Living La Vida Gokey — Facebook Live Car Adventures

Living la Vida Gokey   (Living Life Gokey)

While this Facebook Live video REALLY didn’t go the way that Danny Gokey was hoping…. we love it!

We get to see:

  • the fun ribbing between Danny and Leyicet, (and their adorable kids.)
  • hear about Leyicet’s upcoming “marshmallow dress with glitter” for the K-LOVE Awards,
  • confirm that baby #3 will not be named Michael
  • see Leyicet’s best facial angles
  • how she can block Danny with her baby bump
  • And yes, Danny did get to squeeze in his request for all of us to vote for him (But not Leyicet’s fave Toby Mac) for the K-LOVE Fan Awards!  VOTE

7 thoughts on “Living La Vida Gokey — Facebook Live Car Adventures

  1. Okay, that was a riot!!! So funny!! Poor Danny trying to get a word in. Leyicet is hilarious! Now, it still bothers me when they are driving and recording. Silly question.. why was Danny driving on the right side?

  2. Leyicet is hilarious! The camera was reversed so Leyicet could video herself, and Danny next to her. (Selfie mode).

    While he knew he should not look away from the road, but Danny was getting pretty frustrated and couldn’t help himself. At least he only fully turned toward the camera when pulled over….

    I loved it.

  3. Thanks. I’ve never done a “selfie” video. I should have figured it out. :/

    Wasn’t he? Every time Danny started the speech he had planned, Leyicet started to talk. So funny. Now, only 20 were watching the video at the time. Until, they now put it out to be seen by many. 🙂

  4. Well, I am a friend of Daniel J on (his other) Facebook page, so I found it there. I don’t often go to his personal page since he doesn’t use it for original posts very often…. But I am glad I did. And since they intended it (initially) to be on his public page (and it was marked public) I felt everyone would enjoy it that loves Danny (and Leyicet) like we do.

    They are really fun couple. Crazy. But fun.

  5. This was adorably funny!! Danny you and your wife display crazy antics as well as the heartwarming realization that you’re a “normal” couple and family… what a bless that is to see from someone as famous and talented as you are!!

  6. Y’all are a mess… but in a good and funny way. Loved watching! Thanks for keeping it real! Blessings!

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