Welcome to Danny Gokey News & Discussion – 6/05- 6/18/17

Danny Gokey's song The Comeback reaches To 20The Billboard Christian Charts are leading the way with the great chart news, but we are thrilled Mediabase CAC is catching up!

Mediabase CAC Chart of week ending June 4, 2017

Mediabase chart of June 4th 2017

Billboard Chart News Dated June 10, 2017

Billboard Christian National Airplay #14

Billboard Hot Christian Songs #16

Billboard CAC Indicator Songs #17

Billboard Christian Hot AC/CHA #18

Billboard Christian Adult Contemporary Songs # 23

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  1. I got feedback from people who had no ax to grind (if they knew of Danny, they liked him fine, but weren’t necessarily fans per se) that the video for IWNSG was too sad. It made them cry, and they didn’t want to feel that way.

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  3. ๐Ÿ™‚


    Danny’s label is getting a fancy new home

    BMGโ€™s country roster with the acquisition now includes: Jason Aldean, Dustin Lynch, Alabama, Thompson Square, Randy Houser, Parmalee, Joe Nichols, Craig Campbelll, Chase Bryant, Brooke Eden, Trace Adkins, Granger Smith, Kristian Bush, Runaway June and Walker McGuire. Hillary Lindsey and Busby, two of BMG’s biggest songwriters, are also based in Nashville

    BMG’s label roster that includes Infectious, Rise Records, Sanctuary Records, Vagrant, S-Curve and The End Records. Other artists on BMG include blink-182, Fergie, Andy Grammer, Danny Gokey, PVRIS, LP, Janet Jackson, You Me At Six and Rick Astley. Itโ€™s more recent signing include 311, A Perfect Circle, AJR, Avril Lavigne, Blondie, and Nickelback. Itโ€™s catalog holdings include songs by Iron Maiden, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, and The Kinks among may others.

    I didn’t realize they had acquired Broken Bow Records, which has Jason Aldean among others. I wonder if down the road that may open up any opportunities.


  4. Ha, I see Jan and I were on the same track. But as usual, I’m late to the party ~

  5. I’m kinda chuckling at the idea that Danny is essentially on the same label as Jason Aldean and Rick Astley. Or vice versa.

    Now there’s something I’d love to hear — the booming voices of Danny and Rick Astley, preferably on a blue-eyed soul song.

  6. Danny’s “The Comeback” started off very quickly. I thought it would go straight to #1. Now, I’ve started questioning if it will make top 10.
    It did not get a boost from the KLove movie. I had expected it would. (It is still at #10 on itunes.) There is no tour now. Danny songs surge more, it seems to me, when he is touring.
    Therefore, I wonder if the song is losing momentum.
    IYAII is appearing now on the itunes singles list. It was about #149 when I checked last.

  7. I don’t think “The Comeback” is a #1 song. But that’s just me. Would love to be proved wrong.

  8. Danny seems to be just outside top 10 on mediabase format. A couple of songs behind him look to be moving but there are several above that are falling. This is the National Audience format listing.

    7 5 MANDISA Unfinished 1888 1845 43 9.762
    6 6 TOBYMAC Love Broke Thru 1902 2058 -156 8.472
    8 7 JORDAN FELIZ Beloved 1452 1410 42 7.944
    9 8 CROWDER Forgiven 1374 1400 -26 7.542
    10 9 TAUREN WELLS Hills And Valleys 1208 1217 -9 6.709
    14 10 CITIZEN WAY Bulletproof 1114 946 168 6.186
    12 11 UNSPOKEN The Cure 995 970 25 5.755
    11 12 DANNY GOKEY The Comeback 944 875 69 5.666
    15 13 ZACH WILLIAMS Old Church Choir 704 479 225 5.273
    13 14 NEEDTOBREATHE Hard Love 917 932 -15 4.968
    16 15 MATTHEW WEST Broken Things 618 445 173 4.323

    He’s not as high on the Christian AC mediabase format but still moving up.

    14 14 KUTLESS King Of My Heart 889 899 -10 3.118
    15 15 Up this week TAUREN WELLS Hills And Valleys 819 796 23 4.787
    17 16 Up this week UNSPOKEN The Cure 774 746 28 4.729
    18 17 Up this week ELEVATION WORSHIP O Come To The Altar 770 679 91 3.773
    19 18 Up this week DANNY GOKEY The Comeback 645 605 40 4.175
    25 19 Up this week MATTHEW WEST Broken Things 584 446 138 3.65
    21 20 HOLLYN In Awe 536 553 -17 1.714

  9. Billboard Christian AC National Airplay

    regular chart
    ^19 21 6
    DANNY GOKEY The Comeback
    BMG 590 +30 1.989 22

    indicator chart
    ^15 16 7 DANNY GOKEY The Comeback
    BMG 644 +92 0.412 14

  10. Billboard Christian Airplay National Airplay

    dropped some spots on this one but apparently was #9 last week?
    15 13 9
    DANNY GOKEY The Comeback
    BMG 1765 +105 5.107 15

    eta: I had that wrong. He was #13 last week, the 9 is number of weeks on the chart.

  11. Billboard Christian Hot AC/CHR National Airplay

    Could Danny reach top 10 on this? I’m not sure he has done that before unless RISE made it.

    ^14 17 6
    DANNY GOKEY The Comeback
    BMG 485 +40 0.679 5

  12. Hey Admin2 and Lurker, as you’ve reported, The Comeback is up on spins on all the charts, but on the Christian National Airplay (the BIGGEST chart) it dropped in position. However, it was only it’s 9th week on the chart. The highest position it has obtained is #13. (It has not made it to 9th place, yet.)

    On Mediabase, Citizen Way’s song Bullet Proof is really moving fast up the chart. They may be giving it room and space between Danny’s song and it. Meanwhile Mercy Me is hanging out at the top of the chart and it has a really high spin count. It will take a while for it to descend and let another song hit #1. Danny wouldn’t want to challlenge it for awhile. I have seen the beginning of a resurgeance for TC and it still has only 30 of the 52 monitored stations playing it.

    The song sales and social media response is pretty good. Plus all those PDs talking about their comeback story. I can’t say I’m worried for it.

  13. yeah, I mis-read two numbers below on one of the charts. edited below

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