer in time. Going to see my sister and going on an Alaskan cruise (bucket list).

    I don’t like Danny’s name coming first, but I can live with a coheadlining tour with the names of the headliners in alphabetical order.

  32. The names of the headliners are also listed in the same order as the album names within the name of the tour.

  33. Perhaps they are trading it up in different forums for the listing of headliners. TheChristianBeat article appears to have some embedded PR release content, which has Mandisa mentioned first about the tour and also first in the section at the end that has bios.

  34. Mandisa has over a million followers on Facebook and almost 300,000 on twitter. About double of Danny on both platforms.

    BUT when checking a Facebook Stat app, Danny has almost 60,000 mentions today, Mandisa has 31,000 and Natalie Grant has 6,500 (generally she has only about 3 to 4000 and she has a million followers, too.)

  35. New event in Maine:

    New Sound Concerts & the SoulFest presents Danny Gokey & Juniper as part of the Seaside Pavilion UNPLUGGED concert series in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.
    Join us at the Seaside’s beautiful outdoor, covered amphitheater for great Christian music and fellowship. Come out on Sunday, July 9th to experience an incredible unplugged worship experience!

    event venue seaside pavilion
    event venue address 8 6th st old orchard beach, me 04064
    event start time 6:30 pm
    event date july 09, 2017

  36. If Danny and Natalie record The Prayer, can it be eligible for any award shows? Are awards limited to new songs?

  37. I don’t think an original performance of a song is required for many of the awards that Danny competes. Otherwise he wouldn’t have won a klove award for TYHTBA 🙂

    I am wondering if Danny is thinking of a new Christmas project and whether he would include The Prayer on it? (Like he did for Give Me Jesus)

    He makes songs better, so I wish he would try out different cover songs on his tours. Kelly does a new cover each city…. I don’t expect that from Danny, but I would love to hear him try out other covers.

  38. I hope Danny wins at least one award. It would be great if he could win both.

    If he doesn’t win either, I wish for him that he can hold the joy of having been nominated and know that his success is building.

    He has a growing fan base. Some of the others nominated have established fan bases. Tough competition.

    Good luck, Danny!

  39. Keeping my fingers-crossed, and hoping for a repeat of last year for Danny.

    I agree with Lurker. In Danny’s heart I hope he knows how proud we are of him.

    I’m not a fan of award shows. Everyone nominated is a winner, but in reality only one person wins the award.

    Danny’s accomplishments are many, but his happiness and love of family is what makes him a winner for me. 🙂

  40. itunes

    The Comeback: #21
    TYHTBA: #50
    Rise: #88
    HIFOM: #190

    RISE: #35
    HIFOM: #134

  41. ” 4m4 minutes ago
    #KLOVEFANAWARDS @dannygokey having way too much fun kicking things off #TheComeback”

  42. ” 2m2 minutes ago
    @dannygokey Great “Comeback” performance at the KLOVE fan awards. Way to open the show!! “

  43. “He makes songs better, so I wish he would try out different cover songs on his tours. Kelly does a new cover each city…. I don’t expect that from Danny, but I would love to hear him try out other covers.”

    I couldn’t agree more!

  44. Danny won for the second year in a row!!! Congratulations to Danny!!

  45. I’m not sure when we will be able to “officially” confirm awards winners. It doesn’t appear that they are being announced by K-Love or some of the other CCM-oriented blogs – perhaps official news is being withheld publicly until the awards show airs in movie theaters next month?

    But for now of course we have to post what we can here 🙂


  46. Well, hmm — I did find a page on the K-Love site for posting winners. It’s all Lauren at the moment 🙂

    Which may well be the case but I don’t think they’ve gotten to the Artist of the Year yet so this could also be a development page that is accidentally live. None of the winners who seem to have been announced in the first part of the show are listed except Lauren who reportedly and not surprisingly appears to have been recognized as Female Artist of the Year.


  47. I found that page, too. I thought it was promotion for her since the awards hadn’t begun. ??

  48. It’s probably a development page that’s not meant to have been indexed for search engines. Oops.

    Will be interesting if they update it at all tonight.

  49. ADMIN2.. How did you find where Danny won Male Artist of the Year? You’re so good at finding information.

  50. Cindy, just from twitter as of now. It seems they must be asking people not to tweet news out of the event, there’s only one or two people I’m seeing who are tweeting winners, and one of them is tagging her tweets #unconfirmed.

    The K-Love twitters are both very silent from both the radio network and the fan awards accounts. Just a couple of red carpet teasers.

    Lauren’s Trust In You is nominated as Song of the Year, perhaps she performed it at an earlier show? The “year” for these awards programs is sometimes not the year we might think it is. https://www.klovefanawards.com/nominees

  51. You posted a photo of Danny receiving his award. You think he did win Male Artist of the Year?? Would be so much easier to have been able to listen like last year. 🙁

  52. Yes, I think he did receive that award tonight.

    But I wrote our post here to be careful to say we can’t confirm since nothing is coming out from an official K-Love source or anything close to it.

  53. “The winners page just went blank.”

    If it was correct and accidentally posted early, then I guess she won artist of the year. If it was correct…

  54. @—- 20 minutes ago
    @KLOVERadio are we going to find out the klove awards winners?

    K-LOVE Radio‏
    Great question, A—-! Keep an eye out on @klovefanawards for any updates. 🙂

  55. Why would it have had only information about Lauren? No info on Danny’s win. Wow, even before the show was over..

  56. If that was just a test page, they’d be better using some made-up things vs. any of the nominees’ actual names. But that’s been known to happen before with other award shows, and the winners aren’t always who was on the test page.

    Still…Lauren seems as likely a winner tonight as any.

  57. ha

    There are so many white pants at this awards show. #KLOVEFANAWARDS #klove

  58. Tweet for Song of the Year, if this is right Lauren was not the winner this time. Which would make that page something other than a preview of this year’s real winners list.

    #SongOfTheYear #Priceless @ForKingandCountry

  59. Tweets saying that Artist of the Year was one of the group acts. So not Danny, and not Lauren either.

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