Fall Tour: Mandisa & Danny Gokey #RiseOutoftheDark

Danny Gokey and Mandisa to tour togetherMandisa announced on her social media that she will be touring with  Danny Gokey this fall!  it is the “Rise Out of the Dark” Tour!  (Cleverly, that is the combined title of their albums.) We may have started this tour rumor and we are excited to see it confirmed!  The tour poster shows special guests of Love and the Outcome and Jasmine Murray (also an American Idol alumnus).

We will keep you posted with tour dates and cities when the full announcement rolls out! Here is what we know so far:

The fall tour is set to make stops in MO, TX, AR, MS, FL, LA, NC, VA, NY, PA, OK, CO, GA, TN, IN, IL, MI, KY, OH, VA and MD.  Also AL.

Update:  All cities are announced and are on listed on DGNews Calendar (except the last four).  Presale is currently underway with the code:  iamgoing 

Regular sales begine July 10th.

23 thoughts on “Fall Tour: Mandisa & Danny Gokey #RiseOutoftheDark

  1. Everyone was hoping for this announcement. And, all of you were right. 🙂

  2. Danny and Mandisa tried to pretend on twitter that we didn’t have a good source of information for the fall tour…. but we can thank a certain artist that shares information 😉

  3. Since there’s no more speculating on this front, maybe we should start speculating on twitter for some 2018 dates with Mallary Hope as an opener 🙂

  4. Mandisa teasing some of the tour locations. At least 21 stops?

    @mandisaofficial 2m minutes ago
    Coming this fall to MO-TX-AR-MS-FL-LA-NC-VA-NY-PA-OK-CO-GA-TN-IN-IL-MI-KY-OH-VA-MD
    Tickets go on sale in June! #RiseOutOfTheDarkTour

  5. I was just going to add the states from the Christian Beat story…

    recordings. The tour will also feature special guests Love & The Outcome and Jasmine Murray (also a Season 8 Amerian Idol finalist). The fall tour is set to make stops in MO, TX, AR, MS, FL, LA, NC, VA, NY, PA, OK, CO, GA, TN, IN, IL, MI, KY, OH, VA and MD. Tickets are expected to go on sale next month.

  6. No WI? Must be saving it for his Christmas Tour 😉

    At least IL or IN might be driving distance for some 😉

  7. I have NEVER been so excited in all my life for a concert as I am this one! I can’t wait! Love them both soooooo much!

  8. Not looking good for me to be able to see it. The West Coast always gets left out (although I understand why). *sigh*

  9. Welcome to DGNews, Dawn. From now on your comments will post immediately since I approved your 1st!

    I take it you are in one of the state’s listed? I will have to travel a little bit to see this tour. But I think it will be worth it.

    Ellen, the West Coast is not giving any love… but I do know that Mandisa is from Sacramento and she just did a show there last week – for the local radio station?

  10. I probably wouldn’t travel for this tour, Jan (just like I didn’t travel for Casting Crowns), unless I hooked up with one of my Danny Gokey friends, and even that would depend on when & where, since I am traveling so much this year.

  11. (P.S.) Sacramento is far enough away that it’s a plane flight — so I’d rather travel in a direction where I could meet up with someone.

  12. Gotta say I love the poster, with Mandisa leaning on Danny’s shoulder. They look very comfortable together as co-headliners.

  13. I got to say I only knew Mandisa after Danny went gospel music direction.But now she is one if my fav female artists.They gonna do amazing things together.

  14. Yes, they will, Mr. Bing. Mandisa has a great voice. I’m hoping she & Danny will do a duet together during their concert.

  15. Hi Cindy M, I’m afraid I only see Montgomery AL on the list. Does a neighboring state have a show you could attend?

  16. ❤️❤️❤️ Why is IN cancelled?! Please Mandisa? I missed your concert earlier this year d/t unexpected surgery!!

  17. Mandisa replied on social media that the IN and NY shows fell through…. sorry you are disappointed, Kristen 🙁

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